Thursday 03.21.13

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating each round
15 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 01.09.12


  1. 15 rounds plus pu and squats for 16th round.
    All bpu, modified one leg squats

  2. I'm not sure I kept track of rounds accurately. After 20 min I counted 11 complete rounds with squats and push-ups complete for 13th round.

    1. Hi Denise. I would love if you would google or Facebook "The Toni Donato-Bolis and Baby RJ Foundation" to learn about the dangers of texting and driving. Just something to always think about. Thanks 🙂

      If anyone else would like information, please let me know.

  3. 17 rounds plus 4 push-ups
    Gpu; regular squats and some lunges; crunches and cfsu

  4. 13 full rounds
    Did my first 5 ever bpu…yay! All others were gpu.
    Modified single leg squats using pull-up bar and jump rope
    Csu as rx'd

  5. finished 14th round at 20:17
    modified one leg squats (more of a lunge)

  6. 17 full rounds plus push ups and squats for next round
    All boy p/u

  7. 8 squats short of 13 rounds
    Mpu and modified one legged squats

  8. Ran 1.25 miles

    14 rounds plus push ups and squats
    A few rounds of boy pu, mostly gpu
    Modified one legged squats

    Then ran another 1.25 miles

  9. This is awesome. My pt just told me I need to do all my crossfit leg work, one leg at a time. Good timing.

  10. 22 rounds
    Boy push ups

    my left legged squats are definately weaker than my right leg.

  11. 13 rounds all boy pu held on a dresser for all the one leg squats, but tried to get low.

  12. as rx'd plus all standard push ups
    17 full rounds plus pu, squats and 9 cfsu

  13. 14 Rounds

    For the first time… ALL Unmodified Push Up's!

    Praise God for Good Health!

  14. 13 rounds
    6 rounds BPUs 7 rounds GPUs
    Very modified one legged squats. Ouch!

  15. 14 rounds plus pus and squats.
    1st 4 rounds, modified one leg squats, regular squats for the rest.

  16. 20 rounds, plus the pushups and pistols for the 21st round. Finished the sit ups after the timer though.

    I did the pistols with a chair.

  17. 11 complete rounds, plus 5 push-ups and 1 1-legged squat. I reset my timer and completed the 12th round, going over 1:12.

    I modified pistol squats by using a chair – I used my vanity stool. But still had to hold on to my treadmill handle for balance.

    My thighs are screaming!!

  18. 15 rounds completed going 5 seconds over.
    First attempt at one legged squats, so I'm sure they were pathetic, but I did them! All boy PU!

  19. 10 rounds with full rom on the one legged squats. Killer workout for my thighs

  20. 8 rounds
    regular squats for 2 rounds
    My legs feel like jello!

  21. 11 rounds PU + OLS (mod). 10 rounds CFSU.

  22. 18 rounds
    14rounds boy up/ 4 GPu
    7 rounds 1 legged squat as best I could, 11 rounds reg squat
    Sit ups as rx'd

  23. 12 rounds at 20:13. Gpu.

    Did a brick workout prior (bike then run – triathlon training) for a total of 75 minutes so was pretty tired upon starting the WOD.

  24. 20 rounds & got through pu & 5 pistols into 21 rounds.
    Bpu modified pistols with door handle
    Legs feel stiff, dripping w sweat thx!

  25. Sorry read my hash marks wrong! Did 15rounds, 5 pistols into 16th round

  26. 10 rounds as rxed-pistols are no joke!! Last round with 20 regular squats-so 11 rounds total

  27. 11 rounds gpu and assisted situps. Did this one right after Wednesday WOD. So I was a little slower then I wanted.

  28. Went 20 seconds over to finish the situps on my 15th round. Did boy pushups.

  29. 14 rounds
    Did 30 sec planks for sit ups. 13 weeks prego so no more sit ups for a while.

  30. First timer; trying to get in shape after baby #4
    8 rounds
    modified squats
    planks for last 2 sets

    Ummm, this was hard. I have lots of work to do!

  31. Didn't do for time, just did as many as I could in the time I had. Did 4 total rounds, then total of 20 more OLL on each side and 10 PU, all BPU.

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