Thursday 05.16.13

3 rounds for time of:

15 Thrusters, 20 lbs
30 Butterfly sit-ups
Compare to 01.30.12
Hiit Mamas Julie, Melanie, and Andrea
Manitoba, Canada
“So my girlfriends and I have started this challenge together and thought
we would send you a pic of our workout today.  It doesn’t seem to want
to melt here in Manitoba, Canada.  We decided, while everyone is tired
of the extra long winter this year, we are just going to embrace it and
go hard anyways in the snow!!  We go some days outside while the kiddies
play around us.  We have become closer as friends and we feel we are
setting a great example for our kids that we can have fun outside and
stay healthy. We agreed we would try this 90 day challenge. So
far, we have been getting together the days we can and doing it
ourselves when we can’t.  I am currently training for a half marathon on
top of this and find that I am faster and stronger by the day because
of Hiit Mamas!!  Every Monday night after the kids have gone to bed,
the three of us also go to hot yoga while our hubbies stay at home with
the kids (all 3 of us have that wonderful support and male
cheerleaders)!  As you see we are very active!  We love your workouts
and would really like to be accountable.  So it helps to have each
other.  I find I have always been in ok shape, but want to get to a
level I have never been before!  I would love to send you a before and
after pic soon!
All this being said, thanks for the workouts, I truly love the fitness
community.  We all want to see everyone healthy and happy.  That is what
it’s all about!!! Thanks again, Julie C.”
no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


  1. 5:16
    Arms crossed on CFSU with abmat.

    Thank you Jenni for your hard work! Love these workouts!

  2. 6:57
    40# thrusters
    Crossed arms cfsu (first time & MORE challenging)

    1. Jenni-Thank you isn't big enough to show you my appreciation for your blog! Your time & commitment is so appreciated! I've benefited tenfold both physically & mentally…I feel so lucky to have found Crossfit Mamas! I LOVE IT!!!

    2. Ditto to what has been said. I thought I had lost this site and have been struggling with my workouts. Now that I've found you again I could not be happier! Thank you for your dedication to your followers and the time and effort that goes into your blog!

  3. I'm so glad I checked in today! (I haven't been as regularly because I'm getting so pregnant, I'm finding I need to modify practically everything now.) Good luck with all the legal stuff, that's gotta be a headache for you. Thanks a ton for keeping this site going, you've made a huge difference in the way I exercise and the way I feel, I'm so grateful to have found you!

  4. 7:15
    3 rounds:
    Thrusters with 7.5# in each hand
    60 Obliques (30 each side)
    Walk 23 minutes

  5. thank you so much for this site – I love the workouts! Into my second month now!

  6. Thank you for your posts. I love your workouts (usually) and have recommended them to several people.

  7. 5:35
    25lb thrusters
    Thank you so much for putting these workouts together & making it free for us!

  8. 7ish min. I love these workouts! I just started about a week ago and it is a nice change from doing insanity!!!

  9. 7:13
    as rx'ed using 12#db's for thrusters

    I will add my thanks to Jenni for keeping this site going. I love the the workouts and the motivation!

  10. Doh! Thought that said FIVE rounds! Was wondering how you all did those in under 5 minutes!! I did 3 rounds with 20# in 7:17; 5 rounds in 11:58!

  11. 7:51. 1st of db thrusters 20# next 2 were 10#. 30 sit ups. Any recommendations on modifications for cfsus? My abs and ribs are so sore this first week that I can barely get thru 4 rxd cfsu sit ups…

  12. Thank you Denise for introducing me to this site love it! After four kids getting abs again feels great! 7:03

  13. I just got some new weights and I was wondering what the results are from using heavier weights. Will that make me bulky? Just wondering if I should push for heavier weight, or if the rx'd weights are designed for females.

  14. 3:07,
    subbed crunches for cfsu, still letting my tailbone heal. Bumped up my weight to 30# thrusters!! 2.07 mi run and new PR on my 1 mi of 8:58!!! Considering I was a 10 min mile when I started CF in January I'm ecstatic!

    Thank you for posting these workouts, and for doing everything you can to keep them going!

  15. LOVE these workouts! Keep em coming…its the only thing I have found I have time for AND they are really making a real difference in my body! Thanks!
    5:41 #30 thrusters

  16. 4:51

    40# Thrusters
    Modified sit up

    I want to say thank you, too! Who knows what I'd be doing if I didn't find this blog! Thank you for keeping us going with great WODs Jenni!!

  17. 3:33
    Love your workouts. In the 3-4 months I have been doing them, I've noticed tremendous change like never before.
    Thanks for all your hard work to keep us mamas fit!!

  18. 7:20

    13# thrusters

    cfsu first 2 rounds
    90 sec plank for last round (bottom chaffing again)

  19. 5:01 thanks for the workouts! since beginning in January my running is faster, my body feels so much stronger and lifting and playing with my 18 month old is much more enjoyable without the aches and weakness!

  20. 4:32
    unfortunately I did tuesday's workout yesterday with a 3 mile run and made it through 18 minutes. Today I attribute my poor time to a VERY VERY RAW coccyx! Anyone else get that from doing sit-ups so fast?

    1. Yes, I get it too. I fold my yoga mat in half and put it under my tailbone. Makes it much better!!

  21. 12:20, with 25# kettlebell thrusters 15 each side so it took a bit longer.

  22. 5:47.
    Kinda guessed on the time since I had to pause just before the last round of sit ups to help my daughter and then forgot to start the stopwatch again.

  23. 9min as rx'd…this is my first time using the bar weights for the thrusters. Is it normal for my wrists to hurt after?

  24. jenni….thank you for all the trouble you are going to for all of us. i have been doing your work outs since labor day, so almost 9 months in and i can say it is now just a way of life for me. even if you had to stop for some reason i now know i can do this and i know the fundamentals of how. that i don't need a gym, or their class schedules. i can do it on my terms. forget my body transformation, that isn't even the biggest part for me. it has changed my entire life. my confidence, my outlook, my energy, my relationships with my kids and my husband, my patience, EVERYTHING!!! So thank you!!!! It has done more than you can know.

  25. rachael…up that weight. no you will not get bulky. but it will make a big difference in the lean muscle you will build. i know a lot of women who work out at our local crossfit box and are lifting very large weights and they are not bulky.

  26. 5:37

    First WOD ever! Sit-ups were half sit-ups, my abs are still a work in progress, just could not get to full trying to go so fast. Really looking forward to adding your workouts to my routine!

  27. 4:14. Thanks so much for this blog! I hope the name issues don't cause you too much trouble- I appreciate your efforts!

  28. 5:10 as rx'd

    I love these workouts! Thanks so much! This is only week 3 for me but I've been doing them with my sister who lives a long distance away and we text each other daily. There aren't many excuses to be made when a workout only takes 5-20 min and you still feel it the next day! Even in 3 weeks the sprints helped me shave a munite off my 5K PR and I finished at 27:03! Not bad for a mid-30's mom of 4!

  29. Thank you for this blog!! I have been following u for a couple months now, and my strength and endurance on my long runs have improved tremendously! I'm running faster and longer than I did in cross country in high school. Thanks for what you do! I'm glad this is free, but I would pay if it wasnt!


  30. 6:25 – as RX'd!!!!

    24 lb thrusters

    I struggled through the last set of sit-ups from #20 on. 🙂

  31. 5:36
    arms crossed first 15 in 1st round, 10 in 2nd, and 5 in 3rd
    20 pound weights for thrusters

  32. 5:04 as rxd. Now to do yesterdays wod as i ran out of time yesterday due to my sons basketball game last night.

  33. 5:01

    12.5# (my 20# haven't come yet)

    4th wod and loving it! Thank you so much for doing this!

  34. 8:25
    Thanks so much for all your work on your site! I don't always post my times but I haven't missed a workout since starting about a month ago now. I an loving the challenge of the WOD!

  35. 7:14 as rxd with arms crossed for sit ups. Thank you for your work! Never thought I could do most of these workouts till you told me to try. Go girl! We're depending on you.

  36. 5:23 with 30lbs. Thanks for all your work Jenni!! where would I be without this blog?! I am so appreciative of all you do for us!

  37. This was my first workout. I did not even bother timing myself. I used a weight bar #25 lbs. This workout sounded easy but it kicked my butt. I hope to keep it up and get back into shape. Thanks for your blog!

  38. This was the second workout of the day, did 5-17 first. 6:08, had to stop and stretch out a kink in my hip, but finished much stronger with that stretch. Well worth the time. Plus my sit-ups are getting amazingly strong! Thanks!

  39. 5:59 as rx'd. Saw the time and quickly squeezed out those last sit ups! Whew!

  40. 4:22, but regular sit ups. I think I'm ready for more weight on the thrusters. Will take it up a notch next time. And another big "thanks" from this Kansas gal! These workouts are amazing, and I'm motivated to continue because you've taken out the guesswork. Much appreciated! Blessings to you, Jenni!

  41. Hiii, i've been looking for the califitmamas and it's not available. :(:(:(:( i really love this blog.

  42. I about panicked when I couldn't find your blog. I was literally shrieking NO NO NO! I even woke up my baby because I was in such despair. Lol Thank God you're still here. Your blog has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for all the work you do, it's beyond amazing!!!

  43. YAY!!! I freaked when I could find you!!! I am so glad to find this blog again! Thank you for all your hard work! I can't afford our local box, but LOVED doing the workouts when I did attend. This is perfect!

  44. YAY!!! I freaked when I could find you!!! I am so glad to find this blog again! Thank you for all your hard work! I can't afford our local box, but LOVED doing the workouts when I did attend. This is perfect!

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