Wednesday 02.06.13

For time:
20 Front squats, 40 lbs
30 Box jump, 18 inch box
40 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
50 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball

 Hiit Mama Denise
"I can climb the rope at my school now because of your workouts!
Thanks! The kids got a kick out of seeing Mrs. Grimshaw climb the
rope! Thanks again!
no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. ran 3/4 miles then…
    20 fs with 10#
    30 box jumps (11") first 10 jumped and ran up last 20
    40 kbs, 10#
    subbed thrusters for wb, 10# for first 20, then 5# for last 30

  2. 5:39 20lb thrusters sub for wall shots. Tuck jumps for box jumps as rx'd.

  3. 4:11– 8lb front squats
    10 pound (dumbbell) kettle bell swings
    15" box jumps, ran on and off for 20 and jumped on/off for 10
    10 lb wall ball

  4. 5:00
    30lb front squats
    Step for box jumps (really need a box!)
    Thrusters sub for wall ball

  5. Day 2 is completed! I had to make a few modifications but …

    5:39 completed 🙂

  6. 4:34
    The 18" box jumps are so hard for me. My feet just don't want to get up that high. I ended up doing step ups/jump down.

  7. 3:48
    20 lb kid on my shoulders for squats
    12 in box jumps
    16 lb kettle ball
    16 lb thrusters for wall balls

  8. 6:27- Subbed 30# for front squats, and thrusters for wall balls.

    Followed WOD with a 5 mile run.

  9. 5:10
    15# bar for front squats(my gluts are tights!)
    steps up for Box Jumps
    15# thrusters for wall ball

  10. 8:07
    Accidentally did 40 front squats so did 20 kettles
    10 in box
    10 lb thrusters for wall balls

  11. 5:10 – 40lb front squats, 10 lb thrusters for wall balls, and 20 lb swings. I am still such a chicken about those box jumps! One stair is all I could muster. I know it's all mental, but how do I get over it?

  12. 5:03. Had to do 50 lbs on squats, need to buy 20 dumbells. Box jump 16 in.

  13. 5:51 subbed 20# thrusters for wall ball. Plus 1.37 mi run

  14. I did yesterday workout today, but had a funny story so thought I would post it on todays so you could enjoy 🙂

    Funny story from today:
    So was out running, and wearing my "Crossfit Mamas" shirt, and I already know that the nationals think I am crazy (no one runs for "fun" here!), but I was getting some funny looks. Now, here in Mozambique the trade language is Portuguese, and the tribal language is Makhuwa. I was running by a school, where a group of Brazilians had come to help teach. Then it dawned on me… in portuguese, the word "Mamas" means "breasts"! I was wearing a shirt, with words across my chest that boldly announced to all who saw me that I had "CrossFit Breasts"!!! I had a good chuckle, and I am not sure I will be able to wear this shirt again around people that have Portuguese as a first language!

    1. Love that story! I grew up a missionary kid in Kenya but don't get to hear fun missionary stories very often anymore!

  15. Ran 4 miles


    50lb squats
    25lbs KB
    20" box jump
    14lb WB

    **Becky, Wouldn't that be great if all this work gave us "CF breasts". Loved your story!

  16. 5:18. Used 20lbs kettlebell and sub wall ball for dumbells thrusters.

  17. 7:32. Subbed tuck jumps for box jumps and thrusters with 16# for wall balls. Thrusters were hard today! I think my back and shoulders are still tired from all the bpu's yesterday.

  18. 5:18

    40# fs
    12" bj
    15# db for kb
    10# th for wb-shoulda done more weight 🙂

    -Becky, your story made me laugh out loud, thanks for sharing!

  19. 6:48. 12 in box jumps, thrusters with 5 lb dumbells.

  20. 2nd WOD…9:42
    16 lbs. for squats
    box jump to 2nd stair
    16 lb. dumbbells instead of KB
    stuffed animal for wall ball shots

  21. 5:30
    15lb dumbbells for squats, kettlebells
    Step ups for box jumps
    Thrusters for wall balls

  22. I also had to makeup yesterdays and then do this one.
    16" box rest as rx'd

  23. 6:11 – Used two 10lb Dumbells , sub Step Up Step Down for Box Jumps.

  24. 7:59.9!
    My goal was under 8 minutes, and I just made it!
    30# front squats
    Box jumps on 8" step
    20# thrusters for wall ball

  25. 5:50
    35# front squats
    18 in step ups
    15# thrusters subbed for wall ball

  26. 5:40
    40 lb squat
    20 lb kettlebell swings (dumbbell)

  27. 5:06 with 45 lb overhead squats and 15 lb wall ball

  28. Becky, love the story!!! i could use some crossfit breasts myself!

  29. 6:56

    20lb squats
    Box jumps on stair
    10lb kettleball
    20lb thrusters

  30. 5:24 (minus a few seconds for turning on timer). Improvised equipment: 35# bar for squats, 15# dumbbells instead of kettlebell and 8# medicine ball.

  31. 5:00 min. With 10 pound squats and 10 jumps, rest steps. Ran 2 miles after, it's beautiful and sunny outside!

  32. Did yesterday's workout this morning and this one this afternoon.

    20 front squats – 35#
    30 step ups – 20" box
    40 kbs – 20#
    50 wall ball thrusters – 15# medicine ball


    This one hurt the lungs!

  33. 6:15 – Not too bad! I'll take it.

    44# front squats
    11" box jumps
    15.5# kettlebell swings
    4# wall ball shots

    Time to invest in a bigger step and heavier ball! 🙂

  34. 6:12- 30# fsquats, had to hold on for box jumps, but did them all, rest as rx'd. Whew!

  35. 5:17 with 2 10# dumbbells for squats
    12# kb
    Sub thrusters with 2 10# dumbbells for 1/2, 2 8# for half

  36. 3:40 – 45# squats/30 knee tucks – no box – kb as Rx/thrusters with 16# dumbells total – off to run 2 or 3 miles.

  37. 6:18

    20# front squats
    ~12in box jumps (20 steps, 10 as rx…first time!)
    10# KB swings

  38. W2,D3. 5:45
    20lb squat (most have)
    30 on 1st step (less than half step ups)
    10 DB swing
    50 10 lb thrusters for wallballs

  39. Good WOD! 8:30, subbed 1 step jumps for boxes. 20# KBs, and 15# WBs.

  40. 7:18

    Accidently did deadlifts instead of front squats…haven't quite got the lingo down yet.

    #8 ball (only one available at gym

    followed by 15 minutes on ellipitcal

  41. 6:15 but I went in backward order, 20# KBS, & 20# squats bc that's all I have. Also did step-ups for box jumps. Did yesterday's about 2.5 hrs ago. I am wiped.

  42. 5:45
    30 lb front squats
    box jumps on a step
    20lb kb
    14 lb thrusters.

    First time jumping on all the jumps!

  43. 5:44
    20 lb front squats
    30 step ups for box jumps
    10 lb weight for kettle bell
    50 thruster with 10 lb, don't have weight ball

  44. 5:10. 45# squat. Subbed 10# thruster for wb. Attempted box jumps, but legs are dead and want safe to do more than five. Did half as step ups on 18" & half as jumps onto 12"

  45. 5:10. 45# squat. Subbed 10# thruster for wb. Attempted box jumps, but legs are dead and want safe to do more than five. Did half as step ups on 18" & half as jumps onto 12"

  46. 4:29 with squats as rx'd, doublet tuck jumps, 10lb KB, and only an 8ft wall. So thankful for a Shorty today!!!!

  47. Haven't been able to get these in the last week. 🙁
    Time: 5:38

    24# front squats (only have 12
    # dumb bells)
    Don't have a box yet, did 30 steps onto a mini tramp
    Used a 12# dumbbell for swings
    Did 50 ball shots w 8# ball

  48. 5:32, held 40 lb daughter for squats,15" box jump, 30 lb kettle bell, subbed thrusters for wall ball 30 lbs. sweaty! Denise, you look so cute climbing that rope!

  49. 4:18

    Front squats 18 kg, 40 lbs
    Swings 16 kg, 35 lbs
    Thrusters instead of wall ball shots, 6 kg, 13 lbs

    Quick and fun 🙂

  50. LeeMac- don't focus on getting your feet up, focus on your knees. Get your knees up.

  51. 6:51. Wow! A nice short butt kicker! I was panting!
    40lbs. front squats, 24" box, 20lbs. swings

  52. 6:51. Wow! A nice short butt kicker! I was panting!
    40lbs. front squats, 24" box, 20lbs. swings

  53. 30 front squats with 10#
    50 high jumps in place knees up
    60 kettleball swings 10#
    60 thrusters 10# dumbells
    12:58 arms burning legs feeling tight and loving it

  54. 8:00

    Pat – #65 – FS, #25 KB
    Maria – #40 – FS #20 KB

    I think it takes us so long, we share a box (we alternate jumps) and we throw the ball to each other..

  55. 7:29

    13" bench (box).
    Subbed thrusters for wall ball shots.

    Legs are pretty wobbly right now!

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