Wednesday 05.15.13

As many rounds in 12 minutes of:
400 meter run
5 Deadlifts, 40 lbs

Compare to 01.26.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


  1. 4.5 rounds outside as RX'd. I'm tired today.
    Great job Amy!

  2. 4 rounds plus 200m run. 30# is all I have so I did 6 reps each time.

  3. 3 and part of a run (finished it after time for the full mile)
    Elliptical and #45 deadlift

    1. 4 full rounds plus run & 2 lifts from 5th round. Only used 30# (that's all we had and still more than I ever lifted!)

  4. 3 rounds plus 209 meters
    90# deadlifts
    Got a barbell and weights for my birthday. First time using them. Yay!! 🙂

  5. 12:16, went over to complete 5 rounds, outside workout, as rx'd. Time to move up in weight for DL!!

  6. 5 rounds with 10 sec left over
    Used #30 so did 7 dead lifts each round

  7. 5 rounds. 2 minutes hard on the elliptical. First wod back after being sick for a week and a half. Blech

  8. 3 rounds with 30lbs and 1:30 minutes leftover (leg hurting)

  9. 4 rounds plus about 120 m. Days like today I wish I had a treadmill. Hot! Going to have to start getting it in early.

  10. 4 rounds

    ran 3 rounds; walked one outside
    13# on deadlifts

  11. 6 rounds plus 5 additional deadlifts in remaining 10 seconds as rx'd (outside)

  12. 4.5 w/ 30# so 6 instead of 5. Finishe up at 13:08 with 5 rounds.

  13. definately did 6 might have done 7 I mixed up my count! 50# deadlifts

    pushed my self and cranked out an extra round!

  14. Five rounds, three seconds over. Apprx 400m outside to stop sign and back (thanks, Google Maps!) and 70 lb deads.

  15. 3 rounds plus 300 meters. Finished the rest at 12:50

  16. 6 rounds over by 5 secs.. now off for a nice slow 2 mile jog..

  17. 4 rounds as rx'd. Need more weight for dead lifts next time.

  18. 4 rounds + 300 m sprint at the end
    eliptical "run" – noticed my pace is up to 6.6 now and did 40 # DL for the first time!

  19. 4 rounds. Have gotten my 400 meters down to 2:30. I'm so happy. And 36lb deadlift. Need 20lb weights!

  20. So this morning I stepped outside to do this workout…and it immediately started raining. Hard. Then I did a 15-minute workout off my Nike Training app that was good and kicked my butt. And later this evening when it cleared up I went to go running again…and it started raining. I was not meant to do this workout today. P.S. thinking of the people in Texas that were hit by tornadoes tonight and praying for them 🙁

  21. sub'ed rowing for running % rounds plus 50 m row

  22. 5 rounds as rx'd. Went 2 sec over but that was putting down the weights to check the time! Spot on!

  23. 5 complete rounds
    200 meters on the 6th round
    30# DL (all I have)

  24. 12:30 . 5 Rounds, dead-lifts 60#. Thank you again. I love this page.

  25. Toddler was napping so did the rower.
    4 rounds plus 100m row
    70lb DL

  26. 5 rounds plus 100m sprint, used 30 lbs because it was all I had.. dead lifts felt too easy believe it or not! So I went super deep each time to try and make up for it. Did this workout late after Thursdays.

  27. 4 rounds, + some of the running!

    As Rx'd! Woohoo!

    Even got to do it outside pushing a stroller! 😀

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