Thursday 07.04.13


For time:
100 Lunges (50 each side)
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Compare to 02.20.12

Happy Independence Day!


no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. Haven't workout in over a week, yikes! 15 : 22 all mod push-ups

  2. 15:20 – thanks for reminding me that the potato salad is just not worth it!

  3. 18:22 as RX'd
    Arms crossed on BSU
    Half boy push-ups
    Deep squats

  4. 17:20
    50/50 bpu/gpu
    50/50 bfsu arms crossed/kte on bar
    Rest as rx'd

    (Right after yesterday's WOD)

  5. 13:35
    Girl push-ups
    Lunges in place bc/ I'm in a hotel room! 🙂

  6. 20:19
    All boy push ups
    Not very happy with my time, but at least I did it!

  7. Becky-that's a GREAT time with all boy push-ups! I could not get all boy push-ups today – would have taken me a lot longer than 20 minutes!

  8. 16:59
    All bpu but broke them up into sets of 25 before/after each exercise. (Note to self: arms are stronger than I think. No muscle failure with sets of 25.)

  9. 15:13
    Broke up pushup/situps into 25 and alternated between
    All bpu armed crossed on half bsu
    100 lunges
    100 squats

  10. 2 mile run
    35 BPU rest GPU
    Arms crossed BSU
    Squats- but to wall ball

  11. 15:51
    Walking lunges
    15 bpu, rest gpu
    (Split push-ups with BFSU)

  12. 10:00 all boy push ups. thought i'd be faster 🙁 Arms didn't want to cooperate

  13. 16:59
    split the push ups and sit ups into sets of 25
    all regular push ups
    30 lbs on squats
    ran 1.5 miles after

  14. 15:39 with gpus and about 20 bfsus were with arms crossed. Lunges were walking with knees to floor and squats were to 90 degrees. Pushups felt the hardest. Proud of myself for not breaking the exercises into sets of less reps!

  15. 20:05
    Walking lunges, knee to the floor
    Girl push-ups
    Butterfly sit-ups
    Butt to the floor squats

  16. 12:00 as rxd, didnt break it into groups just did until 100 then moved on. Got to 40 bpu until i had to stop for a sec, that's way more than i could do in a row when i was doing p90x!
    Happy 4th!

  17. 17:33
    Although PU"s were Standard and Un-Modified, I would also classify the last 25 as Questionable! 🙂

  18. 16:30 as rxd
    35 pu then sets of 5 until 100 (all reg pu)

  19. 21:12
    Resisted the urge to split up into sets.
    50 stationary lunges last 50 walking lunges since it didn't specify.
    First 50 bsu arms crossed, next 25 arms out front, last 25 crossed again.
    Squats were the easiest for me surprisingly!
    Gpu for all 100. Those hurt!

  20. I love when you get to the point in push-ups, for me anyways, that you do two push-ups and go back into child pose then two more then childs pose then one, then one……..Large amounts of push-ups are tough for sure!

  21. 26:47. Girl push-ups. Alternated obliques with bfsu's, backside is still chaffed.

  22. 24:36
    40 mil push ups then from knees
    Straight arm sit ups
    Lost count of lunges when I had to go get one of the dogs but I did 100 or a few more. (Dog chasing time incl in duration.)

  23. my timer quit on me, but I'm guessing just under the 30 min mark. The push ups killed my arms even though I did a few easy variations. 50 stationary lunges and 50 walking lunges. Did situp and squat variations to keep my interest up, but needed breaks. I did complete all 100 of each before moving on though!

  24. 16:58
    Just felt like redo-ing it. Done same as July 4

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