Wednesday 05.01.13


4 rounds for time of:
27 Box jumps, 18″ box
20 Burpees
11 Squat cleans, 20-40 lbs

Compare to 03.12.12

 Today is my beautiful daughter Dylan’s 5th birthday so today’s WOD is for her. 
(self portrait)
no caffeine
no soda
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 15:04 Probably my worst morning of CF, just not feeling it today. No box so did run up/step ups on bench and had to modify 1/2 of burpees. Did do squat cleans with 45# bar.
    Denise, you got your box jumps today 🙂

  2. 2 rounds for 9:50. I did yesterday's wod first since I missed it. At some point today I will finish the last 2 rounds.

  3. Happy birthday Dylan! 15:09 12" box jumps, ugly burpees and 30# squat cleans

  4. 15:39 with 40 lbs. everything as RX'd. I am beat!

    Happy birthday to your daughter! She is beautiful!

  5. Amy-
    Isn't that funny- I had to mention that yesterday! 😉

  6. 15:10. 14" box, burpees to plank, and 24 lb squat clean (10 per round – misread WOD).

    Sucking lots of wind 🙂

  7. 20:54 I thought for sure those burpees would kill me! Thanks for the work out!!

  8. Whoops forgot! Tuck jumps instead of box jumps, 25# squats

  9. 17:17
    Some jump ups some step up jump downs
    20 lb squat cleans

  10. 24:30

    12" box, 20 lb squat cleans

    WOW that was hard!!

  11. So, I'm really disappointed in myself. I completed 3 roundsin 18:26. I got really lightheaded amd dizzy starting the fourth round so O.had to stop. Those burpees and box jumps are horrible!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Dylan!
    12" box with 1 box for 2 people so we alternated every 5 jumps
    Burpees with push-up
    30# for 2 rds then 20# for 2 rds
    Lots of holding my knees and sucking wind!

  13. Ran 5.22 in 53:43
    Then did two rounds of WOD.
    14 inch box jumps
    Regular burpees
    10# dumbbells for squat cleans = 5:09

  14. 20:45 as rx'd
    30 lb squats for first 2 rounds then 20lbs for last 2 rounds

  15. 18:36
    Thinking not eating breakfast, combined with that being the worst workout EVER! may have attributed to that being so long. The longer workout the other day was a breeze compared. Yowch! Also did 40 lb squat cleans the first round and quickly ditched those for 20.

  16. Two rounds in 7:35
    Did yesterday's workout first. Got dizzy so I stopped. Ugh

  17. oh my…. still new to crossfit and even with lots of modifications this was hard!
    23:24 – tuck jumps, beginner burpees, regular squats! I'm exhausted!

  18. Don't know why… But today was ROUGH!

    20:00 exactly
    13" box
    20# cleans

  19. 23:01 as rx'd
    30# squat cleans

    In slow motion this morning, but got it done.

  20. wow. 18:05. used 18 inch box for all but the 3rd round went down to 12 inch as my legs were buckling. 1st round of burpees were normal but the rest were only to plank position. Squat cleans with 30#. This was all done after I did yesterday's workout first.

  21. Hurt my back on Monday's workout. Thinking I was tired from the burpees and had bad form on my kb swings:( Really bummed to not be ab;e to do yesterday and today's workouts. heading out to do a 5 mile power walk. I can't do nothing! Have great workouts, watch your form!

  22. 16:10 Used 10# db and 12" box. I almost couldn't walk home. Lol

    Happy birthday, Dylan!!

  23. 18:50 as rx'd.
    Used the 18" ottoman for boxjump.
    Slowly getting better w/form for burpees.
    1st round squat cleans used 36#; then dropped to 20#.

  24. 19:29
    14" bucket for box jumps
    30 lbs
    I thought I couldn't do any more after the first round, but I kept telling myself "1 more round…"

  25. 22:47 10# for squats. Any suggestions for self motivating myself to push harder & faster through the workouts?

  26. 16:18

    1/2 step ups 1/2 tuck jumps….still need to get a box
    30# squat cleans

  27. 21:43 = 19.5 inch step down box jumps, BPU and 45# unweighted olympic bar for squat cleans. This was a tough workout for me! I thought I was going to faint before my last set of squat cleans!!

  28. 20:15, sluggish day… tomorrow WILL be better

  29. 19:54
    20lbs cleans
    Jumped on 1/4 of burpees
    Speaking of which – holy frickin' burpees- I'm drenched in sweat!
    14ish in jumps

  30. 21:40
    Today was sooo hard for me too! My burpee form was terrible, I was just concentrating on getting to the floor and getting back up again! Did mostly step-ups on my stairs (18") and a few jumps but was afraid I would fall. And are you supposed to do the little hop on the cleans like he does on the video? Or does he just do them because his weights are heavier?

  31. 19:00
    24" box. Half jumps/half steps (still building courage from my falls)
    20# squat cleans

    1. Did thruster with squat clean & I have no idea why?!?! Too much on my mind 🙂

  32. Totally worn down today for some reason….16:12 and I only managed to do 2 rounds. Don't have a box & all I could find was a step which was 8". 20# squat cleans.

  33. 9" jumps but have only been doing 18" steps
    25# cleans

  34. 39:41 – HORRIBLE time, but I HATE BURPEES!!!! 🙂

    32 lb squat cleans

    I forced myself to continue beyond the second round, and it's a miracle I could even get off of the floor doing burpees during that last round!

    GREAT workout!!

  35. Happy birthday, Miss Dylan! 5 is a big number!

    22:15, with 45# squat cleans. Sweatin' like you wouldn't believe! See you tomorrow, ladies! Blessings!

  36. Question on the burpees – we're doing these like the linked video, right? No push up, no vertical jump at the end?

  37. 15:50 15 burpees first 2 rounds, 10 burpees last 2 rounds, those burpees are going to be the death of me!

  38. I'm starting my own litttle 30 day challenge today and knew these would be the workouts to kick my butt!
    16" box & 20# squat cleans!
    Thanks for kicking my butt today!
    Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  39. 13:54
    Jump up, step down on steps
    Modified burpees
    20 pound squat cleans

    This was TOUGH!!! Had to take a break after round 2 and 3 (not included in time) but in glad I finished! I almost stopped after round 2!

  40. 15:23

    35# squat cleans. Had to take lots of mini breaks, that was a tough WOD.

    Happy Birthday Dylan!

  41. 23:32 Not sure if I was near fainting or near death! Wow! Holy sweat! 24" box; 40# squat cleans
    Happy Birthday, Dylan!

  42. 18:10 I had to do this away from home today. Brought 15 lb kettleball with me (heaviest I have). Found a bench that was close to 18" and went to work. Hard stuff today. Thanks!

  43. Just did the squat cleans. I doubled this with the WOD from yesterday. I'm in recovery from an ED and trying to limit my activity and return to nourishing and exercising correctly! I had to take yesterday off 🙂 Squat cleans: 6:30

    Yesterday's WOD: 13:30

  44. 21:19 with 30lbs and 12" box. First time with a real box!! Burpees have been feeling especially slow though recently :/

  45. 14:27
    box jumps were 1-legged. 20# squat-cleans
    was sooo close to stopping after 3rd round. felt really weak today. too many skipped workouts the last few days/weeks. 🙁

  46. Still recovering from being sick so I did two rounds. Better than nothing. 7:05 using my stairs for box jump and 20# squat cleans. Lungs are burning. Hate being sick.

    Happy Birthday Dylan!

  47. 16:14 only finished 3 rounds. 18" box jumps on 1st 2 rounds, 12" on 3rd. 20lbs squat cleans on 1st 2 rounds and 10lbs on 3rd round.

  48. 17:48. 45# bar for squat cleans, rest as rxd. Hate box jumps & burpees just as much as running-although very happy its not in this wod today (please dont get any ideas lol).
    Plus i did 12 min. Of just dance 4 (cheerleader bootcamp workout) afterward as my 8 yr old daughter thought my silence during my workout was agreeing to do it when in reality i couldnt talk i was just trying to breathe!

  49. 21:50 I knew I hated burpees…such a great workout though bc the sweat is pouring out tonight. Now for a run if my legs can handle it.

  50. 21:50 I knew I hated burpees…such a great workout though bc the sweat is pouring out tonight. Now for a run if my legs can handle it.

  51. After a week off:
    20.05– 14" box jump, 20lb squat clean

    That was rough but it feels good to be back!

  52. 19:46, 18 inch box jumps, worked on my form while doing burpees, 24 lbs for squat cleans. So tired!

  53. 19:45 as rx'd with 20 min spin after. I used a taller stool than usual and bummed my knee on the first 10 box jumps. I went extremely slow for the rest of the first round trying to warm it back up. Mid-way through second round I was able to pop up for burpees without it hurting again. I may be sitting out (or subbing) squats for the rest of the week. It usually only takes a few days to heal up.

  54. Did this on the correct day but forgot to post. 15:30. Step up/down last round. That was a tough one!

  55. 20 minutes, 12" box jumps, non push up burpees, 20# squat cleans Ouch!

  56. Didn't get to this yesterday…went hiking instead and the hike included going up and down 604 stairs.

  57. 20even. Lots of rests! Burpees… we have a love/hate relationship. Before these work outs I probably did only 15 at the most. Today I did 80! Goodness… I didn't think I had it in me 🙂

  58. 9:55- did this workout after work and forgot all my workout stuff. Had to do tuck jumps instead of box jumps, and do it all barefoot! Geesh!

  59. Completed on 5/2 18:25 20lbs squat cleans. No push ups or jump ups in the burpees. 10 step ups on rounds 2-4. Completed after 5/2 work out and a 60 min cycling class.

  60. 15:40.
    20lb the first round for squat cleans 10lb after that. Was just not feeling this one, but pushed myself since I'm already 2 days behind.

  61. 19:23 20# squat clean, 12" box (last set was step up/down).

  62. 17:`10
    modified still, but dripping sweat!

    6 inch box jump – but did all jumps with no rests
    burpees were S . . . L. . . O . . . W did 40 mountan cimbers in fourth round instead
    30# squat press for first three rounds, was feeling strain on lower back, so switched to 20# for last round and concentrated on form. Need to practice box jumps I feel I need to hold on to something while jumping as I have an fear of tripping.
    CrossFit is building my muscles, but also my willpower and determination. Although modified, this workout was the last thing I wanted to do Sun night at 9:30, but I did it!
    Also went for long walk today 🙂

  63. 19:06
    24 in box jumps
    25lb dumbells for dead lifts instead of squat cleans

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