Wednesday 04.17.13

10 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts, 40-60 lbs
15 Push-ups

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 24:46 doubled my dead lifts only had 10# so I did 30 each of those instead of just 15 and the push-ups as required.

  2. 12:45 use 20# for first 6 rounds then 10# for last 4. And all GPU. Did tues workout before this one. Wow exhausted.

  3. 15:00. Gpu's. first 6 rounds 28lbs deadlift. Last 4 rounds 22lbs deadlift.

  4. 7:43
    10# dumbbells
    Boy pu's on first round; girls for the rest

  5. 11:47 30# dead lifts (largest I have) regular push ups

  6. 12:12

    I had to do 24# squats instead of dead lifts… every time I do dead lifts my lower back hurts for at least 3 days! I think I must be doing it wrong so I'll try them again when I have someone to help me.

    All gpu.

  7. 21:53…BAH!!! I could only use 20lbs, holding a 10 and 8 in one hand was to awkward….I need to get 20lb weights…but I did the quantity as rx'ed. Thank you 🙂

  8. 20:00 You ladies are a bunch of hauses!
    girl pu's and 40lbs
    pouring sweat. didn't think i could do all of those push ups!

  9. Wrote my weight wrong….had to delete! 14:05 with 40# and girl push ups. Great workout.

  10. 10:38 Looks are deceiving when it comes to WODs! Broke a sweat by round 4!! Great start to the day.

  11. 9:44
    20 # dead lifts
    Between Bikram, running and Yin Yoga this week everything is jelly so I took it easy

  12. 12:31
    20#db's for dl for 40# total
    all gpu (and my arms still are jelly!)

  13. 11:20
    2 20#dumbells
    all GPUs (just found out what that means LOL! One day I will be able to do regular push ups!) I really struggled through the last two reps with PUs.

  14. 13:21
    Bpu first round, gpu rest
    43lb dl (2-20lb bags of rice in a 3 lb box) seriously need to get some heavier weights!!

  15. 16:07 with 75# DL. tried to go standard pu's but my hand couldn't hold up the weight. had to go to knees and on my fists. think i need to get into a doctor. 🙁

  16. Okay, this was my very first workout ever. I did 20 lb deadlifts and girl pushups…my time was 15:27, and I felt like I was going to die 🙂

  17. 14:10
    30# deadlift
    Each round 5 regular pu and 10 gpu

    mile run
    10 min. of interval running

  18. 34:32 as rxd with a 17 month old crawling thru my legs. Took me a little longer. I might have to wait until nap time!

  19. 13:35 45 lb DL. Need more plates for my bar, I'd like to be Dead lifting more.

  20. 15:01 half toes, half knees for push ups. 40# for dead lifts. I'm super slow compared to others. Those toe push ups slowed me down quite a bit.

  21. 15:13. Had fun using my 36 lb 2 yr old as my dead lift weight. The whole time I did my push up he would ask "my turn mom, my turn". Did all girl push ups, but I think I need to push my self and try more regular ones.

  22. 12:38
    60lb deadlifts for first 5 rounds
    50lb deadlifts for last 5 rounds

    Ran two miles before this WOD

  23. Ran 4 miles

    70lb DL
    All boy push ups

    I do not try to do deadlifts quickly. I really focus on form and keeping my core and back strong. (learned the hard way one time by hurting my back while deadlifting)

  24. My wod had several interruptions (the phone was ringing off the hook!) for which I stopped the timer.

  25. 10:58 with a mistake of 10 pushups per round instead of 15. 45#

  26. I'm 11 wks pregnant so I took lots of water braks as did what I could.
    35 lb Kb for DL

  27. 14:17 10# need to get more!
    Goals are: fluid intake, m-f wod& fruit, veggie, high protein snacks.

  28. 11:03
    40 lbs for deadlifts
    regular pushups the whole time, but didn't go very low towards the end

  29. 17 min. I am a wimp and out of shape and this is my first day back!

  30. 12:55 5rounds using 50#. Push ups are my achilles heel. Seriously.hate.them.

  31. 13:20
    50# DL
    first 6 sets boy push-ups,
    the rest girl PU.
    Holy Moly! That was a LOT of DL!

  32. 15.41 60# dl. First round all bpu…round 2 10 bpu…fewer and fewer each progressive round. Last few 5 bpu all the rest gpu.

  33. 12:02

    30 lb dead lifts
    push up from knees – last few rounds looked pretty sad though . . .

  34. 14:22
    65lbs deadlifts rounds 1 & 2 we bpu then each remaining round I would do as many bpu as I could trying not to sacrifice to much time on them then switch to gpu. By round 6 it was mostly gpu.

    Then did a 321 treadmill workout of 3 minutes walk, 2 minutes jog, 1 minute sprint for 3 rounds. Got me a little over 1.5 miles.

  35. 3mile trail run then,

    10:24 65lb deadlifts and boy pushups. Should have deadlifted more weight, but didn't want to go get the other plates.

  36. 13:47, 40#, wall push-ups b/c my triceps were sore I couldn't do even a girly push up. 🙁

  37. 13:28
    25 mil push ups (10/10/5) the rest from knees
    30# dl because that's the highest number of pounds I can make right now.

    Half way through I knew I'd make the dl no problem (probably a sign I need to go buy the 20# dumbbells) but I thought for sure I'd fatigue out on the push ups. I kept going, though, and made all of them! My arms are so shaky I can hardly type.

  38. 17:12 as RX'd.

    Really wanted to do as many boy push up as possible so I had to not worry about my time (hard for me).
    Every round I did as many BPU as I could then finished out with GPU

    71 BPU rest GPU
    44# DL

  39. 11:53
    60 lb DL
    Alternated push-ups and Crossfit sit-ups. Arms abd legs so sore from yesterday and Monday!

  40. I forgot to set the timer :/ doh!

    I felt like I was cruising right along.

    I have gained enough strength to do BOY pu for the entire first set and 5 for most of the rest of the sets.

  41. Skipping today – 2 hours of pushing a lawn mower uphill and down should be sufficient, don't ya think?

  42. 14:56

    10lb. bumbdells

    1/2 girl push ups – 1/2 wall push ups

  43. 15:44
    75# for first five rounds, 65# after.
    Mostly girl pushups. I was hoping to be stronger today, but alas I am tired and now more sore.
    Thank you.

  44. 19:19 – 40# deadlifts, gpu for first three rounds and then plank position for 30 seconds for all following rounds. Gotta start somewhere.

  45. 16:40 with 20 lbs, started first 2 rounds with more reps but then had to just stick to 15 reps; gpu

  46. 13:30
    40 lbs, first five rounds were bpu, the last five were girl

  47. 19:06 as rx'ed…..65#DL and all BPU!!!

    Went slower to make sure my form was correct, but man that kicked my butt!!

  48. 15:48. I feel like I was dragging…1st round-I did manage 10 bpu supplemented with gpu to finish 15. 6 bpu the next two rounds, then the rest were gpu. A little progress

  49. 8:05:9 25lbs as RX'd also taught an hour bootcamp class today.

  50. 2 mile run to warm up.
    10:10 15#db (30# total) for deadlift
    and bpu for first 3 rounds gpu after that. Arms are complete noodles!

  51. 16:55
    45 lb deadlift

    fifth day down!! I can't remember the last time I was this sore!! I love it such a good feeling!! My goal was 22 min for this workout so I'm feeling pretty good about my time! My arms were completely tired by the end the last two rounds I had to take the push ups in increments of five but I got them all done!!! Feeling great!!

  52. This one was so hard for me today! I cannot do push-ups like I used to, even girl ones! I split it up because I knew I would not get through 10 rounds. I did two rounds, 6:35 and 6:21 with a bike ride in-between. Also had to use 20# for deadlifts because I don't have heavier weights yet.

  53. 8:11. 55#dl as rxd! Thanks for great wod again! 2months doing wods but only Day 4 for diet complete following,took me all last week just to quit caffeine addiction. Now no more headaches, yucky feeling so im on board w/entire diet this week!

  54. 14:21 as rx'd with 40lb deadlifts and bpu the first round. Followed by 30 min spin.

  55. 17:48 40#
    did 5bpu 10gpu for all ten sets

    Getting stronger to do bpu!

    Finished up with Jillian Michaels ripped in thirty week three workout.

  56. 13:09
    Dead lifts 50# 5 sets, 20# 5 sets
    Real push-ups 7 sets, knee push-ups 3 sets

  57. 15:00
    40# DL
    Chest/body to floor bpu 6 rounds
    Sub'd tricep dips for 4 rounds of push ups

  58. Will try this one on Saturday…went for a 7 mile hike with friends instead.

  59. 50lb deadlift
    5 sets half BPU
    5 sets GPU

  60. 11:30. I used 20# for the deadlifts. Still got a good workout though. I could not get it in yesterday so i have some catching up to do.

  61. 10:50.
    20lb for deadlifts, ended up doing about 60 boy pushups the rest were on my knees.

  62. 12:03 47 lb. deadlift and push ups on knees. Pushups rounds 7-10 were pretty sad….but they got done :}

  63. 12:26 alternating sets of deadlifts and straight leg deadliest. boy pu

  64. 16:00 with 1 set boy push ups and the rest girl push ups. 50# bb for dead lifts! Ouch… So sore from yesterday. I also doubled up todays with the one from 4.24 ("Jackie")

  65. 14:48
    Did this one last week, but forgot to post. So proud of myself for finishing in under 15 minutes!

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