Monday 04.22.13

5 rounds for time of:
Run 500 meters
15 Bench press, 20 lbs total

*if you don’t have a bench, use 2 dining room chairs, face them towards each other, straddle and lay back and there you have a bench. 🙂

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
  only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 20:00 as rx'd. Will need to use heavier weight next time for bench press.

  2. 20:15 as RX'ed. I am so proud of myself because I ran all the runs and didn't stop to walk once! Tough workout Jenni!

  3. Raining cats and dogs here, so I decided to do the workout on 1.10.13, only to realize I just subbed the bike for running, could have done today. Duh. Did THAT workout as rx'd in 27'21" Drenched. Will do this workout this weekend.

  4. just started! 3 rounds, and run/walked. I have been suffering from vertigo..so that won over. Gonna keep at it.

  5. 22:00
    Mistakenly did chest flies instead of presses.

  6. 17:47

    400m/round (instead of 500m)
    13# bench press

    3 rounds speed walking baby in stroller
    2 rounds running

    Thanks for the workout! I know I am always on the low end for weights and slow running/walking, but I am already noticing a huge difference. More definition in my arms, tighter rear and thighs. Thanks 🙂

  7. 19:50 as rx'd, used a stability ball for my bench to also engage the core and pushed my 40lb 2 1/2 year old in the jogging stroller. Went to the park afterwards and finished off with 5 rounds of 15 tricep bench dips with varying degrees of difficulty.

  8. I never thought I'd be happy to see RUNNING! But I'm stoked no PU's today 🙂

    Nursing a pulled muscle in my back, icing and will sub box jumps for the chest press. Cant wait to get this one in.

  9. Ran 5 miles
    Did clean and jerks 5-5-5-5-5 @ 65#, 75#, 80#, 85#, 90#
    Then had to try 95#, managed 2 failed the third and then decided that was enough 🙂 But its a new PR! 🙂
    I don't have a bench, I must get one. The chairs work until the weight gets heavy

  10. 14:00
    30lb bench press. Could've done more weight probably :~

  11. First day. Goals are to look/feel great and lose 20lbs by my wedding in July!

    15:39 used 5lb weights (need to get some heavier ones)

  12. Did 15# dumbbells on first and second rounds.
    Then 10# dumbbells on 3rd and 4th rounds.
    Then 15# dumbbells on last round. Time- 3:55
    Ran 5.47 miles in 55:26

  13. 21:16 blah
    45 lbs on bench which i should have gone heavier. knocked those out quick and easy. it's the running! i'll note it was pretty windy out which sucked, but i am not happy with my times. i've been running a few extra 2 mile runs a week, but no time for that today. doing my first 5K race in less than 2 weeks

  14. 15 Push ups
    15 Hollow Rockers
    15 Back Extensions
    15 CFSU
    15 15 lb KB swings
    15 40 lb Push Press
    15 40 lb Bench Press
    5 times 21:22

  15. Okay – I'll do it…I'll be the sucky time today, but I don't care because I RAN 400 METERS WITHOUT STOPPING EVERY ROUND!! WOOT-WOOT!! I know it's doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am so NOT a runner and really struggle with it, so I'm very proud of myself!! I walked the remaining 100 meters each round.

    Bench Press – 38#, 44#, 44#, 50#, 50#

    Time: 37:40 – treadmill time was 24:25

    GREAT workout! 🙂

  16. Someone called my phone during the workout, so my timer stopped.
    About 18 min.
    Ran 600 meters each round because of the way my street/house is located.
    45# for the chest… could have done more there.
    Pushed myself on the running.
    It's paying off on my long runs!

  17. I did clean and jerks
    45#, 50# 55# 60# 65#
    60 and 65# are a new pr for me!
    definitely need a bench!

  18. Ran without stopping, woo! Had several interruptions from the kiddos that I'm sure affected my time, but the timer said 27:24 when I was done. Cooled down for 5 more min on the treadmill after.

  19. 27:17. Planned to run 3 walk 2 but had a coughing fit mid way through 3rd round that left me puking. Walked the rest.

  20. 22:37 as rx'd
    I was so happy to see running, but I was dying durin the last interval! As much as I wanted to walk I ran through it!

  21. Heidi and TAtum: 17:24. Did 20 push ups each round In place of bench because we ran at the track and didn't have weights.

  22. 23:30 as rx'd. Nice workout. Was a bit tough mentally n physically after a 12 hr work day:-/

  23. 14:03!! Running as rx'd, really tried to push myself

    Nursing a pulled back muscle so I subbed 20 cfsu for the bench press.

    GREAT WORKOUT for me, noticing a difference in stamina

  24. 9:36, 20 lb dumbells, 250M row 5x instead of 500 M run

  25. 26:00 as rx. I don't run, haven't ran in over a year. I did it though.

  26. 20:45 as Rx. Ran each section faster than the previous and upped the weight to 24 lbs. this is the first workout I haven't had to stop and rest between sets. Woohoo!

  27. First CrossFit workout ever! I'm going to be SORE tomorrow… So glad I found this site!

  28. 18:30 75#bench press, run as rxd. Thanks, getting so much better @ running!

  29. 13:58 with 40#. Seems too fast, don't think I had the distance right.

  30. 5 Times for Time: 23:06

    15 Push ups
    15 Hollow Rockers
    15 Back Extensions
    15 CFSU
    15 15 lb KB swings
    15 40 lb Push Press, first round then 20 lb
    15 40 lb Bench Press, first round then 20 lb

  31. 14:43

    15#bp (couldnt find clips to put on after adding weights:( ) way too light…next time i will definitely do lots more!

  32. 14:37 with 400m jog instead. Considering all four of my kids have had the stomach bug in the last 7 days, I'm happy to be moving. NOT feeling well.

  33. Crazy day without reprieve to do a run sans kiddos, walked 5 miles with double jogger instead, 1:16

  34. 18:03 (goal was under 20)

    used eliptical and 20# bench press on stability ball

  35. Forgot to start my overall timer. My run time was 13:01. So I'm guessing around 15 minutes. 30# total with DB

  36. 21:21 40# chest press and ran on elliptical; sprints from 2 weeks ago left my quad in knots and I have a half coming up in 2 weeks, gotta get my running muscles healed!

  37. 13:19, 20# bench, subbed 2 up and down the basement stairs/100 m for the running (crazy snow in MN).

  38. 20:15 as rx'd
    Missed this workout yesterday so did it Tues 4/23. Where's today's workout??

  39. 18:20 as rx'd need to go heavier next time though.

  40. 14:36….used my daughters wagon and took off the sides as my bench!!!

  41. My first time posting. My work schedule is all over the place, so I don't always do the WOD on the day it is posted, but I do try and do all of them!

    I really liked this one and am feeling so much stronger with my runs.

    20:43 with 30# bench.

  42. finally got it done on sunday, after thursday's WO

    28:40 14# (was too easy but the other option was 30), hilly runs

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