Monday 02.18.13

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
50 Squats
30 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups (jump up, slow down or reverse pull-ups)

Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day


  1. My second day of your crossfit workouts. I made it through the series 4 times. Thank you!

  2. Muscle Moms In The Morning:)
    Heidi 5
    Tatum 5
    Donna 5
    Katy 5
    Boy push ups, pull ups laying on bench

  3. 4 rounds +an extra round of squats. Did tricep dips since don't have access to pull up bar or bench, boy push ups.

    This is my first workout back after 3 weeks of being sick and wanting it again. I am so glad I'm back 'on the wagon'.

  4. 4 rounds +an extra round of squats. Did tricep dips since don't have access to pull up bar or bench, boy push ups.

    This is my first workout back after 3 weeks of being sick and wanting it again. I am so glad I'm back 'on the wagon'.

  5. 5 rounds. My arms were DYING! 😛 I did pull ups for the first two rounds, and then I did rows with the resistance band around my feet for the last 3 rounds.
    I did 3 rounds of boy push ups. Then on the 4th round I did 20 boy push ups and 10 girl. On the last round i did 15 boys, 15 girls. My arms are hurting really bad:( which… I kind of like;)

  6. 2 3/4

    all girl pu

    did reverse pullups using picnic table on the front porch as I don't have a bar yet

  7. 2rounds with a third round of squats and push ups. My first day ever. It was seriously tough.

  8. 4 rounds + 50 squats
    girl p/u
    and omitted 15 pull ups since I don't have a bar
    tried to do 45 pushups but didn't happen 😛

  9. 4 rounds as rx'd, went 16 seconds over to finish pull ups. Last round was in Turbo mode to finish in time! Killer workout!

  10. 3 rounds

    tridips for pullups

    its obviously been a while since ive done pushups-they killed me every. single. round. my arms are jelly

  11. This was my first day! I love this blog and seeing all of your rounds is inspiring! I will get there some day!

    2 rounds
    tricep dips instead of pull-ups

  12. 5 rounds minus 3 pull downs finished them in 5 sec.
    squats with 20# bar
    lat pull downs underhand grip with 50# in place of pull ups.

  13. 5 mile run then…

    4 rounds (went about 20 seconds over to finish)

    all boy push ups
    unassisted kipping pull ups on bar

  14. 5 rounds
    2 rounds reverse 3 rounds jump up slow down for pull ups

    I hate push ups

  15. Finished 3 rounds in 14:05. Girl push ups and assisted pull-ups. Wow to those of you who did 5 rounds!!

  16. 4 rds squats and 10 pu's on rd 5. Gpu's on most, and lifted 10 lb weights in pull up position.

  17. 3 rounds plus 22 squats
    dips for half of pull ups.

  18. 5 rounds
    all gpu
    subbed skull crushers for pull ups – no pull up bar at work.

  19. 5 rounds – subbed lat pull downs on machine.
    arms are shaking!

  20. Saving for another day…I just got home from spending the day with my daughter. She had an ultrasound done this morning – first grandchild due on August 27th! 🙂

  21. subbed tricep dips for pull-ups

    2 rounds + 50 squats

  22. 3 Complete Rounds plus
    -50 Squats
    -20 Push Ups

    Note: All Push Ups and Pull Ups were Modified and still… I can barely life my heavy arms to type!

    To Good Health, Cheers!

  23. 3rds+squats

    Subbed 60lb lat pull down on machine for pull ups

  24. Ran 2.5 miles then 4 rounds… Only 10 pull ups and push ups on knees….wow

  25. 2 rounds, plus the squats from the third round. Should have finished the third round after time, but I was running so late this morning, I just didn't. I figured 150 squats, 60 push-ups and 30 pull-ups was good enough for a quick day. It sounds like a lot when you put it like that.
    Push-ups on knees.
    Jump-up, try to provide resistance on the way down for pull-ups.

  26. 2 rounds plus squats and push-ups
    all girl push-ups and assisted pull-ups(green band)

  27. 4 round even.
    Going out for a 20-30 minute run/walk with kids.
    Beautiful Texas Afternoon.

  28. 2 full rounds and crunches for last minute or so….ugh slow day

  29. 3 full rounds
    bent knee dips for pullups

    15 min elliptical

  30. 2 rounds + 20 squats. Subbed tri dips for pull-ups. Hubby did 3 rounds & probably could have squeezed in at least more squats but quit w/ 30 secs remaining. My upper body is weak! The majority of that was trying to eek out my second round of push-ups. That probably took 5 mins!

  31. 2 rounds plus 50 KB swings (20#). My legs were shot after 100 squats 🙂

  32. In 12 min: 3 rounds + squats and push ups

    My boyfriend and i decided to go for 15 min and i got in 4 rounds + squats and 16 pushups

    Subbed jumping pull ups

  33. 3 rounds and 50 extra squats. Those last push ups were a killer. Did tricep dips because I do not have a bar.

  34. 4 rounds plus 29 squats. Boy push ups, pull ups on my treadmill! Killer!

  35. 4 rounds (modifications: GPU and band instead of pull ups)

  36. 4 rounds boy push-ups assisted pull ups

  37. 3 Rounds. I have been down with flu for 2 weeks. Feeling like i went way backwards …. 🙁

  38. 1st day for this mama…wow I am so out of shape!
    3 rounds plus 50 squats and 10 push ups. Reverse push ups and all girl push-ups. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  39. 3 rounds plus 40 squats.
    Girl pushups.
    Dumbbell rows instead of pullups.

    3mile run after…my legs were DEAD!

  40. 4 + squats, 25 one armed gpu, one armed assisted pull ups

  41. 4 rounds,
    Jump pull ups. All boy push ups.
    Did this on top of Tuesday WOD.

  42. 3 rounds plus 50 squats, 15 bpu, rest on knees. Pull ups were so much easier this time!

  43. Wow day late but did 3 rounds and squats of next.

  44. 3 rounds plus 50 squats
    Purple band first pull up round
    Green band 2nd and 3rd pull up round

  45. 3 rounds
    Boy pushups & all none assisted pullups (lowering slowly down)

    The pullups are what slowed me down the most.

  46. Did 3 rounds in 8:13, then was interrupted. We did upright rowns instead of pull ups. 30#

    Anna, almost 3 rounds in the 12 min. 15# rows

  47. 3 rounds. Girl ups. Week break from being sick. Feels like I'm starting over!

  48. 3 2/3 rounds. Girl pushups and chair dips in place of pull ups.

  49. Did this one on Saturday.
    5 rounds + 50 squats, had a few seconds left I could have thrown in a couple more pushups but was dying.
    All boy pushups and incline pullups.

  50. Spent the day running, tromping, trudging through the snow, climbing steep hills over and over with the kids sledding. Don't want to miss out on this WOD though so making up on Saturday.

  51. This was my FIRST ever crossfit workout! I was able to do 3 rounds of everything and 4 of squats. I did assisted pull ups and modified push-ups. It ROCKED! Thanks!

  52. Katie 3 rounds plus 1 extra pull ups horrible form
    Danielle 2 1/2 set of pure awesomeness threw the hat off and everything !!!!!

  53. 3 rounds + squats. Subbed lat pull down for pull-ups.

  54. 3 2/3- got all but the pull ups on the last round. Have a climbing hang board for pull ups and they are mean. Jump pull ups rounds 2 and 3. Round 1 took a lot of time figuring out just how pull ups would work.

  55. 50 squats – 3 rounds
    30 pushups – 2 rounds, plus 18
    15 pullups – 2 rounds

    I went ahead and finished the 3rd round – adding an extra 1:28 to my time. I also did reverse pullups using my treadmill.

  56. Finished 4 rounds, but then when I checked my timer, it hadn't started! Argh! But I think that was about 12 minutes. In any case, my arms were so dead I wasn't going to get much more out of them!

  57. 2 and 2/3 after time fished the full 3 round. Although doing girlie PU the first set I was able to bang out 15 st8 without taking a rest before completing. I feel great already noticing more strength. Did knees to elbows on the floor no bar at home.

  58. Three full rounds and squats and 15 push ups of the 4th round

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