Thursday 03.28.13


Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
4 Shoulder press, 20 lbs
8 Sumo deadlift high-pull, 20 lbs
12 Front squat, 40 lbs

Post rounds completed to comments.

Hiit Mama Adria
Burley, Idaho
“I only have 10# dumbbells at home, but I know I can dead lift at least
40# so I thought I’d try dead lifting my daughter for today’s WOD.  Ha! It almost worked 🙂 Been following your blog and doing a few WOD’s a week for about a month.
I love them and feel stronger already! Thank you so much! Cheers, Adria”
no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 11 rounds, only two seconds over time!
    Agony yet fun?!

    Presses only 8 kg 17,6 lbs
    Sumo dl high pull 16 kg, 35 lbs
    Front squat 18 kg, 40 lbs

  2. 10 rounds plus 4 shoulder press, all done with 20# barbell

  3. 7 rounds plush push presses and sumo dead lift high pulls.
    First 3 rounds with 40 lb squats. Rest with 20 lb
    All with dumbells

  4. 6 rounds plus 1 more round of the shoulder presses and sumo dead lifts.
    20 lbs for it all.

  5. Brittany – it's always total weight – just imagine if you were using a barbell w/weights which would always be total weight 🙂

  6. 7 rounds plus sp & sdl. So fun to see my cute little one on the WOD! 🙂

  7. 11 rounds
    10# for shoulder and sumo
    16# db for front squat

  8. Working out at the Holiday Inn in Boston!! Going to see PINK tonight! Wooohooo!!

  9. 9 rounds + shoulder press and SDHP

    30lb SP
    35lb SDHP
    50LB front squats

  10. 10 rounds plus shoulder press

    Always seems easy when you read what the workout is. Then you do it……

  11. 10 rounds (minus 4 squats. I went a little over time finishing them up)
    10 lb. dumb bells for all exercises.

  12. 12 rounds plus shoulder press
    20# sp and sumo dlhp
    36# front squats

  13. Haven't posted before, but love the workouts.

    8 rounds
    20# SP
    20# SDHP
    25# FS

  14. 9 rounds, 5lb shoulder press (doubled rep), 20 lb for sumo & squats.

  15. 11 rounds plus SP and DL
    8 rounds 30# SP and DL
    3 rounds 20# SP and DL
    Front squat as rx'd on all

  16. 7 rounds – minus the last 6 front squats.

    Used 8lb dumbells for all. Only used one weight on the squats. Finished with a 1 mile run.

  17. You guys are animals! I got 7 rounds plus the presses and sumo's from the next round.

  18. 8 complete rounds!!

    24# for presses and high-pulls
    44# for squats

    Another good (but tough) one!!


  19. 9 rounds; my 4.5 year old was my weight for front squats (she's 44#)

  20. 7 plus press and SDHP.
    As RXed.
    Butt to floor squats.

  21. 6 rounds plus shoulder presses, used 40 lbs for the dl and squats

  22. 6 rounds plus shoulder presses, used 40 lbs for the dl and squats

  23. 9 sets plus up to # 7 sumo squat
    14# / 15 # / 30# x 2 sets then 14# for rest of squats

  24. 8 rounds only 8 squats left to finish 9. 25#bar for sh & sdhp. 40# fs trying to get full squat in each time.
    Everyone said decptively hard. I thought the deceiving part was the squat,what a challenge for me!

  25. aww man-again I can't read my hash marks! I did 9 rounds on the 10th round with 8 fs left.
    good workout way too tired to type or apparently read!

  26. 10 sec over but got 13 – had to drop to regular squats instead of holding them in front with 40# tho

  27. This is my first time leaving a comment but I have been doing the wod's for about 4 weeks. They are great!!
    6 rounds plus shoulder press and sdhp
    30# shoulder press
    25# sdhp
    50# squat

  28. 9 rounds

    Forgot the pull on the deadlift….must have wrote it down wrong.

    35# front squat for 6 rounds
    20# front squat for 3 rounds

    I am still so sore from tuesdays wod

  29. 12 rounds on the dot!

    20lb shoulder press, 20lb sumo dead lift, 20-30lb front squats. Legs are burning!!!

  30. My first day! Love this blog!
    8 rounds, but only did 20# with squats

    Thanks so much for this blog, it is exactly what I need as a busy mom who needs to get into shape!

  31. My first day! Love this blog!
    8 rounds, but only did 20# with squats

    Thanks so much for this blog, it is exactly what I need as a busy mom who needs to get into shape!

  32. 10 rounds at 12:19
    12#db for press
    squatted with weights to sides – could not maintain them on the shoulder like the demo video showed

  33. 8 rounds plus one set of shoulder press and sdlhp as rx'd

  34. 10 rounds plus shoulder presses and 4 sumo dead lift high pull.

  35. 9 rounds.
    First 2 rounds 20lb for shoulder press and Sumo deadlift high pull then had to switch to 10lb. 20lb for front squats.

  36. 7 rounds plus press, sdhp & 6 squats.
    Finished remaining 6 squats after time.
    All as rx'd.

  37. barely made it through 6 rounds, as rx'd… I will be surprised if I can walk tomorrow, great WOD

  38. 7 rounds- 40 lbs. for first two rounds of front squats then 20 lbs. for the rest (back is still tweaked : (

  39. Forgot to post yesterday, 8 rounds plus press and deadlifts- 30# for press and deadlifts, 45# for squats- feeling it today!

  40. 9 rounds plus 4 shoulder presses of 10th round. Used 30lbs for all. This was much harder than I anticipated!!

  41. 8 rounds plus 4 shoulder press and 8 sumo deadlift high pull
    Used my daughter for the front squats since she was with me ~36 lbs

  42. 8 rounds in 12:35

    Run/walk mix for 50 min prior

  43. Completed this 3/31 – Easter Sunday!

    15lb dumbbells for shoulder press
    30lb dumbbell for sumo
    25lb dumbbells for front squat

    9 rounds plus press/sumo for round ten

  44. 9 rounds + shoulder press & sumo deadlift high pull
    30lb front squats

  45. 7 rounds plus presses
    24 lbs on presses and deadlifts
    45 lb bar on 1st 2 rounds of squats, then 15 lb dumbbells – arms couldn't take it

  46. 9 rounds did extra squats per round between 10 and 5 extra per round to compensate for using only 10# weights

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