Monday 04.15.13

For time:
45 Thruster, 20 lbs
45 Push-ups
45 Butterfly sit-ups
45 Walking lunges (total)

no caffeine
no soda
*Challenge Mamas: I forgot to have you write down your goal for your 90 Day Challenge! Please post your goal with your time today!
(check out our facebook page for some awesome before and afters of our Challenge Mamas) 


  1. 12:30 as rx'd. My goal is to feel and look better overall. Have more endurance and strenght. A couple of inches and pounds off won"t hurt either. Thanks for the workout!:-)

  2. 8:50 ; also ran a total of 7 miles this weekend.

    my goal is 20lbs lost and I want to actually be able to do pull ups…. Thank you!

  3. 6:23 as Rx'd. My goal is 10-15lbs and some inches lost. I too would love to be able to do pull ups:)

  4. My goal is to lose weight and feel stronger and healthier.

  5. 11:46 gpu. Took a little longer so I could complete as rx'd, feels good!

  6. 7:04 girl push ups. My goal is to be stronger and feel better. I have extremely active 10 & 11 year old boys to keep up with! Losing some inches will just be the icing.

  7. 7+17. 20# dumbbell for thrusters (1–is this correct?), 20# dumbbell for walking lunges (again 1–supposed to use one?) Had a 1 minute "break" in the middle to clean yogurt off crying baby.

  8. 5:55, modified by pu on wall and swapping cfsu with squats.
    great one, thank you!

  9. 6:59 12 bpu, the rest were gpu

    My goal is to get rid of the flab on my stomach! I want to feel and look strong. Want to lose 5-10 pounds.

  10. I found this blog two weeks ago and started with this challange. I love it, thank you!
    My time was 10:55 but I had to do 20 sit ups, 20 lunges, 25 sit ups, 25 lunges. Hope that is okay?
    My goal is to replace fat with muscle. I want to do 10 pushups (not girly) and 1 pull up. I have 30 lbs to lose.

  11. 10:21
    goal is to lose inches around belly mostly; to fit into the summer clothes I already own; to feel healthier, in more control of my own body

  12. 5:23
    10# dumbbells
    Crossfit sit-ups were modified to having the soles of my feet on the floor- like a regular sit-up position before CF. 🙂
    For pu's I did 10 boys 10 girls- 10 boys, 10 girls and 5 boys.

  13. 11.08 as rx'd
    Got an extra 11 thrusters or so due to a baby related false start. Boy can I tell its been a week!

  14. 10:14 with 25lb got to 23 with bpu then switched to gpu.
    I have been having a hard time publishing my workouts but they are happening, every m-f as rx.
    My goal is 10 lbs this time through.

  15. 10:02, did 16 lbs on thrusters and pushups on my knees. my goal is to lose inches all over and to lose about 10 pounds by june 1st.

  16. 6.21 …. all girlies (did Angie + 100 burpees on Saturday, still feeling it)

    Seems fast – did I do something wrong?
    one set, 45 of each, yes?

  17. 10:01 as RX'ed
    My goal for the next 90 days is to lose this last 15 pounds that won't come off since my last baby (she'll be 3 in August). I also want to lose inches and feel strong and confident (it would be nice if the pregnancy questions went away too! 🙂

  18. Ran 4.5 miles

    45 lbs thrusters
    all regular (boy) pushups
    walking lunges with a 25lb weight overhead

    **My goal for this next 90 days is to get more(adequate)sleep and to cut out my refined sugar. Those were the two areas I didn't do so well on during the past 3 months.

  19. 10:42

    I would love to lose 15 lbs and get back to my pre-baby weight (baby #3 just turned 6 months old and I was my thinnest right before I got pregnant with her)

  20. 12:14. I did all the sit-ups! first time I've been able to do that since the birth and death of my baby two months ago. Goal: do a pull-up and keep burning stress in a healthy way every day. 7# to go.

  21. 10:10 I was huffing and puffing.

    My goal is to gain muscle and lose fat. I could stay around the same weight but I wouldn't mind dropping those last 5 to 10 lbs.

  22. 8:04. Goal is to just working out. This is the first time in a very long time that us have stated consistent and enjoyed working out.

  23. 14:51 As RX. Goal: strive for health… reduce sugar and wine intake!

  24. 6:53 – first 15 pushup boy rest girl, 30lbs thruster, rest as rx'd
    Goal – to lose about 15 lbs and do some pull-ups

  25. Hi every one, this is my first attempt at doing crossfit work outs ….are the thrusters supposed to be with a 20 lbs on each side or a total weight of 20?
    Also what does "rx'd" mean ?
    Thank you !

    1. 20lbs total and rx'd means as prescribed – so they did not modify the work out.

    2. 20lbs total and rx'd means as prescribed – so they did not modify the work out.

  26. 10:55. 13# thrusters (6.5 each side)

    My goal is to be strong and not feel like I'm going to pass out after cardio.

  27. Rxd means as recommended. 12:43 gpu. my goal is to feel stronger and have more energy.

  28. 6:15 gpu but everything else as rxd
    Ran 2 miles first

  29. 8:02 as Rx'd.

    Goal: Tone up and improve my strength so I can in turn improve my running time. Also training to run a half marathon on May 18.

  30. 14:51 first cf workout, ever. 20lb thrusters, gpu, 33 cf situps and 12 bent leg sit ups. Lunges as rx.

  31. 14:32, 17.6 # total (2 gallons of milk, need to buy weights), girl push-ups

    Goals are to lose 10-15 lbs and flatten baby belly

  32. 8:34 24lb thrusters
    rest as RX'd
    My goal is to not be jiggly in a swimsuit! Loose 5lbs!! 🙂

  33. 7:50 as rxed. Ali ali: yes twenty pounds total weight, so 10 lb dumbells. And RXed means as prescribed, or the way that the WOD is written without any modifications. I asked the same questions when I started five months ago!

  34. My goals for this challenge: less sugar! I am addicted. And to be able to go on all the hikes we have planned when we go to Alaska this summer. Plus loosing five pounds would be great, but since starting five months ago I've actually gained 1.5 pounds, but I look and feel completely different!

  35. 11.36 as rx'd! My goal is to lose the 50+ lbs that I've put on but more so to feel better about myself and to push myself to do these workouts. I've always given up on exercising but I love these workouts! Something new everyday is what I need.

  36. 7:50 as rx'd. Needed to pause during thrusters and situps.
    My goal is to watch refined sugar. Also working on improving my speed/time with my running.

  37. 7:58 all gpu, lose 20 lb baby weight and have more energy!!

  38. 6.30 gpu and thruster was with 2 4kg dumbells 'cause that's all I got at home.

  39. 10:27, girl pu's and knees to chest instead of cfsu's
    goal would be to complete at least 3-4 WODS a week. Happy with my weight-loss progress, just need to keep it up! (would also like to look tight in my first beach/bikini wearing trip in a few weeks :))

  40. 7:39 – goal is to look good naked! Get a butt and run my first half in June. I did the last 90 day challenge (unofficially) and cannot believe the changes I've seen! Thank you!

  41. 9:00 exactly, as rx'd. Added 16lbs to the walking lunges.

    With the challenge I would like to lose the last 10-15 lbs I've been trying to get rid of for quite awhile and continue toning all over.

  42. 10:08 I think? Timer was reset before I got back here, but I think that was it. As rx'd.

  43. 5:26
    Girl push ups
    Standing elbow to knee (across the body) for sit ups
    17 weeks pregnant

  44. 9:32

    24# thrusters – killed my shoulders!

    I'm in the process of cleaning out closets and getting rid of stuff and started in my exercise room, so I didn't have any room for walking lunges – I did just plain, old, regular lunges instead. They killed my thighs! 🙂

  45. 5:48t ran 1/2 mile to warm up and another 1/2 mile when done.

  46. 9:20 as rx'd. Working out in a hotel and had to use a side table for thrusters.. at least 30 lbs and hard to balance! Kept hitting my head haha!

  47. 7:52
    15 hbpu, rest gpu
    all else as rx'd
    5k run to start

  48. 8.03. 1st 5 of every 15 pus were bpus. Last 15 lunges were power jumping lunges… Goal is to tone up belly and complete all push-ups on toes, would love to be able to do a correct knee to elbow too!

  49. 6:55 w/ 15 lb instead of 20. I was at school and that's all the gym had. My goal is to lose inches and be a 5/6 comfortably! I'm loving the no soda/caffeine! Didn't think I could do it but I'm managing!

  50. 7:23 as rxd
    Goal: to get tighter all over, especially belly, butt, and arms (triceps) and to look HOT naked! Lose 5-10 lbs too.

  51. 7:07 Goal lose weight and get faster pace in summer races.

  52. 9:18. Took some breaks but finished!
    Goal is to get toned! I'd love to lose 10 pounds but am more concerned about getting toned and losing inches. Also want to be able to do at least 10 regular push ups!

  53. 10:23 as rx'd
    15 min on Elipticall

    Goal: Drop a pants size( did 1 size with the first challenge this year) Continue with at least 5 days a week. Eliminate complex carbs on more days than not.
    Biggest goal is to have fun….I'm turning 50, 5 years out with breast CA, and I'm celebrating my 25th anniv. It's going to be a great year.

  54. I forgot I was supposed to time myself. This is my first day to actually get a crossfit workout in since I joined the 90 day challenge, so I went for how many of each….I'm SO OUT OF SHAPE and CAN'T WAIT TO GET BETTER AT THESE!!
    Thrusters 17 (used 8lb dumb bells)
    Push ups 10 (on my knees, my WEAKEST event)
    Situps 30
    Squats 28

    I did ALL of these to failure. Looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

  55. 5:10…10 bpu 35 gpu ( used to be able to do all 45 bpu when I belonged to a crossfit gym so quite frustrated) …..goal is 5-10lb wt loss and inches….also to be able tocontrol my not so stellar eating habbits! Thanks for the community to hold me accountable!

  56. 9:15 at rx'd. gpu, which bothers me.

    My goals:

    I WILL be do a minimum of 10 bpu.

    I WILL be able to a minimum of 3 pull ups.

    I WILL get the rhythm of those blasted squat snatches, and I WILL hate them a little less because of it.

    I WILL finish this challenge.

  57. 7 on the dot 🙂
    Getting married this year and my guy is a crazy hiker. Next summer we are hiking the entire John Muir Trail(start from Yosemite and hike up and down Mount Whitney the end) which is 221 miles. Our goal is 10 days. I also would like to run a half marathon and this is helping so much with endurance and pace.

  58. My workout goes out to those who died and were injured in Boston.

    10:54 as rx'd, legs and arms are shaking.

    Goal: lose excess body fat, gain more muscles and muscle tone, make healthier choices, gain a healthier self.

  59. Took me about 14 minutes!! I had to do them in intervals. I hope that is ok 🙂
    My goal is to loose inches and hopefully up to 30 lbs. but at least 10.

  60. 6:12 as rx'd. My goal is to break the plateau I have hit. I still have about 10# to go, but more than losing the weight, I really want to lean out. Hopefully by sticking to the challenge I can accomplish it.

  61. Goal: muscle tone for a lean body, make healthy eating choices, have more energy
    11:15 as Rx'd

  62. 10:40, gpu. My goal is to lose 15 lbs and feel more in control of my post baby body!

  63. 11:38 gpus, made the mistake of putting 20#on the bar. Did 5 thrusters then realized why it felt like way too much weight lol!
    Goal: add tone and strength

  64. 8:15 with girl push ups. I want to feel healthier and stronger and get a toned flat stomach back

  65. Almost forgot to post my time!!!

    6:57 as rx'd. Took my time so I made sure my form was good.

    My goal is to lose inches and just feel strong again. Getting there already!!

  66. My first crossfit workout ever. 21:02. I was determined to get all the reps in and keep form as close to correct as possible.

    Goal: (by Oct 2) Lose 40 lbs, tone, tighten, look leaner. Down to nursing baby once a day so cutting lots of calories once she's finally weaned.

  67. 10:43 with 35# thrusters, rest as rx'd. Goal is to lose inches and not focus on weight. Just to feel healthy and happy with a smaller waistline 🙂

  68. 6:36 as rxd.
    My goal for the next 90 days is to look good in a bikini which i have yet to do. Losing the last bit of weight is a tough hurdle and i want to stay strong on the diet &look really fit

  69. 9:39 as rx'd!

    My goal is to lose 20 lbs! And do handstand push ups. 🙂

  70. Amyp98 -did as rxd but gpu's in 7:00 min. Goal is to lose 10-15 lbs. and to run a 5k by the end of summer.

  71. 6:45. Knee push ups. I want to get stronger so I can live the life I want to.

  72. 14:27- 3ed day and it felt good!
    20 lb dumbbells
    gpu 7 bpu
    Rest rx'd
    Crossfit sit up's kicked my butt! Or should I say abs? Lol

    My goal for this is to lose weight and inches gain strength, and just feel comfortable in my body again!

  73. 14:27- 3ed day and it felt good!
    20 lb dumbbells
    gpu 7 bpu
    Rest rx'd
    Crossfit sit up's kicked my butt! Or should I say abs? Lol

    My goal for this is to lose weight and inches gain strength, and just feel comfortable in my body again!

  74. Wow! First timer and so impressed with the above times. 32:00 here, excited to see this improve.

  75. 8:06 as rx'd with gpu

    Goals: to do bpu, be able to do a pull up un assisted and to feel good in a swim suit this July as I go to Hawaii to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary. Losing inches and weight is a seemingly endless goal, but I overall want to be healthy and feel like an athlete!

  76. Great wo…. Still sore from last week…. Tough on the legs.
    8:55…No weight with thrusters…. Out of town for dr. apt with daughter.
    Goals: Gain strength and endurance.
    Training for my first olympic triathlon this summer. I can already tell the difference in my running and swimming.
    Also would love a nice toned body. Thanks for getting me there.

  77. 14 min with a few breaks to shake out my arms and legs!
    30 gpu
    15 bpu

    10# with walking lunges

    My goal: to lose 15-20lbs, tone up my core (for stronger running), clean up my diet and achieve a strong, healthy body that I WORKED HARD for 🙂

  78. 8:28
    30# thrusters
    the rest as rx'd

    My goals: Get more sleep, eat less sugar, and keep on improving on my mile pace.

  79. 10:07 gpu's. Then I did my taxes- that was WAY more painful than this workout! My goals are to eat less sugar, drink less soda, and be ready for my part of a 200 miles relay in June!

  80. 10:04

    50 wall push ups (no way was I going to be able to do girl push ups after 45 thrusters!)

    50 crunches

  81. Newbie here… been crossfitting at a box for over a year but now doing it at home.

    11:55 Rx
    45# thrusters, HR pushups

    1. Also not sure I counted walking lunges correctly… i counted doing one on each leg as one.

  82. 6:43
    16# thrusters
    My goal is to cut my sugar intake! That is my struggle. Hopefully that will helpe lose my last 5 lbs

  83. Didn't do for time as had to split into two workouts for kid stuff, as rx'ed except last ten thrusters with 16 lb and CFSU feet anchored slightly on many. All BPU.

  84. 8:07.
    23 thrusters with 20lb then had to switch to 10lb. 27 boy pushups then did the rest on my knees. My goal is to fit into my pre-baby clothes.

  85. Forgot to post yesterday
    9:06 first 10 blu rest gpu

    25# thrusters

  86. 7:03 as RX'd
    girl push ups

    My goal is to have smaller and tighter butt and thighs. Would like to continue to build upper body strength and increase endurance.

  87. 7:03 as RX'd
    girl push ups

    My goal is to have smaller and tighter butt and thighs. Would like to continue to build upper body strength and increase endurance.

  88. 8:43
    push ups slow me down so much! and it's sad bc I still do gpu's!

  89. 10:52. ugh.
    15 mil push ups, the rest from knees.

    I know I can do at least 20 mil push ups. Something is up with me lately. I feel exhausted before I even begin. This was a poor, poor showing. I've been better, faster, stronger in the past 12 weeks.

  90. 6:00
    My goal is to lose 20# and see definition in my arms, legs, and mainly lose the tire around my stomach. I also want to gain better all around fitness, strength, and eating habits.

  91. 14:00 as rx'd, gpu's.

    My goal is to lose weight and inches, and to gain self esteem and appreciate my body as I work hard and grow stronger! I just had a baby girl and I want to set a good example for her as a woman who loves being in her own skin 🙂 I love these workouts, I can tell I am already getting stronger and am feeling more confident in myself!

  92. Oh, and I finished with 25 min on the trradmill, alternating running and walking with incline.

  93. 10:44, gpu
    with a 1-year-old trying to get me to pick him up the whole time. Some of my thrusters weren't squats all the way down, or I would have sat on him! He is adorable, but not the most helpful 🙂

    I haven't officially joined the 90 day challenge, but I'm following along. My first goal is to do all the workouts. Sometimes I'll have to skip during the week and do the ones I missed on weekends. My second goal is to be able to do the workouts without taking breaks during sets. If the set is 45 thrusters, I want to be able to do 45 without stopping. My third goal is to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I'm only about 8 lbs over my pre-prego weight, but I have nowhere near the muscle tone I used to have. So I'm not concentrating on the weight so much, and I'm just trying to get in those skinny jeans!

  94. 11:29
    10# (it's either that or 30# & I wasn't feeling THAT brave tonight!)

    My goals are to lose about 20#, to improve my 5K time, and to be able to wear a swimsuit without freaking out about how I look!

  95. 12 min, with 25 lbs on the thrusters…feeling the burn in my quads! YES!

  96. 8:26 gpu. My 5 year old daughter was counting my reps for me and made me laugh when I told her to stop counting so fast as I needed a break, she said, "but you can't take any breaks mummy" brilliant!

  97. 9:51
    30# thrusters
    half real pushups, half girl pushups

  98. My goal is to lose weight and get back to the size I was when I got married 10 years ago!

  99. 6:33 (subbed crunches for sit ups–medical modification)

  100. 9:17.6 Girl Push-Ups

    GOAL: Lose my last 10lbs of baby weight/flab, get muscle definition in my arms and do a pull-up.

  101. 8:02, goal is to lose 10 pounds and keep it off and to finally do a pull-up without assistance!

  102. 9:38, all bpu, and 20# thrusters.

    Goal: Either drop 10 lbs. OR stay the same weight but look muscular and toned all over. And I'd like to beat my husband at a few workouts. 🙂

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