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Thursday 05.09.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 500 meters
30 Thrusters, 20 lbs
15 Push-ups

Compare to 01.24.12

Post rounds to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. Did this in the heat of the day here in Africa, and that wasn't a great idea, on sand roads, but my boys showed me how it was done!
    Me 14:44
    Andrew (my 10 yo) 13:15
    Dylan (my 8 yo) 14:00

  2. 25:45 Wow I'm tired this morning. Did 10# thrusters and 5 of 15 push ups each round were gpu.

  3. 11:49 as RX'd
    90% boy push-ups today! I forced ,myself to do them by choosing to be on concrete (except for few on grass in 2nd round-whimped out 🙁

  4. 18:28 as rx'd
    I'm feeling so slow lately! But all boy push ups

  5. 13:40
    rode stationary bike 1.00 mile for each round
    10# dumbbells for each round of thrusters
    Round 1- all girl push-ups. Round 2- forced myself to do boy pu's and accidentally did 22. Round 3- did 15 boy pu's! 😉

  6. When you say 20# thrusters. Do you mean two 10# db's or two 20# dbs? First day. I think I did it in under 20 mins.

    1. Listed weight is always total lifted weight. So 20 lbs would be two 10 lb dumbbells.

  7. So I just realized I did 1/2 mile each round instead of just 500 meters. No wonder my time was so long. ( I saw 500 meters and thought 1/2 mile instead.)

  8. 15:02 as rx'd (all bpu!)
    followed by 3 mile run
    Day 6 of crossfit workouts… everything is SORE but I feel GOOD!!!

  9. 17:50 including a spill clean up and helping my daughter repack her lunch 🙂

  10. Today was a blooper reel during my workout. 19:29. Way harder than anticipated.

    All toe pushups! 1st round 40 lb thrusters, which was a huge mistake, way too big of a jump in weight. about killed me. Oh and I used my stationary bike for 3:30 each 500 m.

  11. First day with Crossfit Mamas. 14:42 but did 15 kettlebell thrusters on each side with a 26lb kb. Ran pushing my 4yo and 18mo in stroller.

  12. 15:26 bpu first round then gpu. These workout are killing me after my swing shifts! off for a cool down run, hoping people have sprinklers on!

  13. 15:59. All gpu. I need to force myself to do some bpu

  14. Knee injury
    15 PU
    25 CFSU
    15 PU
    25 Back Extensions
    15 PU
    25 Hollow Rockers
    15 PU
    25 Tricep lifts
    15 PU
    25 Bench dips
    2 times through…13:27

  15. 16:34
    25lb thrusters
    I attempted all BPU but got around 80%

  16. 18:10 with all gpu. Rounds as follows: 5:51, 5:55, 6:30 (was really dead by then).

  17. 25.42 ( included stopping for LOTS of mommy questions from the 13,6 and 2 yr old 🙂

    1mile run
    #12 weights for the thrusters
    and gpu

  18. Only had time for 2 rounds. 14:19. Incline treadmill, 20#, gpu

  19. 24:30 mods – walked fast pushing stroller, 20# thrusters (rested weights for about 10 total), gpu

  20. 18:17
    All rx'd
    Had to push myself to do all 3 rounds. I'm feeling really lethargic today!

  21. 15:24 I finally joined the challenge and got my shakes yesterday! Can't wait to see me in 90 days.

  22. 13:60

    run as rx'd

    1 & 2 rounds 5- 30# 25- 20#

    3rd rd 3 – 20#

    5 bpu 1st round girly rest

    still shaking

  23. 19:20

    500 meters as rx'd

    30 thrusters with modifications:
    1st set 20 lb (too heavy)
    2nd set 10 lb (too light)
    3rd set 15 lb (just right)

    15 girl pushups

  24. 18:14 as rx'd. Boy Push ups.

    Can't believe I'm making it through each workout this week. Organizing Spring Fling for the school.. I may not be able to do tomorrows but I'll get it done Saturday.


  25. I did a beginner/modified version of "Michael":

    3 rounds for time
    run 400 meters
    10 back extensions
    20 sit-ups

    19:16 – not great, but I did run ALL of the running segments! 🙂

  26. My first time with Crossfit.
    500 meter run
    20 thrusters 10#
    15 regular pu

  27. 14:37
    25# thrusters

    Got a day behind,so I did this wod after the wod posted today.

  28. 17:38 with 600m runs only because of how our street is designed and where all of my running landmarks are.

  29. 16:05

    eliptical for run
    accidentally did 20 30# thrusters instead of 30 20# lol
    did knee push ups

    did a bad thing and stepped on the scale today as I felt my clothes were fitting better and I gained 2 lbs . . .:( hoping it really is just muscle mass! I will keep going no matter what – even if I don't loose weight, I know what I'm doing is a benefit to my health and that's what's important 😀

  30. 29:11 it took me forever, but i did it! I used 30#. And talking about that I have a question : should I add the bar weight?
    Thank you

    1. Yes. You should add your total lifted weight! 🙂

  31. 11:07 raining hard outside so did three rounds with running up and down the stairs 10 times. All bpu for first round, then gpu for last two rounds. 20# thrusters.

  32. Forgot to post my time yesterday!!

    24 mins

    800m run, thrusters with resistance band, all bpu

    I estimated bc I forgot to start the timer so I timed my last round at 8 minutes so I multiplied by three. Here's hoping I get some dumbells for Mother's day!!

  33. 15:42

    all gpu
    13# thrusters
    estimated on distance for run b/c I couldn't do my usual route. Ran 2 rounds, speed walked 1 round
    Missed this one on Thurs so I am making it up today 🙂

  34. 15:20 with 30# and gpus. Included running up and down stairs each round. Bah thrusters!!!

  35. 15 PU
    25 CFSU
    15 PU
    25 Back Extensions
    15 PU
    25 Hollow Rockers
    15 PU
    25 Tricep lifts
    15 PU
    25 Bench dips
    7:41 One TIme Through

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