Tuesday 01.29.13

“Fit Fifty”

For time:

50 Jump rope
50 Burpees
50 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
50 Back extensions (supermans)
50 Push press, 20 pounds
50 Knees to elbows
50 Walking Lunges (50 steps)
50 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
50 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Box jump, 18 inch box
Compare to 08.02.12


no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. What is a good sub for Knees to Elbows. We don't have a bar up, but will soon. Tried to look for another place to do them, but not really found one. So any suggestions?

    1. You can either do them on the floor like Denise said or you can do standing knee to elbows. L-R=1

  2. 15.58
    Subbed thrusters for wall ball shots 12 lbs
    Push press 24 lbs
    Swings 35 lbs

  3. 31:00
    thrusters for wall ball shots – gallon of water for weight
    knees to elbows – on the ground
    swings – gallon of water for weight

  4. 19:08. 50 is now my least favorite number 😉 great sweaty workout! Thanks for the Filthy Fifty suggestion yesterday, girls. Have a great day!

  5. 23:56! Thrusters for wall shots at 10lbs. Knees to elbows on the ground. Speed stair step ups for box jumps. And a wild sprint back to my timer to get y time! Thanks!

    1. May 2/13, I did a whopping 6 minutes faster!!!

  6. Huff, puff, 26:02- thrusters instead of wall shots, knees to elbow on the ground. Thank you for the workout!

  7. That was a doozy! 27:09 Trampoline instead of jump rope (it's around here somewhere). Knees to elbows on ground, I think. Can someone send me a link to a video for that? I'm not sure I'm doing it corrrectly.

  8. 21:36. Thruster with #16 pounds and step ups..split up burpees

  9. 20:22
    Step ups for box jumps on 2 stairs in my house. The rest as rxd

  10. Jenni you are kind by reversing the order. Since this is one of my favorites I am going to challenge myself and do it without any modifications. We shall see…

  11. Jen Roe, just curious, are you doing the one posted here as rx'd or the original?

  12. Not looking forward to this one as my Day 2, I'm still feeling yesterday. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  13. 18:36
    modfied all to 20 reps since I am a newbie and I still have to function today and tomorrow and I was feeling yesterday before I even started. Praying to stick to it! Thanks again!

    thrusters for wall ball 10lbs
    no knees to elbows

  14. 12:51
    Had to modify a lot since I'm away from home, but this still kicked my booty and worked up a serious sweat!!

  15. 17:38 Left out the back extensions completely and did crunches and floor K2E since my belly is starting to get in the way. Feels good to be back after we all got sick (again!). Great workout!

    missm23: that was me just a few months ago! (I just started at the end of Sept) Do what you can and don't worry about it because you'll keep getting stronger and stronger. The times are just for your own reference so you can see how you've improved. Everyone here is so supportive and that's what's kept me coming back just as much as the awesome workouts. Just try today's you'll do great!

  16. 22:41 Original filthy fifty which is reverse order as listed above

    jumping pull ups instead of CFSU
    25lb KB
    25lb PP
    14lb WB
    double unders instead of jump rope

    Love this one. I was a little slow on the double unders this morning.

  17. OH MY WORD!
    stuck in the house, so mods needed.
    JJ for rope
    Thruster for WBS, used 35#(I didn't think I could…but I DID!)
    35# for PP(I thought I'd save time by not taking weight off my bar…bahahaha!!)
    Reverse Crunches for KTE
    20#'s for KBS
    Step up for BJ because…well,I was worried I would fall(again)
    I'm sweaty, I'm filthy, I'm shaking. I wanted to quite but I didn't.
    I feel awesome!

  18. Kristen-Thank you so much for the support!! When I read rujoco03's comment, I thought, duh, makes perfect sense. I'll just log my mod's and time and pray for the best! 🙂

  19. I was so dreading this today. But did it in 21:50 and can say I am DONE.
    jumping jacks for jump rope
    walk out burpees (still HATE THEM!)
    Knees to elbows on floor
    And only had 10 lb weights for KBS

  20. 4 mile run first
    Did this yesterday and reversed it today, with some mod's: here goes
    yesterday 33:18
    50 reg jump rope
    full burpees
    10# ball
    30# press
    25# kb
    jumping pull ups (instead of cfsu)

    today 26:28
    started with box jumps
    jumping pulls ups
    25# kb
    30@ pp
    only jumped out and in on the burpees, this is the reason for the much faster time, its crazy how much longer it takes when you actually hit the floor. Just did this as an experiment to see how much faster it would be 🙂
    and 100 jump rope, since the original says double unders and I suck at them, need a heavier rope I think.
    Fun stuff this is 🙂

  21. 19:07 as rx'd (but with 15 lb wall ball). goal was under 20 mins so I'm happy!

  22. 15:59

    Subbed jacks for jump rope
    30# push press
    25# KB swings

    Another great workout!

  23. 21:11, used 10 lb kettle bell for all weights, crunches for CFSU and box steps for jumps.

  24. 26 I am glad I did my two mile run before. I don't think I would have been able to do it after.

  25. 24:48
    Never done knee to elbow's WOW!! did one, modified 9 and did the rest on the ground. I know my new goal. Those are killer. Thanks for the sweaty start to my day!!!

  26. 44:41 second day. You girls are hard core! Did burpees for the first time. Subbed basketball, 5 lb dumbbell, did floor knees to elbows, & used a stair for a box. Yay!

  27. 18 min – really modified knees-to-elbows and crunches instead of CFSUs.. still hating the burpees 🙂

  28. Jen Roe and Jen Morse- Thanks for the motivation and suggestions. I have a hard time saying no. I followed the original filthy as Jen Roe wrote, but regular jump rope and different weights.

    35# KB swings
    45# Push-press
    14# Wall balls


  29. 17:51 as Rxed
    Those kte are still so hard for me! Took me forever. Shaky and sweaty! Awesome!

  30. 24:47
    20 walk out burpees 30 regular
    25 20lb thrusters 25 10 lb thrusters
    Reverse crunch for kte

  31. 15:30. Subbed wall ball for 10 lbs thrusters, knees to elbows on ground, kettle bell swings up to 20 lbs, and box jumps for jumping stairs.

  32. 22:26 with 10lb KB and tuck jumps instead of box jumps. Hard one today!! Thanks Jenni!

  33. 21:14
    Did better on my burpees 🙂
    Knees to elbows I used the medium resistant beast band as a support on the pull up bar and my body was on FIRE!

  34. 20:13
    Walkout burpees
    Thruster for wall ball
    15# press
    12 in stepups

  35. 25:23. Thrusters for wall ball, reverse sit ups for knees to elbow, high knees for box jumps

  36. 26:31 thrusters, floor knee to elbows, crunches (due to stitches still), and high knees (no box)

  37. 30:05 (lots of moving around to get everything in at the gym) MOD's: push-press 35lb bar, knees to elbows just did knee ups, couldn't get all the way to elbows (someday) KB swings – 20lb. GREAT workout.

  38. My goal was under 25minutes and I did it!

    22:36 (Most time was spend on burpees, but they seem to flow a little better so I think I'm improving)
    Thrusters, 15lbs
    Plank knee to elbows
    Everything else as rx'd

  39. 28:30,
    Thrusters with 20,
    Everything else normally.

    This was a great one, hated every minute, but then it was done and I felt great!

  40. 19:58, however, I forgot to start my timer, when I realized my timer wasn't on, it was the 40th burpee. 🙁

  41. 23:08 wowsers, good workout!
    girl burpees after #20 (down to plank and back up)
    kettle bells for wall balls (meant to do thrusters)
    10 inch box jump
    reverse crunches for abs
    plank knee to elbows

  42. 28:26
    Jumping Jacks – no jump rope
    Thrusters instead of WBS
    Dumb bells for Push Press
    Leaned in a chair for KTE
    2 eight lb dumb bells for Kettlebell
    13" box for box jumps

  43. 22:44
    Standing/alternating K2E
    Subbed tuck jumps for box jumps
    Everything else as rx'ed!

  44. 20:36. 2 10 lb dumbbells. Knees to elbow on floor

  45. Is there a site to go to that shows how to do the exercises? I want to try this but am confused about a few of them.

  46. Beth Clack, just go to youtube, type in whatever the exercise is, preceded by crossfit, so for example, crossfit knees to elbows, and you will get all kinds of demos 🙂

  47. 25 even. Holy mother lovin' burpees. Ouch!!

    My shoulders are feeling it today, and I'm 100% positive that my love handles are pissed off at me. 🙂

    Good workout. I loved it.

  48. 31:35 – not my goal of 30 minutes, but I didn't miss it by much!
    4# wallball
    24# push press
    15.5# kettlebell swing
    Knees to Elbows on the floor and they killed my abs! Not a good idea to have box jumps last – at least not for me! 🙂

  49. Swam 3300 yards this AM.

    26:04 for the WOD this afternoon. Subbed thrusters for wall balls, knees to waist, and 10# kettle ball (need to more weights).

  50. 27:30 (whoa!)
    14# Wall Ball
    20# Kettlebell
    Lateral Jumps instead of Box jumps

  51. Day #2! 15 minutes Feeling the legs from yesterday. Did reps of 20, hindsight I probably should have shot for 25, maybe 30? But as I said yesterday, I'm out of breath and sweating so it's better than the couch. Subbed jacks for rope, 6# thrushers for wall balls (arms need more, legs can't hang), 20# push press (woot), K2E on floor with arms anchored for 1/2 (def better than w/o), 10# db swings, and box jump on first step. Whew!

  52. 22:32
    20 regular burpees, 30 walk out (tough!!)
    sub thrusters for wall ball
    reverse crunch for kte
    wussed out and did 8" box jumps instead of 18"

  53. 21:37 did everything as rx'd except I could only get knees to about stomach height. Haha. Maybe someday I can do a real knee to elbow :). My box jumps were only 15 inches.

  54. Rough!! 28:07

    Thruster, 10lb
    Knee to elbow on floor
    Box jumps on stair

  55. 16:00, mods: one armed on the couch burpee, one armed thrusters 10#, push press 10#, floor kte

  56. I just found this site, and this was my first workout. Ouch!!
    31:12, but I was just happy to finish.
    I subbed thrusters for wall ball, 12lbs.
    Knees to elbows on the floor.
    Step ups on an 18 in box, because I'm pretty sure I'd bite it jumping at that point.

    All I can say is wow.

  57. Phew! Hard hard hard and loved it! 35:27. Did K2E on the floor but otherwise as Rx'd. My burpees are feeling stronger! Yay! 🙂

  58. About 30 minutes. Forgot to check the timer. Seems I had to run off to the kitchen and cook dinner!

    On the other challenges: I still drink coffee everyday. I don't drink soda other than the occasional Diet Dr Pepper for a treat. I eat lots of veggies and fruits. I don't eat after 8 pm at least 5 days a week.

  59. 25:25
    Knee to Elbows on the floor
    Thrusters for Wall Ball
    Used a 20# weight for entire challenge.

  60. 33:49.
    Knees to elbows on the floor, thrusters instead of wall ball. 20 lb weights for all. My first filthy fifty!!! WOOHOO!

  61. 24:29
    Subbed thrusters (15#) for wall ball. Did k2e on floor. Did box jumps on a stair. Had to split burpees up and do half at the end. Whew.

  62. 23:04 Rats! Goal was 23 or less!
    As RX'd, except a 24" box. I strongly dislike jumping on the box. I would almost prefer burpees over jumping on my big box! Wow! Did I really say that?!?

  63. 22:18 Awesome work out!!!! Dying and still dripping! K2E on the floor the rest as rx'd! Phew!

  64. 22:52
    Thrusters #10, knees to elbow on floor , modified burpees

  65. 14:21. Subbed thrusters for wall ball. Floor knee to elbows, ha to cut box jumps early.

  66. 21:08
    12# ball
    25# push press
    25# kettlebell

    Best workout yet!!!

  67. 19:04 subbed thrusters for wall shots, kte on ground. Everything else as rx'd. Great workout!

  68. 23:25. My first workout and whew what a routine to start out with! Did the knee to elbows since I don't have my bar up yet. Excited to see what we're doing tomorrow!

  69. 24:12
    Completed but with following mods:
    KTE'S On Mat
    5 lb Wall Ball
    10 lb Medicine Ball for KB's

  70. 24:54

    indoor JR
    K2E on floor
    10# KB swings
    Tuck jumps

  71. 23:40. Modified no wall ball, reg sit-up, step ups

  72. 21:22
    Jacks instead of rope
    trusters 12# instead of WB
    K2E plank on the floor
    Step ups 15" box
    Rest as RX'd
    Still not liking burpees, but getting better!

  73. 26:55
    Jacks for rope.
    thrusters for wall ball.
    knees to elbows on the floor.
    8lb dumbbell for kb swings.
    crunches for cfsu.
    tuck jumps for box.

    another killer workout!

  74. 23:28
    12# wall ball
    back extensions on the ground
    15# kettlebell push press (25 each arm)
    K2E on the ground
    jump tucks

    Hurt so good!

  75. So, I joined you guys yesterday and I use to do CressFit a couple of years ago. I have stayed active but could not afford them anymore. I was so excited when I stumbled across this and todays WOD was awesome. Did it in 31.24…LOVE IT!!!

  76. 28:45. I had no energy and had to take many breaks. I had did 1/2 the burpees then 1/2 the wall balls & repeated that in order to get through the burpees. I did Knees to Elbows with my pull up bar and could only do 2-3 at a time, they were so tough! I made it through the workout and feel great!

  77. 32:00 didn't want to do it but pushed through. got it done. whew.

  78. 34:48
    Sub thrusters for wall ball shots.
    Sub plank K2Es for hanging K2Es.
    Sub crunches for CFSUs.
    13" bench.
    Felt strong today even though I'm one of the pokey mamas. CFSUs still don't feel like anything productive so I subbed crunches. K2Es were tough!

  79. 17:16 – jacks instead of Jump Rope, 25lb push press, only 25 knee to elbows (hard!); rockstar jumps instead of box jumps (no box)

  80. 32:01

    Sub'd Jacks for jump rope.
    Sub'd Dumbbell deadlifts for back extensions.
    Sub'd decline sit-ups for crossfit sit-ups.

    Awesome workout, but I was close to being dead after it was over.

  81. Saved this one to do with my husband on his day off – it whipped both of us! 19:23 for me, with thrusters for wall ball shots, 10 lbs for all weights, and K2E on the floor. My legs are dead…

  82. Did it a day late 17:27,
    Dived 20# DB for kb swings an K2E were more like knee to waist.

  83. 18:24
    Can't figure out why I am 5 minutes slower than last time!?! Going to blame it on a bad time of the month. Scapegoat for everything! 😉
    Did everything as RXed but KTE were more like KTB (knees to boobs).

  84. 31.23 slow slow
    HAd to jump rope one leg at a time
    Subbed second set of thrusters for wall ball
    Had to sub 'step ups' instead of box jumps
    I am sorry – but after three
    I am sorry to state the obvious, but after 2 kids I am not sure how you guys do box jumps and jump rope without Depends in tow…..good grief..I hate subbing!

  85. 25:19… had a cold for days so I finally got to this today. Great workout!

  86. 23:42 7 risers each side on step, 15# kbs at end -skipped them accidentally

  87. 32:37, while prepping dinner to put in the crock pot before work!
    I cheated a little and did 25 burpees and 25 push-ups. 50 burpees would have taken me a million years, and I didn't have time this morning.
    Subbed thrusters w/5 lb. dumbells for wall balls.
    K2E on floor.
    Box jumps on my 8" step.
    Had to keep taking breaks to work on dinner, but I needed the breaks anyway!

  88. 24:32

    Little late posting my workouts this week! This was a killer!

  89. 19:34 compared to
    14:32 on 8.16.12 and compared to 17:19 back on 1.17.12.

    I think I am slower because of the 'proper' burpees and CFSU's … at least I hope that's what it is!

  90. 17:33 – sub thrusters for wall ball 10#
    lying knee to elbows
    standing jumps – don't have a box or stair 🙁

  91. 22:05 Better late than never. This was a tough physical and mental workout. Wanted to quit but powered through!

  92. 19:48
    No med ball, so 50 jump squats
    No bar, so KTE prone
    Box jumps 12"
    Great WO!

  93. Finally getting back to this workout that I missed while sick… 24:06

    used 8# db for push press
    k2e on floor (otherwise I would still be on trying to complete one)
    rest as rx'ed

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