Thursday 05.02.13

For time:
50 Box jump, 18″
50 Jump jacks
50 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
50 Walking lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 10-20lbs
50 Back extensions (Supermans)
50 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
50 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Jump rope

Compare to 01.29.13

no caffeine
no soda
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 20:51
    As RX'd
    Did workout outside
    CFSU in grass felt easier (arms crossed at chest/shoulders)
    KTE on bar
    20 lb push press

    Is it Friday yet? 😉

    1. January workout had 50 burpees. My time was about same because I was able to graduate from the modifications.

  2. 17:55 tuck jumps for box jumps, KNE on floor, 10# for push press, 10# thrusters for wall shots.

  3. 14:16
    Jumps and sit ups on bosu
    9# ball
    20# pp
    No rope (just jumped)
    Worked out at home so supplies were limited 🙂

  4. 20:10
    15" box jumps
    K2e on floor (I know, I know shame on me)
    #20 Thrusters instead of wall balls (in the process of making my wall ball with an old soccer ball and sand)
    Everything else as rxd

  5. 16:46 today compared to 19:04 in January!!!! Yay!
    KTE on floor
    Push press 20#
    Thrusters for wall ball 16#

  6. 20:11
    Shorter box jumps, 20lb push press. Everything else as Rx'd.
    Beat Jan. time!!
    Thanks for the wo!

  7. 19:22
    20 lb dumbbell swing for kettlebell
    Half of k2e on bar (getting better but still knees to cheat height) half on floor
    20lb push press

  8. 17:49. 15# kb & pp, basketball for wall ball. Only did half the k2e (k2w!). Oops ! I forgot the push press, just did at end, added maybe a min and half?

  9. Time was 20:20 with some modifications because I was unable to go to the park today as I had to park my car somewhere because our street was flooded due to heavy rains that are still going. I did the total numbers as Rx'd. Box jumps I had to use my daughter's step stool,kettle bell swings I only have an 8 lb ball so I used it, knees to elbows I had to do on the floor (boy did that work my lower abs, push press the first 20 I used 2 10lbs and the last 30 I used 2 8 lb dumbells, and jump rope I had to pretend to have one. Thank you!!!!

  10. 14 inch box jumps
    10# kettle bell swings
    K2e on floor
    10# dumbbells for push press
    10# wall ball shots
    13:01 for time

  11. 21:53 beat my time but this one didn't have burpees…
    12 inch box
    started 15 kettle and went to 10
    k2e on floor
    10 lb push press
    10 lb thrusters for balls
    did cfsu's whole way through for first time

  12. 19:24 as rx'd. 20lb push press; K to E are tough…knees to boobs or stomach, but did a few good ones at the beginning.

  13. 20:45
    Goal was under 20:00, so I just missed it.
    15" box jumps
    Pp 20#
    Wall ball with a soccer ball
    Kte are much closer to my chest than in January. Yay!

    Unfortunately when I started crossfit mamas, I didn't always post my time, so I don't have January's time, but regardless, back then I couldn't do box jumps, kte, or the cfsu. So progress indeed!!

  14. 31:19. 8" step for box jumps, 10 lb dumbbell instead of kettlebell, my knees only made it to my belly button for KTE, 20 lb push press, did 10 CFSU then oblique sit-ups for the rest. The CFSU's hurt my tailbone. Any suggestions?

    1. They hurt mine too. I usually put a folded towel or blanket under my tailbone for support.

  15. 18:30 with multiple interruptions from the peanuts

  16. 21:30
    Did 45 KTE on floor and the other 10 on my bar as far as I could lift my knees! Also did 50 step-ups on my 12" exercise box. Everything else as RX'ed.

  17. Oooh! I love this workout. I am taking a week off because I have been having an issue with my hip. I tried to just push through, however, it wasn't getting better.

    It is taking a lot of restraint not to do this workout. Enjoy ladies!!

  18. 23:10
    k2e on bar- still need work, but slowly improving.
    25# push press
    25# wall ball- very proud of myself because I didn't sub any with thrusters.
    I was slower than my time in Jan., but I see lots of improvements and increase in weight.

    Also ran 3 miles.

  19. 20:16

    * 20# Kettlebell swings
    * K2E on floor, 50 each side
    * 40# Push press first 4, 20# rest
    * Subbed thrusters for wall ball, 40# first 20, 20# rest


  20. 21:53 all I have for box jump is my kids step stool it not high at all but I'm doing them all without modifying or stopping

  21. First workout with Crossfit Mamas!
    Did KTE on the floor and didn't have a weighted ball so I used my kiddos soccer ball. Looking forward to my next WOD!

  22. 28:56 k2e on floor, thrusters, added burpees. 16 minutes better than last time. Yay progress!

  23. 25:31

    20" box jump
    20 lb kettlebell
    hanging knees to Elbows
    20 lb push
    everything else Rx

    struggled to hold on to bar for the k2e, need to learn to grip better

  24. 21:25
    K2E on floor
    20lb pp
    my wall balls are of the ugly variety..still working on form!

  25. 18:59
    13" box jumps
    Jacks, #15 kb, and lunges as rx'd
    First 15 k2e on bar, rest on floor
    20# push press
    Back ext. as rx'd
    10# Thrusters for wb
    Cfsu and jump rope as rx'd

    Big improvement only did 20 reps of each in January (18:36) as it was my 2nd day and I was already in serious pain from day 1. Thanks so much!!!

  26. 21:31 as RX'd
    15# thrusters (threw my kettle bell up a little)
    30# push press

    This was perfect for me. I was just starting to wonder if I was making any progress. This is the first WOD I could go back and compare my time (I started in Jan)

    Not only did I beat my January time by 4:13 I had less modifications and heavier weight!

  27. 18:48. Wahooo! This is the first workout since I started 6 months ago that I did all 50 box jumps complete at 18 inches! Beat my jan. time by 5 minutes and heavier weights. This has been a hard journey getting to is point but I can really see progrss.

  28. 16:39. I used a beach ball for the wall ball because that is the only ball in my house! I went to Target to buy a ball but they didn't have any.

  29. 24:00
    30 lbs
    reverse grip on kte
    The kte took me forever and they were not pretty!

  30. Well,my back was feelng better after my 5 mile walk yesterday so I attempted it!
    19:40 with 8lb medicne ball for wall balls the rest rx'd….K2E took the longest but I was determined to do them all on the bar!!
    GREAT workout!

  31. 21:00
    24" box jumps
    20# db for kb swing
    Kte on bar
    20# pp
    20# db for wall ball (like a squat thruster while holding one db in two hands pretending it's a ball and pushing it up with force)

  32. 30:51 no kettle bell (pinched nerve from Tuesday), 6" box jumps (but no step ups!), 8lb wall ball, k2e 10 on bar, rest on floor, and most amazingly I was able to jump rope!! I wasn't able to in March!!

  33. 26:20
    12" box
    only 1 box and 1 ball for 2 people so alternated every 5 reps
    20# push press for 25 reps, then 10#
    KTE on bar for 30 reps, then on floor

  34. 20:53 modified KTE no bar and thrusters for wall ball… no ball. 🙂

  35. 24:26!! Woo-hoo! Compared to 31:35 on January 29th! 🙂 I'll take it! I know it's because we didn't have burpees in this one – they slow me WAY down!!

    11" Box jumps
    15.5 lb Kettlebell swings
    24 lb Push press
    4 lb wall ball
    Knees to boobs/just above waist – all on bar – last time on the floor

    Walking lunges were the worst for me today – those hurt!!

  36. I didn't keep my time b/c I'm pregnant and slow:) 30ish min I would guess?
    20lb swings and PP
    KTE on the ground
    Used my flower bed/garden for step ups.
    Lots of water breaks!
    Not sure what January time was but I'm certain it was better:)

  37. 17:42
    35lb swings
    25lb pp
    KTE on ground

    Later ran 3 miles with double stroller & jog/walk of 1.80 miles home from park. Where I realized I skipped the CFSUP. Did those when I got home. : )

  38. 18:08 k2e on floor, 20# push press, 20# thrusters

  39. 17:22-almost 5 min faster than jan time!!!

    12" bj
    k2e on floor
    20# pp
    10#thr for wb (shoulda done more)

  40. 20:03
    Jump ups on step. And I didn't step down but jumped down!
    10 # dumbbell for kettle all swings
    Knees to chest
    20# push press
    8 # ball for wall ball

  41. Shoot
    Somewhere around 20 mins
    Problems with the timer!!!
    K2e on floor
    Faked jump rope but tried to jump really high!
    Hard workout for this mamas bladder- kept having to take bathroom breaks!

  42. 21:34 compared to 24:54
    Obviously no burpees this time around…but there were a lot of things I did differently

    13" box jumps (compared to tuck jumps)
    20# KB swings (compared to 10#)
    K2E on a bar (compared to floor)

  43. 19:34
    First time doing 24" box jumps. Those take longer!
    20 lb kettle bell
    20 lb push press
    10' target with 10 lb wall ball, butt to floor
    Knee to floor walking lunges
    First 10 knees to elbows, rest KTB- knees to boobs

  44. I totally forgot to post! 18:51. My aim was for less than 20. I saw this workout and groaned. This week has been brutal. Finished it and like always felt great! So thanks. All as rx'd and completed 10 strict k2e, the rest on the floor.

  45. 19:57… so glad we didn't have to do burpees today.
    modified as follows:
    50 jumping pullups
    10 kte on bar rest on floor
    20 push press with 45# 30 pp with 22.5#
    wall ball with basketball.


  46. 24:24 as Rxd 17.6lbs kettle ball, 20 push press! Ouch! Did Tuesdays workout before this one since I just got back from vacation and have three work outs to make up.
    I caved and had some caffeine today. After all the traveling, time changes, lost luggage (and my shakes), and lack of sleep I needed Somme Chai Tea. It gave me a little umph to work through two days of workouts! And today's was bit an easy one! Glad to be back at it!

  47. 22:30
    K2E on bar (slight assist with toes on floor at bottom not dead hang)
    15# dumbbell swing
    2×15# dumbbells PP
    10# WB shots
    taught 2x1hr yoga classes today

  48. 10:57
    Step ups for box jumps
    No KTE or back extensions
    Standing KTE for sit ups
    20lb push press
    19 weeks pregnant

  49. First time using your workout… kind of felt like superwoman! 22:50, 10# for thrusters, rest as Rx'd:)

  50. 27.05- ugh!
    14" box jumps
    20lb push press
    Had to split the k2e 25 then completed last 25 after jump rope
    10lbs thrusters for wall ball- don't have a ball yet

    First time doing k2e on a bar and let me tell you my knees did not make it to my elbows but they got as high as I could go!

    This was rough!

  51. 22:40

    13" box jump
    jacks as rx'd
    kb as rx'd
    lunges as rx'd got real low!!
    31 k2e's knees to belly button
    push press 40 20# 10 16#
    back ext. as rx'd
    wb 40 10# 10 5#
    cfsu and jump jacks as rx'd

  52. 19:52 hard. I am feeling the soreness today. Wooow. Is it normal to be sore nearly everyday, even though I've been doing these workouts for 3 months now…?

  53. 19:52 hard. I am feeling the soreness today. Wooow. Is it normal to be sore nearly everyday, even though I've been doing these workouts for 3 months now…?

  54. 21:30 … no sit ups (need to find an alternative to sit ups since I can't do them) and a couple of things were less weight as I'm still working up!

  55. 19:38
    Set ups instead of box jumps
    Knees to belly
    20 lb push press
    Thrusters instead of wall shots

  56. 17:25 k2e on floor
    tuck jumps as my knee was hurting

  57. 31:20 as rx'd but with Kte on the floor and 10lb push press

  58. 20 flat compared to 22:26 in January, with only tuck jumps instead of box, whew!! Used a 12"box, 30lb push press, and 10lb KB today. So happy to see improvement!!

  59. 19:22, kte on floor, basketball for wall balls, 10 lb push press, and 20 lb dumb bell for kettle bell

  60. 22:40 I did step ups on bench (no box yet) and from k2e (on floor) to cfsu in sets of 25. Everything else as rx'd.

  61. 16:54
    Kettlebell swings 10lb, KTE on the floor, 20lb for the first 25 push press, 10lb after that.

  62. 23:55. Box jumps, 12", KTE on floor, 1st 20 push press were 20#, wall ball 8#

  63. 22:54, KTE on floor, 25 reps #20 push press, then 25 reps #8, rest as rx'd.

  64. 17:30

    25 tuck jumps then 25 8" box jumps, 20 lb kettlebell swings, k2e on floor, 20 lb pushpress, 20 lb thrusters in place of wall balls, air jump rope.

  65. 20:32 Wow! Pleased with my improvement……2 1/2 minutes better than Jan 2013 and used heavier weights……25# for swings and 40# for push press. 24" box.

  66. 22:52.
    6' box jump (I always did step ups before – starting small!), K2E on floor (in plank position), 20 lb push press

  67. 31:21

    This was ugly and slow . . .but I did it!
    Didn't do this when it was first posted, but waited for a weekend day I needed a challenge!

    6" box jumps
    20# kettlebell swings
    30# push press
    K2E on floor, but last 20 were more like leg lifts

  68. 19:33, with 25# thrusters, K2E using a dip stand, 18 inch box jumps. Blessings!

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