Tuesday 02.26.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs
10 Box jumps, 18 inch box
10 Bench dips
10 Butterfly sit-ups

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food


  1. So after a month of no exercise due to illness. I'm back. I did 6 rounds. The box jump was 12". Had to use the bosu to do the sit ups.

  2. 9 rounds complete plus KB and 8 box jumps on round 10.

  3. Muscle Moms In The Morning
    Heidi, Tatum, Donna
    Well… I forgot to start the timer, so we did 7 rounds in "about 15 minutes" 🙂

  4. 9.5 rounds, subbed 15 tuck jumps for box jumps (need to get a box…)

  5. Well the baby woke up so in 12:47 I did 8 rounds of kb 10#, tuck jumps, tricep dips, and cfsu

  6. 11 rounds.
    8lb dumbells
    I did tricep dips as the bench dip-wasn't sure if that was right or not. But I did it:)

  7. 6 rounds with a time out to impose a quick time out – though the chasing I had to do should just add extra cardio right?!

  8. 10 rounds plus 10 KB swings
    15# KB
    Step-ups on 17 inch chair instead of box jumps. I scraped up my legs pretty bad from last weeks box jumps, so wasn't ready to attempt them again today.

  9. 8
    10# kbs
    7" box (raining so I had to use inside step)
    Rest as rx'd

  10. 8 rounds after taking 2 weeks off. Not terrible!

  11. 9 rounds complete, but did the tenth just to make an even 100 all around. Good one. I like the shorter bursts with lots of rotation. Makes the workout go super fast!

  12. 9 rounds plus 10 swings and 7 box jumps
    15" box
    20 lb kb

  13. My goal was 10 rounds, which I completed at 14:58!
    20 lb db in place of kb
    (bench dips are tricep dips right?)
    I was just so happy there weren't burpees 🙂

  14. 9 rounds. sub tuck jumps for box jumps
    (kids worked out "with" me, so that slowed me down a bit!)

  15. 8 rounds + KB, BJ, & BD (finished the sit-ups even though I ran out of time!)

  16. Ran 4 miles then

    11 rounds
    25lb KB
    20" box

    Great workout. Now I am ready for my busy Tuesday.

  17. 10 rounds with another round of KB swings
    I was so excited because I was able to do 19" box jumps! So pumped!
    Then ran 5k!
    Love it when personal goals are met and broken!!!!!

  18. 10 rounds. Went a few seconds over to finish my last 5 sit-ups

  19. 9 rounds
    used 10lb dumbell since I don't have kettlebells and didn't want to try something heavier and end up throwing it through the window. Was a bit light so I will use 15 lb next time.

  20. Either 8.5 or 9.5 rounds. I lost count.
    16# swings

  21. 9 rounds as RX'd. While listening to Barney…not my favorite play list.

  22. Had to go a few seconds past 15 minutes to finish the 9 rounds.

    12 inch box jump.

  23. 11.5 rounds. Step ups for box jump. First day back from taking 3 weeks off for illness. Feels good to be back.

  24. 8 rounds. Had a really hard time getting motivated to workout today, but I did it and I'm so glad!

  25. 6 rounds + 10kb; 15 lb kettlebell, jumped up 2 stairs for box jump (approx 16").

  26. 10 rounds. 20 lb kettle bells 16 inch box jumps.

  27. 9 rounds with ten pound weight for kettles. Threw in one extra round after the clock, just to make them all an even 100 reps 🙂

  28. First time ever had to use my coffe table for my "box" did 5 full rounds in 12 minutes. I stepped on the "box" instead of jumping.

  29. 10 rounds to the second
    20# KB
    16" BJ (first two steps of staircase)

  30. 10 full rounds with 15" box jump/ 20lb kettleball
    Plus 10 kettleball swings and 5 box jumps

  31. 10 rounds plus KB, BJ,and 3 bench dips.
    20 lb KB
    I finished the eleventh round after the buzzer jsut because I couldn't leave it unfinsihed.

  32. 10 rounds. Full paint can for kettlebell

  33. Had to go a little over to finish 9 rounds. My OCD won't let me stop without finishing a set lol. 15# kb 15" step for bj

  34. 8 round+. Doing yoga and other workouts to mix things up a bit. Appreciate all the time you put into posting good workouts.

  35. 20lb DB instead of KB
    Used Bosu as box for box jumps
    Dips with legs extended
    7 rounds plus 5 swings

  36. Second workout from your programming! Thanks for the good workout! I completed 9 rounds with a 25 pound kb and a 20 inch box.. Everything else as Rx.

  37. 7 rounds with 25# kb. Sub jumping jack for box jumps- no way after three kids I can do those with dignity.

  38. 8 rounds + KB swings

    20# KB (heaviest to date!)
    More true box jumps than I've ever done in a WOD yet!

  39. 10 rounds in 15 min & 5 seconds-had last 5 situps to do when timer went off. Used 20# dumbell, 18" box

  40. 7 Rounds
    Finished them 30 seconds after buzzer
    Used 12" Box Jumps, first time jumping higher than 6".

  41. 7 rounds, tuck jumps instead of box jumps, rest as rx.

  42. 20 min on Elliptical

    6 rounds –
    step up instead of jumps…bad ankles

  43. 8 rounds. Alternated between 18" chair step ups and 10" step jumps.

  44. 6 sets
    2×8# db, chair step up/down in lieu of box jump

  45. 7 rounds, this was my first time to do an actual box jump!

  46. Either 6.5 or 7.5 rounds. To be honest, I lost count. But I'm pretty sure I didn't make it to 8.

  47. 9 Rounds! I subbed in 10 step ups on each side instead of box jumps. Followed by an hour cycle class!

  48. ~11 rounds (finishing sit-ups when timer went off)
    20# KB swings
    18" Lateral jumps (Should have a box jump by the end of the week)
    triceps dip instead of bench dips

  49. 11 rounds plus kb swings and dips
    25# kb…jump tucks for box jumps

  50. Did this workout on Thurs. 3 dips and set of situps shy of 9 rounds. Finished them after the buzzer.

  51. 5 rounds. 20lb dumbell, double box jumps since it's only 9".
    I just started last week and I've really concentrated on my form. I felt really confident today. I'm really going to work on speed next time!

  52. Went over 24 seconds to complete 7 rounds!

    15.5# kettlebell swings
    11" boxjumps

    Sweating up a storm!!

  53. Step up due to knees. 5 rounds and a set of kettlebells complete. Did on Saturday. Missed it on Thursday!!!!

  54. 9 rounds + [kbs, bjs & triceps].
    Almost 10 rounds!

    15# kb swings
    tricep extensions @ 7#
    13" box

    Subbed triceps extensions due to shoulder injury. Took me a bit longer than it would have as rx'd because 10 dips can be done faster than 10 extensions on the rt side followed by 10 ext on the left.

    I am doing all CFSUs now!

  55. My son jace did it. Wanted me to post his scores. 10# db. 18" box. 12 rounds & on his 6th box jump of next round

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