Tuesday 04.02.13

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
3 Hang squat clean, 20-40 lbs
3 Knees to elbows
6 Hang squat clean, 20-40 lbs
6 Knees to elbows
9 Hang squat clean, 20-40 lbs
9 Knees to elbows
12 Hang squat clean, 20-40 lbs
12 Knees to elbows
15 Hang squat clean, 20-40 lbs
15 Knees to elbows
18 Hang squat clean, 20-40 lbs
18 Knees to elbows…

This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish your last 4 days STRONG!!


  1. Wow!
    Got interrupted by a phone call, paused the time but forgot how many clean reps I had done on the 18-round, so started tahtoen over again…

    Just made it up to 21 cleans.

    That's 147

  2. Nearly theough the 18,s= 112
    Finished remaining k2e after timer
    2 5# dumbbell per arm

  3. Two 10# dumbbells
    K2e on floor
    Only got to 18 reps

  4. Finished 18 reps then did 12 more squat cleans before time was up

    Used 40# up to 9 reps then 20# for remainder
    K2e on floor

  5. Finished 18 reps
    40# for the cleans
    Last two sets of k2e on the ground because my hands were killing me

  6. 92 :(. Not feeling it today…disappointed with my outcome.
    K2e on bar first 2 rounds then on floor
    20 lb squat cleans

    This one wasn't pretty

  7. Ran 2 miles

    Finished 15 reps plus 10 HSC
    30# HSC
    k2e all on bar

    Then ran another 2 miles

  8. almost through the 18's (made it to 12 k2e)
    2 10# dumb bells
    assisted k2e

    (if assisted means I had to use a little kick from the floor – not sure if that's right or not -can't seem to find youtubes on modified versions of this?)

  9. Ran 4.5 miles

    120 reps total
    (almost finished 18's)

    40lb cleans
    KTE on bar

    blister formed on my weaker left hand…so sad! Atleast it didn't rip.

  10. 138
    28# – 20# on last 2 sets
    1/2 KTE on floor
    tougher than I had expected!

  11. Only 51 reps with 35# but hey I got off my bottom and did it!

  12. Made it through half of the 18 round, so my total score was 108. 20lb hang squat cleans, bar for KTE.

  13. Made it to round 12… +7 hsc.

    Does anyone else have a hard time with K2E with their hands??? I did yesterdays work out right before this one, I think that is why I went so slow because my hands were killing me! help!

  14. 18s. Did half of the knees to hips on unfinished doorframe and half on the floor. Woohoo!

  15. 80 reps
    hang squat cleans @ 30#
    K2es from rings (5 k2armpit, the rest mod to knee lifts)

  16. HSC with 40 lbs
    KTE on bar
    I am pretty sure I repeated the round of 9…ugh
    97 reps was my total.

  17. 108 reps (got through the kte for round 18):
    knees to elbows on floor
    25 lbs. for hang squat clean

  18. Finished 18 reps of each.
    17.5 lb weight.
    K2e on bar. Knees getting to chest height this time!!
    126 reps total 🙂

  19. 114. Did 20 lbs. This mama found out today she will be a mama again n 9 months. 🙂

  20. Got through 15 squat cleans and 10 K2E's, so I guess my score was 85. I finished up the last 5 K2E's after time. Seems slow, but I did all hanging K2E's, so I'm pretty proud of that.

  21. Jen Morse – would you use chalk if the bar is padded? Mine is a padded bar, but my hands were beyond painful today!

    Total score – 79

  22. Finished the 18 round. Knees to waist (getting stronger!). Should have done 40# but did 20# hang power cleans. Next time!

  23. Hello! I am new to your site. Quick question — what is the substitution for K2E or T2B or pull-ups if you don't have a pull-up bar at home? Thanks.

  24. First day EVER doing crossfit! Finished through the set of 12s (40# and knees to waist), then did set of 5s to finish out the 7 minutes. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  25. 81.. on the round of 15s I only made it to 6 toes to bar. I was expecting better but used 30lbs with deep squats and toes to bar instead of k2es. All these bar exercises have left my arms like jelly!!

  26. 108
    Knee to chest on forearm platform

    f/b 100 jump ropes
    15 minute elliptical

  27. Lol Berta, I doubt chalk will help with padding… 🙂 Gloves maybe

  28. Did this closer to the original 13.4
    75# clean and jerk (original is 95#)
    and K2E's (original is toes to bar)

    Got through round 9 plus 9 more clean and jerks…

  29. I've tried gloves, but they're even worse. The glove gets all twisted and feels like they're digging into your skin. I guess I'll just keep suffering. My hand should toughen up soon. 🙂

  30. Second week of crossfit for me…I'm still slow. Finished through 12s, but was focusing a lot on form since I'm just learning OL. Did really deep squats though, almost butt to floor, which slowed me. Also, K2E on floor. 20# cleans.

  31. Finished 18's. 8 lb dumbells, did standing oblique crunches instead of k2e

  32. 50# clean and jerk
    k2e on bar
    score : 52
    got thru 12 rounds of clean and jerks and only 4 of 12 k2e
    I find gloves really help my hands and I've learned to take my rings off! you can google proper grip on your bar too, but mostly you gotta work up some calluses on Ur hands lol

  33. Round 18. 30 lb hang squat cleans and modified knee to elbow. Can only get to chest.

  34. made it through 15 after a hard interval running workout

  35. 18 with 20lbs
    plus 10 squat cleans
    KTE on ground

  36. Made it through the round of 18's
    16# and k2e on the floor

  37. got to #10 kte (on floor) in round 18
    left the squat out as my shin really hurts from yesterday! Maybe should have started with step ups for the box jumps.

  38. 140 (got 14 extra hangs before buzzer)
    But just realized I was doing knees to elbows on the ground wrong. I'll get them right next time.

  39. 117. Made it to 21s with sq cleans finished. Some reason forgot 15s guess cant count by 3s.
    45# bar

  40. Ran 2 miles then…

    96 (finished 15s plus 6 k2e). 25 lb sq cleans. Attempted 9 k2e on bar, rest on floor.

    Then ran 1 more mile.

  41. I couldn't find video for example and still can't figure out what knees to elbow on the floor is. Help!!!

  42. 80 reps (15 rounds squat clean & 5 kte) in 7:00
    Finished last 10 kte in 20 more sec. to complete total of 90 reps in 7:20

  43. Made it through 12 hang squat clean and knees to elbow. Did 6 of the 15 hang squat cleans. Thought I did pretty decent since I haven't worked out consistently in a few years.

  44. completed rounds of 15 and did 15 more hang squat cleans. need to go faster on those in the beginning but was trying to get the hang of it.

  45. Finished 18's right after the timer went off.
    30# cleans
    K2E on floor

  46. Made it to the 15 round plus 11 more hang squat cleans. 20lb. Did knees to elbows on the floor.

  47. 90 reps, 25#
    I did real k2e for the first two rounds! (A first:). The rest were pathetic attempts to jump up for each individual rep. Ha.

  48. Made it through 15 reps plus 10 cleans
    total: 100

  49. 10k bike to start
    Through 12 reps plus 4 cleans @ 30lb
    K2E on floor

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