Monday 01.21.13


Run 10K.

Compare to 11.28.11

Don’t be intimidated, just try it and tell yourself you can finish without stopping, because you can! (We will only do this once a year and today is the day.)

Happy Birthday (yesterday)  
to my BFF Cesca!
 Cesca is a fierce marathon running, Spartan racing Hiit Mama. Aside from the grueling marathon, the Spartan Race was 10 miles and 75 obstacles, and every time you failed an obstacle, you had to do 30 burpees, each time until you completed the obstacle! She completed them all. Talk about warrior! She inspires me every day and I am so proud to call her my best friend for the last 14 years. Cesca has 2 children and is married to the hottie in the pictures below. 🙂

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 1:04. I was planning to run 6 miles and then saw that was the WOD too. The outdoor temp is 20 here and feels like 2 degrees. If this were not the WOD I would have shortened my run. Ibuprofen helped my tailbone and lats through the 6.2 but I am still trying to warm up my fingers! Brrr!

  2. I feel your pain Denise! It's so cold here today too!! And windy, I'm going to wait til later and hope the wind dies out, when you live out in the middle of the ocean, the wind can be a b****!!

  3. 7.1km in 16:28 on stationary bike at level 3 resistance. The baby woke up so I had to stop:(

  4. I'm very grateful to have a gym membership with treadmills… it's a brisk 19 degrees here today, so I opted to run INdoors…. 1:04 – congrats to you ladies who braved the cold…. brrrrr.

  5. Greetings from Panama! We are on vacation this week but what a great time for this WOD! It is -5 and windy at home but it is so beautiful here. 1:06:56, I did have to walk one mile but I am so proud of myself! Oh and this Wisconsin girl is a slight bit jealous of any of you ladies who live by the ocean. 🙂

  6. 49:23 on the treadmill…I was super excited to run today. Felt great! Good job ladies

  7. Without giving my excuses, I subbed the 12-28-12 workout for today. Did 1 mi warmup then 8:36. Way to go ladies for your running!

  8. 51:10 in 29 degree weather that felt like low 20s. I planned on adding a run today anyways but not that much. And I didn't stop once. 🙂

  9. 54:20
    Only my second time ever running 6.2 miles. It was very windy outside, but thankful not to cold this morning.

  10. 1.08. I did a training routine for a 10K. Run 3 walk 1 . I'm not a runner.

  11. It's -22 here so not an option. Planning on doing this on my elliptical but it doesn't track distance. I figure 2000 steps in a mile, so 12,400 steps? Close enough?

    1. Ok, either my math was awful or I am much slower than I expected. Did 60 min on elliptical with 20.00 incline and it read 8,000 strides. I was exhausted so I called it good. Can anybody help me with my math?

  12. don't have a place for my 4 kiddos while I go do this at the fitness center in my apt complex, so I did Friday's today and will do my first ever 5K when hubby is home!

    I love the fruits and veggies for snacks–something I can do! I would like some advice, though: I'm pregnant and obviously I need to talk to my doctor, but it seems like I just don't get the mileage out of an apple for a snack that I use to–I find I need to add a protein or grain. Does anyone else experience this? I do a pretty good job of eating healthily already, but I do have a hard time feeling full on fruits/veggies alone. Anyone? Anyone?

    1. I have to eat a protein with my fruit or veggy in order to give me energy til my next meal. So yes, I feel the same as you and am still doing the fruit or veggie as my snack, but I'm adding protein too.

  13. It's 10 degrees in Chicago today, so running outside for a hour is out. Also I can't run on a treadmill for longer than 30 mins at my gym. So I took a BOSU fitness class for an hour. Super challenging and sweaty.

  14. Kirsten- If you are pregnant, you are definitely going to need to add more than the fruit and veggie snack. If you are feeling hungry, eat!! That baby needs fats and calories to grow and develop it's brain so you can't be so restrictive as those of us not growing another human! Honestly, when I was pregnant, I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted (trying to choose healthier options, but other times, not so much!)Sometimes you just need to eat what you crave! It is only 9 months so do what feels good and worry about being hard core when you are done. 😉

  15. 52:14
    A little hilly and pushing my 18 month old in a stroller

  16. I've been doing the workouts for a couple of weeks now, but haven't posted yet. I'm a mama of 4 ages 18 months to 14 years. It's time to go from skinny and mushy to skinny and fit. Chilly, but sunny morning in coastal GA. 1:12 and the furthest I've ever run before is a 5K.

  17. 1:02 my side started hurting so I had to slow down. I also missed Friday's work out so added that after I ran. I was able to do 8 rounds in the 12 minutes. I am sweaty and pooped, but it was a great workout!!

  18. 1 hr 17:43. I had to run and walk due to IT Band issues, which makes me not much if a runner. I did complete it though, which I am so proud of myself for. This is my 1st 10k attemp ever and I did it!

  19. 55:15 – Slowest 10k ever in cold and windy temps (9 degrees), but I'll take it. Spent a total of 70 days in the hospital, and had three major surgeries last year with the last one on 10/11/12…just grateful to be upright and able to do these WODs!

  20. Didn't have time to do the full 10K. Trying to get the WOD in on my lunch hour. Did 4 miles in 41:03 and will do more tonight.

  21. Only had time for 45 mins, 4.3 miles. Wil try to run 2 miles tonight.

  22. I would love to run the 10K, but it's -30 degrees out in good 'ol WI…yuck! It's times like this I wish I had a gym membership!!

    So I did 5 rounds for time of:

    22kettlebell swings
    22box jumps
    90sec jumping jacks
    22 burpees
    22 thrusters


  23. First attempt ever at a 10k…had to mix some walking in, but did complete it in 90 minutes including a warm up/cool down.

  24. 1:20…1st 10k:). Wow what a workout. I T band issues also, so had to walk/run after mile 2:)

  25. Subbing, this weekends 5k was 26 min and I will run another 5k tonight. Too dark and late by the time dh gets home to do a 10k.

  26. 1:14:54. I had my half-marathon training program running while I did this. I walked probably 10 minutes, including my 5 minute warm up. Happy with this! I have never gone that distance before.

  27. Not a distance runner esp since sustaining bilateral plantar fasciitis from a treadmill injury going on 15 months of pain…had injections and everything. It's better but I am still nursing it. With that said I will sub this with a 20 mile cross country ski we are doing on the weekend. 🙂 ~Kim

  28. For those of us who are runners we smile when we see run a 10k. I do know enough non runners to realize that this workout is NOT FUN if you don't like to run.


  29. Was not planning on posting my time, thinking I'd be too embarrassed, but I don't care…I'm posting because I finished the entire 10k! WOO-HOO

    71:50 – 4 miles on treadmill (first time EVER going this far) – I only ran some during the first 1/2 mile, then walked 1.5 miles with inclines.

    8:50 – 2.17 miles on stationary bike – I could only do this between 15.0 and 15.4 speed – NO resistance.

    Jelly-belly legs, but I did it!!

  30. 54:02 was going to run also so seeing this WOD made me smile and relax!

  31. Luckily I didn't have to go outside to run today and went to the gym instead. Only had an hour to spend there so I did 5.2 miles in 57:36 on the elliptical (strained my knee and still recovering from it).

  32. Only got 5 miles in before daughter woke up. Time 1:02. First time I have ran more than a 5k and it felt great! I definitely could have kept going. Since I have joined the challenge I should intro myself.
    Full time teacher, part time photog. Mother of three ages 1-6.

  33. Didn't want to go outside for this today but I did it. Thanks for the motivation. 56:44 in 12 degree weather. It was sunny:)

  34. Some of you ladies are fast! Wtg Jen Roe!
    I was 1 hr 23 secs, after skating this morning and an hour workout at the gym.
    Not the best, but not to bad… I'm going too get it below 55 one of these days!

  35. First ever attempt at a 10k, and hadn't ran much since October. I hate running but I do it anyway!
    1:14! Ran 2, walked 1, then again!
    Oh, not to brag, but it's 56 degrees here in Texas!! Beautiful day for this!

  36. First 10k ever 1 hour and 14 min….. Thanks for pushing me to do it!!!!!! Feels great….

  37. 1:06:35…in 2 mile increments due to pre existing MLK/inauguration day activities.

  38. 1:03:33. Need to get out there more often.

  39. 57:52! First run since my half marathon 6 weeks ago.

  40. 6.07 mile run 1:10, pretty good for a work day! Not my best time, but I ran in the afternoon and I do better with morning or evening runs.

  41. 1:01:23. Wanted to quit after 4 miles but glad I didn't!

  42. There was no way I was going to get in a 10k today, so I did Friday's WOD. Replaced wall balls with 30 mountain climbers. Got in 3 full rounds, plus one more full set of push-ups and mountain climbers in 12 mins.

  43. 1:08.49 in 30 degree weather pushing a stroller in ice and snow! I'm just saying I had an awesome time!

  44. 1 hour 13 mins. Pushing jog stroller with my 37 pound 3 year old son. Haven't run that distance in a long time. Tough. But felt good!

  45. I am not a runner. I consider myself built more for comfort than speed…. but I did it!

    70:15 all on a nasty treadmill

  46. 6.2 miles on a stationary bike, (22 min) then did 3.5 miles on an indoor track.

  47. No 10k for me.
    Working through Couch to 5K and did week 4 day 2.
    Walk 5
    Jog 3
    Walk 3
    Jog 4
    Walk 3
    Jog 5
    Walk 5
    Was out in the 13F temp (0F w wind chill) for 28 minutes. Went 2.2 miles.
    15 gpus
    15 situps (not cross fit… tried, but my back was killing me)

  48. 46:05 loved it! Did some hurdles over fire hydrants because i was so happy to be running! 🙂

  49. Bad heels…

    Biked 10 mi
    Walked 1mile


    Wish I could run…but just wouldn't be able to walk for weeks. Maybe next year after crossfit I will be be able.

  50. So, I have to save this 10K for tomorrow because I am on a 24 hour shift alone with my 4 kids today. I will run it tomorrow with my hubby. But I just wanted to say that reading all of your comments as they came in today made me so incredibly proud to be associated with all of you. I wasn't sure how many of you would be able or willing to do this due to weather or injury but I underestimated how fierce my Mamas are because you did it without any excuses! All of you inspire myself to push myself harder. GO MAMAS!!!!

  51. Waited until 9:00 pm to do the WOD and now I wish I hadn't! Will definitely get this in tomorrow!

  52. Well…I ran 11 miles yesterday, so I sat this one out! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  53. Treadmill says 59 minutes, but it seems it took me quite a while longer to do it then that. . .

  54. 70 min in November 2011 – on the treadmill
    62 min today outside. I did better than I thought I could but I think my joints say that I am too old for this already! 😉 Walking like a grandma now

  55. Substituted 18.14 miles/60 min stationary bike ride at <90 rpm.

    Leaving the house for a run is never an option with kiddos under foot & hubby working overtime. I so envy you runners. You gals are impressive!

  56. 5k on Sat and 1.5 hours at the gym full upper body workout then another 5K on the treadmill at 2% incline to duplicate the road, no times

  57. I was only able to do a 5k due to some rain, added in 50 pushups, 100 cfsus, and 200 squats to make up for it a bit. The running took about 30 mins, then ten mins for the extra stuff. Was actually a little disappointed I didn't get to do a whole 10 k, going to try to do one soon and add the time 🙂

  58. I'm not an idiot, and I knew that running 6.2 miles would not be a smart move on my part at this point…

    ran 20min. then did "30-day shred"

  59. Still trying to figure out where this pain is coming from, so I only did 2 miles with the girls in the stroller. Note to self: make sure tires are inflated so you can make it up the hills. 🙂

  60. Running is NOT my strong point. Only did a 5K. 🙁

  61. 3 miles took 45 minutes.
    Lots of room for improvement, particularly with time management.

  62. I went to the Y to do it on the treadmill and my teething baby only let me go 4 miles, haha. But man! I was suckin' wind big time! I'm so out of shape! Did 4 miles in about 34 min.

  63. 60:40
    Little breaks here and there. It's all mental with my back issues… wish I was faster but this is the longest I've run since October. Thanks for the challenge, wouldn't have done it without it.

  64. Only managed 2.5 miles in 30 min. This cold is kicking my butt!

  65. this is going to take me over an hour so not a work week wod for me. can't wait to do it saturday though. this will be my first 10K ever!

  66. 56:00 for 9.5km. I ran out of time at the gym, oh well!

  67. 51:03
    Beat my time last year by 5 minutes!! But my sister, Britta, still beat me by 5 minutes this year! (she is fast!) I am happy though because she ran it in 52 last year so that means I am keeping up my 5-minutes-behind-Britta standard! 😉
    Was dreading this today! I am so NOT a runner. I don't enjoy it at all. I just run fast to get it over with. 6 miles hurts my body! I have decided that I am definitely a 5K kind of girl so I am glad I don't have to do this again until next January! But, on a positive note, I ran the whole thing without slowing down and I never felt winded. I could have kept going but my lower back and tailbone were starting to hurt (I am sure I have horrible running shoes that are all wrong) so I was glad when it was over.

    Jen and Perserverance- You guys ran/walked for 2 hours!! Super hard core! Proud of you Mamas!!

  68. First time running (or in my case jogging) a 10K ever! I feel embarrassed to even post my time because it took me so long to complete, but I don't care. I did it, and I'm proud.

    1 hour, 19 minutes, and 45 seconds
    I took a ton of breaks on the side of the treadmill to catch my breath and wipe off the sweat.

  69. My husband forbid me from trying this. I can run a 10k, but it is the hottest time of the year here, and VERY humid. I think he thought I would die of heat stroke (I may have!) SO, went for a long swim in the Indian Ocean. Probably swam about 3K. I will have to do the 10k run when it gets cooler!

  70. Will post-pone this one until the weekend….-10 windchill here. Nowhere to run but outdoors. I have never run a 10K so this will be interesting!

  71. Thank goodness it was nice in Colorado on Tuesday when I did this! haven't ran in a while. it felt great. 1:06. Had to walk a few times bc I ran with my sister who HATES running!

  72. First 10k ever!
    Had to walk some. Ran 3 straight. Walked 3/4 mile. Ran the rest with a few breathers. Slow. But I'm proud of me 🙂

  73. 1:13 Near death during last 2 miles. First 10k……it seemed like it took forever!

  74. I'm hoping to get the 10k in next week when my husband is around to watch the girls… But today I got in a 5k pushing the girls in the double jogger with a time of 26:42

  75. 1:16, first time running more than a 5k, only walked twice across streets

  76. Like a lot of others this was my first 10k
    I had to do quite a bit of walking due to a sore ankle but I didn't quite and that's what I think counts
    1:12 20 seconds

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