Thursday 02.21.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
18 Box jumps
15 Knees to elbows
12 Push-ups

Compare to 12.26.11

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day


  1. 10 full rounds plus 1 minus knee to elbows; did 30 floor kte at the end to finish. No box, subbed tuck jumps. Sweaty 🙂

  2. 13 rounds plus 18 tuck jumps. Subbed tuck jumps for box jumps,knees to elbows on ground and boy push ups. Holy abs!!!!! I'm so glad I forced myself out of bed, loved this one.

  3. 6! First experience with box jumps & knees to elbows (jumped first two stairs of staircase)! Thx!

  4. 9 or 10 rounds, I'm 99.5% sure it was 10. 🙂 k2e on floor. Boy push ups:P

  5. 8 rounds plus 12 p/u and 10 box jumps
    Girl p/u
    18" box step ups/jump down

  6. 11 rounds but used Liebert Equalizer for tuck abs. The pull-up bar is upstairs and 2 year old will follow me up and down stairs 10 times or so. It was easier on both of us 😉

  7. 8 rounds
    Used 11" step for box jumps, jumped first three rounds then stepped up after that.
    K2e on floor

  8. Wow I am a little embarrassed reading all these numbers!! This was my second day ever doing crossfit and I am loving it so far.

    Anyway, I did 4 full rounds plus 18 box jumps and 10 KTEs. Honestly, the hardest thing for me was how much it hurt my hands to hang from the bar! Is that just something you get used to?

    1. I bought weight lifting gloves … They don't cover your whole finger. They help just enough that my hands don't hurt or slip.

  9. 9 rounds plus box jumps and 8kte. Finished 10th round after time. Box jumps on step half bpu half girl, half kte on bar half on floor.

  10. 12 rounds
    jumps first stair
    k2e 2 full sets on pull up bar knee lifts to 90 degrees, 3 sets half on bar half on floor, remaining on floor
    bpu elevated on second step

  11. 15 rounds

    20 inch box jumps
    k2e on the floor
    boy pushups

    WOW! First time using the 20 inch box my hubs made. Tough…but awesome workout.

  12. 7 rounds
    Added 18 walking lunges at end of each round
    15 PU / 12 K2E (read it wrong)
    All boy push ups

  13. Struggled today, but got 8 rounds plus the box jumps and 12 k2e on the 9th round. Finished up the k2e and push ups after time.

  14. 10 rounds
    Didn't have a bar to use today. So I decided to sub situps. Rest as RXed

  15. 10 rounds. 16 in box jumps. All gpu's. I really don't like knee to elbows.

  16. 8 rounds + 18 box jumps
    no bar so k2e on floor
    all girl push ups
    New to the workouts so nowhere to go but up, right?

  17. 10 rounds. Bottom step, 5 bar knee to chest (well close), gpu. The bar is hard! I bought a kettle bell 2 weeks ago…can't wait to use it!

  18. 11 almost 12
    1 step box jump
    knees to elbows on the floor
    GPU and BPU's

    Thanks for the great workout!

  19. 9 plus 8 box jumps

    trying to catch up so doing 2 a day (been on a skiing vaca) and did last Weds which had KTE also. OUCH!!!! I am all KTEd out. Just glad my hands didn't rip open.

  20. I still had 1:10 left after the seventh round, but the baby had climbed onto a box she was about to fall off of, and then was mad because I took her off. By the time that was settled, I was done with the wod. So 7 rounds it is.

  21. 9 rounds
    11.5 inch box jumps
    Knees to elbows on the floor

  22. Hi, I am just starting cross fit today. Any of you have any pointer you would like to share to help me get started? How do you keep yourself motivated? Thanks. I am excited to get in shape.

  23. 6 complete rounds with 32 seconds left, but I refused to start another round because I knew I'd have to finish it! lol

    I was very proud of myself until I saw the numbers everyone else was posting. I really worked by ass off today, so I'll take it anyway!

    11" box jumps – still need a bigger box
    Knees to Elbows on the bar, but were ALL knees to boobs!
    Hey – at least the pushups were easy!! 😉

  24. Swam 1650 yards this AM.

    WOD in PM:
    7 and 1/3 rounds.
    Subbed k2waist and tricep dips.

  25. 6 2/3 rounds
    Mod box jump to 13" step-up (well, jumped but just one leg at a time).
    First round did Tuck Jumps (instead of box jumps) but they we too hard for me!
    Then I accidentally did 18 step-ups on EACH leg for round #2. Doh
    And as for K2E, I just did them as high as I could (couldn't get to my knees all the way to my 'bows).
    Did 40 CFSU's after timer went off.
    And also walked 4.5miles prior to this WOD 😉

  26. 10 rounds step ups and k2e on floor…. 5 rounds byp and 5 rounds gpu thanks great workout!!!!

  27. 10 rounds

    box jumps on stair
    5 k2e and 10 crossfit sit-ups each round

    I just got a bar and can't do that many k2e on the bar like I could on the ground. And I start swinging after a couple. 😉

  28. I called Uncle after 6 rds! KTE on floor, bpus!
    13 min. Ugh!
    Great wod!

  29. 13 rounds plus 16 step ups
    Step ups instead of box jumps..
    Half gpu and half bpu!!

  30. 6 1/3 (18" Lateral jumps instead of box) rest as RX'd

    Curious…*I know I could do more rounds if I did knees to elbows on the ground or did girl push-ups, so I was wondering if it matters if you do more rounds with modifications vs. less rounds as RX'd??

    1. I am wondering the same! Better to do less rounds as rx'd, or better to do more rounds w/ modification?

  31. 12 with tuck jumps and I did KTE on a bench.
    I did not want to work out, I was tired and grumpy. SO glad I did. THANK YOU JENNI!

  32. 8 rounds with 12 seconds to spare. KTE on the ground. BPU first round, then GPU.

  33. Went to 20:16 to finish 10 rounds. Tuck jumps, K2E on floor, GPU.

  34. 8 rounds with 18 additional box jumps k2e on bar but I can't quite make it all the way to the elbows yet… I will get there though!

  35. I got through 10 minutes (3-4 rounds) of it before company came so tonight after eveyrone left I did arms and some cardio.

  36. Personally…I think as long as you're doing something, then good for you! And if you're challenging yourself,that's even better. I know I have done knees to elbows both on a bar and on the floor, and even though the ones on the bar are WAY harder, the ones on the floor left me more sore. Go figure. Do what works for you and be happy with that! 🙂

  37. 9 round plus box jumps and 6 K2E

    Subbed mostly step ups on an 18" chair…got a few jumps in there
    first time really working on K2E…it took a lot to get the rhythm down but once I did…I rocked those K2hips!!! haha

  38. 12 or 13 rounds
    Tuck jumps with legs at least 20" off ground
    K2e on ground

  39. 6 Complete Rounds, plus
    18 Box Jumps: BUT…


    Most of the PU's were Modified

    The Knees to Elbows were modified by using a sit up bench, layed on it backwards and pulled up my knees to my elbows…. on most of them anyway….

    Box Jumps were ALL on a 6" Box.

    Weak I tell you, WEAK! I am scared to death to try a larger box, but i'll have to graduate some time…

  40. 12 rounds
    As RXed at 9:00pm after a steak and broccoli at Chili's!! Glad I didn't puke.

  41. 9 rounds
    10" box
    I did kte in plank position with a foam roller, but I don't think my abs engaged enough.

  42. 25 km XC skiing and then 9 rounds, 2 rounds I had to do floor k to E since my arms were hurting too much from hanging from under the stairs.

  43. 6 rounds in 15:50. Knees to waist, gpu. Box jumps on bottom 2 steps of stairs.

  44. We lost count and also had to scale down. Probably did about 10 rounds but after 1st round began doing K2E on floor, and used 12" step at first few rounds for box jumps. After a few rounds had to go down to step-ups so went back to the 18" box for those.

  45. 7 rounds, K2E were knees to chest (first time doing those on the bar) and I had to take breaks to get 15 in each round. all boy push ups

  46. Realized I hadn't posted when I checked today's workout. 10 plu 18 box jumps.

  47. 8 rounds – first time to do box jumps the right way!!! I'm improving:). Oh and bpo only half the time

  48. Did 5 rounds in 10:03 … All I had time and energy for today
    K2E on the floor 15 each side, box jumps on 2 steps (about 15"), knee PUs
    Anna 5 rounds in 13:06

  49. 11 with 42 sec to spare (modifications: KE on ground and GPU)

  50. 9 + box jumps(18")
    K2e's are consistently to my shoulders now! Take more time, but can sure feel the ab work!
    2 rounds mpu's, rest were on knees…

  51. Andrea Palm-
    That is a great question. I will address this on our Facebook page as well.
    The goal in Crossfit is to not have to modify and to continually progress in speed, form, endurance and strength. If you are always modifying to go faster, you will never get any better at the RXed way. So the answer is, take a worse time by doing what is RXed to the best of your ability, knowing that each time you try, you will be getting better and better at that exercise. It is like always doing crunches instead of sit-ups or always doing floor KTEs instead of on the bar, you will never get stronger at full sit-ups and strict KTEs if you are always subbing with something else. The only way to improve it to keep attempting them. I would rather not complete a WOD that finish with a great time with tons of modifications. Don't choose the easy way. 🙂

  52. 5 rounds
    KTEs on the floor (really need to invest in a bar)
    box jumps,used my bottom step which is 9". Did double amount since I was cheating a bit.
    Boyfriend has agreed to make me an 18" box for workouts! Progress!

  53. 6 rounds + 18 box jumps + 11 K2E (on the floor)

  54. 6 rounds 24" box…..huge killer! Gpu

    Jenni–Great answer in regards to modifying or RXing. Forced me to appreciate my big box!

  55. 4 rounds with 45 sec to spare. The KTE killed me, used bar as RX'd. KT armpit more like it. Stopped with time to spare because my hip was popping… I'm getting old!

  56. 9 rounds
    I was hoping for 10 but those pushups slowed me down… maybe next time!! 🙂

  57. 8 rounds
    3 round boy pu
    3 round girl tricep pushup
    2 round regular girl pushup

  58. 7 rounds

    I have fewer rounds because of your Facebook post about not substituting. Instead of doing KTE on the floor, I actually bought a pull-up bar and did 5 each round on that bar, then 10 on the floor. 5 were really hard for me, but at least I did it. I will keep trying until I can do all on the bar.

  59. 7 rounds in 15 minutes….i was running late so in a time crunch, great workout!

  60. 7 rounds in 15 minutes….i was running late so in a time crunch, great workout!

  61. Definitely late on this one. Did it instead of today's running one because its pouring out! Did 8 complete rounds with ten seconds to spare.. couldn't keep going at that point! Did boy pushuos, tuck jumps, and probably only knees to chest/shoulders.. those kill me!!

  62. 9 rounds subd floor knees to elbows no box subd high tuck jumps and dripping sweat!! Arms are jelly!!!

  63. 7 rounds exactly. I pumped out the last push up as the timer went off.

    30 military push ups, the rest from knees.
    Plank K2Es, which husband shames me about but still kicked my butt. We have rings outside but it's cold in STL!

  64. 7 rounds, plus jumps and k2e of 8th round. (still finished the 8th round after time)
    Mother in law is back in town (sigh…) and she's staying in my workout room, so lots of modifications. Tuck jumps instead of box, k2e on floor, push-ups on knees (that's not my mil's fault, I just can't do that many boy push-ups).

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