Tuesday 03.05.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
100 meter Walking lunge
50 Squats

 In the walking lunge the athlete should strive to
 keep the torso perpendicular to the ground.
no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep


  1. 16:34. I completed WOD in track across street. If you are wondering how many walking lunges are in 100 meters-I counted between 90-100 (each step as 1 rep) for each round. That was a tough one. After workout it was a chore to just walk!

  2. 20:00. Did 100 lunges each time. Did this yesterday and can barely walk today. YIKES!!!

  3. 16:18 walking lunges are not my friend. Did the best I could but my extension looked nowhere near the picture. One day 🙂

  4. what would you sub for the running? I'm home with two kiddos and can't get away for the running part. If I jump rope, how much jumping is equivalent do you think?

    1. Katy- what is the weather like in your area? I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old with me right now. Put them in a stroller with snacks and park it in the grass. Run back and forth on your street. My kids are riding jeeps while I run around them. 🙂

  5. 16:15. With 60 walking lunges each round. I have very long legs….tried to gauge what 100m would be based on ~5ft per lunge

  6. 20:38
    Worked hard on form, knee touched or almost touched the ground on lunges and broke parallel on squats 🙂
    Holy jello legs!

  7. 14:03 didn't go as far down on the walking lunges as in the pic. I was already tired from spin class.

  8. Ran 4 miles


    I am sure we will all be feeling the lunges later today and tomorrow!

  9. Kimberly: sorry but your conversion is a little off, there are 328 feet in 100 metres. 1 metre=3.28 feet.

  10. Oh, and changing it to yards doesn't make a huge difference, there are 109 yards in 100 metres…so that's not to far off 🙂

  11. 35:23
    I must be reeaally slow….seriously, you women are amazing!!
    I did 100 walking lunges each round. Really tried to work on form. First two sets got down or close to the ground on each one. The last round wasn't so hot, but I was over it by then! 🙂 dripping in sweat and probably won't be able to walk tomorrow!

  12. 18:00 2 rounds 100walking lunges each round. Figure it would take me about 27 min if I finished 3rd round just ran out of time.

  13. 24:30. Wow. That was much harder than it sounded.

  14. 100 walking lunges. Read it wrong! 20:53. Ran 3 miles first

  15. 24:58 Those lunges killed me. Form was just like the picture. Legs feel like jello already.

  16. 25:30 subbed the last 50 squats for push-ups. My legs wouldn't work for the last squats. Don't know if I will make it back upstairs today 🙂

  17. 12:50 but I was definitely not going all the way down in my lunges.. didn't want to hurt my knees! Did about 65 lunges each time, long legs!

  18. raining this morning so I had to do an indoor workout…did the 2/1/13 workout that I missed while sick

  19. Run portions on treadmill
    100 lunge steps each time
    squats as RX'd

  20. Modified Due to knee:
    25 Crossfit sit ups
    7 Push ups
    25 Tricep Rope Oulls (40lbs)
    7 KTE on bench
    25 V-ups
    7 KB Swings 920lbs)
    25 Kayaks


  21. 17:18. 100 lounges each round. And I thought I couldn't walk after yesterday's workout! Ouch!!

  22. 25:27 All on the treadmill. Loved feeling the burn in my legs every second of the WOD!

    1. Never thought of using the treadmill for the lunges but that is a great idea!

  23. 18:04.7 Day 1 of CrossFit and legs are feeling like Jello. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

  24. 21:27 – I set a personal goal of 20 minutes, so I wasn't off by much!

    VERY happy to say I ran at 5.2 speed! I'm getting faster…like a cheetah! lol

    OH! I don't get to say this much…AS RX'D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 15:13
    As RXed.
    I have extremely long legs (3 foot inseam) so it only took me 63-66 steps to get 100 meters.

    1. Jenni-that 36" inseam means you did far fewer lunges than us short, 30" inseam peeps! No fair! Haha 😉

  26. 21:43 first round as rxd, second with 75 lunges and 30 squats, third with 50 lunges and 30 squats.

  27. 15:12 but no runs.

    4 loops around the house each round for lunges.

  28. 21:37. My quads are buuuuurning!!

    I'm with Jen Morse on this one! 😉

  29. About 32 mins. My daughter got ahold of my phone and locked it. I was using it for my timer 🙁

  30. 25:33
    Used an indoor track and one lap is ~250m so did that for ease of measurement. 100 walking lunges but couldn't go down all the way. I accidentally did 30 instead of 50 squats.

    Ran a 30 min run/walk combo beforehand.

    Not sure if I'll be able to walk out of the gym to my car!!!

  31. 21:20
    treadmill run, and did 100 lunges, because I have short legs:-)
    haven't felt this wobbly since my first week; I loved it!

  32. Pushed kiddos in the stroller- approximate distances and 100 lunges per round. Around 13:00

  33. 19:06. Did 100 lunges, but I have long legs like jenni so I could have done less. Oh well, great work out!

  34. AHHH! 22:53! I was actually clapping and snapping on the last 50 squats. Luckily I was indoors and didn't freak anyone out. LOVED IT!!

  35. 22:35 omg no kidding legs are jello. I hate runnung but was actually sad when i was done because i hated the lunges so much

  36. 14:03
    subbed 100 jump rope jumps for 200m run. Too cold and dark outside!

  37. Three Rounds for Time:

    25 CFU's
    7 Push Ups
    25 Tricep Pulls 40, 30 & 20 lbs
    7 KTE"s – Bench
    25 V-Ups
    7 KB Swings 20lbs
    25 Kayaks


  38. 19:00 minutes- 60 lunges per round. Legs are tired and already sore!

  39. 18:21
    No idea what 100 m looked like. Ran 400m first round then counted out 100 lunges and used it as my 100m estimate.

  40. 20:35, only did 1/2 the lungs on 3rd round. 1 min jump rope for run.

  41. 13:51
    Ran an extra 200 at the end to loosen my legs up (if you can call it running, felt more like a hobble!)

  42. 24:54 Did 100 lunges each round. Glad I'm just comparing to myself not the other times posted for this workout…

  43. 17:36

    Wasn't sure how to measure 100 meters so I did the length of my house 5 times each for a total of 15 times since we had the 3 rounds.

    The fat on the sides of my hips hurt so badly right now and I did the workout like 4-hours ago. Definitely going to feel this one tomorrow.

  44. 30 minutes. Measured and calculated 126 revolutions on elyptical=200 meters, 10 times back and forth the length of my family room/foyer = 100 meters for walking lunge. Hoping to improve my time!

  45. OH MY QUAD! As Rx'd, yippee. 60 lunges and focused more on quality than quantity. Lol the running was the easy part!! 25:00

  46. 22:45

    100 lunges ea round…couldn't measure out yards in the gym..

    ugh..Im going to hurt

  47. 15:35 mostly ran, WL-32,20,20, BPU-10,10,10,
    Squats as rx'd

  48. Pat – 13:30
    Maria – 17:11

    We did 65 walking lunges each time we both have long legs 🙂

  49. 25:44

    Why wasn't this a hero WOD?

    80 lunges in 100m for me.

  50. Got a phone call at the end and couldn't check my time. Somewhere under 20:00

  51. So, in the "proper posture" pic, is her knee supposed to go past her toe like that? WAY back in the day they taught us not to do that. But then, there is a whole new school of thought on squats now (going lower than horizontal) so maybe I'm just behind the times on lunges, too….

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