Monday 03.04.13

Hero WOD

3 rounds for time of:
30 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
30 Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20 lbs
30 Box jump, 18″ box
30 Push press, 20 lbs (total)
30 Jump rope
30 Push-ups
10 Front squat, 30-60 lbs (total)

In honor of U.S. Army Specialist David E. Hickman, 23, of Greensboro, North Carolina, who died on November 14, 2011, in Baghdad, Iraq, from wounds suffered when
insurgents detonated an improvised explosive device near his vehicle.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep


  1. 19:50 but I need to read my writing better and trust it. Basically I did 30 front squats on 1st 2 rounds because I didn't pay attention. Then on 3rd round I was looking at workout and said wait a minute! Ugh! 1st round I used 60 lbs on 15 front squats and gave that up for 40 lbs for remaining squats. Push-ups were girly.

  2. 17.50
    6 kg, 13 lbs thrusters for wall ball shots
    16 kg, 35 lbs sumo dl high pulls
    12 kg, 26 lbs total for push presses
    16 kg, 35 lbs front squats the first 2 rounds, last round 20 kg, 44 lbs

  3. 26:31
    15 lb sumo and push press
    Shorter box jumps
    20'lb font squats
    Girl pu
    Great workout!!

    1. Tuck jumps sub for box jumps, 8 lb medicine ball, and 20 lb front squats.

  4. first time back to crossfit since I had my 3 year old. 30 minutes today, but I was down to 5# for everything by the second round and I did girl PU

  5. 16:40
    8# wall ball, 25# deadlift, knee tuck jumps (due to rain on box), 25# PP, 35# squats…I am DEAD.

  6. 22:15
    12# wall ball
    30# on everything else
    Half box jumps / half step ups
    Half girl / half boy push ups
    Last round only did half reps (out of time)
    Great workout!

  7. 21:24 this one about killed me!
    10 pound wall ball
    8 lb dumbells for the rest of the exercises.
    First round did half boy/girl push-ups and I accidentally did 30 front squats. Last two rounds I did girl push ups (and 10 front squats;)

  8. 22:18 shoulder press instead. Those box jumps really slow me down, awesome workout!

  9. 18:22 – wall balls
    25lb sdlhp
    30 tuck jumps – no box
    25lb push press
    40 jr w/o rope
    30 GPU
    45lb front squats
    Jelly legs 🙂

  10. 32:43
    Thrusters for wb 10#
    Sumo 15# kb
    11" box last 30 had to run up
    First set push press used 20# then had to drop to 10#
    Jump rope as rx'd
    20# front squats

  11. 17:36
    Thrusters with 10# dbs
    sumo 10# dbs
    step ups 2nd stair for box jumps
    Push press 20#
    jump rope
    30# front squats

  12. 24:50
    20# wall ball
    25# sumo and push press
    17 inch chair for box jumps
    30# front squats

    Then 2.2 mile run.

  13. 16:41
    20 lbs. all
    Wasn't planning on washing my hair today, but now that I am drenched in sweat, guess I have no choice! Great work-out!

  14. 22:39 I also was doing 30 front squats and couldn't hold the 2 20lb weights that long so went down to 20 total. On last round figured out it said 10, did those with 40lb. Pushups were half on toes, half on knees. I'm quivering, and felt a little nauseated at the end.

  15. 25:18 this one was hard!
    Subbed thrusters for wall ball
    Box jumps varied between 7-10" step and 15 18" step ups on chair.
    15bpu rest girl

    Push presses were my breather. Phew!

  16. This is a question and a comment. I wasnt sure where I could post it to get a response but here it goes.
    I've been doing xfit off and on for about 1 year now. I started last April when I was 5 months pregnant until I had my baby(mostly doing modified workouts). Then I started it back up about 6 weeks ago and for the last month ive been living a paleo lifestyle mostly(probably 90/10). For the most part my body is functioning better and I can tell in the last month Ive gotten stronger when it comes to my workouts. I love this blog and follow it daily. I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning and was up 3 lbs. from the last time I wieghed. Is that normal for us women to gain weight? I was ok not losing weight and just turning my fat into muscle, but I didnt want to gain weight! I would love some input on this since I am feeling discouraged as I have changed my diet dramatically in the last few weeks and work out 3-5 times a week. I don't do very much cardio and maybe I need to. Please help!

  17. Ran 5 miles


    14lb WB
    35lb SDHP, push press and squats
    all boy push ups

    last round of WB and push ups were tough today. Great work out.

  18. 24:06
    10# wall ball
    20# dead lift
    20# push press
    20# squats

    Push ups are killing me. I can't even do girlie ones well.

  19. 22:57 40lb front squats, and my "ball" broke open halfway through the wall ball shots, so half of them were 20lb push presses instead. I injured my knee less than a week ago, so I only did about 5 box jumps each round before my knee started hurting.

  20. While still recovering from bronchitis, I will save this Hero WOD mostly because I currently live in Greensboro, NC, although I did not personally know David. Thanks.

  21. 28:10 as RX'd except for pu's, did 15 pu's/15 cfsu's.
    coming from not working out TH & Fr or the weekend, had a nasty cold. Goal to get under 20 next time!!!!

  22. 21:39

    thrusters for wall balls
    12" bj
    mod pu
    40# (rd1) 30# (rd 2&3) squats

    all else as rx'd

  23. 26:51 30 thrusters, sumo deadline high-pulls #25
    Front squat #30.

  24. 16:39
    Thrusters for wall balls, step ups for box jumps. 30lbs front squat. The rest as rx'd. Still not 100% from the noro virus…

  25. No motivation today. 2 Rounds in 15:55. Hopefully tomorrow goes better.

  26. 21:39.
    Thanks to David and all other soldiers and their families! We appreciate your sacrifice!

  27. Hurt my knee on friday in a basketball game. So I adapted Crossfit situps for Sumo, Burpees(no jump)for box jumps,Knees to Elbows instead of Front Squats. I didn't do burpees in third round…
    Sweating up a STORM!

  28. 23:30 with 30lbs on sumos and push presses, 40lbs on front squats, tuck jumps instead of box, and girl pushups. This was a killer for me, thanks!!!

  29. 22:20 but I had to moderate quite a bit:

    30 kb's
    30 box jumps
    30 calf raises
    30 push press (20 lbs total)
    30 jump rope
    30 pu's (half girl half on wall)
    10 lunges

    I feel like jello… Great workout, thanks!!!!

  30. 22:30 thrusters for wall balls, high knees for box jumps, and 30lb squats, 40 on last round. Should do 40 straight next time. ALL BPUs, I'm so proud of myself for doing all these push ups 🙂

  31. 24:30 beat my goal of 25 minutes as RXed, with stepups! Glad I'm not the only one who thought this one was tough. Had to take several breaks because I started feeling light headed and nauseous, glad this is done for today. Go us! Crossfit Mamas are awesome!

  32. 21:11. Seriously thought I was going to throw up after that last set of box jumps. I think I may hate those worse than burpees!

    Thrusters for wall ball shots
    About 35 lbs for squats

  33. 28:36
    20 lb Thrusters for wall ball
    Box step ups for box jumps
    Incline boy push ups first 2 rounds, girlie push ups the last roung
    40 lb front squat

  34. 22:55. 10lb deadlifts and push press. 20lb front squats. Girl push ups. Whew, that one was rough.

  35. Wow!!! Killer workout
    Accidentally attempted 30 front squats then cut down to 20 of everything. Box jumps are really tough right now.
    Had to really take breaks as needed.
    Time 35:55
    Used 15kb for single arm Push press
    25kb for sumo and front squat
    Modified push ups
    Jump rope? No prob 🙂

  36. If any of you ladies wear a hr monitor while doing these workouts id love to see how many calories u burn so i could get a ballpark idea of how many im burning. Thanks so much!

  37. 33:18. 15 lb deadlifts, 20 16" jumps (2 stairs) + 10 8" jumps (1 stair) each round, 10 girl push-ups + 20 counter push-ups each round, 20 lb front squats but did 20 extra reps.

  38. 27:21 – but did not/could not do pushups on round 3 – my upper body was exhausted!

    4# wall ball
    31# deadlift, push press, and front squats
    11" box jump

    Boy! Can I tell I've missed some days last week! Sucking wind, here in Georgia! 🙂

  39. 18:54
    Step ups for box jumps
    Jumping jacks instead of jump rope

  40. 22:27

    Thrusters for WB
    Step ups for BJ
    20# for front squats

  41. 26:09 As rx'd except step-ups for box jumps. Still a scaredy cat about those… GREAT work out!

  42. 28:01 thrusters instead of wall balls. Mostly girl push-ups

  43. 8 lb ball
    25 lb for front squats (not enough weight for both bars)
    Box jumps on Bosu Ball
    Rest as rx'd

  44. Caseyrengland: I wore my hr moniter just for you, I will post the calories burned soon, just have to upload the workout.

  45. Ran 7 miles this morning.
    40# sdhp & pp
    65# front squats
    12" box, I usually use 18, but they seen to bother my knee so I went l lower for safety 🙂

  46. ok no one laugh!

    35# for everything

    just couldn't find my.groove tonight for some reason.but I did get it.finished!

  47. Ok, so the hr moniter says I burned right around 275 calories. But there is no setting for crossfit, so that's an approximation.
    Sure feels like a lot more than that!

  48. 2 rounds in 18 minutes

    30 dumbbell swings, 10 pound dumbbell
    30 Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20 lbs dumbbell
    30 stair jump
    30 Push press, 20 lbs (total)
    30 Jumping jacks
    30 Push-ups
    10 Front squat, 20 lbs dumbbells

  49. 19:10
    Two Rounds Only

    I'd like to say it was due to time, however, my arms are spent! I made up that monster WOD from last week on Saturday. Even the Modified push ups were a challenge today.

    Such fun though! Cleaned up and got back to my desk, and wondered how i was going to explain the dripps coming down my face and neck. Talk about an after burn!

  50. 35:30

    as rx'd

    and just realized WOD = Workout Of Death

    haha jk this was awesome but i am deaddddd

  51. 26:13
    Lots of short breaks to catch my breath! But I finished…arms shaking and everything!
    24" box
    gpu…and they were even ugly!
    40# front squat

    Brittany: I agree, I think I prefer burpees over the box!

    *Thank you to all the service men and women who work their tails off for our freedom and safety!

  52. About 31 minutes. Started off with box jumps and transitioned to dot jumps. Started off with the weight as listed and reduced by 10-15 lbs by the end. Girl push ups. Holy cow hard workout!!

  53. 18:44 for 2 rounds with good form.
    30 wb shots 10#
    20 sumo DL high pulls, 20#
    30 12" box jumps- loved these!!
    20 push press 20#
    30 jump rope
    15 PU girl, after broken wrist in Aug w surgery can't do boy ones YET 🙁
    10 front squats 20#
    Finished w platypus(hip muscles) 3rds of 30 reps
    And streching

  54. WOW! First day back from a few weeks off and it was tough.
    20lbs all

  55. 29:42 I didn't do the wall ball shots (I don't have a weighted ball yet), I only did 10 reps each round with 10# of the Sumo deadlift high-pulls (had to be really careful due to an adductor strain), 13" box jumps, and 45lb front squats.

  56. 19:17. I honestly just want to throw up. That us definitely one of the toughest workouts I've done!

  57. 20 minutes. Modifications: thrusters for wall ball. 12inch box switching between jumps and stepups. About 20 pushups were gpu. Did 45# bar for front squats.

  58. 19:17 with one armed everything- with 10# dbl, except wall ball which was 10#.

  59. 24:04 – dripping and red of face
    12# wb
    dropped to 20# front squats and didn't realize until after 2nd round that I was only supposed to do TEN front squats – so chaulk me up for and extra 40 squats today!

  60. 25:58 45# Thrusters instead of WB. 25# SumoDLHP, 45# PP, all Boy Pushups, 45# Front Squats. Thanks. Tough one, wanted to lose my cookies. 🙂

  61. 34:00- Step-ups instead of box jumps and 30 lb. front squats.

  62. 24:45. Did step up instead of box jumps because of a bum knee. Did 50 lb front squats

  63. 20:53… g/u's, 25 lb push press, 45 pound front squat, and 25 sumo deadliest. Also thought I was going to lose my cookies and def have a hard time walking this morning!!

  64. Did this Tuesday, all exercises with 15 lb kettlebell. Thrusters instead of wall balls and 15 squats just to add a few more. Did 2 rounds and then cut the 3rd to 15 reps and 10 squats due to time. I need to work on my endurance! The last round was so much easier. 24:20

  65. Wow, you ladies are an inspiration!
    After a week of being sick and new to the game, I took 45 minutes with girlie p/ups and and 15 lb weights. Part of the time was spent double-checking the videos to make sure I had correct form.

  66. 19:12 30lb front squat. On day 5 of my Whole30. Feeling weak. Waiting for my "tiger blood" to kick in!

  67. Only got in 1 set yesterday before getting torn away- 10:39. I was bummed to get pulled away because these are my favorite types of WODs 🙂

  68. 28:00 and feeling really under the weather with hope that the workout will kick out the illness!

    Subbed Thrusters for WB(1st round-20#, 2nd & 3rd round-10#).

    Box jumps 20" (garden hose hard plastic box)

    Front squat-40#

    The rest as rx'd! Yowzer!

  69. 28:00
    18# thrusters instead of WB
    25# sdhp
    18# push press
    24" box
    65# squat

  70. 26 mins (3 rounds)

    Wall Ball – 10lbs (1st round with squats)
    Push Press & Sumo deadlift – 15lb dumbbell
    Front Squat – 45lb dumbbell
    Push-ups – modified aka girly

    Felt like dirt today – ear pressure (ear infection) and sinus infection…hard to breathe but got it done!

  71. 18:56
    8# ball
    16# for dead lifts and push press
    30# for squats

  72. 19:18 Truster for WB, step ups due to sprained ankle, Weight as Rx'd, jacks for jump rope, 30# front squat
    I felt like I was going to throw up 🙂 Good workout!

    My 10 yo son Andrew 14:24!
    Did slightly lower weight on PP and Sumo DLHP

  73. wowza.
    Felt like poo. Missed Mon & Tues workouts (I'm doing this on Wed). Have had some busy days at work (today was insane with 6 babies in less than 6 hrs!) So I am low on energy…But I FORCED MYSELF TO FINISH!
    Unfortunately had to sub d/t equipment I own.
    I did:Wall Balls with 8# ball
    Sumo D.L with 15# kettlebell
    alt. foot box jumps 12"
    1st round of Push Press did with 26.5# & could barely finish, 2nd round of p.p. did only 20 out of the 30. Then 3rd round just lowered my weight after 6 with 26.5#, went with 10# (much more doable)
    front squat 25#
    (I need to get some heavier barbells)

    *sorry for novel, but my future self will appreciate the detail. #analvirgothatIam :)(Good thing you know me in real life or you'd prob think I'm a nut!!) lol

    1. Melanie- ha! I love it. And I am super proud of you! Keep it up!!! 🙂

  74. wow must have written it down wrong..
    Thought I was only suppose to do 1 round…seemed short


  75. 27:55.missed this mon so jumped in tues,addedthis to sat. Think i hate box jumps as much as running.
    20# dl &pp
    30#front sq

  76. Unknown-
    To answer your question. I wouldn't blame the exercise or diet on your 3 lb weight gain. I can go up and down 5 lbs in a given week. I don't ever weight myself but when I do, I am always expecting a range with about a 5 lb difference. So many factors play into our weight at any given time: what we ate, water retention, what time of day it is, hormones, etc. Now if you are overweight and it had been a month and you hadn't lost any weight, that would be a different issue. But if you are just trying to tone up, lose a little fat, gain a little muscle, don't let that number bug you. Pay attention to how you fit in your clothes, how you look naked, etc. My best friend is in phenomenal shape; crossfits and runs marathons and she does nothing but get heavier. The number is going up but her body is getting leaner and meaner. I have seen a bunch of comparisons on Pinterest of girls who have gained weight but lost tons of fat and look way better after even though they weigh more. Muscle weighs more that fat. Simple as that. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  77. 26:59
    sub thrusters
    13" box
    jr without rope
    16 mil pu, the rest from knees
    forgot we were to use wts on squats, oops

  78. 26:59
    sub thrusters
    13" box
    jr without rope
    16 mil pu, the rest from knees
    forgot we were to use wts on squats, oops

  79. So read this wrong this am and only completed 1 round for 11:53, decided to finish after work completed last 2 rounds in 28:46 this was super hard arms and shoulders are jelly!!! OMG

  80. Saw this WOD come through when I was sick and committed to doing it as I live in Greensboro, NC.
    34:10-nothing fancy but done
    14# WB
    35# SDHP
    12" Box
    30# Push press
    120 jump rope
    30 gpu
    65# front squats


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