Monday 02.04.13

3 rounds for time of:
15 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups (jump up, lower down)
30 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
30 Box jumps, 18 inch box

Hiit Mama Marlena
no caffeine
no soda

only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. 13:08 included jog upstairs to pull-up bar and down each round. I'm winded! Good workout! Thank you!

  2. 9:23
    Sub pull downs (no pull-up bar at my house) & step ups (2 wks and counting til I can jump!)

  3. 16:30
    Knee push-ups, pull-ups with band, 35# DL, step-ups. I had an awkward transition to the pull-up bar. Even with all the modifications this was a great WOD!

  4. Raced 5 miles yesterday- 41:23

    Today's WOD- 14:35, subbed knee p/u.

  5. 2.25 mile run

    Did 40 DL each round since I only had 20#s.

    Did not want to get out of bed this morning and workout, but happy I did.

  6. 10:10
    20 lb. weight on my back for one set of push-ups…
    …and on the last set of box jumps I peed my pants one jump at a time… ahhh, the joys of motherhood 😉

  7. 12:15
    Pull ups using my treadmill…..awkward, I need to get a proper bar
    Deadlifts with 15lb dumbbells
    Step ups instead of box jumps

  8. 10:30 used side bar of my kids' swing set for pull ups. 30lb dead lifts (that's all I have) and box jumps on outside step (need to work up to a higher jump!) 🙂

  9. 2 mile run: 24:00


    pushups as rx'd but on knees
    have no bar so did 15 thrusters each round with 10#
    (what is a better substitute for pull-ups?)
    deadlifts 10# (all I have right now)
    first of box jumps I fell so I started step-ups

  10. Shawntae 12:05 minus a bathroom break after peeing all over myself during the first round of box jumps! Joys of childbirth!! (Girl pu last 2 rounds

  11. 11:35. Girl pu, pull downs with band, 20# deadlifts. 25 weeks pregnant

  12. Ran 4 miles then..

    boy push ups
    kipping pull ups, unassisted
    65lb DL
    20" box jumps

    My pull ups have gotten a little weak…I need to start working on them more frequently.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

  13. 11:59 Tricep dips instead of pull-ups, 15 deadlift w/40 lb and 15 w/20 lb each round. Great to burn off some of those birthday calories I consumed over the weekend!

  14. 14:35 as rx'd.. this one felt impossible! Broke the dl's and box jumps into sets of 15, with lots of breathing breaks in between. Great for post Superbowl!!!

  15. 14:03

    Boy push ups
    10lb deadlifts
    did step ups instead of box jumps

  16. 8:35. Not sure why I'm so much faster. Girl pu, tricep dips for pull-ups, 12 in box jump.

  17. 12:20 first ever crossfit workout.

    10lb DL (need to buy bigger weights)
    modified pullups
    Box jumps 12inch

    Great workout,thanks!

  18. 15:36
    Assisted pull ups
    70# deadlifts

    Hey Jenni, It's not giving much wind tomorrow, how about some running?? 🙂

    1. Where do you live that it gets so windy? I live in Seattle so I am use to rain however I am with you the wind is no fun.

    2. Where do you live that it gets so windy? I live in Seattle so I am use to rain however I am with you the wind is no fun.

    3. I live on White Head Island, Nb, Canada… Its a tiny island in the bay of fundy… Only 3 miles in diameter and the road runs around the outer edge so there is no shelter from the wind coming off the Atlantic… I can handle most any weather for running, but its awful in the wind! Have a look on Google maps, you will see how tiny we are…lol

  19. 16:21
    Had to go between the garage and the pull up bars outside, so I did lunges(31 each way) in place of my box jumps.
    55# for DL
    Excellent workout.
    Now to run later this evening…I hope.

  20. 19:09
    Instead of pull-ups I did inclined raised tricep dips.
    A total of 45 deadlifts with 40 lbs and the remaining 45 with 30 lbs.
    13-inch box jump.

  21. 14:10 boy girl push ups last two sets, 8 pull ups with help, step ups instead of jumps…. Tough for me:-)

  22. 15:00
    Bicep curls with 8lb instead of pull ups and 30lb for dead lifts

  23. 12:26

    Dumbbell rows 15lbs. Don't have a pullup bar but should get one…

  24. 11:25. Pushups on my knees and tricep dips instead of pullups. Waiting for bathroom door frame to be finished so I can put up my pull up bar.

  25. Holly-
    Please only do step ups instead of box jumps this far along in your pregnancy. 😉

  26. 19:13 – BPU 1st set, GPU other 2 sets, rest as rx'd.

    Not bad considering I ran 11 miles yesterday 🙂

  27. 10:28
    As RXed.
    I can do 1 unassisted, unkipped chin-up for the first time in my life! 🙂

  28. 14:33
    Harder than I thought it would be! Hauling sand bags this morning must have taken it toll!
    Boy PU on first round
    40# DL
    Step up
    My 17 YO friend Anna did 19:26
    (we had to run up and down stairs with the pull ups)

  29. 13:53
    Did all box jumps with a 15" box…it's an improvement for me!
    Excited to be wearing my new Crossfit Mamas tank!!!

  30. 13:56
    Used purple band for pull ups
    All push ups UNMOdIFIED!
    40lb bar DL
    Used bath tub to jump up on for box jumps! 🙂

  31. 14:47. Girl push-ups. This felt impossible with lots of breathing breaks.

  32. 14:09. 2 10 lb dumbbells, pull ups on treadmill bar

  33. 13:19.
    bpu 1st round, then gpu
    pull ups were assisted; rough!
    45# DL

  34. Added last Wednesday's workout to today's since I was a lazy bum over the weekend and didn't make it up!

    27:12 was my time for BOTH workouts.

    22 pushups
    15 pullups
    30 deadlifts w/44 lbs
    30 box jumps, 11" box
    21 thrusters w/24 lbs – I goofed on my dumbbell addition AGAIN! Oh well…that'll be my punishment for not doing it last week! lol

  35. 18:03
    all boy push-ups 🙂
    assisted pull-ups (green band)
    45# bar for deadlifts
    18" lateral instead of box jumps

  36. 15:24 first time crossfitter
    Girl push ups
    Sub pull downs
    30 dead lifts 10#( all I have right now)
    30 step ups

  37. 15:52 tricep dips for pull-ups, 20# DL, & step-ups. I can't seem to get my feet coordinated for jumping. My dominant foot always leads.

  38. 13:16
    30# deadlifts.
    8" step for box jumps.
    I realized on the second set that the push-ups felt like a break. Two months ago when I started these WODs I was struggling through pushups – I never thought I'd get to a point where I'd consider 15 push-ups a "rest"! I guess I'll have to start doing them on my feet soon!

  39. 15:20

    Girl pu
    60lb pull down for pull ups
    20lb dead lift — waiting until I have better form to up the weight (afraid of hurting my back)
    Box jumps on step

  40. 16:36
    1/2 step ups and 1/2 jumps. I had an accident in high school with a box that resulted in stitches and some ugly scars. Needless to say I get a bit nervous doing box jumps.

  41. 7:32,no pull up bar. Sub jumping jacks for box jumps.

  42. Week 2. 10 min
    Tri dips on futon arm for pullups
    all DL with 20 (most I have)
    box jump 15 hop, 10 step ups, 5 hop X3

  43. 18:56. Very slow compared to everyone else today. Boy push ups first round only. Assisted pull ups. Rest as rx'd.

  44. 11:25, used bar on swing set for pull ups. Everything else as rx'd

  45. 11:40
    One round BPUs, two rounds GPUs
    Pull ups on treadmill bar
    50# dead lifts
    1/2 step ups 1/2 jumps

  46. I missed a couple days last week due to illness so I did Fridays workout…yikes 21:10. Thanks again for the inspiration!!!

  47. 16 frikkin 14
    First set bpu – then girlrie ones
    Assisted pull ups
    step ups..due to continual peeing problem!

  48. 12:20
    Girl P/U
    Pull-up (pulldowns using bungee – pull up bar out of commision)
    DL 15 Lb

  49. 11:45 2 & 3 rds gpu's, tricep dips instead of pull-ups, 30# dl, had to hold on on box jumps, but I did the 18"!

  50. 17:16 The box jumps were tough! My 24" box is my enemy! I fought it, but the battle wasn't pretty!

  51. 11:57 Reverse pull-ups on treadmill for rounds 2 & 3.

  52. 10:33, but just realized I left out dead lifts, will add in tomorrow 🙁

  53. 8:36

    no pull ups was going to do pushups twice and did the first round but couldn't keep it up

  54. 10:58. Feeling under the weather… So proud I finished cuz I almost quit at 2mins! Subbed step-ups.

    1. Also added in 40 crossfit sit-ups (untimed) cuz I really need to work on my core/abs! 10 more weeks until Hawaii!!!

  55. Girl pu
    tricep dips
    dead lifts using 15 lb kettle bells
    step-ups on our firepit, about 2 ft.


    Plus, did Fly Gym today!

  56. 9:30, but had to sub 160# pull downs for pull ups (no bar, must get one) and used a bottom stair for box jumps.

  57. My first crossfit experience ever. Had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago today.
    25 min
    Assisted pull ups
    30 lb dl
    12 in box jumps

    1. Kelli- I'm so sorry for your loss. I am glad you are with us.

  58. 16:30 assisted w/chair pull-ups and step-ups for box jumps

  59. Another day of the flu…another day behind you… 🙁 I like being up with the pack!

  60. 10:46. Subbed band pul downs for pulls ups. And step ups for box jumps

  61. 15-ish. The kids wanted to work out, too, and ended up resetting the timer.
    PU: 5 boy, 10 girl
    16 lb thrusters for pull ups
    30 lb kettlebell deadlifts
    box jumps on a step, step ups the last set, when my 5 year old insisted he must do them next to me. Arguing would hurt my time.

  62. 15:10. Lat pull downs with 70# instead of pull-ups, subbed tuck jumps for box jumps. Lots of time running across the gym to different areas.

    6 mile run afterwards.

  63. 10:50
    PU: 7 boy, 8 girl
    Pull ups assisted, one foot behind me on a bench.
    30lb deadlifts
    Speed step ups-I'll have to try tuck jumps next time!

    10 min of core afterwards.

  64. 10:14 boy push ups, pull ups on my treadmill (I don't have a proper bar), 30# dead lifts, 15" box jumps. I have to work with what I have! Still great work out! I took a picture of my stomach they other day because I wanted to remember that it looked like this at one point in time in my life-after three babies even! Thank you, Cross fit mama Jenni!

  65. 7:56
    But had to sub jumping jacks for box jumps because when I went running for my box I usually use, I found it filled w/ construction supplies. Grrr. Jumping jacks was the quickest thing that came to mind. Oh well!

  66. 11:20. 20 lb dead lifts, and subbed pull ups with lat pulls with a band. Need a pull up bar!

  67. My friend passed on your blog this weekend. Today was my first WOD. Really fun and fast workout.
    push ups on knees
    pull ups on bar
    DL with 30# weights
    jump ups on 16" box
    Already don't drink caffeine, alcohol or soda, not sure if I'm ready to give up chocolate (I will give it a go) and I am starting no eating after 8:00 today as well. Wish me luck.

  68. 11:19. Did one set girl push ups. Used highest weights I have for deadlifts 20 lbs.

  69. 13:00.
    Pull ups w/band
    DL w/40 lbs
    PUsh Ups: 15 standard, 30 modified
    Box jumps 6"
    I should tack on another minute because I stopped the clock for thirty second break, twice.

  70. 13:08 whew! super winded!
    girl pu's
    dumbell upright rows instead of pullups (20 lbs)
    5 inch box (i know, so lame…but i'm breathing super hard!)

  71. 27:28 I did pull-ups on the gravitron machine with 120 lbs weight on. OUCH! This was a hard one

  72. 13:20 pull ups were killer. I c can only do one or two, then rested feet almost parallel to floor for the rest. Arms shaking.

  73. 9:16 using 16 lb weights for all of it (the heaviest I have!) I also subbed lat pull-downs for pull-ups because I don't have a pull-up bar.

  74. 21:13. pull ups were UGLY by the 3rd round. boy push ups 1st, 2nd, and 1/2 of 3rd round. Couldn't find an 18 inch box at the gym. Think I used a 12 inch. Deadlifts were 45lbs.

  75. 13:55
    subbed wall balls for deadlifts
    step ups for jump boxes

  76. 8:40
    Sub tuck jumps for box jumps. On vacation so limited on materials!

  77. 17:20
    I'm posting this a day late…and boy do my lats hurt!!

    1. nvm, wrong time, it was 14:45. Doesn't take away from the pain I feel though!

  78. 10 min flat. Did this one after doing Wednesday's – I finally got a pull up bar so I was excited to be able to do some… ouch.

  79. 11:30. 50# DL, 12" box. Was much harder than I thought it would be…ouch!!

  80. These are some crazy fast times. I did it as written in 20.24.

  81. 12:26 – 1 boy PU, 2 GPU; 45# DL; tuck jumps, no box in house yet.

  82. 10:44
    60lb resistance pulldowns in place of pullups.
    20lb deadlift

  83. 14:51
    Knee push ups.
    Resistance band "pull ups."
    13" bench.
    Really out of breath on this one!

    1. Also, 36# dead lift cause that's what I can make w my hand weights: 15 + 3. I actually do have two pounders, too, but I can't hold three hand weights in each hand…..

  84. 50lb deadlift 1st round, 40 lb 2 rounds
    16" stair jumps
    B pu
    Reverse pull ups
    Hard work out!

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