Monday 01.28.13

For time:
15 Thrusters, 30 lbs
Run 200 meters
20 Thrusters, 24 lbs
Run 400 meters
30 Thrusters, 20 lbs
Run 800 meters

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 9:04
    thrusters all with 15 lbs.(highest weight I currently own, going to buy more soon)

  2. 9:39
    Need 15 and 12 lb dumbells. Did 15 40 lb thrusters and rest were 20 lb thrusters.

  3. My battery died in my timer! I was finishing the last run, died at around 11 mins

  4. 8.20.
    35, 26 and 22 lbs kettlebells.
    My calfs are killing me!

  5. 9:40 all 30lb thrusters, stationary bike for 1km at 27km/hr in between. Thanks!

  6. 11:51. Hard and fast – perfect for a Monday morning!

  7. 13:50
    50#, 45#, 35# for thrusters
    Ran outside in the cold… I think all the cloths have got to slow me down… Lol
    Followed by filthy fifty… With some modifications…

  8. 13:50
    50#, 45#, 35# for thrusters
    Ran outside in the cold… I think all the cloths have got to slow me down… Lol
    Followed by filthy fifty… With some modifications…

  9. 7:37
    Did 40 lb thrusters for first 15 and the rest were 20 lbs, (need 15 lb weights)
    driveway covered in ice so sprinted in place with high knees, hence the shorter time
    out of breath!

  10. 4 mile run then


    35lb thrusters for all rounds

    Jen M. Filthy Fifty is one of my favorite workouts!

  11. Around 19
    30lb for first 15
    16lb for next 20
    16lb for 20 than 30lb for 10
    Didn't make last lap
    Of 800 meter:(

  12. 16:52
    Wow my time sucks!! I must have done something wrong or I am just extremely slow. 15 30#, 20 25#, 30 20#, and ran a total of 1.5 miles. I was sweating good!!

  13. 9:20, approximately. I subbed 10 burpees for the first run, 200 jumping jacks for the second, and ran around the house 4 min for the last run. Had to take a potty break during the jumping jacks (7 pregnancies… ) and forgot to turn the timer back on until I had finished the jacks. So I added 2 min to my end time and figured that covered it. Thrusters with 30, 25, and 20 lbs.

  14. 8:56 as rx'd! for the first time ever, thrusters didn't feel quite as terrible!!!

  15. 14:58. As rxd. Had to go up and down stairs in between thrusts and runs. Sweaty.

  16. Doing a sub workout today. Hoping to get a run in later(if I can find my shoes…oops).
    Doing 5 sets for time
    10 squats
    10 Burpees
    10 PU
    10 CSU
    Took 12:28….dripping

  17. 11:38 – that was tough after my 6 mile training run from yesterday. Thanks for a great workout!

  18. 7:18
    Did down and backs on gym floor
    2= 200 m
    Down and back =1
    25 lb thrusters

  19. 14:53
    35# 25# 20# thrusters
    followed by filthy fifty with Jen M! gotta love Monday!

  20. 12:55 – (subbed 100 jump jacks, 200 jump jacks, and 400 jump jacks for runs, also did all thrusters with 20lb. – all I've got)

  21. 14:14 – 35lb bar on all thrusters and did 400 meters instead of 200 on first round.

  22. 15:27 for me only had 10 lbs for thrusters those were fast the running took the longest because I have shin splints in my left leg. Does anyone deal with this what do you do when time to run?

  23. 11:52. 20# for all thrusters. 🙁 Broke one of my 15 lb dumbbells using it for kettle bell swings a few weeks back. Need to get another one.

  24. New to crossfit — discovered your blog on pinterest!!
    20#, 16#, 16#

  25. 16:47 as Rx'd. I always feel good about my workouts until I read the rest of your times, then I feel really slow haha. But I love the workouts either way 🙂

  26. 18:52
    Slowest time so far, but that's ok.
    20 lbs. for all thrusters.
    Subbed 20 burpees for the first run (I know, what am I, nuts?), 200 jumping jacks for the second run, and 800 air rope jumps for the third run. I've got to get a treadmill.

  27. 12:26.
    ran 1/2 a block for 200m (.16miles)
    ran around the block (.325miles) for 400m
    ran around the block twice for 800m (.7miles)

    Everything else as rx'd.

    Ran 3 more miles fartlek style…it's 36 degrees out in WI, gotta take advantage of it!!

  28. Ran 2 miles prior to WOD, then 12:13 as rx'd. Damp and about 55 degrees here in central Illinois…gotta take advantage of being outside. Thanks for the workout!

  29. SO impressed with you "runners"!!! 20:25 was my time – I set a goal of 20 minutes, so a little peeved I went over!
    Half run/half walk.
    Thrusters were 31#, 24# 18#.
    Sweatin' like a whore in church!!!

  30. 7:34 with 20lb thrusters, and, since neither the baby nor the weather are permitting running, a mix of burpees and running in place. At least I found something good about burpees – they go much faster than running and thus give me shorter times 🙂

  31. 8:58
    30lb thrusters for 1st and 2nd rounds and 20lbs for the 3rd round.

  32. 12:51. I guess!! Got a phone call in the middle. Incline treadmill, 10 lb dumbbells

  33. First time doing a crossfit mamas workout! Glad to have found site! 21min. Looking forwar to shedding this baby weight! Great workout!

  34. Back working out after over 2 weeks of a horrid chest cold!

    19:32 thrusters as Rx'd
    Subed elliptical for runs-45 secs, 2 mins, and 5 mins

  35. 14:41 all 20lb thrusters

    Also 3 mile run which I think slowed down my time on the runs a bit.

  36. 9:55. 30#, 22#, 15#, run as rx'd. Moving slow this morning!

  37. 8:30

    40# thrusters
    1 min mountain climbers
    30# thrusters
    20 burpees
    24# thrusters
    16 times up/down stairs

    Raining outside this morning had to sub the runs.

  38. 9:12

    20 Lb Thrusters

    2 Times Down & Back in Gym for 200 m
    4 Times Down & Back in Gym for 400m
    8 Times Down & Back in Gym for 800m

  39. 12:22, 2 sets of 30# thrusters and one set of 20# thrusters.

  40. 12 min.. then 2 mile run outside in the 70 degree Kansas weather!

  41. Hi I'm new – I was curious if you're doing this at home how you measure distances for the run. Are there any equivalents that would be helpful?

    1. I use a GPS watch to measure distance. Some people run for a time, jump rope or run up and down stairs.

  42. 9:41. Used 30 lbs for the first 2 sets, then 20 lbs for the last one.

  43. 10:05 had to sub stationary bike for running. Did 1 min, then 2 mins, and then 4 mins. Thrusters did 27.5 lbs, then 25 lbs and then 20.

  44. 12:39, feeling slow lately! I'm the mom in the background building a sand castle! Just kidding, I wish! Beautiful beach, I'll have to check that place out!

  45. 7:02 with 20#, 16#, & 10#, then up & down stairs for runs, but I realize now I only did half of the stair climbs that I needed to! Crap!

  46. 8:13. I busted my butt and died! Great, fun workout! I did all rounds of thrusters with a 25# bag of flour (haha!)since I couldn't make it to the gym today.

  47. 9:51 w/ 40 lb bar for first set, and 2 10 lb dumb bells for 2nd and 3rd.

  48. What do I do if it is way too cold outside to run, as in below zero, and I don't have a treadmill.

  49. 14:30 40#,25#,25#. When will I enjoy running? I've moved from hatred to tolerance for now!

  50. Did my first WOD today! Took 20 minutes, I haven't ran in almost 20 years. Did 20#, 6#, 6#, and one set of 30 unweighted shoulder presses while on the treadmill. Despite the drastic less weight, I can't feel my thighs!!!

  51. 9:47
    As RXed but had to do 30, 25, 20 lbs for thrusters.

  52. 12:43. Subbed the running with 100, 150, 200 jump ropes. Didn't get the chance to go to the gym today and it's negative temps to and run outside.

  53. How do you do thrusters with something other than a bar? All I can find for videos is with a bar and I don't have one of those.

  54. 14:40 Trusters with 30 lb, then 21 lb for last 2 sets
    Running on very soft sand, so runs were slow (I live in a sand box 🙂

  55. 15:11…used 24lb bar for all thrusters…great workout

  56. I workout from home and have dumbbells, how do you do the thrusters with dumbells. Looking forward to rocking crossfit like a boss!

  57. 12:11
    Did dumbells 20lbs (10 lb in each hand) the first round, then 16 lbs for the the other two rounds.

  58. 14:53, runningn always slows down my time, but I'm proud that I did it.

  59. 10:42, one armed thrusters, 15#dbl 1st 2, 10# 3rd

  60. 13:39 did kettlebell swings instead of thrusters (30, 25, 20)

    Josh: 9:41 kettle bell swings too. All 30#.

  61. This was my first cross fit workout. Did the thrusters with 10# dumbells (15,15,15) , when it was time to run my black lab ran with me! time of 11:19

  62. Shorter Mama- I measure distance with a running app on my phone. I like MapMyRun. Now that I have done it enough times, I know how far a 200 M, 400 M and 800 M lap is on my street. 🙂

  63. Tanya- I have just updated as many video demos as I could to include dumbbells. I did find one for thrusters. 🙂

  64. Diana- I just updated the video for thrusters with dumbbells. 😉

  65. 10:10 finally did it today with the Thursday workout. I had a cold Monday. Great work out- did on the elliptical though

  66. 21:59
    A bit slower because at gym I need to walk to the treadmil and then on the weights I had to change bar.Maybe next time I'll get 3 bars out so I don't have to use the time.

  67. 10:19 I did all thrusters with 20 pounds it's all I had on hand. Also forgot to stop tire right away after running so probably somewhere around 9:50

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