Tuesday 02.05.13

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
7 push-ups

Compare to 12.20.11 
(Your wish is my command Jen Morse! 😉

“My name is Becky, and my wonderful husband and I are missionaries in
Nacala, Mozambique (Africa).  My friend Joy (Missionary in Zambia) told
me about your site and I have been doing the workouts since November.
 As a very busy Mom of 4, I love the quick and intense workouts.  Here
is a picture of me and my youngest 2 on the roof of our house
overlooking a bay of the Indian Ocean…Who said missionary life had to
be suffering 🙂
The other picture has all 4 of my kiddos, Andrew age 10, Dylan almost 8, Kate 6, and Micah 3 1/2.  I am a truly blessed Mama!!! (I often do your workouts the day after they post due to time difference and my crazy life, really appreciate your site!) Thanks, Becky”

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. 7 rounds plus 300 meters of the 8th round. I used the high school track across the street from our house.

  2. 5 rounds 20:59, all boy push ups (not so great at running) 🙂

  3. 4 rounds plus 50 meters and push ups of 5th round. This was my first workout

  4. I goofed—read so quickly and then headed off to work out– did 9 rounds but ran accidentally only ran 200m each time, push-ups on knees

  5. 7 rounds
    I guess I wasn't paying attention very well this morning when I read the wod because I did 15 push-ups each round.

  6. First time doing the wod and 80lbs overweight….did three rounds in 12 min. Had to stop because I got a serious side cramp. But so proud of myself!

  7. 7 rounds (420meter runs), one armed tricep PU bc of my broken hand! Nice. First workout in a month bc of the cast…cant wait to be 100% again soon!!!

  8. I went 1 minute over to get 9 rounds. Pretty happy with that, even if I was covered with dirt, leaves and grass(south texas snow).

  9. Had 100 meters left on my 8th round. Did all boy push ups!! Going to try and do yesterday's WOD later tonight to crazy of day yesterday!!

  10. 11 rounds
    11 rounds, boy push ups

    I really wanted to run this workout outside this morning. I had to take my 16 year old daughter to school at 6:15 am. Unfortunately the gate to the HS track was locked so what is a mamma to do….I hopped the 9 ft. fence (some kids had strategically placed two garbage cans on opposite sides of the fence.) Such a rebel!

    It was worth it.

    Thanks for the great workoutJenni (and suggestion Jen M.) and early morning adventure. I did have an awful vision of myself getting hung up by shirt on the way back over the fence. Luckily I made it unharmed.

  11. 6 rounds did one run outside but it was too cold so I did the rest on a stationary bike for 2:10 min what my run time was.

  12. 11 rounds.
    I don't have a treadmill and -30 Celsius is too cold to run outside, so I alternated between biking .5miles, doing 50 jumping jacks, and 100 butt kicks. Also switched between bpu, walk out pu, and lateral pu.

  13. 5 Rounds; 1/2 bpu, 1/2 gpu + 1 more mile at the end. First official Crossfit Mama WOD- Loved it!

  14. My first Crossfit workout! 5 1/2 round (I think). Lost count while watching the two littles run around with me and trying to get the puppy to run too! Multitasking at its finest!

  15. 7 rounds. First 4 BPU. 56 sec to spare.
    Lisa- that is really great! Keep going fwd….don't look back! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  16. 8 rounds with 45 seconds to spare. Interrupted 4 times for potty breaks and by that time I had to go, so I let the clock run out 🙂

  17. Did 5 rounds outside and did my 35 push-ups after the running (after the 20 minutes was done.)

  18. took an extra 3 seconds to finish push ups on round 6

  19. 6 rounds- due to the horrible chest cold I am trying to recover from. I know I could do more than that, but I had to walk quite a bit because I can't breath and therefore I would have major coughing spells! Guess I'll have to try this one again some other day!

  20. 6 rounds with 10 seconds to spare. Did it on my elliptical in the garage, third WOD doing all BPUs because I was not about to put my knees on my muddy concrete floor (Minnesota).

  21. I didn't stop to see people's Faces while I did this:
    Cross country skiing on flat terrain, counted 240 freestyle kicks full out and then 7 puh ups with skis and poles on.
    7 rounds, 20 minutes, about 5,4 km.
    Had so much fun!
    Finished off with another 5 km round.

  22. I'd like to know how to become a missionary and what all is involved Becky?

  23. 6 rounds. So excited to be on day 30. Loving being a Crossfit Mama!!

  24. Becky-that's really cool where you live and what you do! You also look great! 🙂

  25. 8 rounds plus 200 meters
    Mostly boy push-ups because 7 girl ones were WAY TOO EASY!!!?

  26. Okay – someone's gotta do it. I'll be the "sucky" one today! lol

    4 rounds – was going for 5, but I just could not get back on that damn treadmill! lol

    Great workout, Jenni! Jen M – I'm praying for wind tomorrow!! lmao!

    1. Forgot to say I did all boy pushups..tried one round of girls but we were on the pavement and it was hard on my knees!

  27. Took an extra minute to get 9 rounds. Definitely regret that extra 6 mile run yesterday. Holy shin splints!

  28. 5 rounds, plus about 200m. Need to learn to run!

  29. I was only able to finish 7 full rounds in 20 min. But I did had to finish my last round so 8 in 22 min.

  30. DANG YOU, JEN! Kidding, I am so not a runner, but I wouldn't hate it if it happened 😉 I realized tonight that I prefer to work for time rather than rounds. Something about pushing to get done faster is much more motivating to me than going for a specific amount of time. But loving this group no matter what!! Thank you for doing this for us Jenni!

    Wk2 Day 2: 4 rounds, but I did run about half of it, which is HUGE for me. All boy push ups.

  31. Missm23-
    I am the same way, I really don't like "as many in" however long but it is really motivating to see that I did 7 rounds over year ago and then I am determined to beat that this time! 😉

  32. I was halfway into my 9th round when the alarm went off. Good workout–I just hate doing intervals on the treadmill because of the starting and stopping. It was tough and I pushed myself, tho! Another great workout. THanks so much.

  33. Excellent point, Jenni…hope to be in the same boat a year from now 😀

  34. 6 rounds + about 200 meters. I finished the run after time 🙂

  35. 6 full rounds, but we added 11 crossfit sit ups and 14 squats to each round. 7 pushups went too fast and we didn't really want to run for 20 mins straight. All boy push ups, too.

  36. 7 rounds + 10 push ups. Love it when running is part of the workout. I ended up running for another 10 minutes listening to reggaeton

  37. 10 rounds (but it may have been 9…at 6, I was like…was that 6 or 5?) Did this at home after a Cardio Kickbox class. My cat cheered me on the entire time. 🙂

    1. All boy push-ups except for last two rounds.

  38. 10 rounds. And first time with all boy push ups! Love the feeling of getting stronger!

  39. 7 rounds. Had 22 sec left, but just quit. Next time I won't run so soon after I eat dinner. Felt like hurling the whole time! 🙁
    Also did 40 CFSU'S after for my flabby abs! 😉

  40. 5 rounds in 20 min

    did an extra round after because I felt I should do more. Didn't run the entire time though…..my body just isn't there…yet!!!

  41. 10 rounds – as rx'd. Down 6lbs in 3 weeks with you guys just following (as closely as I can) the 90 day challenge and getting ready for a 1/2 in Moab next month. New PR here I come!!! Thank you!

  42. 7 rounds, all boy PU's!
    Runs were slow due to very hot!

    Funny story from today:
    So was out running, and wearing my "Crossfit Mamas" shirt, and I already know that the nationals think I am crazy (no one runs for "fun" here!), but I was getting some funny looks. Now, here in Mozambique the trade language is Portuguese, and the tribal language is Makhuwa. I was running by a school, where a group of Brazilians had come to help teach. Then it dawned on me… in portuguese, the word "Mamas" means "breasts"! I was wearing a shirt, with words across my chest that boldly announced to all who saw me that I had "CrossFit Breasts"!!! I had a good chuckle, and I am not sure I will be able to wear this shirt again around people that have Portuguese as a first language!

  43. 6 rounds minus 7 pushups in 20 min vs 7.5 rounds last year. But at least my shin splints are gone and I can run again!

  44. Becky – that is hilarious! I didn't know that means breasts in Portuguese! I have 3 members in my family that speak Portuguese so that is good to know 😉

  45. In response to "blueyezcryin"
    There are all different kinds of missionaries, and different ways to go about it. Our missionwork consists mostly of sharing God's Word and the good new of salvation through Jesus! We also help a bit with community health and development since we work with a very poor people in a 3rd world country. For us, it is something that God called us to do, and something we could never do in our own strength. Even though we live in a beautiful area, there are still a lot of difficulties, and a lot that we have given up. We are only here because we know that this is where God wants us. We are with the International Mission Board, and supported by churches. If you want to know any more info, feel free to contact me by email, globalnomadfam@gmail.com Thanks for the interest!

  46. I forgot to record mine yesterday.

    7 rounds. Boy PUs – that was my goal! Boy PU all the way!

  47. 7 rounds

    400m row (no treadmill & too much snow)
    7 pushups

    Did this one this morning and then todays this afternoon. I am definitely done for the day!

  48. Did this one today & will complete today's later tonight. 6 rounds plus 1 extra set PUs. Did 16x up & down my 1/2 flight of stairs for run.

  49. 5 rounds
    All push-ups on my feet! I can't quite get my chest to the ground, but I can definitely get my arms to almost 90 degrees, which is a million times better than I could do two months ago. Amazing!

  50. 6 rounds + 300 meters. If I'd have realized I'd get even close to 7 rounds I maybe could have pushed it but I was really working hard to begin with, so maybe not.

    9 regular push ups, the rest on knees.

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