Wednesday 01.23.13

“Cat Fight”

3 rounds of:
Wall ball, 10 lbs (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 15-30lbs (Reps)
Box Jump, 18″ box (Reps)
Push-press, 20lbs (Reps)
Butterfly sit-ups (Reps)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a
minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a
five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before
repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station
immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep.

Add your points and post them to comments.

Compare to 06.14.12

 Hiit Mama Miranda
(Miranda- I tried to get your location and bio but couldn’t get a response so when you leave your time today, tell us where you’re at and your story! 🙂

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. Subbed 30 lb thrusters for wall ball and step ups for box jump. Also did 30 lb push press instead of 20.

    264 total reps

  2. Thank god for no running, I can handle cold, a -41 windchill is a bit much…lol… Jealous of all you southern ladies right now! Have a great day!

    1. We were complaining in HotAtl about 30's. Guess I need to count my blessings! 😉

  3. 424 was my score. Did 16 lb thrusters for wall ball.

  4. Only got through one round before son woke up. Was having fun too! Will finish later from beginning.
    Round one was 44, 32, 24, 22, 17
    With: 5# ball, 15# sumo dead, stepups (indoors, 3rd floor, haha) rest as Rxs. -10 here with wind. Yuck.

  5. 352 total reps
    subbed lower box jumps, 15lb for push press and sumo dead.

  6. 270 total
    Second WOD ever… rocked!!! Subbed step ups for box jumps since I'm still restricted. All others as rx'd. Below zero wind chill here as well. Happy to have this great indoor workout. Thanks!

  7. 400
    Subbed wall ball for thrusters and box jumps for steps

  8. 343 score… sub wall balls for 16lb thrusters and then a mile run after

  9. 312
    Rounds were 101, 106, 105, so I stayed consistent. I didn't start strong only to fizzle out by the end, which is what I thought would happen.
    Subbed Thrusters and an 8" box.
    Did all weighted exercises with two 10# dumbbells.

  10. Didn't count my reps cuz I was too busy moving between excercises and helping my husband do this workout. Modified step up/jump down for box jumps. Did 15lb wall ball, 20 lb sumo deadlifts

  11. 373. 15 lb weight the whole time.
    Thanks this was a really great one!

  12. 412

    10# thrusters for wall ball (87)
    20# sdhp (84)
    12" box steps (101)
    20# pp (81)
    mod su (they're getting easier! 🙂 (59)

  13. 399, my goal was 400. Darn!

    10 lb wall ball
    15 lb for deadlift sumo
    12 in box jump
    10lb push press

  14. WoooHoo! Great workout, now going to go run with my husband.
    465 total
    Thrusters 15# (73)
    SDLHP 20#KB(101)
    StepUps 18" (95)
    PP 15# (121)
    CSU (75)
    Need to add more weight on my PP next time.

  15. 403 I forgot the rest until the last round so I took it after the box jumps :). I think that was a really good place for it.

  16. 130+147+152=429
    8# ball
    25# dead lifts
    1/2 jumps 1/2 step ups

  17. Ran 4 miles then…


    14lb WB
    35lb SDHP
    25lb PP

    You've gotta love a good fight gone bad!

  18. I lost count so many times but the best I can estimate is about 360. Loved the workout!

  19. 407
    10# Thursters
    15 lb sumo dead lifts,
    20# Pushpress

    Loved It!

  20. 343. Only had 4# ball and 18# bar for deadlift and push press

  21. 240 total.
    First time for Sumo Dead Lift High Pull AND Push Press so I went slower to focus on my form.
    6# wall ball, 18" box, 16# free weights for Sumo & Push Press.

  22. 330 total,only have a 10 lb kettle bell for all weighted exercises and did step-ups for box jumps.

  23. 403. Only had 2 5 lb dumb bells. I need to buy higher weights. 12 in box jump and crunches.

  24. 451.

    10lb wall ball, 40lb sumo dl, 16" box jump, 20lb push press.

  25. 435 – (140, 150, 145) I used 8lb dumbells for everything and did crunches

  26. 460. All the weights I used were 2 5lb dumbbells because it's all I have. Did step ups on sofa since I don't habe a box.

  27. 457
    20# sumo
    24# push press

    Whew! Slight interruption when my 3 year old had to poop. Otherwise awesome workout!

  28. 424

    20lb thrusters (62) 20 lb sumo (77) box jumps (51) push ups (97) crunches (137, stitches come out today!) killer workout.

  29. I lost count and on several occasions when I switched to a new set started over. Lol I do know that I got at least 330ish. Most likely more, but that's okay! Lol it's WODs like this that makes me miss being a part of a box!

  30. 378
    thrusters (15# kettleball) instead of wall balls
    same kb on sumos and push-press
    those box jumps were killers!

  31. Hmmmm…..looking at everyone else's numbers, I SUCKED!!!!

    1. Always look for my numbers and then you will feel better. 😉

    2. Suzanne. This one had so many variables with weight options and all. It's comparing apples to oranges. Everyone's numbers are all over the board each day. Every day presents a clean slate. Keep it up, virtual workout buddy. I assume you're on the East coast or somewhere bright and early working out.

  32. 483 with loads of modifications thanks to a less than adequate work gym

    Subbed thrusters (18 lb) for wall ball
    15 lb dumbell for SDL
    Ball Tap (I'm not really sure if that's the right name) for box jumps because my knees have been bothering me but counted both feet as one rep
    18 lbs push press
    and CFS as RX'd.

    Thank goodness no burpees today 🙂

  33. Suzanne – no sucking allowed 🙂 if your moving your working and that means you rock!! P.S. Sweet baby in your pic.

    314 total 104,108,102

    5KG ball
    26lb kettle bell for SDHP
    30# bar for push press

  34. 280. could I have pushed to 300? Hell no. This is the most wasted I've been after a workout. I guess I finally have muscles to get tired now!

  35. 384. Subbed 20# thrusters for WBs. Did 30# sumos. Rest as Rx'd.

  36. I did 2 rounds
    10lb db thrusters
    16 " bj
    25 lb kb sumo
    20lb bar pp
    Ran on treadmill 3 miles yea!

  37. 383
    10 lb thrusters
    15 lb dead lifts
    13" box jumps (using the fireplace hearth)
    15 lb push press
    Awesome workout!

  38. 275
    sub thrusters for wall balls
    10 lb sumo dead lift high pull
    didnt get many box jump in jelly legs today used 12" box instead of 18
    10 lb PP

    sit ups were easier today yayy!!

  39. 415

    5lbs in each hand thrusters
    15lb kettleball sumo deadlifts
    18" box jump
    10lb push press

  40. 419 (400 was my goal)
    15 lb wall ball
    45 lb sdhp
    18" box
    20 lb pp

  41. 331 total

    Subbed thrusters (20lb 2rd, 10lb 1 rd) – 58
    High pull using dumbells (20lbs 2rd, 10lb 1rd) — 79
    Box jump (on stair) – 70
    Push press (20lb 1rd, 10lb 2rds) – 67
    CFSU – 57

  42. Thrusters 15lbs first round, then 10lbs (82)
    SDHP 28.6 lbs (50)
    Box Jump I had 12" box (50)
    Push-press 20lbs (65)
    Crossfit sit-ups (43)


    Ran a 10 minute mile after this! Good workout.

  43. 355. Subbed thrusters for wall ball, used 2 10 lb dumbbells.

  44. 390!! Woot-Woot!!

    4# ball
    24# deadlift and push press


    Suzanne – normally my scores/times are the worst, but personal pride makes up for it! 🙂

  45. 206
    (unfair 10 min break to pick up kids from school)
    Total= 587

    Feeling so tired an unmotivated from running the 10K yesterday! You girls keep me going! Always glad I did it anyway. 🙂

  46. 500 exactly (love when that happens) 🙂
    14# wall ball
    20# dead lift
    laterals instead of box jumps (no box to jump on yet)

  47. 381. Subbed wall ball for thrusters. Subbed box jump for jumping on sofa 🙂 p.s. way too high for my own good! This workout got me sweaty!

  48. 398
    20# on dead lifts
    4 risers on each side of a step for the jump

  49. 385 total
    10lb thrusters for wall ball
    20 lb sumo
    20 lb pp
    Dont have a box so I tied a giant shipping rubber band around two racks in my garage at 18" and jumped over it.

  50. 302
    10# wall balls
    30# deadlifts
    20# push-press
    subbed tuck jumps for box jumps

  51. 398…so close to 400!! 131, 129, 138

    thrusters – 10lbs
    sdhp – 20lbs
    box jump 18" (hard!!)
    pp – 20lbs

  52. I did this earlier. But I guess it didnt post
    = 361
    Less than last time. However, I used an 18 inch box this time. And I did CFSU instead of crunches. Happy with this 🙂

  53. WOW! Didn't expect the cardio to be that intense today! Insane!

    tuck jumps for box jumps
    thrusters for WB (10lb db)

    Used 20lb for both SDLHP and PP

    Score: 127, 115, 126
    Total: 368

  54. Totally lost count. 25lb bar for sumo & push press, high box step ups b/c I didn't want to hurt myself; 10lb thrusters.

  55. 332 ….little slow because a few of these were new to me. Did thrusters i/o wall ball. 6 below in Maine so the barn door was out of the question for that. Box jumps I like! Really enjoying your quick, INTENSE workouts!

  56. 372
    Sub 10# thrusters for wall ball
    Sumo 1 set 20lbs 2 sets 8 ( need an in between weight)
    Box jumps on stairs
    Push press 20lbs

  57. Total =481

    10 lb wall ball =79
    20 lb sumo dead lift =95
    12" box jumps =146
    20 lb push press =77
    cfsu =84

  58. Total = 290

    WB – 62
    Sumo – 60
    Box Jump – 79…did 180 deg. plyo jumps
    Push P – 56
    cfsu – 33 (so hard for me)

  59. Total = 383

    15 lb. Wall Ball = 87
    16 lb. Sumo Dead Lift = 69
    Step Ups = 101
    20 lb. Push Press = 63
    CrossFit SitUps = 63

  60. 391..subbed wall balls for thrusters! Tough workout!

  61. Total 448
    Wall ball 10lb 116
    Sumo 30lb 76
    Box jumps (12in) 98
    Push press 20lb 91
    Sit ups 67

  62. 359 thrusters, stepups and only hand weights. omg.

  63. 359 total. 20# thrusters for wall balls. 20# for sumos. 15" wall for box.

  64. 450 10# thrusters, 15# sumo, 10# push press all one armed

  65. Suzanne- You are only allowed to say you sucked if you sat on the couch and read everyone elses times while eating a tub of Ben & Jerry's. 😉 You didn't suck because you did it! And next year when you rock this WOD and beat your time by 5 minutes, you will love having this posted time to look back at! 🙂

  66. I managed 2 rounds.
    8# Wall balls 39. 37
    Sumo 15. 15. 15#
    Did steps till i get a box 25. 28
    Press 14. 15. 15#
    Sit-ups 14. 17

  67. Trying to take care of a sick family and get a workout in, just did not work today. I will just have to fit this in another day.

  68. 371
    Subbed 8 lb hand weights with the sumo lifts and push press due to shoulder issues & no bar @ home.
    My box is 2 ft, did step up/jump down instead of full jump.

  69. 389

    Did careful step up & down instead of box jump on the kitty litter refill box because I don't have a box! HA! The things we do!

  70. Totally lost count….somewhere over 300
    #8 ball
    modified cfsu

  71. 10.2# Bar thrusters 39 35 33 (107)
    Sumo DL-HP 20.4# bar 21 20 16 (57)
    Box Jump 18" chair 29 21 21 (71)
    Push-Press 20.4# Bar 29 26 24 (79)
    CFSU 27 28 25 (80)
    TOTALS 145 130 119 (394)

  72. 505
    20 lbs thrusters for wall ball shots
    40 lbs for sumo
    20 lbs for puh press

  73. 466
    Yeah this one was a good one for me!
    12# trusters
    set-ups (18" box unsteady for jumping!)
    25# PP
    Thanks for a great workout!

  74. 232 12" box jump and 15lb push press. Second WOD workout, really stiff from yesterday.

  75. 388
    As RX'd
    107 WB
    76 SDLHP
    58 BJ
    70 PP/10# total, misread 🙁
    77 SU's

    I haven't had caffeine for close to 2 weeks now…

  76. This was my second workout from your blog and I'm loving it so far! I also did a 5k run afterwards since I'm training for a half marathon in March. Thanks for posting and keeping ladies motivated to be healthy! Oh! I also am trying to give up caffeine – switched to fruity non-caffeinated teas this week!

  77. I forgot to post yesterday! I ran a mile then did the WOD. I had about 280 points. You are all awesome!

  78. 316

    -Thrusters for Wallball
    -2 8lb hand weights for sumo deadlifts
    -I only have a 13" box
    -Push Press: I used my husband's bar but I'm not sure how much it weighs (I've emailed him overseas and hope to get an answer soon).

  79. 345- subbed 10# thrusters and 12" box jumps. 20# sdhp.

  80. 433 total 🙂 thank you!!! Individual totals: 127 wall balls, 66 dead lift sumos 30lbs, 107 tuck jumps, 61 push presses 30 lbs, 72 CFSUs.

  81. 369 rx'd. Did this one today since I had a partner to help time.

  82. 369 rx'd. Did this one today since I had a partner to help time.

  83. 400

    crunches instead of sit-ups (back issues)
    20 lb deadlift sumo
    20lb push press

  84. 345 WOD. 25 of each each time but 15 each time of sit ups. Finally got to this on Saturday. Wed I attended a half a class of a BOSU body workout. This was a great workout a few days late

  85. subbed thrusters pat #45 Maria #25
    Pat – #45 all other maria #25 all other

    Pat – 138, 107, 102 = 347
    Maria – 127, 96, 105 = 328

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