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Monday 02.11.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes

Compare to 09.07.12

“My name is Dasha ( I am Russian) and my way to fitness is a long story –
from being half a pound short of 200 lb at my heaviest the day I went in
labor with my youngest (of three) child to being 119 lb after 2 rounds
of HCG and completing P90X 2 years later and capturing the crown of Mrs.
Alaska United States 2012. In short, I have been addicted to HIIT
since September. I now have found an affiliate at Elmendorf AFB and do
WODs there 3 times a week and twice a week a follow the WODs from your
blog. Here I do a 195 lb. deadlift PR. I would have never thought that I
could lift a weight equal to the weight of my husband and that of my
son combined! It is because of your blog I got hooked on HIIT and I see myself doing this for the rest of my life!”
no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake


  1. Rd 1. 4:30
    Rd 2 4:32
    Rd 3 4:31
    Total time inc 2 breaks was 18:01
    Great workout!

  2. 24:24, you ladies are impressive with your running skills! Seriously, I've got a long way to go to catch up.

  3. Ran 820 meters (because the loop is long!)
    4:26, 4:08, 4:03
    Then 100 row and 50 thrusters (because my husband challenged me!)

    1. Don't know how you do it Britta. I guess having a passion for it helps but man you are fast!

    2. Britta- I am going to pass out…..I BEAT YOU!!! You must have the flu or something. 😉

  4. Total time : 19:19 inc 2 breaks
    I have no idea my lap times..that felt SO good after spending 38 hours of the weekend with no power! we had a massive winter storm, as I'm sure everyone in the north east is aware of! I think I broke most of the challenge rules! I ran out of decaf coffee so I caved and drank the real stuff! boredom set in after the first 12 hours so I caved and drank beer for entertainment! lol I am so glad that weekend is behind me and I can get back to real life!

  5. Dasha's story is so inspiring, isn't it? And Gina–without power for 38 hours, that would be so so hard!
    I don't have a place to run right now, so I did aerobic stuff (jumping jacks, run in place, anything I could think of to change it up) for five minute intervals and rested two minutes between.

  6. 4:08
    I actually did 4 sprints, but when I started for my first rest my garmin hadn't picked up the gps, so I just started over. Continued on to do a total of 5 miles, in about 47 mins 🙂
    Since me and Gina live in the same place, I also was without power for 38 hours, which was basically the whole weekend. We had a helluva blizzard!!
    So I broke all the rules, except eating after 8 and drinking soda! It's hard to be very disciplined when life pretty much stops for 2 days!
    Making up for it today!! 🙂
    Good luck everyone

  7. Ran 4 miles then…

    3:01 (Ugh, goal was under 3:00)

    I didn't trespass on the HS track by jumping the fence today. I ran on the middle school track which isn't as nice but atleast I wasn't breaking any rules.

    Glad to hear that Gina and Jen (and anyone else) have their power back. Glad to hear you survived!

  8. 4:56

    interrupted by a thunderstorm halfway thru second so had to go inside for third. ran circles in living room for 5 minutes

  9. I did an 8 mile training run today (1hr, 16min). Will piggy back today's WOD on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  10. 14:27 total for run. Lost track of individual laps after the first lol

  11. 6:02

    With 2 2 minute rests for a total of 18:52. Super happy with that since I'm getting a head cold. Almost didn't do it.

  12. 11:21 Didn't do the rests. . .I was short on time. Ran an additional 1 mile though. Felt Good! 🙂

  13. 13:48 including 2 breaks. Laps were 3:16, 3:16, and 3:15. Seemed a little fast so I measured it out and each lap was a little short of the full 800, probably more like 700m. Darn!!

  14. 4:20

    Total time – 20:57

    You're supposed to add the last 2 min break to your total time right?

  15. Ran in the gym and added stairs. 5 stairs plus run = 800m.
    12 times around gym =5:15 a bit more than 800m
    That note is for me, trying to distance things correctly.

  16. 4:47

    Neighborhood. Many hills. (had to walk some up hills)

  17. 5:00

    A little improvement each time works for me!

  18. 21:35 total time with breaks. Felt great! I love feeling myself improve my endurance! Thnk you!

  19. 27:01 total time
    21:53 treadmill time

    YES! My breaks were longer than 2 minutes, but…I DID NOT DIE!!! lol

    Jen M and Gina T – can't imagine that much snow, NOR 38 hours without power! I like Georgia snow – it arrives and sticks around for a day or two (if that), then it's outta here!!!

  20. 12:33 running, 16:33 with 2 min walking rests- totally winded, don't usually do 7 mpm. Time for yoga.

  21. 19:32 Made it under 20 minutes!Good start to the week! And I…somehow…ran faster each time!

  22. 19:06. Was almost above freezing so I decided to run outside for a change. Good day for a run Jenni! Thanks!

  23. 6.59
    With 1 min rests. On elliptical. I feel like these times are off or my machine is off because I was hauling it the whole time.

  24. Newbie here… .875 mile x 3 treadmill. 8:30, 8:10, 7:56. 2 min rest in between. Used to long slow runs – this was tough! Looking forward to improving!!

    1. I think 800 meters is .497 miles. You may have done nearly twice the work!

  25. 20:00 exactly. Didn't time individual laps after the first, which was just at 4:00. Husband did it with me today, & he didn't time, but came in 2 or 3 mins under me. We used the stairs in our house, divided in half & did 32 sets up & down for each 800m.

  26. 850 meters each run. Total time including two 2 minute rests was 21:01.

  27. Wk 3, day 1
    Still not a runner! Did 4 laps total rather than 6, 13:xx, not counting 1 minute break, ran and walked (ran the most yet). Then did 12 bpu, 12 cfsu, 10 bpu, 10 cfsu

  28. Used treadmill and just took enough of. Break to do 5 push-ups and 10 squats. Took about 20 min. Then ran another half mile and did 20 min on elliptical. Great workout today.

  29. Had my 11 yr old yellow lab with me on first round. Then I had to ditch him b/c he slowed me down!

    1. Also added 3 rounds of:
      8 prisoner lunge twists
      15 mountain climbers
      15 sumo squat thrusts

      (For my muffin top!)

  30. Rd 1–stopwatch didn't start–estimate 5:15-5:30
    Rd 2–5:46
    Rd 3–5:32

  31. 7:05

    did 1/2 mile–880 instead of 800

    Im slow but getting stronger….I happy that I'm running at all. Can't wait til this comes around again so I can see my improvement.

  32. 2:31

    This was way harder than it looks on paper! Great workout! I may or may not have lost my dinner….

  33. Wasn't able to get out for a run(would have been great for it too)
    So I did Friday's workout
    Hoping to get the run in on Wednesday

  34. 16:30, not sure of each round, but I know they got faster with each round

  35. 14.33 total time. I did not keep track of the individual 800 meters but I averaged 4.77 per 800. My running is getting better.

  36. 18:30 6 straight miles on bike @ 100+ rpms
    Leaving the house for a run to avail today.

  37. 5:28 (had to take a slight break cause my 9 month old thought she could get on the treadmill wih me, and didn't stop the clock)


    Some of you are super fast, I want to be like you when I grow up… Haha

  38. 4:54
    17:42 total. Less than 2 min rests
    Then…. 50 CFSU and 40 Lunges

  39. Forgot to post my times yesterday! Took advantage of the great weather we're having and ran outside for the first time in months. The distances were approximate, and I was pushing the stroller, walking for the rests in between.

  40. 4:18, 4:10, 3:51. I definitely should have been running faster on the first two if I had enough gas to cut my last split down that much. Oh well. Next time!

  41. Didn't time, XC skiied 14 km, with 3 hard sets of 200 pushes/400 kicks freestyle, active rest 100 pushes/200 kicks. Hard yet fun in wet snow.

  42. 17:12, approx 4:30 half miles (7.0 on treadmill). Goal is faster next time!

  43. Today is WOD make up day for me…..it has been a crazy week!

    Now on to Tuesday….. :/

  44. 5:21
    I tried to sprint faster in the last two rounds, but that just resulted in me having to stop and walk for a few short breaks. I know 800m is supposed to be a sprint, but that's really far for me!

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