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Tuesday 04.16.13

3 rounds for time of:
100 ft. Walking lunge (depending on your legs, apporox. 40 steps)
 50 Squats
25 Back extensions (Supermans)
Post time to comments.


no caffeine
no soda


  1. Hi! I'm just joining your site & I am excited! I do have a question though, are there any substitutions for some things? I don't have a lot of the equipment so I'm unsure how I can do the back extensions. Anything you suggest?

    1. Thanks Brittany. When I say back extensions, those are supermans for us. I won't ever give you a WOD that you can't do from home with very little equipment. That is the whole purpose of crossfit mamas! 🙂

  2. 14:00 flat as rx. holy cow.@momma bird there are always substitutions but try and do the prescribed work out if you can. for back extensions I did supermans. lay on you stomach and lift up. there are always videos on you tube and Jenni has posted some good videos to watch.

  3. Thanks Brittany! I did google it to see how I could do the back extensions by still getting a good workout. 🙂 Here goes day #1!

  4. 13.19. All jello. Thank you so much for these workouts. I have struggled for years to find a good workout I can do before my 12 hour shifts and it has become even harder with a baby. This works so well for me!

  5. 9:29
    Most squats were butt to floor and walking lunges with 15 lb weight in each hand.
    Thank you again Jenni! My husband thanks you too 🙂

  6. 12:35 as rx'd. I was having a hard enough time walking from a weekend workout as is! I may just spend my day on the floor with my jello legs! Haha

  7. 8:26
    Counted forty lunges for every round of lunges.

  8. My 2 workout programs did not line up well today! Run/walk mix for 40 mins prior to this WOD…only has time for 2 rounds at 14:43 but killer one!!

  9. 13:20!!!! My legs are JELLO! This is Day #1 for me and I'm already in LOVE!!! THANK YOU

  10. 13:47
    I hate squats!
    I will be running my kids to preschool today. 2.5 miles there & back for my cardio later this morning.

  11. 11:50 as rx'd. 45 lunges each round.
    Between the last challenge (of which I started late) and this one I'm definitely seeing results in my rearend/buttocks from doing walking lunges and squats. Gives me even more incentive to keep going!!

  12. 9:02
    Half squats were done holding my 22 lb. little daughter who insisted, "will you hold me?!"

  13. 15:10 as rx'd. I was really shakey on the last supermans (which I'm doing on the ottoman, feet held down by the sofa) but I finished.

  14. 21:22 (did not do last round of squats)

    railing assist on lunges and squats

  15. 10:45 as RX'd with 10lb DBs in each hand for lunges and squats.

  16. 11:44
    Supermans using exercise ball closest thing I have at home)

  17. 10:34
    Used 5 lb weights in each hand for lunges.
    Probably won't be running today!

  18. 7:22 as rx'd. (40 walking lunges, I'm 5'6") My legs and butt are killing me! Missed you this morning Shawntae but you definitely gave me motivation! 😉

  19. 2:19…..ya, I totally messed up and only did 1 round. Will go back and redo this tonight after work! Also did elliptical and upper body strength at the gym today.

  20. 12:02 I'm so glad today's WOD had Supermans. I have a pinched nerve in my back and these help it tons.

  21. Just joining–this is my first day–yippee! 18 minutes flat. Gotta start somewhere!!

  22. 11:35mas rx'd. I did the Tuesday's 04.09.13 aswell. Feeling great. Thank you!!!

  23. 11.35 as Rxd. Elbows at 90 for most supermans…about 5 per round with extended arms. Did body pump group weight class before! DONE!

  24. 16:27 Legs were sore from yesterday's wod. Nearly had myself convinced to take the day off. So glad I didn't!

  25. 10:01:30 as rx'd
    Could barely make it back up my stairs to wake the kiddo for school this morning!! Great workout!

  26. Hey mama's, what does "as rx'd" mean?
    By the way, loving this so far! This is day two for me and it's great!

  27. Allyssa – rx'd means exactly as "prescribed" in the instructions

    15:06 as RX'd!!!! I hate, hate, hate beached whales…I mean back extensions! 🙂

  28. 13:40 as rx'd…100 ft. Works out to 50 walking lunges for my short legs so I did 50 each round.

  29. 11:02 as rx'd. Haven't felt this drained in a while. I got done around 1. Nap time?

  30. 12:09 – 30 lunges. Counted wrong yesterday so I did double yesterday. Definitely feeling it more today!

    One goal I forgot to post yesterday is to be able to wear my wedding ring again. Took it off at the beginning of my third pregnancy and the baby is now 9 months. I'd like to wear it again.

  31. These last 2 days of workouts have left my legs more sore than the half marathon I ran 2 Sundays ago! Keep 'em coming!

  32. 13:30 as rx with a half mile warm-up on the eliptical. First day – really liked the workout today!

  33. 12:58
    40 walking lunges
    rest as rx'd

    fourth day down and loving it!! my legs were definitely shaking by the end of this workout!! It took me awhile to get into a good rhythm for getting the lunges and squats done quickly, but by the third round I was in a pretty good groove lol. Hopefully as I continue the workouts and get stronger the speed and rhythm will come more naturally!!

  34. 12:36

    Did 50 lunges to compensate for my short legs and supermans on the ground. That was tough!

  35. First time working out in way too long!
    13:56 as rx'd.
    Then I walked/jogged for another 40 minutes.
    Hopefully I can keep up with this!!

  36. 3 X for Time: 12:55

    25 Body tricep press; 2nd & 3rd, just tri-lift
    50 Holllow rockers
    40 Back extensions
    3 times

  37. 20:10-Very slow lunges, legs still tired from yesterday:)

  38. 16:36
    goal was under 15, but needed breathers during the back extensions.

  39. 13:09 the first round of walking lunges was with a 10# dumbbell in each hand. Legs are jello now and my butt was already sore from yesterday! LOVE the workouts! Thank you!

  40. 11:06. Did 45 lunges as a guestimate for my height. Thanks for great wod!

  41. 18:33 as rx'd!! My legs are like jello and those supermans….those hurt!!

  42. 17:31.
    Another day where I felt like I was trapped in someone else's body…an unfit one. Why am I so tired and weak lately? I'm not able to do stuff I know I could do two weeks ago. It's depressing. I feel defeated.

    1. Nissa- I totally have those days! There will be days that feel like it is my first day at crossfit! Slow, weak, fatigued…it has so much more to do with so many other factors, did you sleep well or enough the night before? Are you stressed? Getting sick? You just have to push through those days knowing that progress is progress, even if you are slower.

  43. 27:10 as rx'd

    I did full squats every rep, I.e. hip below the plane of the knee.


  44. 17:32, Amber you're so athletic!

    best part of the workout is when my 16 month old started doing squats, it was a proud moment for me 🙂

  45. 9:00 no weights great workout thank you! Can't wait to see results… New to this!

  46. This is the first time I'm posting a comment, but I've been doing your workouts for a week now. That, along with some running has me feeling great! I forgot to time myself tonight, I'm guessing around 13 minutes.

    My husband is working out with me, upping the weight on weighted exercises. We're both enjoying the challenge and the time together.


  47. 10:33 rx'd

    Will you add me to the challenge? I've been doing it since the 8th, but this is my first time posting.
    Lori H. (UT)

    1. Hi Lori! I can't find you in my challenge list. Did you go here and click Join the Challenge? http://www.crossfitmamas.myvi.net
      The official 90 Day Challenge Mamas are doing the Vi-shape protein shakes with the challenge WODs. But if you just want to follow along without the shakes, that is fine too! The workouts are free to everyone. Email me if you have any questions: crossfitmamas@gmail.com or you can message me on our Facebook page. 🙂

  48. Same for me. I have been doing the challenge with Lori. I am from ut. Shakes and all!

  49. 9:09
    40 walking lunges
    50 squats
    25 standing opposite knee to elbow sub for back extensions (pregnant)

  50. 11:20 as rx'd. Oh boy was that last set of squats a killer! But it sure feels good to hurt! Thanks Jen!

  51. Did this earlier today. Why do my posts sometimes not show up?

    Anyway, 13:47
    40 lunges per round. After an 8 hour day working in the yard yesterday!

  52. A little embarressed to say 17 flat. You mamas are rock stars! Am adding runs to the end of some of the workouts. Today's jello legs it was hard to add the run

  53. Followed with 20 min on treadmill, 3.5mph at 6% incline.

  54. 12:30 as rx'd
    (40 prisoner squats each round-some with arms straight up)

  55. OMG, I now know why my time was so off from everyone's. I did 50 superman's each round. Time to focus and read more carefully! Doh!

  56. 12:07 had to go slow on lunges and squats still nursing a hurt knee. Also a day late:)

  57. 12:07 had to go slow on lunges and squats still nursing a hurt knee. Also a day late:)

  58. 10:44 as rx'd followed by a very hilly 6 mile run. My.legs.are.toast.

  59. 14.35 as rx'ed…..wouldn't let me comment last night for some reason

    My goal is to be in great shape and back to my flat tummy before my hysterectomy this summer!!!

  60. 10:15…was planning in catching up with another workout today, but my legs are jello!!

  61. 13:48, only two rounds.
    Holding a 25 lb. baby almost the whole time, though, so that really slowed me down. Ran out of time to finish the third round.

  62. 10:45
    Bringing up the rear of the pack!
    Lot's of fun wod's in the archives to paw thru as well! Thanks!

  63. 12:48.1 added 12lbs to the last set of squats. Should have done so sooner just to push myself a bit more.

  64. 18 flat. Second WOD for me after a long weekend with the family. Taking things up a notch. 🙂

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