Wednesday 05.22.13

Hero WOD

For time:
10 Thrusters, 20 lbs
15 Bar-facing burpees
20 Thrusters, 20 lbs
25 Bar-facing burpees
30 Thrusters, 20 lbs
35 Bar-facing burpees

Post time to comments.

 This WOD is in honor of U.S. Army First Lieutenant Omar Vazquez, 25, of Hamilton, New Jersey, based in
Fort Hood, Texas, who died of wounds suffered April 22, 2011, when
insurgents in Numaniyah, Iraq, attacked his unit with an improvised
explosive device.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day


  1. 10:27 as RX'd. Tied up jump rope to jump over. Killer is right,Kelly!

  2. 13:44 only 20 bar facing burpees at the end! Thanks for the workout!

  3. 12:24

    Started with 15lb med ball on thrusters – switched half way to 2kg

    Great workout.. I feel so out of shape.

  4. 17:12. All the way to te floor with burpees but not real push ups. Had to stop to breathe a few times!

  5. 15:30, regular burpees, mountain climbers for last set. So out of shape! Awesome workout!

  6. 15:22
    First set bpu burpees, last two sets kpu burpees.
    Was just thinking last night that its been a while since we did burpees and was wondering if they get any easier. They were easier today, but still not fun!!

  7. Ran 7.6 miles (77 minutes)
    20lb thrusters
    Girl push-ups for bar burpees
    Counted down in reps… 35,30,25,20,15,10
    Don't know if that was just a hard workout or if I was just exhausted from the run. Either way, that was a good tough & sweaty workout. 😉

  8. I had finished the first 3 rounds and was just getting started on my 25 burpees when balloons (from yesterday's birthday) started getting sucked into and tangled in the fan! It took me 1:58 to get not even halfway through the wod and 15 minutes to untangle the fan…

  9. 10:26 as rx'd but with 30 lbs for thrusters on first 2 rounds. 20 lbs on last round. Dang it! my goal was under 10

  10. What are bar facing burpees? Do you do a burpee and jump over a bar when u jump upthen turn and go back over? That would be aweful! They are already hard enough!

  11. 12:22
    as rx'd except backward counting – did 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 instead – I sincerely hate burpees!! All bpu, however not as low as I'd like to be eventually – lots of room for improvement!!

  12. Why do I still get caught off guard by the hero WODs? I thought this one looked relatively easy. HA! 20:04! I'm sure I have the highest time today.

    I'm not in my cool basement anymore…it was about 78* in our temp quarters this morning, and I always suck in the heat. I did a lot of stopping to breathe (light-headed). I was seriously wondering how badly my 5 year old would freak out if I passed out. We might have to have a talk.

    But I did it!

    PS I would have to think that doing the counts backwards is not the same things as doing them forwards. Much like Jenni encourages us to do the sprints & rests, thrusters, etc as rx'd. Doing more when you're already tired is the point. Just my two cents.

  13. 14:45 barely made my goal of under 15. I don't know why, but every time I see burpees in the WOD I know I'm going to be on the higher time side! Oh well, did it as RDex and I am literally dripping!

  14. 15:07

    regular burpees (no bar). Awesome!
    now a 1mile run

    1. You don't need a bar, just a line on the floor. I have used a broom, tonight I used my sons crutch because it was already laying close by. You can tape a line on the floor or use anything!

  15. 11:21 as rx'd
    1st set at 40# 2nd & 3rd 30#
    Even my legs were drenched in sweat after that one!

  16. First WOD since straining lower back last Thursday teaching KB. Tried to baby it a bit, moving a little slowly, lighter weight. But it's feeling good!

    30lbs, 11:13

  17. Well Nissa, I have you beat for longest time! 22:42. Geez, Burpees are hard!

    1. Somebody has to be, I guess. today you, tomorrow me. we are both faster than all the people sitting on the couch! congrats for finishing!

  18. 12:40. burbees stink!!!!
    my son did it in 10:45. He's 8!!!

  19. 14:50

    no jumps on last burpee set and no pushups…do burpees always have pushups?

  20. 12:26

    tried the "bow and flex" for the first 15 burpees – (it works well in socks on hardwood)
    rest of burpees to plank (my moto was one at a time and they weren't pretty!)
    20# thrusters

  21. 15:28 with 30#. Finals week and I am exhausted… quite a few catch my breath moments in there.

  22. 17:06 as rx'd. That extra jump over the bar really slowed me down. Blah.

  23. 12:03 jumped over rolled up mat full up burpees to ground and pushup. thrusters with 2x15lb dumbbells. so tired and sore from yesterdays wods and long day at work. can barely type.

  24. 9:37 as rxd. I really didnt feel like working out tonight, but seeing everyone's posts & how challenging it was i really wanted to see how much it sucked too lol! And boy did it suck, hate burpees but sooooo glad i did the wod. I even made it under my 10 min goal. Had to take lots of breaks & had to push @ the end to make my goal but very happy!

  25. So I put off this workout until later in the day and it was a mistake. I gave up and decided to do a 15-minute workout from my Nike Trainer app. My goal is to do a Hero WOD during this challenge! (Not sure if I've done one yet!)

  26. 11:29, 24 lb thrusters and regular burpees due to lack of space. Either way burpees will always be a challenge!

  27. 10:30ish – did this one on May 23, with the May 23rd one combined. Our shoulders were screaming! I really like those burpees!

  28. 10:37
    Did about 13 regular burpees, the rest were step back and jump forward. It's the most regular burpees I've ever done, so that's a good thing!

  29. 18:06

    40# thrusters. Had to stop a few times to entertain the baby and had to jump around her while she was crawling.

    That was tough!!

  30. 12 ish minutes. Stopped and reset the timer half way through by accident.

  31. 16:57
    regular burpees
    I am still amazed at anyone who can do more than 10 burpees in a row- so hard!! It takes me forever!

  32. 17:41 – 24 lb thrusters – I found I out the hard way that my stomach is sunburned. Yeah…ouch…thanks, burpees. Struggled through the last set of burpees – my timer was at 12:11 after completing 30 thrusters, so you can see – it was a struggle!

  33. 16:06 – pvc bar only on thrusters (working on form), knee push ups on regular burpees.

  34. Thank you to ALL of the Heroes!11:42
    10# Thrusters
    15 & 25 burpees
    last set did 30 pushups.

  35. Did this on Friday instead of Wednesday, skipped a day. 😉

  36. Missed this wod on Wed, but I wanted to do it. Time was horrible, I'm almost embarrassed to post this. 21:14. Many rest breaks on burpees.

  37. 21:36 with 65# (the original rx)
    Chest to floor on bar facing burpees
    It was the thrusters that took my time!

  38. 6:55, with burpees and no push ups. Ugh. I hate burpees but I'm working to mentally overcome that fact. 🙂 Blessings!

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