Tuesday 06.25.13

5 rounds for time of:
Run 600 meters
15 Squat clean thrusters
Compare to 02.15.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 21:44
    No weights. Was going to use 20 lb but kids started stirring…no time.
    Estimated 600m. I know where 450 is and 800 is so I think I was close.

  2. 9:50 through 2 rounds before my 2 year old joined me. I was not in mood for going hard anyway 😉 I will redo this another day. Tried to do squat clean thrusters slowly so I could have decent form.

  3. 23 minutes. Did not use weights, however when I got home I used 10 lb weights thrusting overhead for my arm workout. I need to het back on track. I have been slacking…

  4. How do I measure distance when I'm running in a neighborhood or park?

    I think I only ran like 200 m…
    No weight on squats

    1. I use the website mapmyrun.com to figure out distances. They have a free phone app as well for when I go to parks. I just do a warm up run to get my distance. Also after a while you get a feel for how long different distances takes you & use that as a guide.

  5. 16:13
    I did a 5 minute HIIT arm workout on the each of the first three rounds. Then just did push presses. I didn't run or do thrusters because right knee was hurting.

  6. 31:22 with some walking and 25#
    First day back from vacay…my mind worked against me today 🙁

  7. 19:01 as rxd. First run after recovering from plantar facititis and didn't see a lot of lag. Thanks, mama jenni, for the crossfit conditioning!!

  8. 26:09

    30#- regular thrusters-
    I need to practice the squat clean form before I do these in front of people at the gym!!

    I don't know why it felt so hard today- I thought I wanted to quit 3 times!

  9. Tamara……apps like "mapmyrun" help judge distance. If you dont have a smartphone but have access to treadmill, time yourself on prescribed distances and run that time. Rn same route and notice markers in enviorment. When you have run that distance in a shorter time, go back. Also, google will map distances for you. Most city blocks are 900 m but distances vary in cities. Good luck!

  10. 22:02 as rx'd. Did good form on the squats (20 lb) so it took longer

  11. 30:01
    30# squat clean thrusters. Really not liking my time today, but it was a mind battle the entire time. Walked about .07 of the last round.

  12. Knee injury
    Front squats 20 lbs
    Push ups
    10 kTE
    Hollow rockers

  13. 29:00
    Used elliptical, 20 lbs for squat clean thrusters.

  14. 21:02.
    Not entirely sure I was doing the Squat Clean Thrusters correctly, but I did my best.

  15. 26:10
    Outside 650 meters
    Front squats rounds 1/3/5
    20# squat clean thrusters rounds 2/4

  16. 26:57
    20# squat clean thrusters
    Only did four rounds. Considered playing soccer with my kids the 5th round. 🙂

  17. 35:30.1 – 5# thrusters. 1st day back from vacation and I felt it!

  18. 23:00 with 20#. Only got through 3 rounds before my kids were asking for food.

  19. about 12:00 10# on squat clean thrusters which I liked alot. tough one but I stuck it out.

  20. 27:17

    20# squat clean thrusters and the best looking ones I've ever done, butt to floor 🙂
    fourth round running was slow, but I made up for it in last round.

  21. 26:20

    Had to modify and just do thrusters because my lower back has been giving me lip lately "/ Used 40# for those.

    I don't know why my run times have been so pitiful….I feel like I'm pushing myself to the point of nausea after each round. Could it be the time pf day? I've been running in the afternoon instead of morning lately…maybe I just need to push harder? Anyone have any suggestions?

  22. Off-day and not feeling it at all. Made it through 3 rounds at 15:40. I will need to think of an alternative to jogging outside while it is so hot.

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