Wednesday 06.26.13

8 rounds for time of:
10 Burpees
15 Jumping alternating lunges
20 Jump rope
25 yard Shuttle sprint (5 x 5 yards)
Rest 90 seconds

Compare to 02.21.12 (demo video)

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 23:30 (incl last rest)
    Burpee to plank
    Lunges (1st 2 rounds jumping, rest reverse lunges)
    Jump rope
    10 sec sprint on treadmill

  2. Ugh-completely forgot the 90 sec rest! I could have used that!
    15:12 with no rest
    Otherwise as RX'd 😉

  3. I forgot the rest too! 🙂 28:44. Slowest burpees ever!

  4. 25:05 not counting last 90 sec rest. Pitiful "jumping" lunges.

  5. 21:46 without last rest
    As rx'd. Those lunges were hard!!

  6. 5 rounds in 7:20 (does not include rest time)
    Messed up sprints so not sure how accurate this is

  7. 21:35 not including last rest, as rx'd, huff puff, thx for the workout!

  8. 23:00 including last rest

    Burpees to plank
    Totally missed that they were jumping lunges-mine were wobbly enough!

    I couldn't have done it without a rest!!

  9. Well first wod since I went on vacation. All I have to say is that was a sorry wod. I'm. It even going to post how bad I did. Time to get back on the healthy eating and drinking water wagon and try again tomorrow.

  10. 19:30 with shaky lunges, 60 sec of rest in between and pathetic burpees. Don't think I'm a bad ass….I was trying to match times of last year and knew my burpees would slow me down. Only way to achieve was to cut rest time down. My heart cries a little each time burpees are in WOD. 🙂

  11. 21:56
    As rx – 60 sec rest

    Those jumping lunges are a killer!

  12. 19:27 without last rest
    I got my husband to do this wod with me. He's feeling the burn 😉

  13. 33:37
    (Time posted includes all breaks.)
    Note to Self: Used back path from deck & back 5×6

  14. 22 min not including last rest. Jumping jacks instead of jump rope because I couldn't find it. First time doing burpees jumping down and landing on all fours at once like shown in video (usually hands down then jump feet back). Over a min faster than last time and I remember that was the day before I found out I was pregnant, now he is 8 months!

  15. 16:37 without official rests. Jumping lunges were pretty weak- quads- still sore from last Friday!! After 1st set burpees just to plank

  16. OK. I am about to do this one, but here is a dumb question. 15 Lunges is 15 lunges on EACH leg (30 total) or 7/8 on each leg (15 total)?

  17. I did 15 total, which was plenty for me! I think it is meant to be 15 total-not sure.

  18. I did 15 total, which was plenty for me! I think it is meant to be 15 total-not sure.

  19. 22:30 as rx'd, all rests included in time

    Finished with 10:00 plank holds & 50 tri dips

  20. 19:50 not including last rest. Underestimated this workout when I looked at it! Panting and dripping!

  21. 22:49 not counting the last rest. Those were KILLER on my thighs right above the knee cap!!!

  22. 22:04 outside
    45 second rests between rounds
    no shuttle run
    burpees to plank
    reverse lunges
    jumping jacks

    200 meter sprint at end
    200 meter walk

  23. 22:25 with 60 second breaks and burpees to plank and walking lunges. My quads are dead! Time includes last break.

  24. 22:17
    Burpees to plank,standing reverse lunges, jumping jacks for jump rope

  25. 25:03 I did 30 of the jumping alternating lunges…I think this has been the hardest workout for me yet!

  26. 21:19 My Burpees & Lunges need work but did it as rx'd
    Dripping wet!! Legs don't want to move any more =) No Pain, No Gain.

  27. 24:03
    Did this at a soccer field with no jump rope so I doubled the run portion.
    Got stuck chatting to some people walking by during one of the breaks so My time is probably not exactly accurate.

  28. 23:56. You must read minds, on Tues. I was thinking we haven't done lunges in a long time. I had forgotten how I hate those more than burpees.

  29. 25:18 including all rests.

    (For future reference 13:18 no rests)

    That was tough but fun! I was able to do all burpees in a row! I'm getting better, yay!!!

  30. 21:05 – baby was starting to fuss so the last 3 rounds were only 60 second rests

  31. 27:59 not incl last rest.

    How are you all so fast??? I had to rest quite a bit by burpees and lunges. Don't know how any of you did it w/o the rests at the end. Vomit in my throat…seeing stars….longest post WOD recovery time ever. And I was slow compared to all of you!

  32. 25.28 with 90 second rest at end.
    also push up and jump in all burps.
    lunges DID hurt after 10!
    good one though

  33. 4 mile run, then 18;55 without last rest, dead.

  34. 20:47 without last rest (yes I'm a couple days behind) 🙂

  35. 23:30 as rx'd including all rests. Form was quite weak though.. each round was about 1:30.

  36. 22:07 without last 90 sec added on. Also, for some reason I wrote down jumping jacks instead (so that's what I did).

  37. Completed on 7/3. 14:45. Only took 30 sec breaks due to time. Burpees did not have push ups or jumps. Then taught step then 7/3 wod

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