Wednesday 04.24.13


1000 meter run
50 Thrusters, 20 lbs total
30 pull-ups (assist as necessary)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
  only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 12:25. Did 10 jumping pull-ups and 20 pull-ups with band. Ran outside but inside for thrusters and pull-ups.
    That was a good one!

  2. 13:08. Lots of little breathers during thrusters and pulls ups. Mostly reverse pull ups. I need to look into the band everyone is mentioning..

    1. I found mine on amazon. They are nice to have Look up videos on YouTube on how they are used if you don't know.

  3. 14:10 with only reverse pull ups as a modification today. The first 10 I was much stronger than previous…..I could hold myself up longer than last week. Thanks for a great workout!!

  4. 10:20. Did 4 pull ups on own, the rest chair assisted

  5. 11:05, had to sub 20 bicep curls (20#) and 20 bent-over rows (20#) for pull-ups (haven't gotten my pull-up bar in the mail yet. It's on its way!) P.S. How do you do the pull-up with the band? My friend was telling me that she does that at her Crossfit gym she goes to but how do you do it from home?

  6. 10:14
    8#db's for thrusters
    in place of pull ups (no bar) I did 30 gpu and 30 bench dips

  7. 10:10
    25# thrusters
    jumping pull-ups

    I did yesterdays wod after this one.

  8. 11:11
    25lb thrusters Pull ups on a rack bar. I really want a pull up bar. : )

  9. 11:31 as rx'd….5 full pull ups, 25 jump up/slow down

  10. 9:05 AssistedPullUp Machine At The Gym. First Ten WAs Too Much Assist At 90#, Then Dropped Down To 70# Assist And Felt a Good challenge

  11. Ran 4 miles


    40lb Thrusters
    Unassisted kipping pullups(I felt kind of weak today, not enough sleep).

  12. 13:21 Hi, I'm a first timer. I was actually very surprised at how well I did. I had to walk a little during the run, but not much. Used a band on the pull-ups.

  13. 6:09 on the run. And did squats on accident, got interupted and did pushups since I don't have a bar

  14. 15:40 but I live in the mountains so tons of hills when running ughhh besides i hate running ?

  15. 10:37

    25# kettle bell swings (for a little variety)
    chair assisted pull ups

  16. Ran 5.21 miles then did (55:43)
    10# dumbbell thrusters and boy push ups. (1:37)

  17. 10:29
    30 lbs for thrusters
    band/chair assisted pull ups
    I can't wait to do non-assisted pull ups, without jumping or using bands or a chair at all!

  18. 11:08. Substituted as no pull up bar, so instead did, 15 horizontal pull-ups …all I could manage, then 20 push-ups, and 20 dips.

  19. 13:44
    50# thrusters
    pull-ups w/ band assissted

  20. 9:26 as rx'd except 15 pull-ups were chair assist. excited my run was a 9:20 pace and that is great for me!
    Beautiful sunny day in Spokane, wa.
    Have a great day!

  21. 9:07 with pull-ups on the total gym. Did Mondays wod first which helped warm me up for the run.

  22. I just found this site today, but i am SO happy i did! This looks awesome! I'm going to attempt it tonight once my baby sitter (aka my husband) gets home!

  23. Question, how do you do thrusters with only 20#s? Or do you add 20 pounds to the bar 45 pound bar? Can someone clarify for me?

  24. Question, how do you do thrusters with only 20#s? Or do you add 20 pounds to the bar 45 pound bar? Can someone clarify for me?

  25. Megan-Most of us don't have access to barbell weights so we use dumbells. If it says 20 lbs, that means 20 lbs in dumbell weights, not 20 lbs added to a bar. If you look on the right side of the home page and scroll down, you'll see links to how to do the work outs with dumbells. Hope that clarified it for you!

  26. Ahhhhhhh ok, thank you so much for clarifying. I was scared, I didn't know how I'd do 50 thrusters with 65 pounds lol.

  27. 11:03 incline treadmill, 2 10 lb dumbbells, pull-ups on treadmill bar

  28. 9:33 Although I was short the running portion by 100 m. otherwise as rx'd.

  29. 12:18!! Much better than i expected honestly. I loaded 20 lbs on my curl bar for thrusters and did kipping pull ups.

  30. 12:42 run as rx'd
    16# thrusters
    5 full pull ups, rest modified

    Had to chant don't let this defeat you during the run. But I got thru it!!

  31. SUPER sore from yesterday's workout that I did, so no attempt at this one today. I did do overhead squats:
    2 x 24 lbs
    2 x 38 lbs
    2 x 44 lbs
    2 x 50 lbs

    Attempted a wall walkup again today, only barefoot this time – a little better than yesterday, but still not all the way up!

  32. 10:57, as rxed, 50 lb assistance on pull-ups. Pull-ups kick my rearend.

  33. 18:14
    16# thrusters
    20 assisted pull-ups (machine)

    But holy crap – I ran all 1000 meters!!! So proud of myself 🙂

  34. Did the run in 5:50, then I did the pull ups at the park, unassisted. Many breaks between, first time trying unassisted. Took me 6:22 to do all 30. Then I went home and finished with the thrusters, took 2:30. Total of 14:02.

    1. Bravo lady! You must feel awesome about those pull ups! That's really an accomplishment …one I haven't experienced yet!

  35. 12:05 My 12 yr old son surprised me by finding AND putting up our chin up bar- so jumping pu's, rest as rx'd…

  36. Shout Out to my WOD Sister, Heather Foster, who just underwent her second knee surgery in the last 6 weeks or so… She found every way to keep her WOD ON. She used every muscle but those immediately affected by surgery throughout the time between surgeries… and still ran circles around my uninjured self. Talk about heroes!

    Pull Ups were much more like Pray Ups with a band. No weights at home but completed the thrusters with great form… 🙂

  37. 10:56 as rx'd with band assisted pull-ups and 20 min spin after.

  38. 17:15 as rx'd, assisted pu. I can't believe I ran as much of the 1000 meters as I did!! Very proud of myself–I've never felt that way about exercising!!

  39. 15:29. Took 2 short walk breaks (30 sec or so) during the run and did resistance band pull downs for pull-ups (right now I'm not even close to being able to do 1 pull-up! Building my strength…maybe by the next 90 days I will be able to?).

  40. 11:35 with 30lb thrusters and jump up lower down pull ups. Cheated by breaking the thrusters and pull ups into two sets, so I did 25 thrusters , 15 pull ups, repeat. In other news, today I've officially lost 15lbs since I started last Halloween. Yayyy!!!

  41. 19:02, knee ups for pullups, not that strong yet. can lift my body like two inches. 🙂

  42. 12:23
    run at 7.7.
    pull ups from arm of treadmill so obv I wasnt pulling up my full body weight but I tried to not assist with my legs. I can see biceps popping out!

  43. 11:42
    did this one Thurs – it was fast, but totally kicked my butt!
    eliptical for 1k (6:30)
    20# thrusters
    sub push ups with knees on stability ball for pull ups ( will practice modified pull ups later tonight)

  44. 14:48 with modifications.

    Thusters with a resistance band and because there wasn't anything to do pull ups I did 30 bpu and 60 sec plank.

    Had a sick baby yesterday so I'm a day behind!!

  45. 19:27 chair assisted pull ups. I run outside and I'm still wondering if my distance is correct since my times are always a lot longer then others for the running challenges. Didn't get to this work out until saturday, but still determined to complete them all in the 90 day challenge.

  46. Did this one but never posted and now can't remember my time.

    Very assisted pull-ups

  47. Did this past Friday (May3rd) 12:28.7 Pullups are soooo weak! Even with assistance band.

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