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Wednesday 06.19.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 1000 meters
20 Butterfly sit-ups
30 Box jumps, 18 inch box

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 25:25 as rxd. Wow!
    (T-mill topped out at 7.0 and that has left me WINDED! And suuuper sweaty!)
    arms crossed on BSU

  2. Only 2 rounds because I'm late for an appt.

    briskly walking what I. *think* is 1000 m …
    Used a step for box jumps
    And I totally forgot the sit ups.

    So basically I didn't really do the WOD but I am so happy I worked out I wanted to post anyway 🙂

  3. 30:40
    Slow today…worked til midnight so I'm tired
    Outside WOD as rx'd
    15" box

  4. 26:24
    I really focused on my stride & getting that mid foot strike in running.

  5. My timer shut off in the middle!!! 🙁

    First round was just under 9 min… So I'd guess about 27:00-28:00

    13" box jumps

  6. 26:24
    84 degree heat, full sun and 63% humidity this morning makes for a super sweaty workout!!

  7. Ran 4 miles


    Ran on track in the pouring rain– at least it wasn't windy.

    Did 30 squats and 30 tuck jumps each round instead of box jumps–there weren't any steps near by.

    1. I cross my arms because i was' not noticing the difficulty with arms above head

    2. You can progress to crossed arms. Start with arms reaching to your toes for beginners.

  8. 21:46 Treadmill not working, doubled the distance on the stationary bike. Box jump 7 inches

  9. 36:05
    Ran first 1.5 portions of the run, walked the last 1.5 portions. Today's best…
    Box Jumps were about 8"

  10. 30:59
    Ran/walked pushing single jogging stroller as rx'd
    BSU as Rx'd
    15" box jumps (onto a full cooler… Whatever works!!) 😉

  11. 25:20 arms crossed on BSU. Did 10 tuck jumps then run ups on weight bench for the 3 rounds.

  12. 27:35 as rxd. I liked the situps before the box jumps, gave me time to breathe before the hated jumps! Felt like i handled these much better, i did tell myself i was light as a feather so i didnt feel like i was pulling up lead feet!

  13. Short on time today, so I did 1 run then all 3 rounds of the sit ups and box jumps for 17:09.

  14. 31:39 outside on track
    Walked 1200 meters 3rd round
    Box jumps on bottom step of bleachers

  15. 21:00 on the dot! As rx'd
    I was hoping for 24:00 so I am psyched!! Box jumps are no longer my nemesis.

  16. 29:00 with 12" box. New neighborhood so the distance was estimated by strides. Very hot running outside!! Whew!

  17. 19:09
    1st round as rx'd
    Short on time so lat 2 rounds only ran 500 meters each
    Still a great workout!!

  18. 28:30
    1 min planks (rnd 1 center, rnd 2 left, rnd 3 right) for bfsu
    24" box

    Finished with 2:00 hiit push-ups

  19. 25:52

    shorter box jump, tried a few higher ones also

    playing catch up with wod I missed. I always write them down then try and do them when I have a chance

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