Thursday 06.06.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
12 Box Jumps, 18 inch box
6 Thrusters, 20 lbs
6 Bar-facing burpees

Compare to 02.10.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep


  1. 6 complete rounds plus all box jumps and thrusters and 2 BFB as rxd. Tied jump rope for bar

    2 mile run outside before workout.

  2. 5 full rounds plus box jumps and thrusters.
    15" box, 25# thrusters

  3. 8 rounds

    Shorter box jump
    Stepped up on round 8- I fell twice-ouch!

  4. Dd 6 rounds in 9:18 before the sick toddler was up. Subbed tuck jumps for box jumps

  5. 7 rounds +10 BFB

    Then yesterday's workout
    65# deadlifts

  6. 7 rounds (well almost……minus one burpee) as rx'd

  7. 6 full rounds and then 12 box jumps and 6 thrusters
    14 inch box
    10# dumbbells in each hand for thrusters.
    Girl push-ups on bar burpees

  8. 6 rounds
    25# thrusters
    Didn't get enough sleep last night and I was in slow motion this morning.

  9. 7 rounds + box jumps and thrusters
    12" step ups for box jumps

  10. 5 rounds with modified burpees and run ups. (Still no box) Very tight lower back so did lots of stretching and some ab work to finish out.
    Also doing a speed workout later tonight at the track.

  11. 9 rounds but I did an 11" step and sub pushups for burpees.
    Did yesterdays workout after this one too. Love jumping rope and was bummed to miss it yesterday!

  12. 6 rounds plus 6 thrusters!
    Did 12 30lb thrusters in place if box jumps(knee)
    6 assisted squats
    6 burpees
    Sweat is pouring out and I love it!

  13. 7 rounds plus 12 box jumps
    14" box jump
    20# thrusters
    Burpee to plank

  14. 7 rounds plus next set box jumps

    box jumps half the height, but did most of them with no hand on wall for balance
    really tried to improve burpees with the jump and turn at the end – they were still pretty sad looking!

  15. 7 rounds plus box jumps and thrusters
    all thrusters with 30 lbs

  16. 12:42 with 7 rounds. Step ups for jump ups (still pretty rough) and burpees barely pass. Still, completed at 9:45pm!

  17. 8 rounds plus 9th round of step ups.
    I mistakenly did 40 lb deadlifts instead of thrusters for the first 2 rounds…

  18. 7 rounds with 18 lb med ball for thrusters and tuck jumps for box jumps. Woo!

  19. Did push ups instead of burpees…not enough room. 11 rounds and thrusters and box jumps of 12 round then completed the last push-ups to get 12 rounds in 12:10. Then taught group power class.

  20. The 1st round. I landed on the edge of the box right on my shins!!! Messed up my shins really bad! Very painfully day! Lame!
    Not sure how many rounds, I was in pain. But finished by jumping on stairs!

  21. I forgot to post yesterday, 6 full rounds, it was a tough one!

  22. Forgot to post yesterday – Still having trouble with my broken toe so I can't do the box jumps and I have to do modified burpees because of it … didn't want to do a partial wod so I went swimming (laps) for an hour 🙂

  23. 6 rounds plus 4 thrusters. Finished up anyway. Sub tuck jumps-no box

  24. 6 rounds with 12in box and 30# thrusters. Completed after Monday's 30 min run. Phew I am done!!!!

  25. 7 rounds
    step up instead of box jumps
    20# thusters
    did this after a 30 minute elipical session

  26. Completed 5 rounds (last night). Box jumps on our porch steps, ugly burpees but WOD complete.

  27. 8 rounds, with jump/plank burpees. Finished with about 15 seconds to spare, but couldn't even walk back to the box. 😉 Crazy sweatin'!!

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