Tuesday 03.26.13

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
90 Jump rope
30 Pull-ups (assisted as necessary)

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 13 lbs, 6 kg thrusters for wall ball shots
    Assisted pull ups, used a elastic band.

    1 round plus
    Thrusters and 64 jump rope

    Total 484

  2. 1 round
    plus 30 wall balls
    300 total

    am I adding these up correctly??

  3. 312. 1 round plus 42 thrusters. Assisted pull-ups with band.

  4. 1 round plus 25 wall ball shots. 295
    8 lb wall ball
    K2e on floor

  5. Day 2 of crossfit mamas and loving it. I'm on vacation this week and don't have access to weights so I did the WOD from last Tuesday. 5:44

  6. 2 Rounds ..

    But I only did 100 Wall Ball (A.D.D kicked in while counting, ha) with 8lbs, and push ups instead of pull ups…

    I see where people are putting totals .. how are they getting that number?

    1. Chaase- the score is the total number of reps of all exercises combined.

  7. What is the recommended substitution if you don't have a pull up bar?

  8. Wow! you guys are getting the whole way through and then some? that's inctedible in 12 mins! you all should be competing in the open, the highest score so.far 323!

    1. Gina- I am sure our scores would be quite a bit lower with double unders and muscle-ups (as the original prescribes). 😉

    2. Don't forget the 14 lb 9 foot wall ball… They are no joke… 🙂

  9. 1 full plus 142 thrusters, subbed for wall ball
    So, 412 total
    Chair assist pull ups

  10. Total 312
    1 round plus 42 thrusters
    Attempted pull-ups (definitely not unassisted nor perfect, hence the higher score!)

  11. 1 full round + 60 thrusters
    Thrusters instead of wallball first 25 each rd were 20# rest 10#, assisted pull ups. 330 total

  12. 1 round (20# thrusters in place of wall ball) but I needed an extra 2.5 minutes – paused too due to a helpful little preschooler :/
    Better next time

  13. 10# thrusters replace wall ball, had to break up that 150 set. Did K2E for pulls (no bar). 1full round plus 21 thrusters and 2 full rounds of jumps and K2E. 411 total

  14. almost two full rounds: alternated every 50 between 10 lbs and no weight for first 150 (subbed thrusters), second round straight through with 5lb. 2x up and down stairs for jump rope, pull ups using counter first round, only 1 pull up before timer went off second round.

    And thank you so much for posting 100 m run subs on Facebook! I'm having trouble running because:
    1. it's winter
    2. we just moved to a new place and I don't have distances mapped out
    3. I have four kids in tow all.the.time and the neighborhood we live in doesn't have sidewalks so I don't really have a safe place for them to tag along behind me
    4. I am 5 mo. pregnant and running, jacks, ropes, burpees, etc. are just plain ol' hard!
    Sooo… I found that I can sub stairs for running–something I can do!!! Guess I don't have an excuse to skip the running ones anymore! Thank you!

  15. One round plus 31 thrusters
    Subbed thrusters 10# for wb
    Chair assisted pull-ups

  16. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work but in 12 minutes, I completed 150 wall ball shots 10#, 120 jump rope, and 30 pull ups with weight machine assist (120#, 130#, and 140# 10 reps each weight).

    Ran 30 min run/walk prior.

  17. Ok this was my first WoD ever. I picked a he k of a day to start! I think I need a couch to WOD program because this sucked.
    Did first 15 thrusters with weight and the rest no weight, then only made it through 15 jump ropes for time. Yikes. My legs and arms are so jello-y that I couldn't jump high enough over the rope, otherwise I would ice completed it because I had enough time left. Discouraging.

    1. Don't be discouraged. You killed yourself today. You maxed yourself out! That is awesome. Good job!!

  18. Subbed thrusters and push-ups. 1 round plus 10 thrusters. 280 total.

  19. 1 round plus 101 wall ball shots.

    371 total

  20. 1 round + 90 jump rope + 15 pull-ups BUT…no room for actual wall balls so basically threw the med. ball up 6 or so inches each time (still killer). Pull-ups were reverse pull-ups. I figure that if I'm not doing it exactly as Rx'd, I should at least be doing it faster.

  21. 270=1 round
    12.5# ball at a 9 foot target
    Jumping pull ups… Getting more pull and less jump all the time

  22. 1 round plus 10 thrusters- 280 total

    The medicine ball my husband made me is 25#, so I tried to get as many reps in before switching to thrusters.
    60- wall ball 25#, 7.5' target
    100- thrusters 15#
    Jumping pull-ups

    Then 20 mins. of running

  23. 3k run to start
    10 lb thrusters instead of wall ball
    Pullups with chair
    1 round plus 20 thrusters

  24. Subbed with thrusters, jump rope with no rope (just did the motion) and push ups on knees

    1 round with 85 10lb thrusters and 65 5 lb thrusters and then 104 5 lb thrusters.

    So I guess my score would be 374 although hardly Rxed!! LOL It has been too long since I have done a CF workout!! Thanks!!

  25. Will get to the WOD later today, but I am getting ready to start training for an Olympic Distance Triathlon. Wondering if any of you have experience integrating Crossfit into triathlon training. Thanks!

  26. I did one round in 9:23 = 270
    I had a "date" to go running afterwards and was afraid any more wall balls would turn my legs to jello!

  27. 340 total
    150 Shoulder Presses (20lbs)
    90 Hollow Rockers (WOW)
    30 Push Ups

    70 Shoulder Presses TIME!

  28. 339. 1 round plus 69 wall ball shots
    8# ball
    Very assisted pull ups in treadmill bar

  29. 313
    Thrusters 10 lb dumb bells for wall shots — frequent breaks!!
    Modified pull ups
    1 mile run

  30. 1 round. Got a cramp after 2 wall balls in the second round with 20 seconds left so I ended it there.

  31. 1 full round then 117 more thrusters
    Subbed thrusters for wall ball
    Pull ups were jump up then slowly down

  32. Ran 3 miles then…

    1 full round plus 105 wall ball shots. Did 60x 15 lb kettlebell rows, alternating sides, instead of 30x pull ups.

  33. 295. Thrusters with 2 10# dumbbells. Subbed k2e for pull-ups. Not sure why…

  34. 1 round (subbed thrusters for wall balls and kte for pull ups), then 50 thrusters, jump rope, 10 kte.
    420 total

  35. 255 – Those wall ball shots started kicking my ass (I mean, my arms!) around 80 and refused to let up! I'm so glad I only had a 4# ball today – I cannot imagine doing those with anything heavier!

    Surprised I made it through the jump rope and chose to do reverse pull-ups using my treadmill bars. Great workout!! 🙂

  36. Ran 4 miles then did 1 round 270. Thrusters and assisted p/u after the first 5 🙂

  37. 1 round.
    Butt to floor wall balls.
    Jumping pull-ups.
    Score= 270

  38. 240 in 12min

    150 thrusters with 10#
    90 jump ropes
    essentially didn't get to pull ups

    Boy I feel slow looking at everyone eles #s. I added 30 push up and 30 situps after the time. 30 minute on recumbant bike

  39. 305: 1 round (reverse pullups) + 35 wbs

  40. 345- but my medicine ball is only 6# and without a bar I subbed push-ups.

  41. ! round plus 84 thrusters at the end. Subbed thrusters for all wall ball. Started with 20 lbs, had to drop to 10 lbs by 50. Push ups instead of pull ups.

    385 total.

  42. On a unrelated note, how do you all have pictures? I sign in with my google account, is there a way to add my picture to that account?

  43. Day #2 and I finished 1 round at the buzzer!
    8 lb ball, "step over" jump ropes and jump ups from chair onto climbing hold thingy. OUCH! Can't believe I finished

  44. 350. I round as rx'd plus 80 wall balls. Pull ups were very weak.. attempted to jump up, lower down.

  45. 285. 1 round plus 15 thrusters. Thrusters with 10 lbs instead of wall ball. I don't have a weight ball. Assisted pull ups. Really need to work on my pull ups.

  46. 1 round plus 10 wall balls (I couldn't do more, 14# ball) and 2x jump rope 2X p/u

  47. 1 round + 24 wallball=294.
    10#ball jumping asstd pu
    Very glad i finished!

  48. 1 round plus 61 wall balls.

    Subbed pull-ups because I can't find my bar :/

  49. *subbed gpu for pull-ups
    *8# to 2ft. target (lack of space)

    12 push-ups short of 2 rounds!

    *Ran 3.54 miles, mowed the lawn and played with kiddos at the park pre-workout 😉

  50. 286, Mods: Some One Armed 10# Thrusters, Some Full Pu, Some Jumping, Some One Armed-Ish, But My Arm Is gettIng better Daily!

  51. 1 round in 10:30
    First day back after being down with the flu. Ugh
    Sub girl PU for pull ups

  52. 250
    20# thrusters for wall balls
    Jump up/slow down pull ups
    (Went extra 2:00 to complete remaining 20 pull ups to finish one full round)

  53. 1 round plus 100 more thrusters…. subed wall balls for thrusters and pullups for push ups

  54. 14:37 to get through 1 round.
    14# wall balls
    360 jump rope as I was told it is a 4:1 ratio to double unders
    assisted pull-ups.

    Proud to have done all the work!!

  55. 1 round + 4 wallballs
    subbed 8lb ball and jumping pullups

    This was the first time I had space to do wallballs, not thrsuters….what a difference it makes!!

  56. 365
    1 round complete
    Second round to 45 jump ropes.
    Thrusters and boy pushups

  57. 1 round in 14:00 minutes= 270 reps
    (Wall Balls almost did me in!!!)

  58. 1 round – took 12:09. Did pushups instead of pullups. Ised 8 lb dumbell instead of a ball.

  59. I did this after Friday's WOD, so I didn't even get through one whole round. I did it backwards – I'd already done 150 squats, so I figured I'd do the pull-ups and jump rope before I went back to more squats.
    30 assisted pull-ups (jump up, resist down)
    90 air-rope
    93 thrusters

  60. 10:20 for 1 rd
    +42 wb in 12 min
    10# ball, band/chair assist

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