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Wednesday 01.30.13

3 rounds for time of:
7 Push-ups
21 Dumbbell thrusters, 10lb dumbbells

Compare to 12.16.11

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 4:50

    Alot tougher then I thought it would be.

    First two rounds I did boy push ups. Yay!!

    Last round I was able to do 4, the rest girl.

    Dumbell thrusters as rx'd. My left arm is really weak. The last two, my left arm was all wobbly, could barely lift it.

    Finished the burpees from last tuesday I did 40. took me 7:10min. Better late then never.

  2. 2:58

    pushp-ups on knees
    terrible r.o.m. on thrusters (10#)

    I am still dying from yesterday but determined to keep at it!!

  3. 2:24 after 3 mile run. Boy push-ups.

    And is it just me or are we missing the sisters…Jenni and Britta?
    I hope everyone is well!

    Thanks for the workout today!

  4. 3:16 first two rounds guy p/u. Still hurting from yesterday!

  5. 4:58 mostly bpu, first 21 thrusters with 10 lb dumbells, next 2 rounds with 7lb dumbells.

  6. 3:23
    All boy pu! Appreciate the speed of this one as we have a snow day today YAHOO!!

  7. 4:32 pushups on 4th step, weights 10 lbs round 1, 7.5 rounds 2 and 3. First workout in a loooong time.

    I am about 40 lbs overweight, though I am looking to fit a size 6 instead of 12, not looking for a number on a scale.

    this workout looked deceptively easy. So wrong! I got my butt kicked. My shoulders are screaming at me! Now off to row or run.

  8. Denise, I noticed they've been missing as well… Hope they are all well also 🙂

  9. 3:02 Boy Push-ups as Rx'd

    Heart pumping goodness! Just getting over upper respiratory junk so missed the last 2 days & it shows lol great WOD

  10. I'm a Crossfit Newbie – always wanted to try, but nearest gym is 40 min away – found this site last night and jumped right in – LOVE IT!

    4:59 – Boy push-ups, 10 lbs. First Round, 5lb 2nd & 3rd rounds. Tough!

  11. Started with"gwen" 15-12-9 clean and jerk
    1:30 rest between…
    Todays wod: 2:40
    Boy pu's

  12. 2:53 with 16 lb thrusters. This was so much harder than I thought it would be! Love it! Now to go shovel several inches of snow off the driveway.

  13. My second workout. 4:18 1st round 10# dumbbells then 5. All girl pu.

    1. You are a rock star. So fast and also cheering me on. Don't know how you do it!

  14. 2:29.
    I got in the middle of it and realized I didn't know if it was a 10 lb dumbbell in each hand or 10 lbs total. So I picked the middle road and used one 15 🙂

  15. Ran 3 Miles
    3:28 Did all boy push ups and used on first and last 20# weight and middle was 10# arms on fire!!

  16. 3:22
    Finally did all BPUs!!!
    8# dumbells (that's all I have)

  17. 3:43. Half 10 lb dumbells half 5 lb dumbells. Girl pu

  18. 2:44
    Another one that I thought would be so easy and then I was winded by the second round!

    Denise- Thanks for missing me! I actually had to cheat a little bit and do today's yesterday and am doing yesterday's today. My hubby has been doing the WODs with all the firefighters at his station and he wanted to have them all do the Filthy Fifty today when he was on duty so I had to do today's yesterday with him while he was home. 😉

  19. 3:37 forgot to start the timer on the first round. But decided to do 3 more for time so I could get a real time. ALL push ups on toes, YEA first time to do them all that way.

  20. 3:41 love how tight my butt is from all the squats….there is nothing more motivating then seeing results!!!

  21. Ran 7 miles then…

    all boy push ups
    15lbs dumbells

    **this was tough and I didn't realize I had 15lbs on each dumbell until 3rd round. I (my husband) has adjustable dumbells and well, I forgot to adjust both sides. I tested 10lbs after the workout and that would have been much easier. Guess I should pay attention to what I am doing**

  22. 4:50, all boy PU, still feeling fatigue from yesterday 🙁

  23. Yesterday was the first time I feel really beat up. Nervous about today but did it!
    3:25, 1 round boy pu's, 20# dumbbells

  24. 3:18
    Used a total of 20lbs in weight on 32 of the thrusters, 16lbs on the remaining thrusters.
    My arms and shoulders are killing me from yesterday!

  25. 2:04 alongside two awesome mamas, Shawntae and Robyn.
    Boy push ups, 10# thrusters.

  26. 2:47
    Girl PU last round
    Squats the last 10 last round. My arms were NOT going to let me lift those 10lb dumbbells over my head..ugh!

  27. 3:40 40lb thrusters & boy pushups. Was going to do Amanda, but I'm not feeling muscle up progression now.

  28. 4 mile run

    5:07 for the WOD – subbed knee p/u

  29. 7:13
    Add 30 sit ups each round
    2×10# DB
    Folllowed by 1 mile walk

  30. 2:42 (compared to 3:06 on 12.16.11)
    1 set boy push-ups

  31. 5:23. Boy push ups on 1st round and 20 lb bar for thrusters. Feel the burn!

  32. 3.12 with five pound weights. My arms are tired from uesterdays burpees! Thank goodness today was short! But for the first time in my life I have muscles!

  33. 3:24

    10# each hand, total 20#…first time doing that!!!

  34. First CrossFit Mama workout! 2:53 All BPU first round, 4 BPU & the rest of round two and three GPU. Thrusters as Rxed. So much harder than I thought it would be!! Love that it's super short! 🙂

  35. 2:55 with 8# dumbells. Thought i had grabbed the 10#dumbells and didn't realize until I was done. Opps

  36. Wanted to skip, getting a cold, 2:01, one armed girl pu, 5#dbl one armed thrusters

  37. 2:32
    Girl PU
    8lb thrusters

    So happy for this quick workout after last night's killer workout!

  38. 4:36 All boy pushups. 15# kettlebell thrusters. Jumped into more upper body exercises and abs. Nice but didn't realize I was so tight.

  39. 4:16. knees really sore from yesterday. not sure if it is just the reps or if I'm doing something incorrectly…

  40. JustKris-

    Congrats on starting! You will have that 40lbs off in no time! Keep it up.

  41. 3:07
    Trying to catch up. Who knew my arms could be shot in only 3 minutes! 🙂

  42. 3:58 2nd Cross Fit WOD! 8# db instead of 10# 4 sets of tricep dips, ab V w/ sability ball pass thru, back extension. Stretch my hip flexors and tri's

  43. 5:00. 1/2 BPU, 1/2 GPU. first 21 thruster – 40# then did last 2 rounds at 30#.

  44. 4:24 – rx'd – all boy pu's

    Pat Rd1 – #65 Rd 2 & 3 – #45
    Maria – #30 (Bar with weights)

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