Wednesday 03.27.13

For time:
20 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
30 Knees to elbows
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 6:44- 6kne hanging, the rest on the floor. 100 butt kicks and bike .5mi instead of run.

  2. Accidentally stopped timer at 3:40 while on treadmill so I am estimating 5:40. Quick and hard workout! Love it!

  3. 5:45
    Tried the bar again for k2e. Not very good but did them all on the bar. More knee raises.
    20 lb dumbell for kettlebell

    1. Are my forearms supposed to feel the k2e on the bar? I could barely hang on!

  4. 5:22; 15# did an extra 10, k2es in floor, run as rxed

  5. 5:38
    #12 kettlebell
    K2e on the floor — no bar yet
    & ran 1.75 to equal a 2 mile run

  6. 4:28. K to E are still kind of sad….Knees to chest

  7. 6:19 with assisted KTE. Don't have a pull up Bar. And 10# for kettle cause that's all I have.

  8. 4:03
    15# kettlebell
    knees to chest
    100 jumping jacks instead of run

  9. 5:45 All KTE on bar, although they were more knees to ribs, but I'm getting better at them.

  10. 7:55
    20# dumbells for KB swings
    KtE on floor
    Misread post and actually ran 800 meters

  11. 3:57
    10 lb dumbbell for kb swings
    KTE on floor

  12. Me
    Modified K2E
    Run/walked a mile afterwards

    Modified K2E
    Walked a mile afterwards

  13. Did it, but I didn't time it because we went outside and i forgot my watch. It's finally getting warm!

  14. 7:18
    Slow, but all k2e on bar! Took a lot of breaks, and knees were only to chest, but I still did it!

  15. Still on vacation so modified it. 5:46 10 burpee, 10 pushups, 30 floor k2e, 20 squats, 400 run and then added 1.75 mile run.

  16. 9:14 – 25# kettlebell – Knees to Elbows were more Knees to just below my boobs – All running, NO walking!


  17. 3 rounds for time
    15 bench dips
    15 incline sit ups
    15 push ups
    15 hollow rockers
    15 Back extensions
    15 Hold Plank

  18. 5:17 as rx'd…first time doing k2e on bar…knees didn't make it all the way to my elbows but I did them all on the bar, ran another 2.75 miles at the end.

  19. How do you do k2e on the floor?

    5:31. Got to waist with k2e. Can't wait to make improvements there!

    Swam 1/4 mile prior.

  20. 5:01

    Could only get my knees to about a 90 degree angle, maybe a little more. Weak! haha

  21. 7:14 kte lying on a bench…couldn't even lift my knees on the bar!

  22. 6 m 24 s floor k to e. ran more like 600 mtrs

  23. 3 rounds for time:

    15 bench dips
    15 incline sit ups
    15 push ups
    15 hollow rockers
    15 Back extensions
    15 Hold Plank

    Always looks SO easy on the board! Arms are sore! I bragged to my 23 year old son about doing 'unmodified' push ups…. HIs message to me said…
    "Mom, isn't that just like doing a 'regular' push up?" he included a bunch of LOL's… stinker.

  24. 6:57
    17.5 db instead of kb
    vertical knee raise machine

    Boy am i sore from yesterdays workout….I can barely walk today those thruster hit me harder than I thought….feels great!!

  25. My timer errored out so im going to say 5 min or just about right under. 20#db tried as best for kte on pu bar but lots managed to be around knees to shoulders

  26. 3 k run to start
    swings as rx'd
    10 knee raises on bar, 20 K2E on floor
    Done on the 28th

  27. 4:58
    20# db for kb
    Knees getting to chest level-progress-yay!

  28. 5:00 minutes with 15 lb. kettle ball and knees to elbows on the floor : )

  29. 5:00 minutes with 15 lb. kettle ball and knees to elbows on the floor : )

  30. 4:45 as rx'd. KTE were actually to elbows for maybe 20 of them!

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