Monday 04.08.13

8 rounds of:
Run 400 meters
Rest 90 seconds

Post total time to comments not including 8th rest.

Compare to 07.13.12

Hiit Mamas: Lesley, Joy and Becky
 “Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere!!! We
are the Zambezi Hiit Mamas! The 3 of us live in Africa and serve
as missionaries. Although we all live very far away from one another,
we still workout “together”. Each day after the WOD we email or text
each other across hundreds of miles to encourage and challenge each
other. Lesley is the mother of 2 kiddos and lives in Luangwa, Zambia.
Joy is the mother of 3 kiddos and lives in Zambia. Becky is the
mother of 4 and lives on the eastern coast of Mozambique. (in each
picture we are pictured left to right as written) We recently had a
meeting with our fellow missionaries at Lake Kariba in Zambia. Each
morning we woke up and worked out together! Oh how much fun it was to
workout together and laugh! WE LOVE HIIT MAMAS!!! 
Blessings, Joy”

no caffeine
I want to remind all my Challenge Mamas to do your before picture, measurements and weight today. Very important. Then put your scale far, far, far, far away where it will never be used until Day 90! Did you know that constantly checking your weight and worrying about your weight contributes to belly fat!?!???! The stress hormone cortisol is directly linked to abdominal fat storage. Besides, when you are strength training, sometimes you can gain weight even though you are burning fat because you are adding muscle which weighs more. The number is not important. What is important is being strong, fit, and healthy and looking fierce naked, right?!? 
I also wanted to tell all of you about Project 10. Every week in 2013, Visalus is giving $10,000 to 10 people who have lost 10 pounds. Here is the link to enter: https://challenge.com/enter/project_ten
All of you who have just completed our last 90 Day Challenge, please send me your pictures, results, and testimonials so that you can inspire all of our new comers on their first 90 Day Challenge! hiitmamas@gmail.com
And…if I have missed any of you on our Challenge Roll Call, just let me know when you post your time and I will add you! 🙂


  1. Did the first mile as RXed and then walked/jogged the last mile taking no 90 second breaks (since I walked mostly)….42:52. Running is NOT my strong suit!!

  2. Did as RXed on my treadmill. 27:59! Next time I will know I can push harder because I started at 9:15 pace and ended the last 400 at 7:00 pace. Loved it! Now the no caffeine challenge will begin. :-/ This will be HARD for me.

  3. 35:09
    For my non-running self, I'm pretty excited about that time. 🙂 I did have to hold on a couple times to catch my breath, but I didn't stop and walk!! Glad it's over! 😀

  4. 25:56 Went about 4K. Ran the first mile straight through, then the rest with three 90 second walking rests.

  5. between 28 and 29 min. i paused in the middle long enough to hand my toddler a truck and when i went back to the timer i hit reset instead of start! arg! subbed stairs and walking around the house for the run so i could alternate with my 8 y.o. daughter, who did it with me, so we didn't get in each others way. just glad i finished, wouldn't have been able to if not for those 90 sec rests between!

  6. Right at 27 mins in the hilly rainy streets of Utah this morning. But glad I did it.

  7. 2.96km in 24:44. Had to skip the last round because my husband had to go to an appt. and was watching our toddler at home so I had to get back. Next time!

  8. went back and did workout for 2/7 that I had missed while sick.
    Then I did a 2 mile run without the breaks…

  9. 2.08 miles
    Hilly run:P but got me an awesome sweat going! 😉

  10. 24:72…only rested 60 sec between each round and pushed myself to maintain 8:34min/mile pace (7mph) on my treadmill. Plan on participating in challenge minus Vi shakes because I just can't afford them but will be doing everything else.

  11. Ran 3 miles then

    21:26 as RX'd (Treadmill at 5:30 mile pace)

    During 90 second rest I did 10 shoulder presses and 10 push ups.

    Just the workout I needed this morning to get me going. Happy Monday everyone!

  12. Not able to run today because of wind (pushing a double jogger in the wind is no fun for me or the girls!) so I did the wod from 10/25/11 with a time of 9:55. Hopefully I can do this one tomorrow.

  13. 32:31 pushing toddler in wind, great workout!

  14. I want to sign up for the 90 day challenge, but I'm not doing the Vi shakes. Sorry 🙁 So how do I join the challenge? The "join the challenge" link takes me to the Vi shake website.

    1. Don't be sorry! Anyone can follow along with the 90 Day Challenge any way they like, but the official 90 Day Challenge is Visalus, so getting your Vi-shape shakes is the way you sign up. Like I said, you don't have to do the shakes, just follow along with us! 🙂

  15. I did 29.37 with 90 seconds between each 400. I negative split the 4th and 8th one! I will feel it in the legs tomorrow.

  16. 16:29
    MOD (knee) WOD
    25 Incline sit ups
    25 bench Dips
    25 Push ups
    25 Hollow rockers
    25 back Extensions
    25 Sitting KB swings (15 lbs)
    Repeat 3 X

  17. I'm starting again! Yay. I couldn't finish the last challenge & will have to adjust some the first two weeks from being in a pretty bad car accident. My husband & I already get the Vi shakes so here we go 🙂
    Hopefully this afternoon's run goes ok

  18. Been following along with these on my crosstrain days when I'm not running, but I'm starting the 90 days today! I'm doing Bodykey by Nutrilite for shakes, but I am totally excited to do these workouts and definitely putting the scale away…. I have 20 pounds to lose and I'm guilty of checking way too often.

  19. Found this blog just in time to start the Challenge! Been wanting to try CrossFit but can't afford the gym. This seems perfect! 30:16 as Rx'd, for 2.7 miles. Then jogged the final .3 to make an even 3 miles.

  20. Found Crossfit Mamas 2 days ago & I'm so glad I found it just in time to start the 90 day challenge.

    23.58 with 60 second rests in between. Excited for tomorrows workout!

  21. Did 2.5 minutes fast on my elliptical for the runs since it's snowing outside:( 28 min.

  22. Taking the day off.
    Still recovering from my half marathon on Saturday and nursing a knee injury from it.
    13.1 miles in 1:45
    Finished second in my age division (30-34)

  23. 20 min.

    can't run because of plantar fasciitis so I did walking hill repeats pushing 2 of my kids in the double jogger.

  24. 23:16
    I will be participating in the challenge without Vi shakes for now. I may order later, after I finish up the whey powder I currently am using.

  25. Trying to get my motivation back, been slacking the last two weeks. But, I'm giving the new challenge my total effort!

    24:05, rested 1 min except the last 2 which were for 30 seconds because I ran short on time

  26. 28:54 run/walk combo, no rests. I thought the highlight above was fantastic! I have some friends in Niger right now working as medical missionaries. I'll have to pass this along.

    Looking forward to the next 89 days! Blessings!

    1. May 22 – 31:40, this time as rx'd. All running, 90 sec breaks. Woo hoo! Gettin' better. 🙂

  27. 42:28 – Not too bad – My treadmill time was 33:05 – 9:23 of "resting"

    WOO-HOO!! I did it! AND – I ran more than I walked!

    58% running
    42% walking

    SO proud of myself!! Great start to the week!!! 🙂

    1. Berta,
      I LOVE your posts! You're always so inspirational and excited. It makes me want to push that much harder! Congratulations on your accomplishments! 🙂

  28. Just ordered my shakes and am going to run tonight. I have about 60 lbs to lose and am a little nervous but so excited to start! I'll post my times a little later tonight. good luck all!

  29. 30:22 Most at 7 mph on treadmill. I did walk a little on the 6th and 7th round.

  30. Ran as instructed…. Thought I would throw up on second 400m. 30 min flat. Very excited about challenge but no vi shakes for me. Here's to the next 89 days.

  31. 30:50 Had to modify because I couldn't make it to the track today so, I did did 8 sets of jumping jacks for 2:30 each with the 90 second rests.

    So excited to be doing the challenge with everyone!!

  32. 35:02 Including Breaks

    Long Time but it's quite an improvement for me in running time. Improved by over 2 minutes per mile. Think of a Sherman Tank… that's me!

    Also completed Fosters' Killer WOD:
    3 Times for Time:
    -25 CFSU's
    -25 Bench Dips
    -25 Hollow Rockers
    -25 Back Extensions
    -25 KB Swings (12.4 lbs) only had Tide to use
    -25 Push Ups (ALL Modified today)

  33. Only I can gain weight (2 lbs) on Challenge 1.

    I am looking forward to giving it another shot though.

    I am tracking my food more diligently this time… It's SO discouraging, so I hope it makes a big difference…

    1. You can do it Linda! Don't let the lbs discourage you too much. Focus on the accomplishment of achieving each days little goals.

  34. 27:37 as Rx'd. No caffeine yet today… I'm fine getting myself to workout but the diet thing… This will be interesting! 😉

  35. 27:37 as Rx'd. No caffeine yet today… I'm fine getting myself to workout but the diet thing… This will be interesting! 😉

  36. 2.5 miles in 24 minutes inside. Looking forward to starting CrossFit-looking for something to keep me motivated with no gym membership. Wondering what the "roll call" is? I won't be trying the Vi shakes yet…maybe sometime.

  37. 27:33 as rx'd. I have been on a running hiatus for almost 2.5 months. Felt GREAT to get back out and run in this warm weather we are currently having. I am going to do the 90 day challenge however, I cannot get the vi-shakes and will use shakes I already have here.

  38. Walked 2400 in 20 minutes. Still can't run because it hurts to breathe after the accident. Hopefully by next week.

  39. 28:14 as rx'd

    I missed the roll call – could you please add me to your list.

  40. 22:42 with 1 60 sec walk. Let's get this party started!

  41. I'd like to be added to the Challenge Roll Call if it's okay that I won't be doing the shake portion…

  42. Holy crap. I was literally hyperventilating and beet faced after 8 rounds of 240 meters (I'm running on my culdesac). I pushed the stroller too, so bonus points? 😉 25:28

  43. 23:40
    Ran 1st mile straight through. Then took a 1 min break every 3 mins for the 2nd mile.

  44. 23:25…was running short on time so I did 45 second breaks. Excited for the challenge and really hoping to see some results!

  45. 36:94 as RX'd (treadmill at 4.8 mile pace). Beginner here. I'm just glad I did it. I'd like to try this challenge minus the Vi-shakes. Wish I could do those too. Maybe next time?

  46. 25:19
    As rx'd

    Had a slight hill one way! Wow! My calves are screaming!

  47. 30 min 29 secs as rx'd.
    Would love to join the challenge roll call, unfortunately cannot take the shakes due to allergies.

  48. 23:54 as rx'd. I'm so happy we did this! I normally run at about a 9 min mile pace, and with this, minus my rests, I was keeping a consistent 6:45 pace. This definitely gave me a new goal of eventually running this pace without the rests. Yay!

  49. Muscle Moms in the Morning
    Heidi, Tatum, Donna. 27:11. Not positive if it was 400, ran laps in the gym.

  50. 24:40 as rx'd. Please add me to the roll call. Carrie T. (PA)
    Thanks for doing this!

  51. 29:58 on treadmill. Whew!

    Please add me to the roll call if you are adding people who are doing the challenge without the shakes!

  52. 25:29 as rx'd! I loath running. I love how everyone modifies the workouts to work for them. It's all about getting it in. Love to be added to the roll call too.

  53. 18:51. I did 60 second walking rests (kids in the stroller, don't like to stand still:). I think I was doing about 80% of the distance, just laps around my neighborhood.

  54. 30:10 as RXd. Looks like I have some room for improvement.

  55. 32.48 as rx'd. Not doing the shakes, but excited about the 90 day challenge!

  56. 37:55 I think my estimate of 400 meters in my neighborhood was way off. I didn't think i Was running that slow!

  57. 31:41 as RXed. I haven't really run any distance like that in about 15 years so I'm proud I finished at all.

  58. I used my spinner and did 800 meters each interval. 18:42

  59. 16:00. Ran 1:30 with 30 sec rests. Not sure about distance. I also would like to do the roll call. I lost 2 inches last 90 days just doing the work outs. Did gain 3/4 an inch in biceps and thighs, hoping thats muscle. 🙂 I'd like to try it this time with the protein shakes I have and see what the difference is. I did not lose any weight, stayed about the same.

  60. 35.09 My legs are on fire but I did it! And, my 9 year old did it with me! Can't wait for my shakes to arrive this week:) See ya tomorrow!

  61. It took me 50:48 and 3.30 miles to run 2 miles. But I'm so excited I accomplished it!!!!!!

  62. would like to be added to the challenge roll call please? Not doing the shakes either, just want a little extra help to stay accountable.

  63. 23:24.only took 45-60sec rests due to time constraints. I hopped the track fence @my sons speed camp, his practice only had 30 min left & i thought for sure i would get in trouble for B&E. That got me running fast for sure lol!
    Also add me to roll call_
    laura b. (Az)

  64. WOW, Britta! SO jealous! I want to be a runner…really, I do. Well, today I want to be a runner – tomorrow could be another story! 😉

    Thanks, Lea – trust me – I have a LOT of bad days, but I figured I've been doing this for 6 months, why stop now? lol

  65. 25:50 then ran an extra mile at an easy pace after the last sprint

  66. 27:46…7.5 on the treadmill…approx 8 min miles. Looking forward to seeing improvement!

  67. 26:59: 400 meters with 60 second rests in between. DAY 1! Add me to the challenge roll call. 🙂

  68. Did WOD from 4/5 then did this WOD…

    29:05 = tired!

    I'm joining the challenge, don't forget my name on the list! 🙂

  69. 27:38 for my first time out. Not too shabby I think!

    Nice to have warm weather this evening to get it done!

    Jammed my toe in the new shoes, so its killing me now, but definitely got a huge sweat!

    Doing the 90 day challenge without the Vi shakes as I read they have artificial sweeteners and I am still nursing my son. I also don't want to go back to artificial sweeteners after not having any for over 3 years now!

    Otherwise, excited to for the changes to come!

  70. 23:00 as Rx'd
    Negative splits 1:41 – 1:29 Last two.
    Didn't do very well with caffeine, tomorrow I will have to break my addiction

  71. 23:00 as Rx'd
    Negative splits 1:41 – 1:29 Last two.
    Didn't do very well with caffeine, tomorrow I will have to break my addiction

  72. After taking a week off thinking I needed to focus on my running for a impromtu run I was asked to do, I was nervous about my first 6 mile run after not doing more then 3-4 miles in 2 years. OH MY GOSH Crossfit WORKS, it really, REALLY works! I ran those 6 miles with no problem and even felt like I could do 2 more. Thank you JENNI!!!
    Yesterdays run, I modified to go with my training I'm doing. I was 3/3 intervals. 3min fast and 3 min steady. I kept my fast run at 7:50-8:15 and then tried to keep my steady at 10:30-11. I rocked out 3.5 miles with my warm up and cool down included. 5 reps of intervals total.

  73. Just found this blog via pintrest over the weekend and I am so excited about it! I will be doing this challenge but without the vi shakes for now. My time last night was 24min.

  74. Forgot to put this in yesterday. 30:04 as rx'd. Hadn't ran in like 3 years. Did the first 90 day challenge but on all the runs did burpee equivalents. Cause I just didn't run, have an extreme goal to lose as much as possible in the next month. So I plan on doing this particular WOD every evening on top if the daily WOD!! Felt great after this mock run. Hoping I will get faster and it will get easier!!

  75. 26:54 last night, forgot to post. Done on treadmill.

  76. 22:45 mostly 60 sec breaks because my treadmill turns off after that long 😉

  77. I did most of this as RX'd. The only thing that I changed was during the 90 sec rests, I did db curls. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. My thoughts are that you should do every WOD as RXed if possible. This program has been perfected and is very specifically set up to maximize performance, progress, fitness, endurance, and results. If it says rest, you should rest. Add what you want after the WOD. 🙂

  78. Forgot to write down my time, think it was around 28 minutes. Did on the treadmill with 90 sec walks total of 2.45 miles then finished easy run for 4 miles.

  79. 30:00 Yeah! Goal was 30 minutes or less. Breaks were 60-75 seconds. Ran in the rain…..rather refreshing!

  80. 27:51 as rx'd
    Could not have gone any faster, did this two days after the 100 m sprints and my hamstrings are still ticked off…lol

  81. 26:23 as RX'd. Little disappointed in time, but the only way to go is up!!

  82. 26:47, guessed on 400m (ran to stop sign at skyline), might have been shy by 50.

  83. Did this on Monday, but just got my blogger ID set up so I can post my times now 🙂

    Each 400 ran at 7.5-7.7mph and jogged at 5.0-5.5mph for the 90 seconds of "rest"

    Total Time: 16 minutes for the repeats and 15 minutes running at an average of 5.3mph

  84. Starting a week late too, but kind of on purpose. But it's better for me to know my workouts farther ahead so I can research them beforehand. 🙂

    30:48 I only have a manual treadmill that is always inclined, so I only got 1mile. 🙁 Maybe I'm just super out of shape, but I'm pretty sure I could do better on a flat surface. 😉 Hopefully I'll be able to exercise outside soon! 🙂

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