Thursday 01.17.13

Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
21 Deadlifts, 30-50lbs

Compare to 12.09.11 

Clint Horinek
no caffeine
no soda


  1. 5.5 rounds. I should have used the treadmill this morning but I really wanted to get out of the basement since it was above 30 degrees outside! The concrete was not friendly on my tailbone! Ouch! Anyone know when a tailbone gets un-bruised? Its been 1 week so far…

    1. Unfortunately when I bruised mine it took a full 6 weeks before I could even sit on it without pain. 🙁

  2. Denise: It takes awhile, like quite a long while, I did that one time and it sucked!! Try some ibuprofen, that might help… Good luck!

  3. 4 full w/ 1 extra run and 8 deadlifts
    Treadmill run and 45# bar
    Hello jello legs!

  4. 8 rounds. Jumped all sorts of crazy ways on the trampoline for 1 min each round.

  5. 4 rounds of running but only 3 rounds of deadlifts with 30#. (Sharing the weights at the gym)

  6. I did Wednesday WOD. I was so sick yesterday.


    Thanks for the video on how to do burpees. Its so helpful!!

  7. 5 rounds and 2 interruptions taking newly potty trained daughter to the bathroom. It's something that you don't mess around with 😉

  8. 5 rounds, with enough time left for another 1.5, but I just stopped.

    Jen, do we have to have a twitter account to vote? I don't have one, but I'd love to vote for you!

  9. Traveling today so wasn't able to get into the gym or the run portion (kids at home with me) so I did 150 thrusters again with 8lb hand weights. 7:55 looking forward to getting back on track after the weekend away. Loving this! Thank you.

  10. Turned this into a poolWOD, at kids pool playing with my kid:

    5 rounds: 400 kicks and 21*hands in the bottom of the pool and turning laying on back and then on front.

    My feet are just killing me 😀

  11. 8 rounds. son home sick so ran up and down stairs

    btw…..does anyone know how many times up and down stairs that will give approximately same workout as running 400 meters????

  12. Kirsten, yes you do need a twitter account. Of course you don't have to keep it 😉
    You are actually voting for this sure, and its creator Jenni, not me. 🙂 I just think it would be cool for her to get some recognition

  13. 6 rounds plus 300 meter run
    50# dead lifts 1/2 the time then 25#

  14. 7 rounds with 20 seconds to spare. Did 2 min on elliptical at 60-65 rpm since it doesn't track distance. 30 lb dead lift, should use 40 next time. Great workout, I felt like I got in a groove after the 3rd round, I didn't want to stop. Is that what a runners high feels like?

  15. I am starting this today! What do you recommend for recording your progress so you can compare in a month, year, etc.? Is there a good iphone/ipad app for this that anyone recommmends?

    1. . . . . . That way if I'm leaving town and know I won't have Internet access I can take my notebook of workouts and have something to do.

  16. 5 rounds with 45seconds to spare (I should of ran around the block again though…). Ran around the block (.36miles) for 400m (.25miles)

    Deadlifts 15lb dumbells in each hand.

  17. 4 rounds on incline treadmill with 1:30 left

  18. Only had 13 minutes. Completed 3 full rounds. 30 lb dead lift.

  19. 4 rounds plus 3 min on bike
    Subbed 3 min Airdyne for run

  20. 5 rounds as RX'd, 40#'s, had time to spare for another run but needed to stop and get ready for Joyschool 🙂 It was at my house today.

  21. Did yesterdays WOD. Almost 3 months post baby #3 and I am so out of shape! I have never done crossfit, but did triathlons before I got pregnant. It took me 30 minutes with girly push ups and only did 40 burpees….ugh. I hope I can get in shape again soon! 🙁

  22. 5.5 rounds then walked on incline for another mile for extra calorie burn.

    1. Funny, I didn't know that's what my screen name would come up as. Been awhile since I register it seems…. My four kids now.

  23. 7 full rounds plus another 200meters running
    40 lb deadlifts

  24. Roseanne- I will post a list of running subs on facebook this afternoon but I would say that 2 up and downs on the stairs would equal 100 meters.

  25. Perserverance- The purpose of this blog is to track your workouts. If you see on today's WOD: Compare to 12.09.11, that is a link that takes us back to this exact WOD that we did in December 2011 where we have left our times and can compare to the time we got today. Does that make sense. Post your times everyday here and then when we repeat, there will be a link that will take you back to the last time we did it. 🙂

  26. 4 rounds and 400 meters – 20 lbs plus bar

    Got interrupted after first 9 min by sick baby. Just getting back to working out after pregnancy and raising a 4 yr old and 8 mo old. LOL!

  27. 2 mile trail run in the mud before WOD

    then 8 rounds with 65# deadlifts. Should have lifted heavier because had a minute left.

  28. My first WOD. Hopefully I did it correctly. I'm definitely out of shape so this feels good to have daily challenges. I did 4 400m and 4 sets of 21 deadlifts with 50 lbs. I was definitely not able to run the whole 400 m. In fact I probably ran 200m then had to walk the rest of 'em but I tried to walk fast. I then walked another 3/4 mile when I was done. Plan to use my Elliptical later tonight.

  29. Robyn 4/12 rounds 40lbs DL
    Jenelle 5 1/2 rounds 60lbs DL

  30. I'm claiming 4 rounds! My timer went off while I was on the last "block" on my treadmill. I turned on the stopwatch and completed the run/walk, then did a 4th round of deadlifts. I used up an addition 1:26. I'll take that, thank you very much! 🙂

    ALL deadlifts – 50#

  31. Did 5 rounds of dead lifts with dumb bells. I don't have a bar yet…my husband offered me up a heavy crow bar. lol Cross country skied with my boy 4-5 miles (for 1.5 hours).

  32. 6 rounds + 30 seconds left over…not enough time to get my treadmill up to speed. I should have done jumping jacks or something! 🙂

    I bought 15# dumbbells today. Man, I had no idea weights were so expensive!

  33. warm up i did 5 sets of 5 of DL the last one being a tough weight. – 175lbs

    5.5 rounds with 65lb bar and ran pushing my 2 kiddo's in my jogging stroller! Nice work everyone!!

  34. I did 5 rounds but did 50 deadlifts, instead of 21,oops. I used 15 lbs each hand. Need heavier weights in 21 min. Started off with slower runs and increased speed at every round.

    No soda and no coffee. Really wanted some today.But I didn't!

  35. 7 rounds with 2 min running around the living room each round. Plus 1 mi run outside after babies woke up.

  36. My first day! I did 7 rounds with 20# kettlebell, as that's the biggest I have, & ran up & down my 1/2 flight of stairs 10x for the run. Had to take a few pauses, as I thought I might throw up on the stairs. I'm only a furry child mama, but they provided challenge, too. They wanted to run on the stairs with me. 🙂

  37. 5 rounds/45lb bar/18:55 – stopped there. Hello jello legs.

  38. 5 rounds + run and 14 DL.

    Subbed 2:00 running in place. #50 DL.

    Ran 2 miles after the WOD.

  39. Started with a 5 x 5 dead lift – heaviest was 155lbs
    WOD – 4 rounds plus a run
    Runs were 3 min jogs, couldn't go by distance
    Dead lifts were with a 65lb bar

  40. 5 rounds, with 45 lb DL
    lots of stops for the little ones…

  41. 5 rounds 35 lb bar and treadmill run at 6.4

  42. 4 rounds plus 1/3 of the run in round five. Time also includes running up and down the stairs between running and deadlines. Loved this one!

  43. 5.5 rounds Ran 3.5 rounds, did 400 jump rope on other two. I had to either keep my son off the treadmill or dodge him doing jump rope, that is why I kept switching it up. Either way, great wod!

  44. 5 rounds in 19:16
    Only did deadlifts with 10 lbs, my back always gives out during deadlifts, as I probably do them wrong. Next time, I will have my husband do them with me to check for me.

  45. Four deadlifts shy of 7 rounds. Sub high knees/jacks for run – got a sleeping baby 🙂

  46. 5.5 rounds, but had to complete the last part of the round nonetheless!

    Deadlifts with 45# bar, but my lower back is killing me, so I did them wrong! Still working on the form part of these exercises.

  47. 5 rounds. 42lb dead lift
    I had to sub jump rope (for 3 mins) for running because I don't have a treadmill & I couldn't leave the house b/c the kids were in bed 🙂

  48. Yesterday was my first WOD! …let me tell you, that was a good wake up call! I love it though, thank you for this blog!
    5 rounds, sub 400m w/ high knees, jump rope, or jacks for 2.5 min. Dead lift with 20lbs.

  49. So sad… I couldn't find any motivation to do this workout. However I completed it today (Friday) with the other workout. 5 rounds 🙂 Better than nothing I suppose.

  50. 6 + a 400 m. I subbed 400 m. run for 2 min stationary bike. Can 't wait to run outside for these.

  51. I was too tired and sore from Wednesday to do this workout yesterday, but I did it today! 🙂 (I'm very proud of myself for not being lazy!) 🙂 Every day I workout I feel great!! (yet sore) 😉 Only 2 1/2 rounds in 20min (16lb dead lift because my heaviest weights are 8lb dumbbells – time to start investing!), but I finished 3 complete rounds. I must run quite slow compared to some of you! 🙂

  52. 5.5 rounds. 2.5 minutes on elliptical sub for run. Did this one the enxt day stacked. Proud that I made it up! I'm dripping!

  53. 5 Rounds! I was proud of myself. I ran/walked the last 400 meter run though….. But still! 5 whole rounds. 🙂

  54. 6 rounds of running, 5 complete rounds w40lb bar and 15 reps into the 6th round yea! Really pushed myself today. Felt good.

  55. 4 rounds…24 min…feel very slow compared to everyone else. Had to share DL at gym but Im a slow runner.

  56. Freezing outside! Swamped, no 30-50# weights, substituted for 3 rounds till fail of:

  57. 3 rounds plus a 4th run
    finished DL after time (45lb bar)

  58. Only had #10 weight did 30 dumb bell dead lifts and ran my stairs was able to complete 9.5 rounds, pure sweat!

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