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Thursday 04.25.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
  only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 22:19. Ran outside so I could use outside wall for wallball shots.
    Happy 1st birthday to my baby today!

  2. 17:26 as RXd. 🙂 Thank you so much for putting these together. I love it.

  3. 26:53
    Only 1 ball for 2 people so we alternated every 10 reps.

  4. 22:05 as Rx. Mamas, do you find yourself modifying the workout so much you wonder if its still valid? I do so I've solved it in my own head like this.

    When we run, I am still on treadmill for weather and measured distance. I run each round faster than the previous. I used to do this in HS in track and did it training for a half marathon. It works, your rounds are faster and it gives me the impression I am making up for all the mods I have to instill (because I have pathetic upper body strength).

    Now a question….what are you guys doing on the weekends? I find myself only doing household chores or yoga having permission from my crossfit virtual trainer. But I am naturally lazy so I'm wondering if everyone else is still running, etc. thanks.

    1. On the weekends I don't work out but sometimes we will go on family bike rides or do something outside since the weather is nice now. So we are still doing active things (my girls are in sports too).

  5. I have only had to modify pull ups, but I wear a heart rate monitor and everything else I do I kick my own tail. Just do everything as hard as you can. It's still valid as long as you are making progress! I add cardio with the elliptical on most days through the week and on Saturdays I repeat one of the workouts from the week and work on things I'm struggling on….like pull ups. 🙂

  6. I don't have a wall ball. What would you substitute? Basketball and more reps?

  7. 26:03
    Was struggling on the running today.
    Used a soccer ball for wall ball.

    I take the weekends off to give my body and mind a chance to recover, otherwise I'd be burned out! So far it's worked. I started January 3rd and I'm still going strong. One of the only New Year's resolutions I've ever kept! 🙂

  8. use a basketball for wall ball, and work on getting great form. Wall uses completely different muscles than thrusters. Dont sub you'll just be cheating yourself. Best of luck.

  9. 21:45

    In regard to subbing…I don't have a bar so I sub for pull ups and k2e. I also am a post mastectomy patient so I'm gpu when we do more than 5 push ups (which is always 🙂
    My thought is to sub if you must (because something is better than nothing!) but always push yourself. Aim for one rep more than you did the last time. And be true to yourself – don't shave reps off or time off. You will make progress and see results which will only motivate you to continue.

    Most important – just show up everyday. Nobody here is judging. Most of us sub something, or used to. This is a very supportive group!

  10. 17:57 as rx'd with my homemade ball. Thanks for the tips on making them. However, I put it on my shopping list so I can get a real one!

  11. 13:46 ran 2 laps around church. Subbed 25 push ups cuz I forgot my weight! I'm going to be able to run a marathon after all thus running!

  12. 16:14

    ran on treadmill
    14lb WB

    I really need more sleep. This one kicked my butt more than usual because of my lack of sleep.

  13. 17:00. I've managed to mess my foot up so I used my sping bike, 5min rounds as hard as I could.

  14. 24:58
    Each round I did:
    25# wall ball with homemade ball
    25# thrusters
    I didn't want to sub thrusters for half of the wall balls, but I couldn't do all 50 with the 25# ball.

  15. 19:10 but only did 400m on the last round. Not sure what was wrong with me today. In one of those "I don't think I can or really want to do this" moods maybe.

  16. Ran 3.4k/36:28
    No ball so did thrusters with 10#db 7:20
    Total time 43:48

    On the weekends, I like to do active hang-outs with the family. Hiking, swimming, things like that. We have so much fun, you don't think of it as a workout.

  17. 23:27. 8lb wall ball and treadmill. I've been doing thrusters instead of wall ball until now and I definately know the wall balls are harder!! Running is hard for me too. Anyone have any advice on shin splints? I've been resting, ibuprofen, and icing and I still get them every time I run, inside or outside

  18. 27:42
    I thought I was gonna hate this one…but I loved it! A little slow but oh well…better next time!

  19. 17:16, ran outside and it was so mug better than treadmill and used a basketball for wall balls.

  20. 25:53 modified

    I ran 500 meters each round, but I did the ENTIRE first round WITHOUT stopping! A new record for me!! 🙂

    4# ball for wall ball shots

    Great workout! But PLEASE…no more running this week!! lol

  21. 27:20 incline treadmill, 2 10 lb dumbbells

  22. 15:48 then promptly fell over!

    1st round run as rx'd 15 10# wb 35 5#

    2nd rd run as rx'd 10 10# wb 40 5# wb

    3rd rd run as rx'd 15 10# wb 35 5# wb

    Also walked a mi. w dog w a bunch of bricks in a backpack!

  23. 19.05 So much for improving time each round! Used 3 lb yoga/ballance ball for wall ball

  24. Cara, one of our boys has been running track and playing baseball at the same time and was getting shin splints bad. We bought compression sleeves for his calves at sports authority that say they are made for combatting shin splints. i did read if it is painful to the touch or continues to hurt after you are done running it could be a stress facture. but more than likely it's just overuse due to the way you're running. you can find tips on line to adjust.

  25. 30:11 as rx – only walked 2 laps! I really don't like running but pushed myself. So happy I did.

  26. 22:08
    8 pounds for wall ball (that's all I have)
    Great workout! I was dying at the end!

  27. I did this on monday. It took me 30 min. I am slow!!! :(. Everything as Px.

  28. 20:50 I had to just hold the ball during wall ball shots due to a strained muscle in my upper back/shoulder. Followed up with ab work and finished up with short run.

  29. I totally did that wrong!!! I di 1 round!!! I thought thay was to easy!! Did it in 8 minutes. But I did power walk another mile and did 20 assisted pull ups. Guess I learned to read better!!!

  30. Cara – I was getting shin splints pretty bad recently and I noticed a few things that I think were causing it for me. First of all, I was trying to run too fast when I wasn't ready to yet, and it was making my feet land wrong. Try to make sure your feet aren't landing to hard or rolling. As you get better, it'll be easier to go faster without that problem. Also, make sure you're warming up and stretching before a run, then cooling down and stretching again afterwards. Unfortunately, shin splints are pretty common, but this is what helps me.

  31. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully the suggestions help!!

  32. 17:50.
    Unfortunately had to sub with thrusters. Where we work out is ALL mirrors and windows. Don't think that would work too well throwing a ball at.

  33. 19:56 as rxd. Wall balls &running both tough! Thought mon i was doing better @running but since this whole week has been all running im really back to hating it 🙂

  34. Amber, I walk with bricks in my backpack for the exercise!! It simulates hiking with a loaded pack.I feel it puts a little more oomph in my walk compared to regular walking.

  35. Yeah, sat this one out today. Went to bed super late and could NOT get my energy today. Went on a bike ride with my toddler and called it good 🙂

  36. 24:42: all outside. It is very windy on the Rock Prairie today!

  37. Sub'd WOD with a dear friend's WOD from her CF gym called "Filthy 50." I've never done another CF wkout except this site but wanted to try this (not sure why as first glance made me think "there's no way!") & thought I'd share…
    50 box jump 24"
    50 jumping pull ups
    50 kb swings (amer) 35#
    50 walking lunges
    50 knees to elbows
    50 push press 45#
    50 good mornings 45#
    50 wall balls 20#
    50 burpees
    50 dbl unders

    My mods in 30:10
    -Kb swings with a 20# dumbbell
    -knees to elbows r more like to chest/waist
    -push press 20#
    -good mornings I did holding a 20# dumbbell at my chest, started to feel like a bicep workout though
    -squat press for wall ball 20#
    -holy hell on the burpees-took a million breaks
    -150 regular jump ropes

  38. 14:50 tried this one on Thursday, but had an asthma attack halfway thru because of the smoke on the air. Today I ran 530m each round.

  39. 23:03, substituted 15# dumbbell to mimick wall ball shots. Ugh. Slow running today, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. Staying positive!

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