Wednesday 04.03.13

For time:
Run 1000 meters
20 Leg lifts
Run 750 meters
40 Knees to elbows
Run 500 meters
60 Butterfly sit-ups

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish your last 3 days STRONG!!
get your shakes
gather your equipment
join the challenge
look hot this summer!


  1. 19:36
    K2e on floor….in a rush today, bar slows me way down
    All else as rx'd

  2. 23:16
    K2E on floor
    Pushed through all 60 cfsu (with a 20 crunch break at half way)

  3. 15:16, but accidentally did 400 meters instead of 500 for last run…

  4. 25:27
    run portions on treadmill
    15 knee raises on bar, rest k2e on floor

  5. 25:48. Bent legs on lifts. Did standing oblique crunches (80) instead of k2e.

  6. 20ish. Garmin paused on the inbetween exercises. Have to say this is my 5 month mark and even though I haven't dropped a pound I love having muscles and being able to do a few knees to elbows on the bar!

  7. Ran 2 1/2 miles with my 12-year old and then did the other exercises, but forgot to start the timer. But – ouch! Abs!

  8. 7:32 knee injury
    20 leg lifts 40 hollow rockers 60 CFSU
    20 bench dips 40 push ups 60 back extensions

  9. Ran 3 miles


    Rowed instead of run (harder for me than running)

    Toes to bar instead of KTE –my blister from yesterday's workout ripped.

    You've gotta love CF!

  10. 17:09
    Pushing jogger.
    I finished my last run about 200 meters from my house do I paused my timer. I forgot to restart when I started my sit-ups. So I unpaused it and did 50 more. This time is as RXed with sit-ups 51-100.

  11. 15.59 doing 2/5 (40%) per doc's orders.

    Day 3, feeling great!

  12. So stupid, but does anyone know the equivalents for the meter runs on the treadmill? How much is 5/8 of a mile for the 1000m?

  13. Outside workout 🙂
    25:00, Knees to chest on floor, "cheated" on 1/2 cfsu but will definitely feel it all tomorrow.

  14. MT – you can google meter to mile conversions, but I'll help you out today 'cause you better believe I pay attention to those little numbers on my treadmill! lol
    1000 meters = .621/mile
    750 meters = .466/mile
    500 meters = .311/mile
    A total of 1.398/mile running.

    38:19 – not great, but it's okay. I'm more proud that my hands didn't hurt as much as yesterday! But man – my abs are killing me!!

    Great workout!!! 🙂

  15. 25:00 did it at the gym and had to wait for equipment but I busted it out quick when I was on everything 🙂 killer workout all around!

  16. 25:20

    Knees were up, but definitely not to my elbows or even my chest. Better than 90 degrees though.

  17. 15:38 subd burpees for run in 50:38:25 and subd floor knees to elbow everything else as required. Feeling so good

  18. 18:52

    Plank K2Es since rings are way out back and I didn't want to lose time running back and forth.

    Weighted my feet for CFSUs.

    Is this Ab Week, or what?

  19. 28:01

    Couldn't run the whole time
    alt crossfit/crunches

    Had a hard time getting into it today

  20. 22:05
    K2E on floor
    My arms KILL when I do them on the bar. I just hang straight, can't bend my arms and it just makes it awkward.

  21. 19:54 pretty much as rx'd.. got locked out of my house during the second run so my toes to bars had to be on the floor

  22. 27:34
    ran 1.3 first (with dog)
    kte on floor and only 20 cfsu rest crunches

  23. 20:50 as rxd. Thx for great workout. I hate running but feel like im improving!

  24. 20:27
    K2e on floor, but extra mileage on each run segment

  25. 27:37
    All k2e's on bar! Giant blister developing on my left hand really slowed me down, but I didn't give up!
    My treadmill doesn't do meters, so I just did as close to 1000m as I can approximate, then a half mile, then a quarter mile.

  26. Training for my first half- ran 3 miles 35:35 then did exercises when I got home but didnt time them.

  27. Today was my busy day, so did WOD from last Wed instead as I hadn't done it 🙂

  28. Did it in 25:37. I fought through the ab excercises. Still thought I did pretty decent considering its only day two.

  29. 20:46
    with knee to elbow on the floor
    Sucks to know I could have gone faster on the run, next time!

  30. About 22:00- forgot to time it : )
    Knees to elbows on the floor

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