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Thursday 03.14.13


3 rounds, 21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Thrusters, 20 lbs (total)
Butterfly sit-ups

It will look like this:
21 Thrusters
15 Thrusters
9 Thrusters
repeat entire thing 2 more times.

Compare to 01.05.12 (even though none of us did 3 rounds!)

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 19:21…wow… Followed by 10 mins of yoga with my lil guy!

  2. 11.22
    26 lbs, 12 kg
    On first round did the 9 reps with 35 lbs, 16 kg

  3. 27:27
    Full squat and extension every time
    Going to attempt 13.2 as rx'd hopefully tomorrow.
    75# shoulder to over head will be a challenge for me!
    Wish me luck!

  4. 31 mins
    35# thrusters
    have a head cold..not a whole lot of motivation..was so tempted to scale back the weight..stuck it out though and finished!

  5. 13:02
    1st round 30#
    2nd and 3rd #20

    good to be back!

  6. just realized the weight was suppoed to be 20#. how did i read 35#?! good grief!

  7. 10:40 as rx'd. working my way to full squat. Today was a challenge for me, not much energy during my workout.

  8. First crossfit ever! 19:30 with 8lbs dumbbellls, so does that mean 16# total? Oh and I did crunches on the last round. Thanks jenni!

    1. Yes. 16 lbs was the total weight you lifted so that would be total weight.

  9. I'm back!
    3 rounds

    really had to talk myself into a third round but I did it!

  10. oops – am only now realizing I did it wrong. I only went through the 21-15-9 cycle once but am now showered so it's what it is. 4:44

  11. I like this challenge it's really motivating:) I should do a challenge too! I'm also CrossFiting and blogging, but in Poland 🙂
    Greets from Warsaw!

  12. 14:35 with 25lb dumbbells to failure, then dropped to 15lb dumbbells

    Lots of baby/dog/little miss interruptions this morning!

  13. 3:45 w/ 25 lbs… just realized I did this wrong, I did one set of 21-15-9 instead of 3.

    Then I ran a mile on the treadmill.

  14. 13:01 Not bad, not great. My sit-ups got worse but my thrusters got better – go figure!

    All thrusters w/24#.

    Sweaty, sweaty, sweaty = happy, happy, happy! 🙂

  15. 9:31 as rx'd!
    lungs burning, sweaty shaky mess, but I did it. 🙂

  16. 11:04 did scissor kicks instead of cfsu. sweaty and feeling good, didn't think i could get through it!

  17. 14:20
    Did front squats instead of thruster…my bad. I'm still learning the crossfit lingo. That's okay my shoulders were sore from yesterday's workout.

  18. 9:29 (crunches–can't do sit-ups after back surgery)

  19. Brand new member =) WOW!!
    Used 15lb for each bell and did whole routine..although took me longer than most 19.32..but did it =)

  20. 15:16…first xfit wod…holy s***!!! Felt great though!

  21. 9:09
    Subbed push press for thrusters (knee)
    Love to still sweat when I'm laid up 🙂

  22. One Round:

    21 MInute Jog
    21 CFSU's
    15 Minute Jog
    15 CFSU's
    9 Minute Jog
    9 CFSU's

  23. 18:21
    35# thrusters!
    1 mi. run before
    1 mi. run after (very slow! 😉

  24. Ran 800 meter to warm up
    Wod as Rxed 14 minutes flat
    Ran 800 meters for cool down
    I hate sit-ups!!!! Great workout though! Thanks Jenn!

  25. 17 minutes. really focused on my thruster technique. Getting stronger!!! 🙂

  26. 17 minutes. really focused on my thruster technique. Getting stronger!!! 🙂

  27. 10:15. Halfway thu switched to crossfit crunches 😉

  28. so didn't do this right. Will do on Saturday! At least I got a mini of this in on Thursday followed by some soccer! 🙂

  29. 19:43.
    I did the first round in a little over 5 minutes, so I thought I might finish faster than this, but I was moving so slow by the end!

  30. took me about 20 minutes. Hard to gauge because my kids were literally climbing on me during the sit-ups. But I did 25# thrusters.

  31. 13:06, but there was a BIG break in between the 21 and the 15 on the last round. I had to take the garbage out to the road and save my seedlings from the incoming storm. Other than that, as rx'd.

  32. 12:47 with 10lb weights since that's all we have at home 🙂 still a great workout and I'm feeling great!!

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