Thursday 02.28.13

5 rounds for time of:
9 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
6 Hang power snatch, 20 lbs
3 Front squats, 40 lbs

Compare to 12.27.11

hang power snatch demo:
Can use the same form with dumbbells.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food

*sorry to those of you who did this WOD yesterday! That was a mistake…me being human again, dang it! When will I get my super powers!?!? 😉 Just do Wednesday’s WOD today if you already did this one.

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  1. 3.28 5 rounds
    4.20 6 rounds

    Quick and fun,
    Only 8 kg, Almost 18 lbs on snatches,
    18 kg, 40 lbs others

  2. 6:31 with 40lb barbell. Did hang power cleans instead of snatches – oops! Not a fan of Olympic lifts for time. Would rather focus on form at a steady pace.

  3. 5:30 for all.

    I did shoulder presses instead of snatches though because I couldn't seem to get my form right and didn't want to injure myself.

    12# dumbbells for everything.

  4. Didn't realize this was not Wednesdays WOD until after I finished! 😉
    4:48 10 lb dumbells

  5. 5:01
    30 lb. deadlifts
    20 lb. power snatch
    30 lb. front squats

  6. Wait….I'm confused. Why is Thursday's wod up already? Are we supposed to do the one that says Wednesday?

  7. I was confused too and did the Wednesday one but looks like everyone else is doing Thursday?! Dunno but glad that I have Wednesdays over with! SHOO!

  8. Darn didn't see Wednesdays WOD, will have to do that tomorrow.
    4:44 20 lbs all
    6 rounds

  9. Did this workout on Wed.
    lifts 45#
    hps 15#
    squats 45#
    6:56 … it was the first time I'd ever done front squats so I did the workout again to see if I could do it faster … 6:20. 90 deadlifts in one workout – wow!

  10. 4:29. Did push presses instead of the power snatches. Just struggled with my form. But rx'd weights for all. Did this yesterday, so I'll be doing the Hero wod today.

  11. 4:20 12 lbs for all because its all I have…going to go purchase weights today!!

  12. Yesterday's workout
    subbed 3000m bike for each 1000m run all else as rx'd

  13. Ran 5 miles then

    60lb DL
    25lb snatch
    60lb squat

    **forgot to start watch

  14. 4:32. Only used 20 lbs for everything. Don't have enough equipment at home.

  15. 8:30

    I hope to get these crossfit terms down soon! I kept having to go back to the demonstrations to make sure I was doing them right.

  16. I was really really slow but I tried to use as much weight as I could handle


    60# dl
    35# hps
    60# front squat

  17. Ok, so Gina and I went to the gym today! Imagine it, there is one on the main island, but it's a 30 min ferry ride, so we generally just prefer to workout at home.
    Anywho, since we were there and had the equipment, after todays wod, we did the original HERO from yesterday, which is
    1000m row
    50 pull-ups
    1000m run
    50 push-ups
    Holy hard!! My arms are still jello! Yesterday was bad enough, but this kicked butt 🙂
    Took me 54 and some change, I erased my time by mistake, whereas yesterday took 44. My pullups were assisted but the rest as rx'd.
    Def got the burn today!

  18. 4:41, I think. I'm 99% sure that was my time for 5 rounds, but it seemed so fast I did another round just for good measure. Total time was 5:35.
    I only used my 10 lb. dumb bells for all exercises, so maybe that's why it went so fast.

  19. 11:33 as Rx'd
    I've never done a hanging power snatch or any move like it so I had my husband watch me and make sure my form was correct. By the way deadlifts are my nemesis, I hate them.

  20. 4:14
    As RXed.

    Same time as last year but with heavier weights.

  21. 2:50 – Thrusters instead of hps – all with 45# bar – looking at times maybe I got lost and only did 4…

  22. 4:27. 20 lbs for all… Really need some heavier weights

  23. 6:38

    45# deadlifts
    25# plate for power snatch
    43# front squats

  24. Forgot timer and did 6 rounds on accident, but snatch form felt off and only have 20 lbs

  25. 4:30, did 30 for squats and deadlifts, and shoulder press instead of snatches, my back has been sore. Hitting the elliptical now.

  26. 5:03 – I think? Everyone wanted to talk to me during this workout, and I kept going, but lost track of my rounds. So that was at least 5 rounds. Maybe six. And I messed up my knee pretty good yesterday, so those squats might not have been the best form.

  27. 6:34. Used 45# bar for deadlift& snatches,20# dumbells for front squats. Had issues with my form on snatches-sometimes did more like a push press but tried as best as I could for my first time doing them.

  28. Made this up today. But messed up and did hand squat cleans instead of snatches. And did everything with 20 lbs total dumbells. 3:45. Least I did something:)

  29. 8 min 115# deadlifts, 40# snatches, and 60# front squats.
    Time long because of switching weight between each lift.

  30. 5:38 only have 10 # weights gonna get more this weekend but loved it, for my arms

  31. 6:45
    Can't make 40# at home so I did:
    30#, 20#, 30#

    Still monitoring form on squats to protect knees. First time with hang power snatch so I was really careful with form there, too, ie slow.

  32. 6 min on the dot

    45lb deadlift
    20lb dumbbell hang power snatch
    45lb front squat

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