Tuesday 05.28.13

For time:
Front squats, 40 lbs
5 Burpees
Front squats, 40 lbs
4 Burpees
Front squats, 40 lbs
3 Burpees
Front squats, 40 lbs
2 Burpees
Front squats, 40 lbs
1 Burpee

Comare to 02.03.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food


  1. 6:44

    15 lb med ball. – no weight on the 30 squat segment

  2. 12:07
    Modified – 30 lbs (heaviest I have) on first 50. Knew it was too much and didn't want to risk injury.
    Dropped to 15 lbs for rest of sets but only used weight on half of the squats, except for last set of 10 (20 squats with weight for 40 set, 15 for 30, 10 for 20, last 10 were all with weight).

  3. 9:23 as RX'd-whew!
    My legs are dead tired from yesterday's race and now 150 front squats.

  4. 9:26 did 20# for first two rounds then had to drop to 10#.

    Denise, why are you still getting up so early? It's summer time! 🙂

  5. I'm waking up an hour later-that's sleeping in for me 😉
    Much easier to workout before kids wake up than later in the day but I love the extra hour and a break from making lunches.

  6. 6:54 as rx'd. Really struggled with workout today, no energy, but got it done!!

  7. 7:38 with 30# for first 50, then 20# for rest. Hey am i suppose to be doing a push ups at the bottom of the burpee or just shooting out my legs than hopping up? Thanks – missed you guys when I couldn't find you and then traveled for a week. Good to see everyone again!

  8. 8:08 abbreviated reps and weight due to IT band tweaking.

  9. My first day! 20:14.3 – used 20# on half of each rep and no weights on the other half. Also modified the Burpees.

    Looking forward to getting back into shape. Today's workout made me realize how much I need it.

  10. 9:27
    About a five min break in the middle of last 20 front squats to see a visitor. 🙂

  11. 18:09 as Rx'd. How did I know the squats felt extra hard today? I was actually looking forward to the burpees!

  12. 9:10, 45# squats.
    Thanks for the workouts! I'm really enjoying working out at home.

  13. 8:54 30# but had to drop weights halfway thru each set since I did dumbbell squats yesterday (oops!). Burpees with push-ups, girl for first 2 rounds, rest boy.

  14. 13:32 45# front squats. That was a killer, felt WAY longer. Thanks! Oh and yes I have jello legs too. Going down stairs is a tricky proposition.

  15. 10:26
    45 LB squat

    Squats are always my worst. And, I also had some "help" from my 18 month old that slowed me down.

  16. 14:53 as rx'd.
    I made it through with the weight, thought I might die. 🙂 I'm going to be so sore….. I worked on low squats.

    Thank you jenni!

  17. 7:36

    50lbs, had to switch to regular squats after first two sets – upper back was screaming.

  18. 15:23
    Butt to the floor, knees out.
    Really felt it in my butt, hamstrings and calves. Love that. Was actually wishing for more burpees on that one so I would have a longer "break" between the squats!!

  19. 7:58. I did the squats with a 20# kettle bell and burpees with a jump. Wished there was more burpees tho.

  20. 11:58 – I was really proud of my time until I saw everyone else's! lol – Oh well – I'll still stay proud. That was a great, quick work out!!

    I did the first round of 50 squats with 44 lbs, but dropped down to 38 for the remaining rounds.

  21. 10 minutes. Heaviest equaled 38 lbs and my wrists are killing me from holding them!! Need to invest in 20 pounders badly.

  22. 11:54- pretty slow. But I most definitely felt it:P
    15 lb dumbbells until rep 19 on first round. Then switched to 10lb dumbbells for the rest of the rounds.
    Girl pushups on burpees.

  23. 6:14
    20 lb front squats. I'm sure it would have taken a lot longer if I had 40 lb

  24. 11:44 with 40# weight
    probably should have dropped down in weight. it was pretty tough.

  25. Hammies are on fire after dl yesterday. Went for trail run and then only 15# squats ( not sure how I ever would have done 40#) all burpees with pushup. Plan to seriously stretch my legs tonight

  26. 5:46
    Compared to 5:08 (I think I'm getting slower but my form is getting better)

  27. 11:37 as rx'd

    Holy cats! I couldn't walk down my stairs properly after that workout! Feels good.

    Hubby did this with me again, 11:02 as rx'd after doing 100 55# kb swings and 50 pull ups. I think I'm converting him into a Califit Papa! Haha!!

  28. Ok, so no where close to anyone else's time but stuck to the 40 lb squats even when I had put the 20 lb right next to me assuming I would lower the weight!!
    17:05 as rx'd! Lots of breaks during the squats!

  29. 13:02 as rx'd wow I had to take breaks to keep with the 40 lbs. I have beads of sweat running down my face!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! My face, chest, and back were raining!!!

  30. 8:17 as rxd. Forgot i had 10fs, 1 burpee left on last round so i had stopped timer, rested, went to clean up & saw i was missing the rest so i restarted the timer & continued.

  31. 12:05 as rx'd
    I thought I was additionally sweating due to humidity, but sounds like I wasn't alone-I had to lose my shirt after first 50 squats! (Never do that, but that's just one of the perks of doing these wkouts at home)

  32. 16:45.

    Holy shit. The burpees actually seemed like a break. haha Me and the other turtles should start a splinter group called "At Least We Finished!"

    Yet another work out accomplished only because it was the WOD. When working out on my own I never push this hard. I can push through hurt but when I get close to muscle failure I stop. Since I have to finish the RX with CaliFit, I realize how much I still have in reserve. Not that I was fast, by any means. But I was able to finish! It's teaching me a lot about myself and my body.

    Thanks, Jenni!

    I can only make 30# by holding my 10s and 5s together. I can't imagine how it would have gone if I had had the prescribed 40#!

  33. PS I did all those squats–with weight–and my knees are fine. Looks like the tiny tweak my coach suggested made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I highly recommend you pop into a box to have your form checked if you are experiencing any problems. I'm so glad I did it.

  34. Forgot to post my time yesterday!
    20# squats

  35. 14:35-
    20 lb. for the front squats-
    Yikes- that was a hard one : )

  36. 10:14 after 29 may wod. Various weights between 40 and 12 lbs.

  37. 12 ish minutes (baby girl kept waking up so I couldn't keep time!) unweighted squats.

  38. 14:55 as rxd!!! So slow but worked on getting that butt down as low as I could get it. The weights were HEAVY, but it was a good heavy!

  39. Completed on 5/30. 6:28 then completed 5/30s wod then taught group power weight class.

  40. 14:29

    slow – I needed breaks at half way point of squats to mentally make it through!
    30# for all front squats except 40 round – used 20#

    each round was looking forward to the burpees lol
    did this on a Saturday, so proud even though I think I could be faster next time!

  41. WOW JELLO legs. So I am way behind due to hectic work schedule and I don't want to miss a work-out. Anyway I was slow 20:07 but all that counts to me is that I finished without dying.

  42. 9:49, mostly regular squats, some front. Fronts always bother my tennis elbow. Will keep moving towards all Fronts, though. Good workout!

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