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Monday 05.13.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions (supermans)
50 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 11.20.12

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


  1. 23:32 as RX'd on the mill. And arms crossed on CFSU.

    Yea! I'm ready for summer time!

  2. 25:35 as RXd on treadmill. My treadmill takes way too long to go from 1.0-7.5mph!

    1. Nikki-I just leave mine running at set speed then hop on & off to avoid waiting 🙂

  3. 33 minutes…diassapointing but I did it and the running is easier so I am improving my endurance 🙂

  4. 28:45 as rxd and crossed arm cfsu. You convinced me to give up sugar….here goes day one.

  5. 52.45 whew this one took it out of me elliptical and 62 squats per round to meet another challenge I'm in but sheesh I didn't expect it to take me so long. Proud I didn't give up though.

  6. 25:27 as rx'ed on treadmill
    had a goal of 24 which I missed by a long shot but I'm sweating like crazy!

  7. Ok. Day 1 for me! 44:08 Ran outside then did other stuff inside as RXd. Some mod on the last 10 cfsu.

  8. 22:49 pushing the stroller.

    Did supermans on the ground and subbed 60 sec plank for sit ups. Still healing my diastasis "/

  9. 24:55, compared to my time of 28:10 in Nov. Happy with the improvement.

  10. Short on time. Only 2 rounds. 18:55

    800 m speed walk
    800 m run

    I chaffed my bottom last time on cfsu and it is still hurting so subbed 90 sec planks for cfsu.

  11. 31:50 as rxd. Pretty proud I did not cut the last sets to 30 or 40 as I thought I might want to!

  12. 24:07 I think my runs were a little longer than 800m, probably at least 900m, was hard to estimate,
    I also felt it on the CFSU's was sore in my abs, and my butt (from rubbing) from Friday!

  13. Ran 3.69 miles
    Time of the back extensions and sit ups: 11:03

  14. 25:57
    Did 3different variations of sit-ups ! Husband bought me an abmat for Mother's Day! Should be arriving tomorrow!!

  15. 25:08 but lost count on CFSUs and did anywhere from 5 to 15 extra CFSus on last round

    Compare to 29:27 in November

    also did my first 5K race ever last weekend. did it in 34:36. my personal best. very excited to see improvement and keep on improving

  16. oh and for mother's day i too got new equipment. Yea!!! new bands, dumbells, kettlebells.

    for those having trouble on CFSU, look into Rogue fitness abmat. it helps a lot.

  17. 25:00 as Rxd….after cycling class…chaffed backside from Fridays cxsitups! Ouch!

  18. 22:02, spinning today as well. Last set of cfsu was hard!!

  19. 28:44 today! I'm definitely improving which is helping my non-runner attitude. 😉

    Blessings! See you tomorrow!

    1. 29:14, but not bad. 🙂 I'm okay with it. And I'm confident I got in a great workout.

  20. 20:59. Distance around my neighborhood is a shade under 800m

  21. 29:15 as rx'd…loved this one…I was drenched by the time I was done. That last set of CFSU's was ROUGH

  22. 21:48. Guessed on 800m. But all else as rxd. Feels good to be back!

  23. 21:48. Guessed on 800m. But all else as rxd. Feels good to be back!

  24. 33:12 rowing instead of running (stress fracture on foot). All the rest as rx'd.

  25. 28:??
    I accidentally cleared out my timer before really looking at it (all I saw was the 28!)
    and I agree, that was brutal.

  26. as rx'd except half of situps in each set were crossfit situps and half were my old way (chin to ceiling)


  27. First crossfit workout I've ever done. I agree, brutal is just the word for it. 33.16 as rx'd on treadmill.

  28. Approx 26, I accidentally stopped my timer. Took all of last week off last week while I vacationed in Hawaii, I did just about everything on the list that I'm not supposed to be doing. The work out was extra hard today I'm sure because of that!

  29. 43:19 as rx'd.
    1st day of cf and first time I've ever run 2400 meters on the same day in my life!

  30. 33:54 as rx'd, 2 rounds. I need to start working out in the morning to get ahead of this heat!

  31. 26:55…ran longer than about 900m each round since that's how long the loop in my neighborhood is.

  32. 29:06
    800 meter runs
    1st round 50 supermans, then 25 round 2 & 3.
    25 sit ups all three rounds.
    I can only improve! =)

  33. I did this yesterday at 8:00pm after a very long day! Was to exhausted to post!

    23:27 as rx'd

  34. Did this WOD a day late. Outside workout, subbed crunches for cfsu because of nasty raspberry on my tailbone. 20:39

  35. 26:10 with stairs up and down each round. Pretty sure the runs were closer to 900m, had to estimate. Also may have done 10 extra cfsus on last round, lost count.

  36. 24:30 did GHD situps rather than cfsu otherwise was rxd. Didnt do this mon so did this sat morning. Sweating like a pig but great way to start weekend!

  37. 29:27

    eliptical runs were all under 5 min, but those sit ups took me a while!

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