Tuesday 04.09.13

Hero WOD

For time:
30 Butterfly sit-ups
15 Squat clean, 20 lbs
24 Butterfly sit-ups
12 Squat clean, 20 lbs
18 Butterfly sit-ups
9 Squat clean, 20 lbs
12 Butterfly sit-ups
6 Squat clean, 20 lbs
6 Butterfly sit-ups
3 Squat clean, 20 lbs

 In honor of U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Fernando Jorge, 39, of Cypress,
California, an Aviation Survival Technician Chief, died on February 28,
2012, when his unit’s helicopter crashed into Mobile Bay in the Gulf of
Mexico during a training mission.
 This one hits close to home for me because my husband served as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer (Aviation Survival Technician) for 5 years (pictured above) before he became a firefighter. Rescue Swimmers are such a small, elite group that when a crew goes down, whether you are active or veteran, you feel it.

no caffeine


  1. 7:58 but I'm and idiot and did thrusters instead of squat cleans. I guess it's too early to think clearly this morning. 😉

  2. 8:04 24 lbs squat cleans, thanks for the workout!

  3. 6:40
    30 lbs and CFSU with abmat
    I have made plenty of mistakes on these workouts this early as well!
    Have a good day everyone.

  4. 5:23 squats without weights…still waiting for mine to arrive in mail! Day 2 of crossfit mamas…and no caffeine!

  5. 5:48 with a baby sitting on my legs foot 10 second so i couldn't get up. Ha! Only 12 lbs (all i have) and i think i did squat cleans wrong judging by my time. I'm a true beginner….

  6. 10:35 with 8lbs- gotta get and work up to some more weight.

  7. 5:47
    Standing oblique knee to elbow for sit ups (doulbled the reps though – pregnant and have to modify)
    20lb squat cleans

  8. Roughly 10 mins with 16# and kids interrupting a lot!

  9. 8:45 and not sure i did clean squats right. Now on to yoga. Happy day mamas!!

  10. 6:42, switched out cfsu for push press, 15lb dumbbell for all

    1. Check out the video demo on the full site, down the right side bar. Check YouTube: crossfit squat clean technique. Also, there are instructional videos at crossfit.com.

  11. 8:32 with a 2 min break after first round to deal with a toddler potty emergency

  12. 9:15 as RX'ed. I feel like I'm doing the squat cleans wrong, it feels funny but maybe it just takes some getting used to.

  13. 7:22 as rx'd
    did this workout right after yesterday's workout

  14. 6:50. Missed the last 4 workouts. Feels good to be back.

  15. No one has taken over 10 minutes?! 18:15 for me. Had to take breathers between sets. 13 # total weight (6.5 each). Just happy that I finished. Glad I didn't look at the comments first!! 🙂

  16. 8:36 as rx'd – did 40 min run/walk mix prior

    Really wanted my routine Diet Mountain Dew for lunch but resisted! Hello, H20. 🙂

  17. 5:54 with 65lb squat cleans. I did this WOD on Sunday from the regular Crossfit site, but only with GHD situps. Today was about 1/2 the time of Sunday, I was surprised the GHD situps took so much longer.

  18. Goal: Under 10, Time: 9:34!! Yay!! Day 2 of cross fit 🙂 Almost pooped my pants!!

  19. 6:38 as Rx'd…thanks for the info the interval training posted on FB. Will follow the WOD as RX'd from now on

  20. 5:51 as rx'd. Amazing how much you can get out of a short amount of time. I am sweatin'! Thank you!

  21. Ran 4.5 miles


    40lbs squat cleans (not hanging squat cleans)

  22. 8:36 – 24# hang squat cleans

    Impressive, Jen Roe! 🙂

    Just found out my grandchild is a girl! Can't wait to meet her in August!!! 🙂

  23. 8:15 – includes one stop to tie my daughter's work out pants because she was determined to work out with me.

  24. oh my goooodness! this is my first time actually timing myself and completing 1 full wod! 13:58. I think I did as rX!

  25. 8:54 15 lb. squat cleans cause that's what I have. Planks instead of sit ups because of diastasis. 30 sit ups= 60 seconds of plank, 24 sit ups = 48 seconds of plank, etc.

  26. 9:20 as Rxed. Tailbone is sore-used towel under lumbar. Suggestions for tailbone or will it just toughen up as I continue with sit-ups?

  27. 11:27 unfortunately would have been faster but having to contend with a 1 and 1/2 yer old at same time kind of slows u down lol. All as rx'd feeling the jelly legs

  28. Is there anyway to get the WOD earlier for us who exercise early? Maybe send the day before? Thanks,

    1. The WODs post at midnight pacific which should be 3:00am eastern? I hope no one is working out that early!? But some of my mamas who need to know the workouts in advance just follow a day or week behind us. I have to have the WODs post the same day as they are labeled for tracking purposes.

  29. 10 minutes w/ mods… Regular squats (still can't use weights) & knees to elbows laying down ( bruised ribs & sternum – hurts to crunch up ). Did add jumps because my work out partner ( 3 yr old son ) insisted we were supposed to because of the girls jumping in the picture.

  30. 10:18. my squat cleans are ugly….can't quite get the groove…

  31. 9:14 but with 10 lbs. Yeowzers my abs are sore. Abs? What are those? Newbie here…

  32. 18:48 total beginner. I hope to own the sit-ups cause this mommy tummy is out of control. 🙂

  33. 12:53
    40# hang cleans
    I didn't do power cleans..I really wanted to focus on getting my form really good..I found it a bit easier to get the proper hop in when I started from the hang position..well it was easier until I got tired and then everything started to go downhill!

    1. Added 10mins of jump rope after for a little more cardio/calorie burn …. Less than a week until the return of the BIKINI!! Eeeeeeeeek

  34. 8:56 and I wanted to throw up. I have no stomach muscles… But that's why I'm doing this!

  35. 15:51 and I used 10lbs in each hand. I tried a 10 and 8 in each, but I couldn't lift it!!

  36. 7.00.08 min as rx'ed
    And day one without caffeen! Yikes so hard.
    Then did work out video Jillian Michaels ripped in 30.

  37. 5:08 but did planks instead of situps (working on healing a diastasis still "/) and 15# bar because that's all I have. Ran a half mile and did ten burpees before. 🙂

  38. 6:58 45#bar. Did hang squat cleans as well because i know that version the best &i still need to work on form

  39. 12:44 as rx'd. Finished with 10 min on treadmill running/walking with incline. Would have stayed on longer but my daughter woke up from her nap!

  40. 8:37
    Did most of situps crosfit stlye….sub crunches when I just couldn't get up….
    Good workout

    30 minute on bike

  41. 12:43 with 65#
    Took my time on the cleans because I worked really hard on doing the shrug jump and pull in the right sequence. When you get into heavier weights I think that even more important and it also makes it easier to do the lift if you do it properly… 🙂

  42. 7:30

    Subbed squats for squat cleans with 30lb weights.

    Did half CFSU and half regular crunches

    Great workout! CFSUs are getting easier!

  43. 9:05 with 20lb dumbbells

    See from the range of times, I have a ways to improve on this one!

    Definitely tougher than I anticipated!

    Had to push it due to a terrible headache last night. And due to the rain outside I decided not to run. So I will be a day behind for the rest of the week, but will push through Saturday.

  44. I commented last night but it must not have posted. :-/ My phone is weird sometimes about losing stuff in cyber space. Anywho, did as RX'd but with 30#. 7:01. Great warm up for kickboxing class!

  45. 5:53
    30# thrusters for cleans.
    Then ran 2 miles

  46. 11.29…..45# hang clean…….sit ups killed me!!

  47. 11 minutes, then did 50 pushups, 50 leg lifts, and 50 crunches.

  48. 5:35
    Did this with Thursdays because I was sick :/

  49. 7:43 (prone jack-knife in place of sit ups–medical modification)

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