Tuesday 01.22.13

For time:
30 Push-ups
40 Walking lunges (total)
50 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
60 Butterfly sit-ups
70 Burpees

Compare to 02.08.12

I ran the Color Vibe 5K on Saturday. Had to make a tank top to REPRESENT!
Time: 23:00
no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 15:20 its hard to keep your form after the 40th burpee! Great workout! Thank you : )

  2. 10:01 This was my first crossfit WOD! I am recovering from hip surgery (9 weeks post) so I had to change the burpee to squat chest press w/ 15 lbs. Thanks for the workout. I'm looking forward to continuing my recovery using workouts from this blog, though I will have to modify as I am not allowed to run or jump yet.

  3. Back in my pre-mama days I LOVED burpees. Not so much anymore! I suppose that means I should be doing more of them. Great WOD!

  4. 16:27. First time getting up early for the WOD. I felt weaker than when I do it early afternoon. I was doing good until those burpees. Subbed crunches (should be getting stitches out tomorrow afternoon) love it!

  5. 19:35 – Subbed knee p/u and 101b. kettle ball.

  6. 9:22…wow those burpees kill me! Great WOD! Great job everyone!

  7. 10 min flat, but no burpees.

    My son woke up early. I won't lie – I would say that I was disappointed that he woke up (I usually am when I can't finish the whole WOD,) but since it was burpees I was kind of praising his timing. 😉
    BUT, I will do them later tonight…I don't like things left unfinished.

  8. This is my 2nd WOD and I loved it! I'm pregnant so I'm not timing myself and am just focusing on the reps 🙂

  9. 14:14 I thought the burpees would be the end of me, but they surprised me. Lol

    1. I am also trying to start a new good habit of waking up before the kids to do the WOD. Today was a success and I feel great. Hoping I can keep up with it!

  10. 25:50.

    8:06 for the first 4 exercises and 17:44 for the burpees. Ugh! But done. Very done.

    The new fruit & veg snack challenge is the first real diet test for me. (I wasn't a caffeine or soda girl anyway.) It will take more time and planning–and bye bye my beloved yogurt, nut and cheese snacks–but it's something I would not have done on my own so it's nice to do it with a group for encouragement and motivation. It will definitely challenge my perceptions of my eating habits and how they relate to my fitness and "feeling good" goals. Thank you!

  11. 16:10….burpees hate me…or I hate burpees either way they got done. Had to break it up into 4 rounds .

  12. 13.57 (included a one mile run after). I love this blog you all are amazing!

  13. 19:30. Finished the first four things in around 8 minutes. I was another person in slow motion today.

  14. 18:48. The burpees were the killer for me today. Did yesterdays WOD right before this.

  15. 21:37 First time doing WOD, not gonna lie, felt like I was dying! I'm sure it'll get easier.

  16. 11:39
    Rough! A little over a minute faster this time compared to a year ago 🙂 yay!

  17. 13:41
    1/2 GPUS
    16# dumbells
    almost died during burpees

  18. 16:52. 15 boy PUs followed by 15 girl PUs. Did 25 KB swings 20# followed by 25 KB swings 15#.

    I. Hate. Burpees. …x70! (especially after only a few days of having done 70 burpees in another WOD!!!)

    By the way Jenni, I realized I said I had started back in October in my email with my tank pic. I actually started back in August! I had reached my pre-pregnancy weight in October. 🙂

  19. 16:51 15 lb dumbbell for the swings. Wanted to quit so many times during the burpees, but I did them all!

  20. 14.12 half burpees had boy p/u and all had jump. 1/2 boy p/u in beginning too. 15 lb kb. Whew

  21. 12 min – I did crunches though (120 instead of 60)

  22. I've never done cross fit, but came across your blog through pinterest. I gave your workout from today a try and it was great! Took me 13:29. I had done a 5k run prior to the workout because I'm training for a 1/2 marathon as well. Thanks for the great workout! Looking forward to continuing and following your blog!

  23. I was afraid to even start this workout wth last weeks similar one still fresh in my mind!

    14:40 with girlie push-ups

  24. 14:40. Wow! I would still be on the ground right now if I didn't have to get up to stop my timer after the burpees. Thanks for the motivation. I would never force myself to do those.

  25. 11:52…I think. My son reset the timer, but I'm pretty sure I saw the time before he did it.

    25lb kettle bell, boy pushups.

  26. 26:00 with some interruptions. Girl push ups and half of the burpees without push ups in between. Those burpees were tough and took most of the time. Feeling better, but still a long way to get to my pre pregnancy shape.

  27. 23min with 8lb weight for KB. I kept getting interrupted, but I finished! Great workout! 🙂

  28. 16.07
    girl pu's
    half cross fit su's and reverse crunches
    only 51 burpees…lost my form around 20!

  29. I'd love to see you post some before/after shots since you started crossfit mamas!

  30. 4 mile run this morning then WOD on lunch…WOW, I'm dragging after all that. 22:48 on WOD, burpees were invented by the devil!!

  31. 11:09
    1st WOD…love the blog
    10 girly pu/ rest boy

  32. this was my very first time doing a workout from this site. Wow.

    Only able to do 50 burpees….


  33. 16:57…..of which 9 minutes and 58 seconds were BURPEES!! My first at home CrossFit workout. Loved it!

  34. 4×800 interval run with 400 walk/light jog in between, then WOD with a 14:21 time. Those burpees are killers. Great workout. Thank you!

  35. 20:28 broke these up into reps of 10 but lunged @ reps of 20. 30 burpees were squat thrust 🙁
    I am so slow at Burpees and CFSU!!!

  36. First time…WOW!!!! Don't think I did the burpees quite right and only got to…13 min…will have to finish last 30 after picking up kiddos. YAY for finding you!

  37. 12:34 as rx'd. 20 of 30 push ups were boy! 10 were girl. I don't know if it was easier having burpees at the beginning like last week's wod? I was definitely more tired today doing them at the end.

  38. 19:34
    Under 20 minutes! Took a break after every 10 burpees for the first 50, then a break after every 5. But I did them all!

  39. 18:53 – I split the CrossFit situps and burpees into two rounds. I was at 7:49 after everything, plus half of my situps. Burpees slow me WAY down!!!

    Jenni – you are amazing!

  40. 17:26
    15# lb swings
    full burpees

    I thought I was gonna finish with a fast time until I started those burpees!They slow me down!

  41. 12:10…I must not have read the workout close enough before I started because I did 30 squats and 40 pushups instead of 30 pushups and 40 squat?!?!…not sure where I got that from haha.

  42. PHEW!
    as RX'd 14:10

    So I've been a little bit of a bum lately, in a funk, not motivated. I've been so frustrated trying to just get the motivation up to get moving. I've been doing your WOD on and off since June and I love them, a workout I know I can stick with. But then why haven't I? I think I finally figured it out and I think it is something that all of us mama's go through but some of us may not handle it as well as others. Life..stress…kids…stress…husbands…you know the drill. I let it control me sometimes and forget that I need to make time and take time for me, to step away from the chaos and say, "it's ok to do this for me." I really struggle with this because I'm mom, it's who I am and it's my identity, but I also know that if I don't take care of me, who will? Such a power struggle in my head!
    So today I am joining the challenge, I can't do the drinks(stomach issues) and yes I am a few weeks behind but it's ok, I'll make them up in the end. But I'm also going to challenge myself to take that time for ME, to rewire my brain to say, "it's you time". I'll also be follwing my workouts with runs. I've always loved to run but haven't been serious about it in a few years…time to change that too. Thank's Jen. Thank you for the workout's. Your blog not only get's me sweating, but it's motivate me. Thank you.

    1. Mary, you can do this. Half the battle is mindset. It really is only a few minutes a day. Great job with your recent commitment. One day at a time. Maybe you can find a friend to do this WOD with you. Your time for today looks great! I think it took me that long just to do the Burpees, which I was afraid to even start!

      Anyway, hang in there & know that you can do these.

  43. 16:10, girl pu and I'm working out in a tiny space so I subbed squats for walking lunges (plus I always lose my balance during lunges!)

  44. 21:23! Thank you so much for these WODs. Can't wait to start trimming down my times to join the rest of you crossfit mamas!

  45. 14:04 girly push-ups, 8lb kettle ball (will up it soon), 40 burpees…they weren't pretty. More then last time. Will get there. THANKS for the inspiration!!! Love the tank!

  46. This was my first workout on this program. It took me about 16 minutes but I did not finish all of the burpees. I also did not try to go too fast b/c I really wanted to focus on a correct form. Once I have that down hopefully speed will come. I felt like the situps were really isolating the ab muscles, which was nice. I've had two c-secs and have done nothing to build those muscles back up, so I was feeling it. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

  47. 15:27 I realize that you're trying to kill us with these Burpees! Haha Just kidding. I actually don't mind them so much anymore.. I'm getting stronger, and therefore, the burpees are getting easier. They aren't my favorite, but I definitely don't hate them anymore. 🙂

  48. 12:30. Girl pu and thrusters with 10lb in each hand. Burpees will be the death of me! haha love the tank. Well done on your time at the 5k!! 23min is no joke.

  49. WOW!!!! Those Burmese are killer….. 12:18….. Great worjout??

  50. 23:14. Did the first 4 exercises in under 10 minutes, even did all the CFSU's without stopping, which was a first for me. Then came the burpees. Had to take a break after every 10 but I did them all.

  51. 15:40 with 20# kettlebell swings & knee to elbows on the floor for the CFSUs. Did those yesterday when I subbed in a WOD from last week & my abs are killing me today! Also only got in 22 burpees. For my 3rd CF WOD ever, I don't think it's too bad! I surprised myself with the lunges. Usually I get stuck in the down position on them at some point & can't get back up bc my quads cramp, but I got through them all today!

  52. 11:42!! Way faster than I expected Burpees are getting easier!!!

  53. 11:14 with 20lb kettlebell. Hate Burpees! No matter how many I do between this site and the regular CF site….still hate them!

  54. 20:37
    Girl Push Ups
    5# free weight swing (no kettle bell)
    23 cfsu/37 crunches (whenever I take a break in cfsu I cannot restart… mostly it is my back)
    70 burpees (no form… basically started standing, got myself down to the floor, back up again with a slight 'jump' or onto my toes with arms over head)

    Killer… but now that I am done… it felt great.

  55. 11:58 plus an extra 30 GPU because I'm not doing burpees right :/

  56. 12:56. I did half real push ups then the rest girl push ups, but that's a first for me! They're getting easier! And burpees still kill me, but they are getting easier and easier =) Great workout!

  57. 26:21 yay! Burpees and cfsu are killer for me…but, I'm getting better and I already feel a bit stronger this 3rd week. That's the goal!

  58. 14:17… surprised it took me so long. Oh well… better late than never. Girly push ups of course and jumping lunges

  59. 20 min. had to rest a lot through the burpees. I started the challenge the first day … after not working out for almost a year. Thank you for doing the blog. Love it! I'm going to make it to the end of 90 days if it kills me! lol.

  60. 13:38. Did my first WOD on Sunday (from Friday…and by abs were still killing me today). Took me almost as long to do the burpees as it took for the 1st part of the workout, huge slow down after 20!
    My question is about the form for the burpees- I watched the video on this website, but couldn't remember exactly so when I was at the gym I looked up "crossfit burpee" on youtube on my phone. The examples I saw incorporated the push-up when on the floor, not the one were you sag your hips down like this example. Which do you do?

  61. 13:42 – as rx'd
    half boy pu
    compared to 13:56 on 2.8.12

  62. 11:02, faster than I expected with the burpees! Plus 2.5 mi run.

  63. 11:38 – pleasantly surprised at my time, but here are my cheats: girl push ups (but, hey, I'm a girl), put my toes under a table during cfsu's, and only go to plank on my burpees. Still, I feel the burn!!!

  64. 14:00. This is the first time I have been on the site. I had my baby a little over 6 weeks ago. I'm pretty proud of myself. I wanted to do 30 burpees and call it good, but I pushed through and did all 70. Yay!

  65. 5:54 minus burpees (shoulder injury), one armed girl pu

  66. I'm so embarrassed to post this: 25:56
    Burpees killed my time. I kept having to stop. I ate too many carbs today which made me feel like a Mac truck was attached to my bum. Exhausted from a long day caring for the kiddo with the flu & trying to disinfect everything in my house. Wah wah!

  67. 22:12
    30 PU's
    First 10 PU's – Standard
    Remaining 20 PU's – Modified
    40 Walking Lunges
    50 KB Swings 10 lbs.
    60 CFSU's
    70 Burpees

  68. 15:54 – girl p/u, regular situps (not good form though) & my burpees were crap.

    Josh- 13:53 as RXd (burpees with pushups)

  69. 20:14

    I'm having a hard time getting back in the groove after some time away. Hopefully it gets easier soon.

  70. 18:13
    half crossfit su ,half modified
    always feel like my burpees arent right….but at least Im doing something.

  71. 13:54 Can you say BURPEES? Grrr!
    Love the feeling when the WOD is completed…..so worth it.

    Mary:I hear you! I have been doing Jenni's WODs since Dec.31st and I have never felt better. No caffiene and soda has made a world of difference. Because I feel better, have more self-confidence, and get to release some stress,I AM a better MOM! You can do it too—one day at a time!

    Jenni:You are making a difference! Thank you!

  72. Forgot to comment yesterday!

    girl pushups
    and wimpy burpees, but did them.

  73. 19 minutes…..only 50 burpees….will do other 20 sometime today. My legs were shaking so hard, I couldn't (without some mean coach yelling at me) go. any. further.

  74. 12:15
    hurt my wrist on 11th burpee so finished with 100 squats.

  75. 30 minutes, but did the whole thing! Very first WOD : )

  76. Mary- First of all, I understand exactly how you feel. I have gone through so many phases in my life when it comes to exercise and fitness. I have been in a phase where I am super focused on myself and motivated and would go to the gym (yuck) every day (M-F) and then other phases where I just had no motivation at all and really didn't care how soft I got. Kids, life, husband, to-do lists all got in the way and became more important. That is why I am SO glad I found crossfit. Finally it was something that I didn't have to leave my family to go to a gym, be gone for over an hour, get the motivation to work out for over an hour, etc. On days when I am in a funk, like today, I say to myself, "Jenni, it is only 15 minutes…..or it is only 6 minutes! Just get your sports bra on (or not;) and do it! Just get it over with!" The short, intense nature of WODs are my saving grace….then you add a new workout every day and my competitive nature (me vs. my old self) and nothing can talk me out of it now. I love having a break on Sat and Sun and I think that is important to have time for family and worship so there can be balance in our lives and we can not only improve physically but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. In the end there are two things I know for sure: to my husband- Happy Wife = Happy Life and to my kids- When Mama ain't happy, aint nobody happy! If we don't take care of ourselves and are empty, we have nothing to give….and if all it takes for me is a daily 15 or so minute WOD and a delicious shake!? DONE! (a shower, some make-up, and my favorite jeans doesn't hurt either 🙂 One day at a time. You got this!

  77. Country Girl- You better send me an awesome tractor, cowboy hat, tank top pic!! 😉

  78. PTRunner- The form on the blog demo is correct. There is the option to add a strict push-up but for our purposes, which is speed, agility and stamina, do the burpees without the push-up.

  79. Christy- Thanks for sharing! I love to hear all of your results in the challenge! Good job!!

  80. Stacie- If you tailbone can't take CFSUs than it probably can't take sit-ups in general. Try doing them on an exercise or yoga ball. That way you can still have the full range of the sit-up without your tailbone grinding on the ground. Otherwise you will need to modify with leg lifts and crunches until your tailbone is stonger.

  81. 25 Boy pushups + 5 Girl PU's
    40 Long legged knee down walking lunges
    50 Sumo dead lift high pull to thrusters with 20.4# bar
    60 CFSU's
    70 rubbery Burpees


  82. 18:30
    Burpees hold me back! I can do 10 at a time and then have to rest.

  83. Did this Tues but decided I want to start posting results with the rest of ya! 😉 18:53 girl push-ups

  84. Was sick this week so catching up.

    Did girl push ups
    Did two CFSU but it really hurts my tail bone, so I did 40 crunches and 20 leg raises
    could only 30 burpees. I got light headed. Easier on carpet then on hardwood. Will try to finish the rest tonight.

  85. 18:29 i was pretty happy, but seeing some of your gals times shows I have some work to do

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