Monday 05.20.13

1000 meter run
50 Thrusters, 20 lbs
30 Push-ups

Compare to 02.15.13

Post time to comments.

Hiit Mama Bryanna
Rexburg, Idaho
“I love doing the ‘HIIT’ workouts. They are awesome! I have three
boys, ages 8, 4, and 11 months. These workouts fit into my routine
really well.” -Bryanna

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol

reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day


  1. 8:24 with 6 boy push-ups
    2 second improvement but all girl push-ups last time.

    Last Monday of the school year!
    Happy Monday!

  2. 10:36
    First workout in a loooong time with CFM. Glad to be here. Felt good. Time will only improve along with my fitness!

  3. 10:19 as rx'd
    All boy push ups!!

    Thanks for keeping the site going and keeping it free!!!

  4. 12 min. I ran 1,239 metets…misjudges the length of my road!! Gpus, #20 total for tgristers.

  5. 10:05, 15 seconds better than last time. Considering I have slacked off for the past month or so I am very happy I improved at all!

  6. 8:08 on the walk/run…outside in between rainstorms here in NC!
    4:54 10# on thrusters
    girl pushups…

  7. 19:08
    broke thrusters/ pu's into sets of 10 and 6
    Did last 2 sets of pu's girl

  8. Julie c. How are you incorporating training for a half marathon into the 90 day challenge? I just ran a 10k and want to try for a half at the end of the summer. Thanks!

  9. Julie c. How are you incorporating training for a half marathon into the 90 day challenge? I just ran a 10k and want to try for a half at the end of the summer. Thanks!

  10. 9:55
    Did 30# for 25 thrusters and then switched to 25# for the other 25.

  11. 17:02

    Ran slightly over 1K. Awesome workout as usual. Going to go stretch it out at yoga in 1hr.

  12. 10:16
    15 attempted bpu
    Compared to 11:48 in February. Yes!!

  13. 8:44 as rx'd. Outside run, girl push ups, 20# thrusters

  14. Ran 4 miles


    1000m run outside
    35 lb thrusters
    all boy push ups

  15. 10:18
    Run as Rx'd
    37 Thrusters, 7.5 lbs each hand; 13 Thrusters, 5 lbs each hand
    30 gpu
    plus 20 minute walk

    So psyched! This was my fastest run since I was injured in the Corps!! 11.5 min mile

  16. 9:17 with dumb bells instead of barbell…way harder! 3 bpus then girl, finished with 5 bpus then RPM class.

  17. 7:11 as rx'd (girl p/u)

    Improved my time by 1:11!!!

  18. Ran 4.07 miles in 43 minutes
    8lb dumbbells in each hand for thrusters
    15 girl push-ups then 1 boy/1 girl till the 25 mark and then 5 boy push-ups to the 30 mark. 🙂

  19. 12:57
    Girl pu's

    "Beattie Family", I'm starting half marathon training this week too and I planned on running two short runs during the week and a longer run on the weekend.

  20. Melissa, are you going to be doing crossfit two or three days? Staggered or on the same days as your runs? I'm glad someone else is doing this also! Anyone want to start a crossfit mamas half marathon group?

  21. No access to weights today.

    1000m run outside
    75 squats
    30 push-ups (15 bpu)

  22. 9:04
    Subbed run for 25 CFSU 25 Hollow rockers 25 kyaks 25 bench dips
    Then did 50 non weighted squats and 30 PU

  23. 11:44. instead of 1000m run I bike on my stationary for 7:15. Then onto the rest. I did all toe pushups and it was REALLY hard today. Phew!

  24. 13:47
    So slow! And :27 slower than last time! I'm back now after a few weeks break (back injury, then schedule change, then just laziness and excuses). But I'm back! Next time we do this one, I'll be faster!

  25. 11? Had to pause for a few minutes for an interruption. Incline treadmill, 2 10# db, gpu

  26. 9:37 As RX'd! Did in 9:59 last time, so a little improvement…..better than none I guess.

  27. 9:47, shaved off 1 1/2 minutes since we did this Feb. So happy! Thanks Jenni!

  28. 9:43
    5:00 run
    Stopped timer and end another 1000m home
    4:43 for the thrusters and push-ups
    Had to rest every 3 push-ups!!

  29. 8:19

    Did 50 35# kb swings instead of run (raining all day "/). Last set of thrusters at 40#. All bpu.

    Great way to start the week!

  30. 9:40 with 30# and gpus.. cheated and broke the thrusters and gpus into two sets each, so it was 25 thrusters 15 sit ups, twice.

  31. 9:16 but regular squats (hurt shoulder) and 10 bpu of the 30.

  32. 7:52

    inside run, 15# dumbbells for thrusters. Improved my time from 11:01. Also used 15# last time, but only for 37 thrusters. Love seeing the improvements I have made!

  33. 10:16. 30# thrusters, bpu. Tough but short= luv it!

  34. 8:54
    Subbed run for:
    25 CFSU
    25 Hollow Rockers
    25 Kyaks
    25 Bench Dips
    50 Thrusters, 20#
    30 Push Ups

  35. 10:45 as rx'd. 10 BPU rest GPU.
    This one kicked my butt today. Run went much faster than I anticipated, but all my muscles were burning with the thrusters and pushups.

  36. I went on a bike ride with my husband and toddler and did the other part if the workout when I got home. I finished that part of it in 3:19.

  37. 10:00 as rx'd with 5 of 50 thrusters at 40# instead of 20# in middle of set, t-mil, all bpu
    (Feeling slow this morning)

    1. Round #2: 8:20 as rx'd…had the luxury of time today so decided to repeat this afternoon since i was feeling so blah this morning & glad I did-that's more like it! Great WOD!

  38. 14:02 – ran (!!) just under 1000m, thrusters as rx'd, knee push ups

  39. I did everything as rx'd but I don't know how long it took me because my phone died before I ever got to the gym. I also had some asthma issues so I'm kinda glad I didn't have my timer. But I did finish and all boy push-ups too!

  40. 9:15 storming out so in place of run did 4+45 in 1 min each of 18" box jumps, jumping jacks, tuck jumps, skaters, and step ups on box. first 18 thrusters with 2×20# dumbbells then dropped to 1 for rest, completed this wod after tuesday 5/22 wod, then some more boxing for cardio

  41. User error with my timer. (I neglected to realize the Garmin stops timing (pauses) when I stop running.) I caught it after the first 20 thrusters and started my watch chrono, then added in what time I think I "lost."

    Best estimate is 10:12 with all military push ups plus I did the run on grass in about 78* weather.

    Compare to 12:01 with only 5 military push ups and run on treadmill on 2/15/13. At that time I was only about 5 weeks into my Crossfit journey. Unmistakable progress!

  42. 14:43

    push ups from knees
    needed a few breaks during push ups, but form is looking better.
    focused on keeping knees out for squats and felt I was going lower

  43. 10:10, all as rx'd. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I could have kept running. I'm in shock! I think I'll at least finish the mile. Thanks, Jenni!

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