Tuesday 02.12.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
7 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
20 meter Sprint
14 One legged squats
21 Jump rope 
20 meter Sprint
Post rounds completed to comments. 


no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake


  1. 3 rounds, 60 sprinting butt kicks instead of 20 meter sprint.

  2. 4 rounds, only 15 lb deadlifts, 20 "hockey-skaters" replaced 1st sprint, 50 jumps on tramp replaced jump rope and second sprint
    fighting a cold and dealing with sick kiddo so a short workout is good.

  3. 5 3/5
    26lb deadlift
    sub jacks for jump rope
    guessed the length for the sprint??

  4. 2 rounds but Ithink Iran extra Iran a total of half a mile. Using a treadmill and it doesn't have meters so Iran half laps

  5. 4
    12 lbs. for dead lifts
    Probably not full ROM on single-leg squats
    All else as rx'd

  6. 3 1/5 rounds. 30 lbs deadlift and 60 sprinting butt kicks instead of 20 M sprints.

  7. 3 1/2. I subbed 100 high knees(1 count per each foot landing) for the 20 meter sprint, but I think it was too far, based on the amount of reps everyone else has done thus far. Still, It was a short, intense workout.

  8. 4 rounds — 20lb deadlifts, sub 30 steps running in place for sprints, beginner one-legged squats
    3 mile run

  9. 3 rounds, +deadlifts and high knees
    75# dead lift
    40 high knees for sprint
    42 reg jump rope, instead of double unders…

  10. 3 rounds. 7 push ups instead of deadlift, 20 high knees instead of sprint.

  11. 3 rounds. 7 push ups instead of deadlift, 20 high knees instead of sprint.

  12. First time participating!

    I completed 3 and 4/5 rounds in 7 minutes (20# for dead lift, jumping jacks instead of jump rope).

  13. 4 rounds and on the last sprint for round 5 when the timer went off. Completed 5 full in 7:06.

  14. 6 full with 5 seconds to spare! Did regular squats so I think that's why I got to 6.
    All else as RX'd. Ran length of basement twice for 20m sprint.

  15. 4 rounds

    Not sure if meters were exact. I didn't want to pull out the treadmill for that little so did some laps around house.

    30 lb. dead lifts

  16. Did twice through:
    Round one made it through 4 and a half rounds
    Round two made it through 5… barely. Thanks for a great workout!

  17. 3 1/2 Rounds everything as RX'D
    Then did yesterday's WOD did it in 17:56 including the 2 min. breaks. Lot's of good running today!!!

  18. 6 rounds as rx'd, not sure if the one legged squats were correct, switched the leg on each round

  19. 4 rounds. Did normal squats. Not sure what my run was since I'm on a treadmill. I guessed.

  20. 5 rounds. High knees instead of sprints. 16 lbs for deadlifts.

  21. 3 2/5 rounds
    50# dead lifts
    OLD onto chair
    I think I was running farther than 20 m

  22. 5 rounds. Only had 25 lbs for dead lifts. I could only do every other squats one legged because of a hurt knee. Those were hard to get very far down.

  23. 1.25 mile run first, then

    6 rounds on the dot
    with 60# DL

  24. 3 rounds +deadlifts and butt kicks
    40 butt kicks for sprints
    60# deadlifts

  25. 3 plus dead lifts -#35
    40 high knees for 20 meters
    Jump rope in place, best I could one leg squats

  26. 5 rounds – short one 20 meter
    down/around/up stairs for 20 meter
    regular squats
    jacks instead of jump rope

  27. By the way, what is going on with the leg of that guy in today's WOD picture? 🙂

  28. Subd 20 sec of high knees for run and regular squats for one legged ones all else as rx'd. Had to go over 20 sec to get in 3 rounds

  29. 3.5 rounds in the allotted 7 minutes. I went ahead and finished up to bring it to a full 4 rounds.

    One-legged squats were with my holding onto the wall, and not going very far down, but boy did my thighs feel it! lol

    44# deadlifts
    1st round tripping over jumprope, so I ditched it for the remainder and just went through the motions!

    Treadmill for sprints…2 "blocks" = .0124/mile (20 meters)

    Cannot believe how much I was sweating from this short workout!!

  30. 3 rounds in 8 minutes, pretty sure my sprints were more like 40m.

  31. 4 rounds. Thank you Becky for the subs!!
    20 skaters
    50 jump ropes
    Not full rom on squats

  32. 7:20
    3 rounds
    25 jumping jacks instead of sprint
    one-legged squat holding onto something

    15 minutes on elliptical

    Having a hard time with chocolate challenge..to much valentines candy around…ughhhh
    At least I'm working out!!

  33. 2 rounds rx but ran 321meters instead of 20. Need to check conversion before starting next time!!!

  34. 5 rounds. substituted 20 high knees for 20 m run. fun!

  35. 4.5 rounds. Combined the runs into one 50ish metre sprint since I was on a track and it didn't work to do 20m sprints.

    One legged squats were pretty shallow- but i could definitely feel my core kicking in, so that was a good sign!!

  36. 4 rounds. 20# deadlift, high knees instead of sprints.

  37. Ran a mile interval jog/ sprint every 20m. Little man wanted to come along so the workout was much shorter

  38. 3 rounds.
    Never did the 1 legged squats before & took too much time trying to get it right. Still don't have it down but tried!

  39. 6 rounds. 20lb for the dead lifts. Totally approximated the distance on sprints. And those one legged squats are killer. Whew, my balance sucks.

  40. 6 and 2/5 rounds. Probably didt squat as far as I should with one-legged squats.

  41. 4 + 7 deadlifts

    Buttkicks instead of 20m sprint. Not sure if I "sprinted" 20m.

    30lb DL

  42. 5 2/5 Jumpjacks instead of rope, sprint through the house with a few stairs, not sure of exact distance 🙂

    Anna (My 17 yo friend) 4

  43. Completed this after Thu and Wed WODs. 2 min rest between, couldn't time so did 7 rounds as RXd

  44. Wk 3, day 4
    4 rounds, 15 20lb DL, 20 high knees for sprints & 21 Jacks for rope.

  45. 65 lb dl
    Not sure on distance for sprint bc I was on treadmill and it kept turning off in between.
    3 rounds

  46. I'm pretty sure I did 4 rounds, but I can't remember. I did this one last Friday, but forgot to post. Mother-in-law visiting, so my work-outs were all off-schedule this past week.
    30 lb. DL.
    Subbed 20 jacks for sprints.

  47. 3 rounds subd runningy stairs 4 times for sprint, regular squats versus 1 leg, since meniscus repairs in both knees can't had the weight on singles yet and subd jumping jacks for jump robe. Overall even with subs and only a 7 min workout legs are jelly.

  48. 4 rounds + dead lifts.

    One-legged "pistol" squats were a no-go so I tucked my leg back and could get about half-way down and up (without balance support). Hopefully will get all the way down someday!

  49. 2 round of 14 DLs with 20lbs, 10 JJs, 14 1-legged lunges, 21 mountain climbers, and 10 JJs. Today my heart just wasn't in it. I wasn't pushing myself very hard or fast.

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