Wednesday 02.13.13

2 rounds for time of:
100 Jump rope
50 Shoulder to overhead (shoulder press), 20 lbs
25 Knees to elbows

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake


  1. 7:49 as RX'd. Almost gave up on 20 lb shoulder press. That was tough. KTE were on bar but also tough. Jump rope was the rest here. Thank you for workout.

    We have had stomach flu here since Saturday, early morning so I've been absent a couple days. I will need to catch up this weekend.

  2. Wow, arms
    are wobbly! 9:26 k2e on the floor with a pushup. Great workout, thank you!

  3. 7:25
    No rope (subbed jumps on floor)
    K2e on floor
    Did third round for total time of 10:32

  4. 8:01
    KTE on floor- still not sure how to do those correctly. 🙁
    Arm press 8 lbs and then 5lb dumbells bc/ those KILLED my arms!! 😛

  5. I always forget to post time so today I'm remembering!


  6. (day 2)10:58; 10# shoulder press, K2E on floor with bar

  7. 11:48; 10 lb shoulder press 1st round, 10 lb then switched to 6 lbs 1/2 way through 2nd round. K2E was hanging but only did leg lift.

  8. 9:37. K2E on bar, 15# for shoulder press (ouch!).

    Piggy-backed Monday's WOD afterwards:

  9. 7:45…as RXed..had to take a breather on the shoulder press..yikes!
    K2E on bar!! :o)
    Then ran 5k

  10. Did yesterday's WOD 4 rounds 7:07 to complete last round.

    9:06 today's WOD. 15# dumbbells on first set shoulder press plus 17 of second set then dropped to 10#. KTE on floor.

  11. Northglenn Mamas

    Shawntae, 8:30
    Janel, 9:10
    Erica, 10:44
    Courtney, 12:40
    Beth, 14:17
    Meagan, 10:32

  12. 10:52
    I don't know how everyone wasso fast! I could barely hang onto the bar after those shoulder presses
    My hands must be weak because I always struggle to do more than a few ktes at a time because it hurts my hands 🙁

  13. First time! Only did 10lbs each ARM, 25 shoulder presses second time around.

    6:31. Thanks!!

  14. First time! Only did 10lbs each ARM, 25 shoulder presses second time around.

    6:31. Thanks!!

  15. First time! Only did 10lbs each ARM, 25 shoulder presses second time around.

    6:31. Thanks!!

  16. OK, hopefully next time I will beat my time.
    K2E in plank. all else as rx'd.

  17. 8:44
    25 reps with 20lbs then the rest with 10lbs for shoulder press

  18. 10:25. The k2e are what slowed me down a little. Using the pull up bar, I could feel my shoulders working along with my abs.

  19. 8:10. 25 with 10 lb dumbells rest with 5lb dumbells. Reverse crunches for kte

  20. 8:28 can barely type this!
    first round, mostly 20 lb shoulder, 2nd round 10 lbs
    jumping jacks, no rope
    how am I gonna pick up my baby from his crib??

  21. 10:45 subbed chest press on floor for shouldering press in round 2. K2C on floor.

  22. 10:15; did 100 jacks, then half with five pounds. Had to drop weights because I teach three hours of violin today and need to not drop my instrument! Did my first k2e on the bar! Ten each set. Now that is amazing to me, i needed that motivation today!

  23. 10:35 – I am so uncoordinated with a jump rope! I'm sure I wasted a couple of minutes just untangling myself.

  24. 13:34 I agree Amy! How did everyone go so fast?
    10 lb dumbells for shoulder press.
    Next time I do jump rope I need to put on my shoes, my toes hurt! 🙂

  25. Ran 4 miles…
    Sounds kinda slow…but I used
    35# for shoulder press
    toes to bar
    and did 200 jump rope (because the original asks for double unders..)

  26. 9:27

    I got done and jumped straight in the shower, but almost couldn't scrub my hair because my arms hurt so bad!

  27. 9:22 (ground for KTE) first round 20# then after 10 on second round switched to 12#.

  28. 10:31 k2e on floor, started with 10 lb dumbbells but changed to 8.

  29. 7:13
    Jumping jacks for rope…2nd rd w no arms
    #15 press, could not have done more!
    KTE on floor

  30. 8:13
    Shoulder press turned into push presses.
    Mostly knees to boobs.

  31. 8:52

    10lb shoulder press
    Kte on bar … Only used bar once before so slow on those.

  32. You guys that did this in the 6-8 minute range have impressed the HELL out of me! My first round alone was 8:19! I rested for a full minute before starting round 2.

    Total time – 17:25

    Jump rope with a rope, but barefoot!
    24# Shoulder presses.
    Knees to elbows were knees to just below my boobs on the first round, and knees to just above my waist on the second round.

  33. Holy cow my arms feel like jello! 12:41 with 10# dumbells and K2E on floor.
    Me + jump rope = hilarious you tube material

  34. When you do Knees to Elbows on the floor, are you doing plank knees to elbows or like bicycle knees to elbows on your back?
    Thanks for the help!

  35. 8:12
    k2e on floor
    10#dumbbells and got all reps in! feeling strong!!

  36. Wow, great job all… it took me 11:42, and I couldn't pull of the K2E, but found online that the first step towards that is knee tucks on the bar. Still had to take breaks though. Second day for me, thanks for another great workout!

  37. 5:32. But realized I did push press instead of shoulder press..oops. K2e in floor..
    Gonna do some Zumba and then tackle shoulder press!!

  38. 13:45 with 2nd round 10# presses , with jumping jacks for jump rope & K2E on floor for both rounds.

  39. Duuude. Killer. Ugh.

    10:17 25lb press for 10 reps/15lb for remainder both sets

    K2E on bar

  40. 6:12 high knees instead of jump rope. 10# dumbbells for shoulder press. Totally did kte wrong after looking up on you tube. Good workout regardless.

  41. first timer! 8:40 w/ jumping jacks for jump rope and modified K2Es on pull up bar (per demo video). had to switch from 10lb dumbbells to 5lb for 2nd round. form was getting bad and it hurt my lower back. hoping to improve enough to do 10lb no problem!

  42. 7:10

    Accidental modification…oops. 20 shoulder press instead of 50 and k2e on the ottoman with incline.

  43. 10:52 with knees to boobs/shoulders and push presses instead of shoulder press. Broke those exercises into sets of two because they wore me out!! Whew!!!

  44. 22 minutes, this was my first ever workout for crossfit, very new to the game. I used 10# DB for shoulder press did 50 both times, 25 K2E on the floor with lots of breaks. I hope I get better!!!

  45. time from yesterday
    jump ropes as rx'd
    shoulder press 10#
    k2e on floor

  46. Did this after today's WOD, so I skipped the jump rope. 7:16 with 20 lb presses and k2e on floor. So hard not to get my legs involved on those last few presses.

  47. Did first Thursday WOD, rested 2 min, then this.
    About 8 minutes,
    Did presses with 35 lbs, only 25 reps
    Instead of knees to elbowd did 50 cross fit sit ups, on the snow and men heading to ite hockey practice were quite amused.

  48. 6:48
    Presses with 10 lb dumb bells (40, then 30 reps) & standing knee to elbows

  49. Opposite of Imagination- I would recommend plank knees to elbows for people subbing but only until you can get a pull up bar ($30 at Target). Here is a demo: http://youtu.be/M1GLCBjqrd8

  50. 8:52-floor k2e and 8lb weights for shoulder presses.

    You all inspire me! I may always be the last to do the workout and be sporadic but seeing all the posts motivates me to do what I can. Thank you!

  51. 9:50. Had to lower weight on push press could not do 50… Knees to elbows on floor….

  52. Today was a bad WOD I was sucking wind usually take Wednesdays off and do them on Saturdays but going out if town on say. Time was 14:50 10# dumb bell shoulder press really worked in form subd jumping jacks fro jump rope and floor k2e not hanging bar at home and doubt I could do if I had one. Still feel great getting this wod in but wish I would have done better on time.

  53. 9:34 but I only did 65 of the overhead presses.

    Never crossed my mind that I wouldn't be able to finish those until I got to 30 and had to start breaking into smaller and smaller increments with rests. Whew! I could have maybe done more than 65 (but prob not all 100 before fatiguing out) but I was pressed for time today so I didn't have all morning to baby step it along.

    Plank K2Es. After this WOD I tried 3 K2Es (on rings) and they are way harder than the plank version!

  54. I've been sick for 3 weeks. Decided this would be my ease-back-into-it WOD
    20# shoulder press for first 20 each round, then 10#
    knees to elbows on floor with foam roller

  55. 10:01 KTE were more like KTwaist rest as Rxd

    Josh: 20:00 with 40# for shoulder press

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