Monday 03.25.13

Pick one:


Run 800 meters
50 squats
Run 800 meters
50 sit-ups
Run 800 meters



5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 Overhead squats, 20lbs

*if you can’t hold the weights over your head, you can rest them on your shoulders

Compare to both to 03.23.12

Since it was two of my Texas Mama’s birthdays yesterday, you can pick which WOD you want, the “Mary” or the “Jamie”. 😉

Happy Birthday Jamie & Mary!!!

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. Couldn't do these outside because of 15 inches of snow and 2 year old daughter joining me at 5 am so no treadmill (makes me nervous). Did "Hotel WOD" from Pinterest in 19:00.

  2. Mary 23:21

    My sister did this as well, her time was 31:10.

  3. 17:16
    Push ups instead of sit ups… The ground is to wet to lay .
    Ran the 1.5 miles first and did the wod on the way back.

  4. mary
    18:39 for me
    20:29 for my 10 year old daughter

  5. Mary
    push ups instead of situps..ran 1.5 miles first and did the wod on the way home..

  6. Mary 14.20 after 55 min kettlebell class instructions 🙂 pure hell!

  7. Mary 21:22.
    Kinda guessed on my time since I apparently didn't actually push the button on my stopwatch(oops), but the timer on my treadmill said 18:33 so I just guessed on the squats and sit-ups.

  8. Jamie 15:30 with 20# front squats
    did it in the rain, snow, and sleet! 🙂

  9. "Mary" in 18 minutes and something seconds;)

  10. Mary
    Ran 2400 meters all at once then did sit ups and squats as rx'd


  11. It was my birthday yesterday too!
    So I did the Heather (knee injury)
    25 Shoulder Press 40 pounds
    25 CFSU
    25 Tricep Presses
    25 Kayaks SU
    25 Chest Press 40 Pounds
    25 V ups
    25 Tricep Presses
    25 Fingers to toes SU
    25 Should Press (40lb)
    25 Back Extensions

    13 Minutes

  12. Jamie 19:14.

    First time posting, I have been following for a week. I am loving crossfit so far, so glad I can do these at home. The nearest box is 90 miles away!

  13. Jamie – 32:07 – 3 rounds on treadmill averaging 8 minutes each – ALL running – NO walking

    2 rounds on the bike – double the distance each round (1/2 mile each round) with an 8 resistance

    24# squats


  14. Did Mary earlier today, then a modified Jamie this evening. Really wanted to practice the overhead squats, I find them really hard to do with good form, they require a lot of shoulder mobility which I lack!
    200 jump ropes instead of the run, and 20# overhead squats… they are getting better 🙂

  15. Mary 26.24 elliptical
    An added jolt of adrenaline on top when I suddenly discovered my husband had entered and crossed the room (directly in front of me) without me suspecting at all.

  16. Jamie 18:05. Since it was leg day i did a different leg move each round. Efficient workout

  17. I found your site over the weekend and committed to starting today…then busted my toe up. I did the workout today as planned, just substituted no-impact hula hooping for the runs.
    Mary: 18 minutes

  18. 17:15 As Rx'd. Had a hard time keeping count since my kids wanted to cheer for me while I did the 50s. Hard to count when you are laughing 🙂

  19. Tri training to include biking 16.5 miles first with medium resistance.


    Ran 750 m (indoor track – ease of measurement) X 3 and the rest as rx'd

  20. 3 rounds
    50 squats
    50 situps

    for time of 12:58

    *jogged 3.5 mi. (with daughter on bike) beforehand.

  21. Jamie: 14:38, last one was 18:13!!! Yeah me! Next time I will try Mary, just wanted to beat my last time 🙂

    I did this right after a zumba class. Hope I can sleep tonight…

  22. Jamie 22:09 for 3 rounds only
    ran 1 set; walked other two
    no weights on squats

  23. 21:20

    I couldn't do overhead squats so I did 20 squats w/20 pounds, instead of 15 overhead squats.

  24. Jamie 12:33 Did 65lb deadlifts instead of overheads, its what was on the regular cf site.

  25. Mary- 13:01
    Got to do this WOD with my sister and first Crossfit Mamas follower, Britta. I loved it.

    1. You beat me by a minute, but just remember that I ran further than you did! 😉 miss you already!

  26. Jamie
    14:50 w/ modified overhead squat with 10lb (first time ever doing overhead squat-not easy!)

    1. After Jamie did 50 push ups & 50 cfsu to get a sampling of Mary.

  27. Jamie: 19:25
    15lb overhead squat (tried 30lb squat but shoulders unstable with DBs)

  28. Mary (yesterday): 14:47

    Jamie (today): 14:19 with a 45# bar

  29. Mary of course! 16:42

    Thanks for the birthday shout out!

  30. The Heather!

    25 Shoulder Press 40 pounds
    25 CFSU
    25 Tricep Presses
    25 Kayaks SU
    25 Chest Press 40 Pounds
    25 V ups
    25 Tricep Presses
    25 Fingers to toes SU
    25 Should Press (40lb)
    25 Back Extensions

  31. didn't do this monday-marking this for the weekend!

  32. 13:12 approx jamie. My runningtracker errored out so i did an extra 400 m by accident. Overhead sq ended up mainly on shoulders

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