Thursday 05.23.13

7 rounds for time of:
7 Front squats, 40 lbs
7 Push-ups

Compare to 02.01.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day


  1. 3:43 bpu
    Breathing hard every second

    Last day of school! Woohoo!

  2. 5:56 8 laps (ldid an extra, lost count, whoops!).
    Hard and great!! 🙂

  3. 5:ish accidentally didn't save time!

    BPU half way thru

  4. 5:35
    Broke my toe yesterday by dropping a weight on it so I was a little slow at first, afraid I would hurt myself! But it's all good!

    10# each hand for FS
    GPU (and awesome gpu's if I say so myself – and easier, faster – definitely getting stronger!)

    Going to go take a slow paced 45 minute walk now

  5. 4:34 30# so thankful for a quickie today!! Heading out of town for a long weekend, hoping I'll still get my wod's done but we'll see!!

  6. 6:43
    15# dumbbells for round 1 of squats- girl push-ups
    2) 10 & 3lb dumbbells- boy push-ups
    3) 13#s- girl push-ups
    4) 13#s- 4boy / 3girls
    5) 13#s- 4 boy / 3girls
    6)13#s- 5 boy / 2 girl
    7) 13#s- 4boys/ 3 girls

  7. 4:18 first two rounds boy p/u, then last five girl p/u

  8. 4:02 with 55 lb FS. BPU first 4 rounds, dropped to knees for last 3

  9. 6:15
    20# squats
    Round 5: 4bpu, 3gpu
    Round 6: bpu
    Round 7: 5bpu, 2gpu

  10. Ran 4 miles then,
    20# squats
    All bpu's!! 😀

  11. 4:42 as rx'd, hurt wrist during second last round, so squats w/out weight there…. Should have gone with a lighter weight for my first day back.

  12. 6:10
    45# front squats
    2 rds modified handstand push-ups
    5 rds bpu

  13. Still going easier on weights, but back is almost there.

    50lbs for squats, regular push ups


  14. 4:53

    Really working on getting my ass to the grass with each squat.

  15. 5:15.

    I can only make 30# with what I've got at the temp house.

    I had a break-through on the squats today. Two weeks ago a friend & level 1 instructor checked my form because I've been having knee pain from them. He said that even though my toes were slightly out (correct position), at the lowest point of the squat my knees were too far inward. (I perceived them as being "straight" or "in line.") He said to get my knees out as far as they would go (keeping my feet in their "normal," neutral, toes slightly out position). I've done it that way a few times since then but just today, when really trying to get up some speed, my butt dipped really low as part of the natural movement through the squat. I felt the difference right away and it made perfect sense. So that's how people get "butt to floor" like I see in the comments! And, I have to say, they were actually easier to push out of from that position. (Doesn't make sense but it's true.) So, if anyone is struggling, squat down and see if you can butterfly your knees outward. If you can, you probably should try a few like that and see how it goes. Knees out is what makes room for your butt to drop down. (Obviously I'm not an expert, though.)

    All military push ups. Even though my shoulder is ganked up from burpees yesterday but I was determined, no matter how slow it made my time.

  16. 5:47 I'm not sure if I did 7 or 8 rounds and 3/4 were bpu and a 45#bar for squats.

  17. 4:45
    1st 10 boy push-ups
    As RXed.
    Used available Polly Pocket dolls as counters. Definitely a Mama! 🙂

  18. 6:29
    knee pu, no #. Yes super out of shape, but finished!

  19. 5:56

    40# squats
    knee push ups

    felt a bit ocd and did 8 each last round for a nice even 50 total 🙂

  20. 4:16 after a 1 1/2 mile run

    20 lbs on front squat
    I figure I did 22 boy up total

  21. 5:05…I may have possibly done 8 rounds. I messed upy count along the way somewhere.

  22. 5:18 45# bar. Did two rounds on knees. Did this after 5-24 workout. Phew!

  23. 4:24

    A day behind. Holy cats that was a good one! Haven't been feeling well and I could definitely tell.

    Got the hubby in on this one too. His time was 2:43 as rx'd. He was panting!

  24. 4:36
    a few bpu
    started 30 lb then rest was 14 lb (still babying the shin)

  25. Did it yesterday. Got a little bit behind.

    6:20 with GPU's

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